Wednesday, 2016-02-03

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skrainev#startmeeting heat07:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 07:00:23 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is skrainev. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.07:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: heat)"07:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'heat'07:00
skrainev#topic rollcall07:00
*** openstack changes topic to "rollcall (Meeting topic: heat)"07:00
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stevebakerthats is?07:01
stevebakerthat is it?07:01
*** aimon_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:01
*** KanagarajM__ has joined #openstack-meeting07:01
skrainevstevebaker: difficult day :)07:02
ramishrahi all07:02
ramishrasorry I'm a little late07:02
skrainev#topic Adding items to agenda07:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Adding items to agenda (Meeting topic: heat)"07:03
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skrainevramishra : np ;)07:03
skrainevI wanted to discuss gate status today07:04
*** dmorita has quit IRC07:04
stevebakercan we talk heat openstack commands?07:04
skrainevSo there is only one item in agenda :)07:04
*** aimon has quit IRC07:04
skrainevstevebaker : sure07:05
skrainevAgenda is updated07:06
ramishraskraynev: I wanted to discuss the update restrict bp, though shardy and zaneb  are not around:(07:06
*** ricolin has quit IRC07:06
skrainev#topic Gate status and migration to v3 endpoint07:06
*** openstack changes topic to "Gate status and migration to v3 endpoint (Meeting topic: heat)"07:06
ramishramay be we can do it next meeting07:06
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-meeting07:06
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stevebakerI saw the switch to v3 was reverted07:07
skrainevramishra: +1 to do it on the next week. Could you please add it to agenda for the next week?07:07
skrainevstevebaker: yeap07:07
ramishrastevebaker: yes, it's reverted. Though we spent quite sometime to fix it.07:08
stevebakercan our v3 fix stay in and it still pass with v2?07:08
skrainevramishra: I have seen some patches from you for our functionaltests07:08
ramishrayes, the latest patch would pass for both v2 and v307:09
skrainevramishra: also what the final decision about tempest job?07:09
*** rakesh_hs has joined #openstack-meeting07:10
ramishraskrainev: I dropped the earlier patch and have a new patch which removed all the setup_credential stuff for heat
*** dixiaoli has joined #openstack-meeting07:10
ramishrahope we can get it through the tempest team this time.07:10
stevebakerramishra: ok sounds like we're prepared for next time07:10
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting07:11
stevebakerI'm trying to find the etherpads where v3 breakage is documented - they didn't list heat07:11
*** paul-carlton1 has joined #openstack-meeting07:11
ramishrastevebaker: i did pu them yesterday07:11
stevebakerah, there it is07:12
ramishrastevebaker: which one are you looking at?07:12
ramishrastevebaker: It's there after Cinder:)07:12
stevebakeryep, I see it07:12
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting07:13
skrainevramishra, stevebaker: sounds good. I hope, that next attempt for migration will be without issues07:14
stevebakerok, looks like we're in a good position for next time07:14
skrainev#topic OSC commands07:15
*** openstack changes topic to "OSC commands (Meeting topic: heat)"07:15
*** IlyaG has quit IRC07:15
skrainevramishra: if you need some help please ping me07:15
stevebakerthey're starting to land, but every one gets a merge conflict on setup.cfg07:15
ramishraskrainev: sure07:15
*** esker has quit IRC07:16
*** lbragstad has quit IRC07:16
skrainevstevebaker: is it related with my patch? Or it's of changing the same file07:16
stevebakerI see two options to help here, 1. the approver needs to do the rebase first07:17
*** fungi has quit IRC07:17
stevebaker2. we ask for strict alphabetical ordering of openstack.orchestration.v1 so that merge conflicts become less likely as inserts happen throughout the list instead of always at the end07:18
*** thorst has quit IRC07:18
stevebakerI've been doing 107:18
*** yamahata has quit IRC07:19
skrainevstevebaker: 1 is easier for now :)07:20
stevebakeryeah its not that bad, and I think we should reorder later anyway07:20
skrainevI will try to help with landing07:20
stevebakerskrainev: thanks07:21
skrainev+1 for sorting it in the future07:21
stevebakerskrainev: feel free to rebase and approve your own change07:21
*** lbragstad has joined #openstack-meeting07:21
skrainevAnything else for discussion?07:22
*** hdaniel has quit IRC07:23
skrainev#topic Open discussion07:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: heat)"07:23
ramishraI need some doc patches to be reviewed, one on spec-lite stuff.
tiantianabout the resource condition, the poc hope to be reviewed:)07:24
ramishrastevebaker: Just wanted to check if you're ok with, after I addressed your comments?07:27
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:27
*** tochi has quit IRC07:27
stevebakerramishra: I'll take a look07:27
ramishrastevebaker:  thanks07:28
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*** ianw has joined #openstack-meeting07:30
*** singhj has quit IRC07:30
skrainevramishra, tiantian: also please focus review on BPs and bugs for m307:30
*** singhj has joined #openstack-meeting07:31
tiantianskrainev, sure:)07:31
ramishraskrainev: sure07:31
*** fungi has joined #openstack-meeting07:32
*** evgenyf has joined #openstack-meeting07:32
skrainevOk. I think we may finish meeting07:32
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting07:32
skrainevThank you all :)07:33
stevebakeryeh lets07:33
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"07:33
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 07:33:23 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)07:33
openstackMinutes (text):
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BobBall#startmeeting XenAPI09:30
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 09:30:25 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is BobBall. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.09:30
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: XenAPI)"09:30
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'xenapi'09:30
BobBallping johnthetubaguy09:30
*** tshtilma has quit IRC09:31
*** huazhihao has joined #openstack-meeting09:31
BobBallJust waiting for johnthetubaguy :)09:31
BobBall#topic Blueprints09:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Blueprints (Meeting topic: XenAPI)"09:32
johnthetubaguyoh, didn't see your first ping, chatting on #openstack-nova about xenapi live-migrate09:32
BobBallI think you have one BP up huanxie ?09:32
BobBallSoz - working from home so not in #openstack-nova atm09:32
BobBallWorth bringing into here for a more focused chat?09:32
huanxieBobBall: do you mean security group ?09:32
*** ppetit has joined #openstack-meeting09:32
BobBallsorry huanxie - wrong tab complete, I meant huazhihao09:32
huanxieah, i see09:33
huazhihaoAh the named vhd09:33
*** b3nt_pin has joined #openstack-meeting09:33
*** b3nt_pin is now known as Guest2954009:33
BobBallThat's the one09:33
*** neiljerram has joined #openstack-meeting09:34
*** adiantum has joined #openstack-meeting09:34
BobBalljohnthetubaguy: What's the rough schedule for when cores might start looking at Newton specs?  Is it too early to ask for reviews?09:34
huazhihaoI think the logic is quite straightforward and can be recognized as a specless one09:34
johnthetubaguyyes, reviews are likely post mitaka-309:34
johnthetubaguyI mean do internal review, and folks might review them, but yeah09:34
BobBallof course09:35
*** ppetit has quit IRC09:36
BobBallwe're aiming to have 3-4 specs09:36
*** neiljerram has quit IRC09:36
BobBallFeels like a lot for a driver, but we've got lots of ground to catch up on09:36
BobBall#topic Bugs09:36
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (Meeting topic: XenAPI)"09:36
BobBallMain item is we're still pushing for reviews on huanxie's fix for the VIF logic09:37
*** dguitarbite has quit IRC09:37
BobBallas it's the head of a series including Neutron fixes09:37
huanxieI have two patches ready for review09:37
*** neiljerram has joined #openstack-meeting09:37
BobBallDo you have a link to the vif plug/unplug on huanxie?09:37
BobBalljohnthetubaguy: ^^ I know you've reviewed before, but all comments have been implemented now so a re-review would be appreciated.09:38
*** nkrinner has quit IRC09:38
huanxieJohnthetubaguy: yes, have changed some part according to comments and also there is another one which you have approved but meet merge conflict so after rebase, need your help to review again:)09:40
johnthetubaguyjust ping me on IRC for the stuff that got a rebase, most cores will do a quick check an re-approve those quick09:40
johnthetubaguyright now I have spending all my time on the FFE reviews and planning09:41
johnthetubaguyas are most nova-cores, in theory09:41
huanxiejohnthetubaguy: got it, thanks a lot09:41
johnthetubaguyhuanxie: sorry, I missed this before, but the deprecated configuration values need a Reno release note09:42
*** neeti has joined #openstack-meeting09:43
johnthetubaguythis is the useful link for those things:
huanxiejohnthetubaguy: thanks, I will refer this and finish this asap09:44
BobBallgood spot09:44
BobBallI keep forgetting about reno - I'm stuck in the docimpact days ;)09:44
BobBall#topic AOB09:44
*** openstack changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: XenAPI)"09:44
johnthetubaguyyeah, likewise09:44
*** sshnaidm has joined #openstack-meeting09:44
BobBallAnything else to talk about today09:44
johnthetubaguyso I was just talking about this one:
*** safchain has joined #openstack-meeting09:45
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting09:45
BobBallYeah - was just looking at that one09:45
johnthetubaguyits part of the nice live-migrate stuff, basically we are making most of the live-migrate arguments optional, because we know what to do better than the admin 99% of the time09:45
johnthetubaguyits something I wrote a spec for a few years back and never had chance to implement, so I am excited to see it happen!09:46
johnthetubaguythats just a heads up09:46
BobBallI've been vaguely following it and good to see it happen for sure09:46
*** ljxiash has quit IRC09:47
BobBallOK - are we done here?09:47
johnthetubaguyI am.09:47
*** dguitarbite has joined #openstack-meeting09:47
BobBallAOB huanxie or huazhihao ?09:47
huanxiethat's all for me09:47
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting09:47
*** neiljerram has quit IRC09:47
huazhihaoMe too09:47
BobBallAwesome - we'll close there then09:47
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"09:47
BobBallThanks all09:47
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 09:47:49 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)09:47
openstackMinutes (text):
huazhihaoThanks Bob and John09:48
huazhihaoAnd Huan09:48
huanxieThank you all:)09:48
*** huazhihao has quit IRC09:48
*** neiljerram has joined #openstack-meeting09:48
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rluethidguitarbite: ping10:33
*** mrmartin has quit IRC10:33
rluethi#startmeeting training_labs10:35
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 10:35:16 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is rluethi. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.10:35
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: training_labs)"10:35
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'training_labs'10:35
rluethianyone else here today?10:35
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting10:36
*** xingchao has quit IRC10:36
dguitarbiterluethi: pong10:37
dguitarbiterluethi: Im here10:37
rluethi#info Liberty patch ready for review, will be merged soon10:37
dguitarbiterluethi: I have +2 from my side.10:38
rluethi#topic liberty10:38
*** openstack changes topic to "liberty (Meeting topic: training_labs)"10:38
dguitarbiterluethi: does it make sense to wait for others now? Since they are not active recently.10:38
rluethiMaybe we should ping them?10:38
dguitarbiterluethi: lets try10:38
rluethiI'd merge the patch before Friday (next specialty team report).10:39
dguitarbiteWorks for me.10:39
dguitarbiteFriday it is then. Lets send them an email to review the patch before Friday.10:39
*** zb87boy is now known as BeanZhang10:40
*** rfolco has joined #openstack-meeting10:40
rluethiokay then.10:40
*** zeih_ has quit IRC10:40
*** aysyd has joined #openstack-meeting10:40
rluethi#topic zip files/tar ball10:40
*** openstack changes topic to "zip files/tar ball (Meeting topic: training_labs)"10:40
*** dmorita has quit IRC10:40
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting10:41
rluethidguitarbite: what's the status there?10:41
*** Daisy has joined #openstack-meeting10:42
*** d0ugal has quit IRC10:42
*** d0ugal has joined #openstack-meeting10:42
dguitarbiterluethi: code on my ws10:42
*** xingchao has joined #openstack-meeting10:43
dguitarbiterluethi: have to give it finishing touches and push for review.10:43
rluethisounds good. so we'll have something by next week?10:43
dguitarbiterluethi: I can promise the review before the end of next week :)10:44
rluethiother issues?10:45
*** esker has quit IRC10:45
rluethiokay. Let's merge Liberty then and pick up the rest of the development projects afterwards.10:45
rluethimeeting done?10:46
dguitarbiteI have another topic to discuss10:46
dguitarbitewe have another user trying to use GCE backend10:46
rluethi#topic Google Compute Engine10:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Google Compute Engine (Meeting topic: training_labs)"10:46
dguitarbitecan you quickly check your email? I have cc'd you in the conversation.10:47
rluethiyeah, I just saw the email.10:47
*** aysyd has quit IRC10:47
rluethibasically, our problem with GCE has not changed: it is very, very slow.10:47
rluethicluster build takes weeks and won't finish.10:47
*** aysyd has joined #openstack-meeting10:48
dguitarbiteyes, I suggest taking another point of view for the same.10:48
rluethiit does work quite okay within other VMs.10:48
rluethinot within Google's.10:48
*** singhj has quit IRC10:49
dguitarbiteyes, I am considering adding AWS, GCE backend support. I have a strong feeling that it will boost the number of users we have!10:49
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting10:49
rluethithat's a different issue.10:50
rluethithe problem is with nested virtualization.10:50
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting10:50
rluethiyou seem to be talking about using GCE VMs as node VMs10:50
*** FallenPegasus has joined #openstack-meeting10:51
dguitarbiteyes, not an issue but we could easily take this approach.10:51
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting10:51
dguitarbiteThis would mean we need to python port ready for sure! But lets add this in our minds and may be speak about it in the upcoming summit.10:51
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting10:52
*** spotz_zzz is now known as spotz10:52
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*** vgridnev_ has quit IRC10:52
rluethithe main focus for me is something that does not cost users money. and something that does not require an internet connection.10:53
rluethiaws and gce don't qualify there.10:53
*** xingchao has quit IRC10:53
*** obondarev has joined #openstack-meeting10:53
dguitarbiterluethi: yes you are right. Does it make sense to discuss these details during the summit?10:54
*** vgridnev_ has joined #openstack-meeting10:54
rluethiof course.10:54
dguitarbiterluethi: Ok then, I'm done from my side.10:54
rluethiMe, too.10:55
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"10:55
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 10:55:14 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)10:55
openstackMinutes (text):
rluethisee you around.10:55
*** rluethi has quit IRC10:55
dguitarbitesee ya bye10:55
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Infra running with lower capacity now, due to a temporary problem affecting one of our nodepool providers. Please expect some delays in your jobs. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.12:40
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*** zhiyuan has joined #openstack-meeting12:59
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting12:59
Yipeihi all13:00
BeanZhangHi, I'm Bin Zhang from SJTU13:00
*** bill_az has joined #openstack-meeting13:00
joehuanghi Bean13:00
joehuangfirst time to meet you here13:00
Yipeihi Bin13:00
BeanZhangnice to meet you~13:00
*** haomaiw__ has quit IRC13:01
joehuang#startmeeting tricircle13:01
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tricircle'13:01
joehuanghi, Bean, could you introduce yourself>13:01
*** bobh has quit IRC13:01
*** Pengfei has joined #openstack-meeting13:02
joehuanghi Pengfei13:02
Pengfeihi, Joe13:02
BeanZhangi'm an undergraduate student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.13:02
joehuangCould also introduce youself, Pengfei?13:03
*** pabelanger has left #openstack-meeting13:03
joehuangZhiyuan was graduated from SJTU?13:04
PengfeiI'm also from SJTU, and also be the student of Pro. Jin13:04
BeanZhangi'm new developer of openstack, deployed my first openstack in june, 2015.13:04
joehuanggreat, like a family of SJTU13:04
zhiyuanYes, graduated in 201413:05
joehuangYipei from HUST13:05
*** MaxPC has joined #openstack-meeting13:05
joehuang#topic rollcall13:05
*** openstack changes topic to "rollcall (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:05
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting13:05
joehuang#info joehuang13:05
zhiyuan#info zhiyuan13:06
Yipei#info Yipei13:06
Pengfei#info Pengfei13:06
BeanZhang#info BeanZhang13:06
joehuang#topic progress review13:06
*** openstack changes topic to "progress review (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:06
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting13:06
joehuanghi, Yipei, how about you13:06
Yipeii have already installed devstack in two nodes. i think find a solution to fix the bug, but i am not sure whether it is correct13:07
Yipeii set the OS_REGION_NAME statically as "RegionOne"13:07
joehuangin Node2?13:07
Yipeiwhen starting cinder, i set it as Pod213:08
Yipeiit returns no error13:08
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-meeting13:08
joehuangit can run, but will it use the keystone in the node1?13:09
PengfeiNow Bean and I want to deploy the tricircle by some Devstack nodes in SJTU's OpenStack, and try to learn more practicely about the project by this way:-)13:09
Yipeiit shares the keystone with node113:09
joehuangand tricircle may not see the node2 services, you have to manully configure the services in the node1 keystone13:10
*** zhipeng has joined #openstack-meeting13:10
zhiyuanso the region of services in node2 are registered as RegionOne or Pod2?13:10
*** merooney has quit IRC13:10
joehuangyes, make your hand dirty is the fast way13:10
*** merooney has joined #openstack-meeting13:10
Yipeiother services are registered as Pod213:11
Yipeiexcept keystone13:11
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting13:11
joehuangto Pengfei and Bean, if any help need, just send mail in the openstack dev maillist13:11
*** dencaval has joined #openstack-meeting13:11
Pengfeithanks a lot!13:11
BeanZhangi receive the maillist all the way13:11
zhiyuannot sure if this is a good fix, since OS_REGION_NAME is a configurable option in DevStack13:12
joehuangto Zhiyuan, I am afraid it will overlap one Region configuration13:12
BeanZhangif we occur some problem or any questions, we will send mail to [openstack-dev][tricircle] maillist13:12
*** bobh has quit IRC13:12
Yipeiok, got it13:12
zhipengBeanZhang that is right13:13
joehuangthat's the correct way to get help13:13
zhiyuanto BeanZhang, are you going to install OpenStack on bare metal machine, or virtual machine?13:13
joehuangwe alwasys watch the mail-list13:13
*** claudiub has joined #openstack-meeting13:13
BeanZhangvirtual machine13:13
BeanZhangany suggestions?13:14
joehuangbut Chinese new year is approaching, maybe sometime a later response13:14
Yipeii can try to verify whether the solution is correct, i just solve it today13:14
zhiyuanthe l3 networking functionality requires vlan network support13:15
joehuangvirtual machine ok, but need to be aware of the VLAN configuration, some guide in the github13:15
joehuangGo on please, Yipei13:15
Yipeiok, got it13:15
*** reedip_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:15
zhiyuanWhat I use is vmware vcenter13:15
joehuangespeically make sure the service catalog and endpoint in node1 keystone are correct13:16
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC13:16
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting13:16
joehuangto Zhiyuan, your progress briefly13:16
Yipeiok, got it13:16
Pengfeiyep! we made devstack with neutron before, and vlan by vlan may cause some problems13:17
zhiyuanok, l3 north-south networking functionality is done, but as Joe commented in the patch, I need to improve the patch13:17
joehuangthis is a great step13:18
zhiyuanIf user associate an unbound port to a floating ip, I need to create the port on bottom pod13:18
joehuangbasic cross pod networking will be ready after the patch merged13:18
zhipengzhiyuan has this patch be merged?13:18
zhipengi may have someone want to review the networking patch13:19
zhiyuannot yet for the N-S part, E-W part is merged13:19
joehuanghelpful more people to do the review13:19
zhipengokay please add me for the N-S part so that I could add more people to review it13:19
joehuangand also zhiyuan can share the test for the distributed query13:20
zhiyuansend it to the maillist?13:20
joehuangin the meeting now, a short summary13:20
joehuangand also good in the ml13:21
zhipengyes that one is good for ml13:21
*** ebagdasa has joined #openstack-meeting13:22
joehuanghi, zhipeng added13:22
*** xyang1 has joined #openstack-meeting13:23
joehuangBean and Pengfei, your account to the reviewer list?13:23
zhiyuanIn my test, I starts two bottom pods. In each pod, N ports are created, so when we query ports from top pod, we get 2N ports. I increase N and count the response time of query operation13:23
joehuangor you can add comment in the patch, and then will be listed in the ptach13:23
zhiyuanthree observations13:24
zhiyuan(1) Neutron client costs much more time than curl, the reason may be neutron client needs to apply for a new token in each run.13:24
zhiyuan(2) Eventlet doesn't bring much improvement, the reason may be we only have two bottom pods. I will add some logs to do a further investigation.13:24
zhiyuan(3) Query 1000 ports in top pod costs about 1.5s when using curl, which is acceptable.13:24
zhiyuanI will send the detailed data to the mail list later13:25
joehuanggood, please13:25
zhipenggreat findings13:25
joehuang#action share the distributed query findings13:25
joehuangfor quota management, the algorithm is updated in the document, please review in the document to see if it applicable13:26
joehuangand the patch for quota engin and quota set operation is submitted for review13:26
*** zeih has quit IRC13:27
joehuangthis is a quite big patch
joehuangfor almost 2/3 of the code ported from the Cinder13:28
Pengfeithank joe for the notification! now I add myself in the reviewers ,name: Pengfei.Shi13:28
joehuangand for the qutoa management, please also listed yourself to the reviewer, please13:28
joehuangThe spring festival is coming soon, I hope all of us have a pleasant new year13:29
*** ihrachys has quit IRC13:30
joehuangdo you have started your vacation?13:30
zhipengit's already getting warmer at the chat room :)13:30
joehuangto Pengfei, Bin, Yipei?13:30
*** neeti has quit IRC13:30
BeanZhangwe have gone home-:)13:30
Yipeime too13:30
Yipeii arrived home yesterday13:31
zhiyuanI have asked for one day leave and will go home on Feb 6th13:31
joehuangso you are working at home , SOHO13:31
Pengfeinow I lying in the bed,hia~hia~13:31
joehuangI'll start the vacation tomorrow, forgive me the review will be slower13:31
BeanZhangPengfei and me have a question to ask13:32
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting13:32
BeanZhangPengfei and me deployed nested openstack before. The bare metal network and nested network are VLAN, but the nested network does not work, maybe we will meet the same problem. Do you ever occur similar problem?13:32
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting13:32
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-meeting13:32
joehuangyou may need to configure the Switch hardware13:33
joehuangto let all VLAN network bypass13:33
*** myoung|mobile has joined #openstack-meeting13:33
joehuangZhiyuan, do you think so?13:33
*** myoung|mobile has quit IRC13:33
*** myoung|mobile has joined #openstack-meeting13:34
BeanZhangwould Pengfei add some?13:34
*** zeih has quit IRC13:34
*** dencaval has quit IRC13:34
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting13:34
BeanZhangi remember the hardware switches have be configured as bypass13:34
BeanZhangtrunk mode13:35
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack-meeting13:35
Pengfeiour enviroment has some other services so it cannot be set of bypass ....TT13:35
zhiyuanIf the two OpenStacks are in different bare metal machines, yes, hardware configuration is needed. But I start the two virtual machines running OpenStack in the same machine, so I only need to configure vcenter swtich13:35
*** katomo has joined #openstack-meeting13:35
*** emagana has quit IRC13:36
zhiyuanthe two virtual machines are connected by a software switch13:36
*** zeih_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
joehuangI think we can discuss this in M-L or tricircle channel, it's a little bit late now13:36
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
BeanZhangdeploy all the virtual machines of nested openstack in one compute node is a smart method13:37
joehuangso Pengfei and Bin can try one bare matel to see if it works13:37
*** tej has joined #openstack-meeting13:37
joehuangSo happy new year to all of you13:38
zhiyuanjust to mention that the test result has been sent, please check :)13:38
*** itzdilip has joined #openstack-meeting13:38
BeanZhangHappy New Year!~13:38
zhiyuanhappy new year :)13:38
joehuangthanks for the attending, see you next year13:38
PengfeiHappy new Monkey year!13:38
joehuanggreat work  zhiyuan13:38
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"13:38
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 13:38:58 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)13:39
openstackMinutes (text):
Yipeihi joe, i still have a question13:39
*** cdelatte has quit IRC13:39
Yipeii am interested in task 5 in phase 3, how can i get started? i can prepare for it during the vacation13:39
*** zeih has quit IRC13:40
joehuangyou can write/test source code locally, and then submit a patch13:41
*** mbound has joined #openstack-meeting13:42
BeanZhangI just disconnected, bye~13:42
joehuanghave you tried to submit a patch before?13:42
joehuangor you can start from a small bug, to be family with the patch submition13:42
joehuangHi, Bean, bye13:43
Yipeiok, i see13:43
zhiyuanhere is a useful guide:
joehuanghere you can following the instruction:
joehuangzhiyuan, you are faster than me13:44
Yipeiok, got it. i plan to verify the solution is correct and prepare for the task 513:44
zhiyuanyeah~ :)13:44
Yipeii think i should fix the bug first13:44
joehuangBut it would be good for you to write and test code locally13:44
Yipeiok, i will try13:44
joehuangthank you yipei, don't worry, we can help you13:45
Yipeiok, thank you13:45
joehuangOk, see you13:45
Yipeisee you, joe13:45
joehuangzhiyuan, see you13:45
Yipeihappy new year13:45
Yipeibye, zhiyuan13:46
zhiyuansee you, have a nice vacation!13:46
*** joehuang has quit IRC13:46
*** zhiyuan has quit IRC13:46
*** Yipei has left #openstack-meeting13:46
*** zhipeng has quit IRC13:46
*** vivekd has quit IRC13:46
*** meizhong has quit IRC13:47
*** merooney has quit IRC13:47
*** baohua has joined #openstack-meeting13:48
*** dencaval has joined #openstack-meeting13:49
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting13:51
*** merooney has joined #openstack-meeting13:52
*** Pengfei has quit IRC13:52
*** amitgandhinz has joined #openstack-meeting13:53
*** bobh has quit IRC13:53
*** ljxiash has quit IRC13:54
*** dneary has joined #openstack-meeting13:54
*** cdelatte has joined #openstack-meeting13:55
*** claudiub has quit IRC13:55
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-meeting13:57
*** erlon has joined #openstack-meeting13:57
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting13:58
*** spzala has quit IRC13:58
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting13:58
*** gjayavelu has joined #openstack-meeting13:58
*** Sam-I-Am has joined #openstack-meeting14:00
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*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:01
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*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting14:03
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*** julim has quit IRC14:05
*** iyamahat has quit IRC14:05
Sam-I-Amanyone here for the docs meeting?14:05
Sam-I-Amlooks quiet14:06
*** gjayavelu has left #openstack-meeting14:06
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
*** rbowen has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
Sam-I-Amill give it a few minutes14:06
*** ninag has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
*** Kevin_Zheng has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
Sam-I-Amguess we'll start14:07
Sam-I-Am#startmeeting docteam14:07
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*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'docteam'14:07
Sam-I-Am#topic previous action items14:08
*** openstack changes topic to "previous action items (Meeting topic: docteam)"14:08
*** baojg has quit IRC14:08
Sam-I-Amlooks like nothing here14:08
*** zeih_ has quit IRC14:08
*** skraynev has quit IRC14:08
Sam-I-Amnext thing...14:09
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting14:09
Sam-I-Am#topic specs14:09
*** openstack changes topic to "specs (Meeting topic: docteam)"14:09
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting14:09
*** _amrith_ is now known as amrith14:09
Sam-I-Amwe have some specs that need review...14:09
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting14:09
Sam-I-Amthe main one is the install guide for mitaka14:10
Sam-I-Am#topic specialty teams14:10
*** openstack changes topic to "specialty teams (Meeting topic: docteam)"14:10
Sam-I-Amanyone here from any of the specialty teams to provide updates?14:11
elmikowhat are the specialty teams?14:11
Sam-I-Amthey work on particular guides usually14:11
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting14:11
Sam-I-Amyou can see them in the agenda14:11
elmikoah, nice. thanks!14:11
elmikoand, no updates from the security guide14:12
katomoOps/Arch team is discussing how we revise ops guide.14:12
Sam-I-Amok, thanks14:12
katomoops team will discuss it at Austin Summit.14:12
Sam-I-Ami'm on the install and networking guide teams - not much here either. trying to work through mitaka updates for both guides.14:13
Sam-I-Amthats it for the main agenda14:14
Sam-I-Am#topic open discussion14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: docteam)"14:14
*** lblanchard has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
Sam-I-Amanyone have anything?14:14
elmikojust a question14:14
*** speller has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
elmikodo we have resources to guide in the creation of a pdf from rst sources?14:14
katomonothing from me14:14
Sam-I-Amnope, no one has worked on that14:15
elmikook, thanks14:15
Sam-I-Amit would be nice if someone could make it work again14:15
elmikowe're working through publishing another security guide and i know that sicarie has been looking into this, just thought i'd ask14:15
katomoneed volunteer14:15
Sam-I-Amwe're pretty low on resources as is :/14:16
Sam-I-Amas you can tell from the attendance levels here :/14:16
elmikoyea, understandable14:16
elmikowell, if we get it worked out i'll talk with him about the possibility of generating something14:16
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting14:17
elmikos/if/when/ ;)14:17
*** amotoki has quit IRC14:17
elmikothat was all i had14:17
Sam-I-Ami think we're done here, thanks for attending14:17
elmikothanks Sam-I-Am14:17
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"14:17
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 14:17:57 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:17
openstackMinutes (text):
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting14:18
*** Sam-I-Am has left #openstack-meeting14:18
katomothanks, Sam-I-Am, elmiko14:18
*** dkranz has joined #openstack-meeting14:18
*** katomo has quit IRC14:18
*** sriram has joined #openstack-meeting14:19
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting14:20
*** jjmb has quit IRC14:21
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-meeting14:21
*** cdelatte has quit IRC14:22
*** banix has joined #openstack-meeting14:22
*** su_zhang has joined #openstack-meeting14:23
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*** vgridnev_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:27
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*** absubram_ is now known as absubram14:38
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*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting14:48
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*** emsomeoneelse has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
*** pradk has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
SotKanyone here for the storyboard meeting?15:00
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC15:01
SotK#startmeeting storyboard15:01
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting15:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 15:01:13 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is SotK. Information about MeetBot at
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting15:01
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: storyboard)"15:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'15:01
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-meeting15:01
SotK#link Agenda15:01
SotKI don't think we have any announcements or urgent items, anyone disagree?15:02
*** delatte has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
*** spotz_zzz is now known as spotz15:03
*** delattec has quit IRC15:03
*** dandruta has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
SotK#topic In Progress Work15:03
*** openstack changes topic to "In Progress Work (Meeting topic: storyboard)"15:03
SotK#info SotK has finished the boards/worklists speedups15:04
SotKI'm now planning out how to handle due dates15:04
SotKand starting to implement that15:04
*** delatte has quit IRC15:04
*** esheffield has joined #openstack-meeting15:04
SotKOh, I also made a hacky "live updating" kanban which worked by polling the API15:05
*** Daisy has joined #openstack-meeting15:05
*** dprince has quit IRC15:05
SotKit was kind of neat, but a proper implementation should do something other than polling15:05
Zarayeah, it was surprisingly decent for two people15:05
Zarabut idk how it would deal with lots more users15:05
Zaraand also it crashed both our computers15:06
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting15:06
SotKwe should do something using websockets for it I think, but its not really close to being a priority at the moment :)15:06
*** henrynash has quit IRC15:08
*** amotoki has quit IRC15:08
Zara__ugh, our irc was down15:09
*** vijendar has joined #openstack-meeting15:09
Zara__and I'd just got onto this server instead15:09
Zaraadding, deletion, moving, editing all seemed to work without errors15:09
*** Daisy has quit IRC15:10
*** numans has quit IRC15:10
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting15:10
ZaraI'd suggest moving it up the priority list to right after due dates/deadlines, actually15:10
Zarabut it depends on the amount of work15:10
*** sriram has left #openstack-meeting15:10
Zarait seemed a lot quicker to hack something up than we'd expected15:11
SotKyeah, doing something properly (ie with websockets) is going to be a lot of work I think15:11
*** cdelatte has joined #openstack-meeting15:12
Zara#info Zara has patched search to use tags as a filter15:13
*** adiantum has quit IRC15:13
Zaraso yeah, review if you want it! :P15:13
*** dguitarbite has joined #openstack-meeting15:14
ZaraI'd like to get it merged before the infra-cloud sprint, since I was originally asked about it in relation to that15:14
Zara(I have also tested it with the tag 'infra-cloud' and it seemed to work :))15:14
ZaraIn other news, I spent yesterday debugging something that seems to have been a problem since... last March15:15
ZaraTimelineEvents haven't been posting properly15:15
ZaraI'm relatively sure the bug was introduced with this patch15:16
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-meeting15:16
*** zeih has quit IRC15:16
Zaraso if anyone has any idea what might be happening, please let us know! :) (I spent most of yesterday tracing the patch responsible, so I haven't looked closely at it yet)15:16
*** kurtmartin has joined #openstack-meeting15:17
Zara#info Zara has made some progress investigating bugs in Timeline Events, and thinks she has found the patch where the bugs were introduced15:18
SotKany other in progress work?15:18
*** banix has joined #openstack-meeting15:18
ZaraI don't think so15:18
SotK#topic infra config for emails15:19
*** openstack changes topic to "infra config for emails (Meeting topic: storyboard)"15:19
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
*** delattec has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
*** timcline has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
Zarayeah, we're waiting for this; I'm not sure how long we should wait before we prod people15:20
ZaraI don't want to annoy everyone :P15:20
* SotK doesn't really know anything about configuring exim, so is no help to fixing it up either15:20
*** balajiiyer has joined #openstack-meeting15:21
*** cdelatte has quit IRC15:22
ZaraI'm a bit worried that we'll discover there are still some problems that we *could* fix, which we could have fixed earlier had we known. and also that it'll just get trapped in backlog.15:22
*** garthb has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
SotKI guess we can chase it up at the end of this week if its still stuck?15:22
ZaraI've seen comments on storyboard to the effect of 'test, test comment', and I really hope those users weren't trying to test emails. xD15:22
*** ljxiash has quit IRC15:23
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-meeting15:23
Zaraokay, suits me15:23
SotKok then :)15:24
SotKanything else to discuss about this?15:24
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting15:24
*** sigmavirus24_awa is now known as sigmavirus2415:24
Zarait's not urgent for me because I use a different workflow for notifications, so the main people it affects are our users... so they're the people who should prod infra.15:25
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting15:25
ZaraI will still prod, but it's not a priority for me in the same way.15:25
Zaraso general PSA there. that's all.15:26
SotK#topic Open Discussion15:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: storyboard)"15:26
*** delatte has joined #openstack-meeting15:27
*** merooney has joined #openstack-meeting15:27
*** malini has joined #openstack-meeting15:28
*** delattec has quit IRC15:28
ZaraI should chase a few loose ends!15:28
*** malini has left #openstack-meeting15:29
*** delatte has quit IRC15:29
Zarapedroalvarez: have you had a chance to investigate the gerrit plugin at all?15:30
*** harshs has joined #openstack-meeting15:30
ZaraKrotscheck: any progress with the dreaded 401, pt2? (or is your life consumed by wheel mirrors atm?)15:31
*** jprovazn has joined #openstack-meeting15:31
Zara(it'd also be greeeeeeeeeeat if irc would stop lagging for me)15:31
*** Swami_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:32
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting15:32
*** knikolla has joined #openstack-meeting15:33
ZaraI'll leave those up there but in the meantime will assume everyone has been too busy, haha. xD15:34
*** baumann has joined #openstack-meeting15:34
*** zeih has quit IRC15:34
Zaraother than that...15:35
*** iyamahat has quit IRC15:35
*** baojg has quit IRC15:35
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting15:35
Zarawell, I'm a bit concerned that I don't have enough theory to understand the issue I'm debugging atm.15:35
Zaraso I may end up pinging everyone and their grandmother, you've been warned.15:36
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:36
*** Swami has quit IRC15:36
*** jprovazn has joined #openstack-meeting15:36
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting15:36
Zaraare there any other loose ends we need to tie up (or, er... check on? eh.)15:37
*** cdelatte has joined #openstack-meeting15:37
SotKoh, the worker mystery15:37
Zaraoh yeah!15:37
Zarayou were looking at that!15:37
SotKI haven't managed to reproduce it today15:37
*** yuriy_n17 has joined #openstack-meeting15:37
SotKI did a couple of times yesterday, but it was very intermittent and seemingly random15:38
*** doug-fish has joined #openstack-meeting15:39
*** delattec has joined #openstack-meeting15:40
SotKI'll continue trying to reproduce it, but if it carries on being elusive it could be worth killing the extraneous processes manually on storyboard.o.o so that it has some free memory at least in the short-term15:40
*** mrmartin has quit IRC15:40
*** diablo_rojo has joined #openstack-meeting15:41
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting15:41
Zaraugh my computer died15:42
*** dimtruck has joined #openstack-meeting15:42
*** cdelatte has quit IRC15:43
Zaraoh yeah15:43
Zara#info jeblair patched things so that storyboard's now on cacti \o/15:43
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting15:44
Zara(I think the used memory is visible on the second page)15:45
Zarayeah, I'd like to kill them, too15:45
Zarathough I can see that people could be wary that could lead to us never getting round to fixing it15:45
*** iyamahat has quit IRC15:45
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting15:46
*** zul has quit IRC15:46
*** singhj has joined #openstack-meeting15:46
*** bdrich_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:47
Zaratesting things and narrowing down weird causes is normally my area but this is puppety...15:47
SotKwell, if I don't get anywhere by the end of the week I'll mention it to infra15:47
Zaraso am I right in thinking that the priority for boards/worklists after deadlines will be automatic boards/worklists?15:48
*** ankit has joined #openstack-meeting15:49
Zarasorry that's a horrible sentence15:49
SotKI think so, yes15:49
*** baojg has quit IRC15:49
Zaracool, just making sure I'm not wandering off onto a different planet.15:50
SotKheh :D15:51
Zaraoh yeah, task metadata!15:52
Zaralinks in tasks15:52
Zarathis keeps bouncing around because whether or not i's related to boards & worklists changes15:52
ZaraI believe it's still in my backlog, for me to get to after I debug this thing15:53
Zaraif that sounds right, don't think there's anything left15:53
SotKsounds right to me15:54
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:54
Zara(task metadata was the other thing I wanted to merge before the infra-cloud sprint, because it was the other thing anteaya asked about specifically. it's looking like it may be delayed... but at least tags are in review, I guess)15:54
*** akerr has joined #openstack-meeting15:55
Zaraok that's all15:55
SotKin that case.....15:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:56
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 15:56:11 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:56
SotKthanks Zara!15:56
openstackMinutes (text):
Zarathanks SotK!15:56
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting15:56
*** jgregor has joined #openstack-meeting15:56
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC15:57
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz15:57
*** dguitarbite has left #openstack-meeting15:57
*** nkrinner has quit IRC15:57
*** leecalcote has joined #openstack-meeting15:58
*** absubram has quit IRC15:58
*** tbarron has joined #openstack-meeting15:59
*** mc_nair has joined #openstack-meeting15:59
smcginnis#startmeeting Cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 16:00:01 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is smcginnis. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
*** jungleboyj has joined #openstack-meeting16:00
smcginnisCourtesy ping:16:00
smcginnisdulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang tbarron scottda erlon rhedlind vincent_hou kmartin patrickeast sheel dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr16:00
*** zeih has quit IRC16:00
smcginnisHey everyone!16:00
*** jgriffith_away is now known as jgriffith16:00
smcginnis#topic Announcements16:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
smcginnisRealy quick announcements since we just had the midcycle. Then we can move one.16:01
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC16:01
smcginnisThanks everyone who participated last week. I think it went well.16:01
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-meeting16:01
diablo_rojoHello :)16:01
jgriffithsmcginnis: +116:01
smcginnisAnd special thanks to hemna for the steaming and akerr for sitting in the corner all week to run local video. :)16:01
smcginnishemna: The amount of steaming was at a minimum. :P16:02
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting16:02
erlonsmcginnis: did he held the camera in the head?16:02
*** jdurgin1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:02
smcginnis#info Cinder - 502 open bugs, Python-cinderclient - 42 open bugs, OS-Brick - 13 open bugs16:02
scottdaAnd thanks to NetApp16:02
smcginniserlon: All over the place.16:02
*** vgridnev_ has quit IRC16:02
smcginnisscottda: Yes!16:02
*** emagana has quit IRC16:02
smcginnisThanks NetApp for hosting and tim for coordinating!16:03
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Yes, it was good the steaming was at a minimum!16:03
*** xinwu has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
*** Drago has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
*** roxanagh_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
*** peristeri has quit IRC16:03
*** Drago has quit IRC16:03
*** lennyb has quit IRC16:03
*** Drago has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
*** akuznetsov has quit IRC16:03
smcginnisOK, no major announcements yet. Please take time to do reviews and such. Let's move on.16:03
akerri'll take all the credit even though tim did all the planning16:03
smcginnisakerr: ;)16:03
smcginnis#topic Replication v2.116:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Replication v2.1 (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:04
smcginnisSo if folks didn't get a chance to view the videos or read the notes...16:04
smcginnisWe decided to make a change in replication before it's too late.16:04
*** zeih has joined #openstack-meeting16:04
*** leecalcote has quit IRC16:04
smcginnisjgriffith: Want to say a few words about it? ;)16:04
jgriffithsmcginnis: sure16:05
*** rbowen has quit IRC16:05
*** esker has quit IRC16:05
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom16:05
*** timcl1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
*** yhayashi has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
*** sshnaidm has quit IRC16:05
jgriffithsmcginnis: so without a long background.... let's just say that we have a tendency to let scope creep kill us16:05
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
smcginnis#link New spec16:05
jgriffithlast week we took a look again at use cases, and let that be the definition16:05
jgriffithSo what we cam up with is a single DR use case16:06
jgriffithReplication is set up on a backend.. no surprise there16:06
*** sheel has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
jgriffithbut fail-over is a backend-wide thing16:06
jgriffithNOT volume based16:06
*** yhayashi has quit IRC16:06
smcginnisWe really wanted to get back to a crawl, walk, run approach instead of over engineering right off the bat.16:06
*** jorge_munoz1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
jgriffithSo... if for example you have a backend and you have replication enabled and set up16:06
jgriffithYou create volumes on said backend, you can have type==replicated and just regular volumes16:07
*** leecalcote has joined #openstack-meeting16:07
jgriffithif/when the DC catches fire and the admin issues a failover command, the backend driver is now pointed to the secondary device16:07
jgriffithif volumes were replicated, cool.. you can stil access them.  if not, that's life16:07
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting16:08
jgriffithThis is more in line with actual real-worl use cases of replication16:08
jgriffithmake sense?16:08
smcginnisIt at least hits one of the primary use cases.16:08
smcginnisI think we can expand over time to address more.16:08
jungleboyjjgriffith: Sounds good tome.16:08
smcginnisBut at least we can hit one use case well rather than several not well.16:08
patrickeastjgriffith: got any code yet? :D16:08
jgriffithpatrickeast: yes16:09
jgriffithpatrickeast: I'll put a WIP up here shortly16:09
* patrickeast cheers16:09
*** zeih has quit IRC16:09
smcginnisjgriffith: Thanks for your work on the spec and initial code.16:09
jgriffithpatrickeast: didn't get as far as I'd hoped to be by now... but at least it's a start16:09
fernnest_jgriffith, is the idea that the replica is basically offline (no read-only) just receiving updates for the eventual fire.16:09
erlonjgriffith: admin != tenant right?16:09
*** SridharG has quit IRC16:09
smcginnisjgriffith: I think that's a huge help getting something out there, even just as a WIP for now.16:09
jgriffithfernnest_: until a fail-over event yes... assuming I understand your question correctly16:09
patrickeastsmcginnis: +116:09
jgriffithsmcginnis: ack16:09
smcginnisfernnest_: Yes. Just a copy of the data off to another backend.16:10
fernnest_jgriffith, I'm sure you do ;)16:10
diablo_rojoerlon: Correct, admin != tenant16:10
*** hurricanerix has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
smcginnisfernnest_: Then it is basically read only from the control plane perspective other than attach/detach.16:10
smcginnisIO plane is read write.16:11
*** jorge_munoz1 has quit IRC16:11
jungleboyjerlon: Right, that is one of the big things to remember in this approach is that it is all admin facing at this point.16:11
smcginnisSo watch for the code and please review and comment. Just let's please not nit pick this into Newton.16:11
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz16:11
*** jorge_munoz1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:11
jungleboyjsmcginnis: +100016:11
smcginnisThis can get fixed up and evolve over time to what we need. But we need a good simple starting point to actually get there.16:12
erlonjungleboyj: makes sense, it wouldnt make sense to allow the tenant have control over that IMO16:12
smcginnisjgriffith: Thanks. Anything more to say about it? I know you have a conflict right now.16:12
*** rajinir has joined #openstack-meeting16:12
jgriffithJust questions if folks have them16:13
jgriffithI'll be back in an hour or so16:13
jgriffithhit me up on IRC16:13
jungleboyjerlon: That is planned for future evolution.16:13
jgriffithI'm pushing up some code right now16:13
*** jorge_munoz1 has left #openstack-meeting16:13
*** jorge_munoz1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:13
smcginnisOK, if no one has any immediate questions let's move on. Hit up jgriffith later if questions do come up.16:14
kurtmartinjgriffith, thanks16:14
smcginnis#topic Multiple Management IP Address Support Proposal16:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Multiple Management IP Address Support Proposal (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:14
jgriffithcrap.. rebase errors16:14
smcginnisjgriffith: Doh! :)16:14
smcginnisjungleboyj: Hey16:14
erlonjungleboyj:  hmmm, I can' t imagine any situation where something like a disaster happen and the admin didn't have to interfere16:14
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Hey.16:14
jgriffithDOHHH  the rpc version change merged into object16:14
jgriffithk... gimmie just like 5 minutes16:14
smcginnisjgriffith: No rush.16:15
smcginnisjgriffith: Well, no huge rush. :)16:15
jungleboyjSo, we have had a request for the storwize_svc driver to mitigate a Single Point of Failure problem on the management IP.16:15
smcginnisjungleboyj: That's that SDS controller, right?16:15
jungleboyjsmcginnis: :-p16:15
jungleboyjSince it is based upon SANDriver we will probably have to make changes there to make this happen.16:16
*** lennyb has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
smcginnisjungleboyj: So the issue is you need to provide multiple management IPs?16:16
jungleboyjWanted to bring it up here to see if anyone else who is based off that class is concerned with us proposing this for Newton.16:17
patrickeastwhy not just set up svc stuff behind like haproxy or something with a vip?16:17
smcginnisYeah, not clear why this is an issue, but I'm sure there's more to it.16:17
eharneycan you use a DNS entry which points to your multiple IPs and just configure cinder to talk to that?16:17
*** spzala has quit IRC16:17
jungleboyjWonder if anyone else has need for it?16:17
eharneyi've never understood why we insist it's an "IP" in configuration rather than a generic host anyway16:17
e0neeharney: good question16:18
smcginniseharney: +116:18
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
jungleboyjSo, the SVC allows multiple management IPs on the SVC box.16:18
DuncanTeharney: DNS will round robin to dead IPs though, right?16:18
smcginnisjungleboyj: If you want to use multiple, can't you just document to set san_ip to something like a comma separated list and have you're driver handle parsing that out?16:18
smcginnisDuncanT: Yeah16:18
eharneyDuncanT: sure, but maybe that works with this client16:18
jungleboyjCan you have one DNS name that points to multiple IPs?16:18
e0nejungleboyj: IMO, it would be good to get operators feedback for it16:19
DuncanTjungleboyj: You certainly can16:19
e0nejungleboyj: yes16:19
smcginnisjungleboyj: Yes, but DuncanT is right, it will respond with round robin through the addresses but no awareness of whether it is up or not.16:19
DuncanTjungleboyj: requiring DNS for undercloud infra is a pain in the ass though16:19
patrickeastis there a spec/code or something? what is the propsed change?16:19
eharneyi'm fine with supporting a list of addresses... just make them hosts/addresses and not "IPs"16:19
DuncanTjungleboyj: comma separated list parsed in the driver seems totally reasonable to me16:19
DuncanTeharney: +116:20
jungleboyjDuncanT: I agree that I would rather not tell them to go handle it with DNS.16:20
kurtmartinjungleboyj, I need to check but I believe the LeftHand would support a list16:20
jungleboyjDuncanT: smcginnis That seems like a reasonable and less invasive fix.16:20
DuncanTDNS names being possible seems like a good thing to have16:20
smcginnisAnd if it's a comma separated list (whether hostnames or IPs) that wouldn't require any other changes other than the consuming driver, right?16:20
e0neDuncanT: +116:20
jungleboyjkurtmartin: That would be good to know as far as a precedent is concerned.16:20
*** ihrachys has quit IRC16:20
smcginnisjungleboyj: OK, good for now?16:21
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Yep, that was why I wanted to bring it up here.  Figured you smart people would have already tackled it or have a good idea.16:22
jungleboyjsmcginnis: I am good.  Thank you DuncanT eharney smcginnis16:22
eharneythe glusterfs driver also has this concept of multiple addresses for the same backend, but it's configured differently.  this sounds good to me16:22
*** spzala has quit IRC16:22
smcginnisOK, thanks.16:23
smcginnis#topic Returning request ID to caller16:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Returning request ID to caller (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:23
smcginnisankit: I changed the agenda item a little.16:23
smcginnisankit: Did you have something to discuss on this?16:23
*** dmacpher is now known as dmacpher-afk16:23
ankityes I have seen that, thanks16:23
*** shashank_hegde has joined #openstack-meeting16:23
ankitI request the cores to review return-request-id patches so that we can make it in Mitaka-316:23
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting16:24
smcginnisankit: The meeting isn't a place to just ask for reveiws, so this would be better to just ping in channel.16:24
*** matrohon has quit IRC16:24
smcginnisankit: Is there something to discuss?16:24
*** banix has quit IRC16:24
ankitI am just looking for the feedback on these patches16:24
smcginnisankit: OK, then if there isn't anything else I'll move on.16:25
ankitas it under review for long16:25
smcginnis#topic Moving forward with nested quotas16:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Moving forward with nested quotas (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:25
ankitsure, thank you16:25
* DuncanT is happy with them, I was hoping to see a few +1s though in case I missed something16:25
smcginnismc_nair: Hey, you're up.16:25
mc_nair - First pass to get subset of nested quotas working, and disable the rest (i.e. -1 child limits)16:25
mc_nairhowever, this has implications to existing deployments16:25
mc_nairit requires Keystone fix if using Keystone v3 before doing anything with quotas (including create volume)16:26
mc_nairwhich is why it's failing so spectacularly on Tempest tests currently16:26
mc_nairalso it doesn't cleanup any messed up "allocated" values in DB for quotas of existing deployments which used NestedQuotas with -1 child limits16:26
DuncanTmc_nair: Are there any tests for this? I think part of the problem last time was lack of (whitebox / functional) tests16:26
*** ljxiash has quit IRC16:26
smcginnismc_nair: You should probably put a "Depends-On" line in the commit.16:26
mc_nairsmcginnis: will do16:26
*** hashar has quit IRC16:26
mc_nairDuncanT: I added more coverage, and will add more before remove WIP16:27
mc_nairmain question for now is - how do we want to deal with the fact that this would affect existing deployments?16:27
DuncanTmc_nair: Can you say exactly what the impact is?16:27
*** belmoreira has quit IRC16:28
smcginnismc_nair: So existing deployments are broken right now for nested quotas, correct?16:28
smcginnismc_nair: Does this make that any worse?16:28
mc_nairyea, basically if you were to accept this patch you wouldn't be able to mange quotas or create volumes (because that affects quotas) if you're using Keystone v3 until you have that change to Keystone's policy.json16:28
mc_nairand I don't see a way around that16:28
*** speller has quit IRC16:28
mc_nairsmcginnis: correct.  This also does not fix any problems in existing deployments if they're DB has messed up "allocated" values because -1 limits on child projects was not previously disallowed16:29
*** vincent_hou has joined #openstack-meeting16:29
mc_nairsmcginnis: god I hope it doesn't make things worse ;)16:29
smcginnismc_nair: ;)16:29
mc_nairshould make things better moving forward16:30
smcginnismc_nair: There's a bug out there for this, right?16:30
mc_nairjust not a silver bullet by any means16:30
e0nemc_nair: can we implement DB migration for it?16:30
*** leecalcote has quit IRC16:30
mc_naire0ne: it's *possible* to do something where we re-calculate the allocated values based on project hierarchies, but currently there's no way to get *entire* project hierarchy from Keystone (unless you're a cloud admin user)16:31
jungleboyjSounds like, at a minimum, we will need a really good release note to go with this.16:31
smcginnisYeah, release note will help somewhat.16:31
smcginnisI would also like to see a bug files.16:32
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
smcginnisThen we can mark that as also affecting Liberty.16:32
smcginnisAnd add notes to the bug explaining what to do.16:32
mc_naire0ne: I'm not articulating it well - but basically I think you *could* rectify this in some way using the project hierarchies, but we'd need someway to get the entire project hierarch (can follow up on this afterwards)16:32
mc_nairsmcginnis: will do - there's a few out there already I can link16:32
smcginnisThen if it is resolved in Mitaka, at least the Liberty part can still indicate the problem existed there.16:32
smcginnismc_nair: OK, perfect.16:32
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Yeah, having a bug with the symptoms and steps to correct.  Similar info in the release note.16:33
mc_nairbut that's my next question - do we mark this as broken in any way for current Liberty?16:33
smcginnismc_nair: Yes, I think so.16:33
smcginnisThat's probably the best we can do.16:33
smcginnisAny other ideas?16:33
e0newe have to add good info in release notes for it and do not breack existing deployments after upgrade16:33
DuncanTmc_nair: Maybe a 'cinder-manage fix-quotas' that requires keystone admin creds?16:33
mc_nairDuncanT: that's a possibility.  I'd like to get some auto-fix in place, but I think it will complicate the patch significantly also16:34
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-meeting16:34
mc_nairI'll work on that also though16:34
smcginnisExisting deployments are already broken. So as long as it doesn't make it any worse...16:35
mc_nairanyway, I can follow up on this in the Cinder channel, was just trying to get a path forward on this... two final quick questions16:35
*** rpioso has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
mc_nair1. Even with the some cinder-manage fix-quotas command, once this patch is accepted the admin would need to get the new Keystone policy.json to get *even create volume* to work if they're using v3... is that acceptable?16:36
e0nesmcginnis: agree, but we have to not break them more16:36
*** sambetts has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
*** sambetts has left #openstack-meeting16:36
mc_nairI don't know a way around it with the current approach, because otherwise we'd end up borking quotas again if we silently ignore the fact we can't grab project hierarchy16:36
*** ankit has quit IRC16:37
e0nemc_nair: IMO, it's OK it this policy.json will be shipped with a new keystone16:37
smcginnismc_nair: Create volume with nested quotas? Or do you mean this impacts any volume creation?16:37
DuncanTmc_nair: Would that be true even if you have no nested quotas?16:37
mc_nairwould be true if you're using Keystone v316:37
scottdaI think quota-update in Liberty is broken without the policy.json fix :
openstackLaunchpad bug 1518513 in Cinder "Quota update call fails in Liberty" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Dan Nguyen (daniel-a-nguyen)16:37
mc_nairthat's the big issue with the current design - it's not opt-in for Nested Quotas... once you get v3 you're using nested quotas16:38
mc_nairand we can't tell if your quotas are nested if we cant grab the project hierarchy16:38
mc_nairwhich is my next point16:38
mc_nairStarted prototyping in
DuncanTBreaking cinder until you upgrade keystone is rather bad16:39
mc_nairwhich I think would be nice to longer term move to - basically would be separate driver where you choose to use NestedQuotas16:39
mc_nairDuncanT: yea :/ the other option is to add some config basically saying "I don't care about nested quotas" which would ignore any of the nested quotas stuff16:39
*** vijendar has quit IRC16:39
mc_nairbut you better not be creating hierarchical projects and ask for nested quotas later because it will already be messed up16:40
mc_nairagain, not well articulated, but hopefully somewhat gets the point across16:40
DuncanTmc_nair: I guess we can all look at the patch and see if we can make suggestions.16:40
*** ljxiash has quit IRC16:41
smcginnisYeah, I've got a bad feeling about this.16:41
DuncanTmc_nair: I've suggested backing nested quotas out completely, but that breaks existing deployments too so isn't really any better16:41
*** Leo_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:41
mc_nairsmcginnis: that's what I aim foor16:41
*** kvidvans has joined #openstack-meeting16:41
mc_nairDuncanT: yea, we're sort of in a bad place currently16:42
mc_nairanyway, I think I've rambled enough, I can pick this up on the Cinder channel afterwards and if people could look at the approaches and ping me with questions / suggestions that'd be perfect16:42
*** merooney has quit IRC16:42
*** julim has quit IRC16:42
smcginnisPlease, the more eyes on this the better.16:43
*** Leom has joined #openstack-meeting16:43
smcginnisThis is sounding pretty scary right now.16:43
mc_nairdon't be afraid!16:43
mc_nairj/k... you probably be16:43
mc_nair*should be16:43
smcginnis#topic Open Discussion16:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:43
*** Swami__ has joined #openstack-meeting16:43
*** sheel has quit IRC16:44
*** merooney has joined #openstack-meeting16:44
*** sheel1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:44
smcginnisAny other topics? Or we can keep talking about nested quotas.16:44
diablo_rojoI have three cross project reviews that I want to draw attention to16:44
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting16:44
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: Oh, great. Yeah, go ahead.16:45
diablo_rojo#link Backwards compatibility for libraries and clients16:45
*** tonyb has quit IRC16:45
diablo_rojo#link Common Policy Scenario more complex than admin or not admin16:45
*** ljxiash has joined #openstack-meeting16:45
diablo_rojo#link Instances auto evacuation16:45
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
jungleboyjArgh, copy paste fail.16:46
*** Leo_ has quit IRC16:46
*** tonyb has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
diablo_rojoIf I could get some eyes on those^^ we are planning to discuss them in our next wmeeting16:46
*** kevinbenton has quit IRC16:46
*** vahidh has joined #openstack-meeting16:47
*** Swami_ has quit IRC16:47
DuncanTdiablo_rojo: I've been trying to pretend the first one doesn't exist, since it's a mix of good ideas and bad. I'll actually write a review now though16:47
smcginnisDuncanT: I agree.16:47
flip214smcginnis: hemna: DuncanT: thanks for the help last week (DRBD & Nova). Much appreciated!16:47
smcginnisSounds great in theory.16:47
diablo_rojoDuncanT:  That would be wonderful :)16:47
*** ijw has quit IRC16:47
*** NikitaKonovalov has quit IRC16:47
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting16:48
*** ijw has quit IRC16:48
smcginnisflip214: Yeah, don't know if we were much help, but at least it got brought up. Hopefully that helps move it forward.16:48
*** ndipanov has joined #openstack-meeting16:48
*** aarefiev has quit IRC16:48
smcginnisAnything else?16:48
*** vijendar has joined #openstack-meeting16:48
*** aarefiev has joined #openstack-meeting16:48
DuncanTKeeping back compatability is great. Stable branch clients are still really useful though - knowing which client features are supported by which release is otehrwise painful in the extreme16:48
smcginnisDuncanT: I would think especially for packagers.16:49
*** NikitaKonovalov has joined #openstack-meeting16:49
*** sheel1 has quit IRC16:50
smcginnisOK, thanks everyone. I think that's all for today.16:50
*** sheel_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:50
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:50
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openstackMinutes (text):
jungleboyjThanks everyone!16:50
diablo_rojoDuncanT: Yeah whenever you get a sec to post a review explaining what you see as good and bad that would be wonderful :)16:51
sheel_DuncanT: I wanted to discuss on
*** tbarron has left #openstack-meeting16:51
*** merooney has quit IRC16:51
*** kevinbenton has joined #openstack-meeting16:51
*** delattec has quit IRC16:51
DuncanTsheel: sure16:51
sheel_DUncanT plz find some spare time16:52
DuncanTsheel: Shall we move to the cinder channel though?16:52
DuncanTsheel: I'm looking right now16:52
sheel_i ll ping you in 5 min on cinder16:52
*** kvidvans has quit IRC16:52
sheel_Ok thnx, catch u in 5 min, thnx16:52
*** jgregor has left #openstack-meeting16:53
*** su_zhang has quit IRC16:53
*** timcl1 has left #openstack-meeting16:53
*** vijendar has quit IRC16:54
*** yassine has quit IRC16:54
*** mc_nair has left #openstack-meeting16:54
*** whenry has quit IRC16:55
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*** mjturek1 has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
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*** rderose has joined #openstack-meeting17:00
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*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
jlvillal#startmeeting ironic_qa17:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 17:01:10 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jlvillal. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'ironic_qa'17:01
*** 7F1AA87I3 has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** sheel_ has quit IRC17:01
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
jlvillalHello everyone.  As usual the agenda is here:
jlvillal#topic Announcements17:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:02
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting17:02
jlvillalSo I think the gate is working now and seems to be doing well.17:03
jlvillalI haven't checked it out this morning. But yesterday things seemed good.17:03
jlvillal#info The gate appears to be much better now and working normally.17:03
jlvillalI don't have any other announcements17:03
jlvillalMoving on17:04
jlvillal#topic Grenade testing17:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Grenade testing (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:04
*** dims has quit IRC17:04
jlvillal#info jlvillal got tied up with other work related items and was not able to spend much time on it over the last week :(17:04
jlvillalSorry about that. I have been interrupted by other work for a lot of the last week.17:05
jlvillalI should be able to get back onto it full time this week.17:05
jlvillalIf nothing else...moving on.17:05
krtaylorthere is a lot of that going around17:05
*** iben_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:05
jlvillalDarn employers! ;)17:05
krtaylorsilly day job ...17:05
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting17:06
jlvillal#topic Functional testing17:06
*** openstack changes topic to "Functional testing (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:06
jlvillalI don't think anyone is working on this at the moment.17:06
*** garthb has quit IRC17:06
jlvillalIf you are please speak up :)17:06
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting17:06
*** ygbo has quit IRC17:06
*** jmckind has quit IRC17:06
jlvillal#info No updates regarding functional testing.17:06
jlvillalMoving on17:06
mjturek1jlvillal: our team has been meaning to17:06
mjturek1but we've been sidetracked on other work17:06
jlvillalmjturek1: Great. Looking forward to it.17:06
jlvillalAnd understand on that.17:07
jlvillalSee above :)17:07
mjturek1thanks jlvillal :)17:07
jlvillal#topic 3rd Party CI (krtaylor)17:07
*** openstack changes topic to "3rd Party CI (krtaylor) (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:07
*** dmorita has quit IRC17:07
jlvillalkrtaylor: All yours.  I'll drink some coffee now.17:07
krtaylornot much to report, due to downstream distractions  :)17:07
krtaylorseems to be a common theme17:07
thingeethis seems to be a pretty accurate report that I double checked yesterday
krtaylorthingee, agreed, I was going to check that against the accounts also17:08
jlvillalHmm. bot lies about #help command :(17:08
*** jlanoux has quit IRC17:08
jlvillal#CI report at:
jlvillal#info CI report at:
thingeekrtaylor: so we have some drivers that aren't where there suppose to be17:09
thingeealso volunteers for some of these non-vendor solutions haven't really popped up with anything17:09
*** liyi has joined #openstack-meeting17:09
jlvillal#chair krtaylor17:09
krtayloryeah, I am thinking so also17:09
openstackCurrent chairs: jlvillal krtaylor17:09
jlvillalkrtaylor: I think you can do #info. Not sure if you couldn't before.17:09
* jlvillal thinks anyone can #info, but isn't sure.17:10
*** ihrachys has quit IRC17:10
*** adiantum has joined #openstack-meeting17:10
krtaylorthingee, I did see Lucas email about the Staging Drivers project, so we have a place to move things17:10
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC17:10
thingeekrtaylor: sorry which?17:11
krtaylorits a project for drivers that are untested17:11
devanandathingee: I've had no traction yet getting something going here for IPMI testing17:11
devanandajroll: any on your end?17:12
krtaylordevananda, we will be, but not on x86  :)17:12
devanandakrtaylor: right17:12
thingeedevananda: anything I can help? infra has some help resources here as well.17:12
*** dims has quit IRC17:12
devanandakrtaylor: well - will you be testing ipmitool or pyghmi?17:12
krtayloripmitool, initially17:12
jrolldevananda: so I have a verbal commitment to hardware, I owe folks a network diagram17:12
devanandakrtaylor: oh - that's great17:12
thingeejlvillal: thanks17:12
krtaylordevananda, alongside all the other PowerKVM testing17:13
devanandathat raises an interesting question, actually17:13
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-meeting17:13
jrolldevananda: and that hardware is racked and online, so the slow part is done17:13
devanandawhere a single python driver (eg, agent_ipmitool) can be used against several types of hardware ... how do we want to track them upstream?17:13
*** Swami__ has quit IRC17:13
krtayloryes, the old platform agnostic question17:14
jrolldevananda: good question, and how fine-grained :)17:14
devanandajroll: great. and someone to do the care and feeding of the CI bots?17:14
krtaylorwe have been simply saying it is on ppc64, as with our long-running nova testing17:14
jrolldevananda: heh. hi.17:14
devanandajroll: ohhai. yea ... bad idea17:14
jrolldevananda: I expect I can get more people helping though17:14
devanandayou're already oversubscribed17:14
jrollyeah I know17:14
*** absubram has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
devanandathat's the main hold up on my end as well - I can get the hardware17:14
* jroll will be chatting with folks17:15
jlvillalPlease #info anything of note :)17:15
krtaylordevananda, see
devanandathingee: for the requirement that a hardware driver have a CI system, I think krtaylor's ipmitool testing against ppc64 would be sufficient to meet those criteria. yes?17:16
krtaylorI think we can list the platform architectures17:16
*** baojg has quit IRC17:16
*** baumann has quit IRC17:16
*** leeantho has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
thingeeI'd recommend whatever is common for your users. Because that's ultimately going to be the well tested thing17:17
krtaylorit would be good to test both, I mean we would like to move on to IPA instead of using our bearmetal for ipmitool17:17
*** yamamoto has quit IRC17:17
*** baumann has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
jrollthat makes sense to me, ipmi protocol doesn't differ between platforms afaik17:17
thingeethat's typically what we do for reference impl testing for other things in the gate17:17
devanandajroll: eehh.... shouldn't ;)17:17
jrollwould be nice to throw something else at it, I'd love to see opencompute tested17:17
devanandakrtaylor: nice chart. we should do a similar doc.17:17
jrollas it's sort of the baseline, IMO17:17
jrollnot much fancy vendor stuff17:18
devanandaalso, that chart is wrong for ironic .... /me spins up a patch to nova17:18
krtaylordevananda, agreed17:18
*** neelashah has quit IRC17:18
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
krtaylorso, as far as CI and driver milestones, does someone want to email the teams not updating their account info? or is that me :)17:19
*** mbound has quit IRC17:19
* krtaylor notices everyone take one step back17:20
devanandakrtaylor: I think that's you :)17:20
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting17:20
devanandaunless thingee wants to do that17:20
krtaylorhehheh, ok, I'll push some other stuff aside and get that done as soon as I can17:20
devanandamight be a little more officialish to have the foundation say "hey folks, you're lagging"17:21
thingeedevananda, krtaylor the communication is what I volunteered to do17:21
devanandagreat :)17:21
*** mhickey_ has quit IRC17:21
* devananda senses an action item coming17:22
krtaylorthingee, so much appreciated, how about I use the IronicCI etherpad to list the systems that have not registered, then we can keep that list current going forward17:22
*** baumann has left #openstack-meeting17:22
*** tellesnobrega_af is now known as tellesnobrega17:22
thingeekrtaylor: yes, that seems to be up-to-date as I double checked it yesterday17:22
krtaylorthingee, against the thirdpartysystems page or the accounts page or both?17:23
*** dandruta has quit IRC17:24
thingeeI compared the account page with what's reported on the IronicCI etherpad. The etherpad is accurate.17:25
thingeebut yes lets use the etherpad.17:25
* thingee is in two meetings :)17:25
*** jgriffith is now known as jgriffith_away17:25
krtaylorok, let me check against the systems page, that fulfills the infra requirement17:26
krtaylor#action krtaylor to verify third party dirver CI teams against the ThirdPartySystems wiki page17:26
rajinirwe would like to hear if we full filled M release requirement ( Dell drac driver)17:26
krtaylor#action thingee to notify test teams that need to create and update their info17:27
*** achanda has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
krtaylorrajinir, you work with cdearborn ?17:27
krtayloryes, I looked at it last week, all looks good17:28
krtaylorso I think we have a plan17:28
krtayloranything else?17:28
* jlvillal learns #help is not help from the bot but a 'Call for Help' to recruit people to help out....17:28
krtaylorthen I'll turn it back to you jlvillal17:29
jlvillalThanks krtaylor and everone else :)17:29
*** phil__ has quit IRC17:30
jlvillalkrtaylor: Was there anything that should be #info before we move on?17:30
*** Guest44587 has joined #openstack-meeting17:30
jlvillalOr are we good?17:30
krtaylorI think we're good17:30
jlvillalmoving on17:30
jlvillal#topic Open Discussion / General QA topics17:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion / General QA topics (Meeting topic: ironic_qa)"17:30
*** hashar is now known as hasharDinnerTime17:31
*** toscalix_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:31
* jroll thinks it's time for breakfast17:31
*** mrmartin has joined #openstack-meeting17:31
jlvillalOkay, if nothing to discuss.17:32
jlvillalI will go ahead17:32
jlvillaland end17:32
jrollthanks jlvillal :)17:32
jlvillaljroll: Thanks17:32
*** safchain has quit IRC17:32
jlvillalAnd thanks to everyone else!17:32
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"17:32
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  3 17:32:52 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)17:32
openstackMinutes (text):
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nmagnezixgerman, I have a question for the open discussion part :)20:15
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notmynameswift meeting time21:00
*** slavisa has quit IRC21:00
notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  3 21:00:23 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** pdardeau has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: swift)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'swift'21:00
*** hseipp has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** cutforth has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** slavisa has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmynamegood morning everyone.21:00
notmynamewho'es here for the swift meeting?21:00
*** 7JTAAES9V has quit IRC21:01
*** timburke has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
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notmynameI'm currently visiting mattoliverau in australia21:01
*** bjkeller has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
notmynamegives a very real perspective of all the different time zones we work in :-)21:02
notmynameso that being said, this week while I'm at a conference, I haven't kept up with IRC too well.21:02
notmynameso let's get started on the agenda :-)21:03
notmyname#topic hackathon21:03
*** openstack changes topic to "hackathon (Meeting topic: swift)"21:03
notmynamein a few weeks we've got the hackathon in bristol21:03
notmynameI'm looking forward to seeing everyone21:03
notmynamejrichli: you put together an etherpad21:03
*** merooney has quit IRC21:03
notmynamejrichli: thanks. please share about it21:04
jrichliyes - thought we could add topics and ideas similar to the last hackathon21:04
jrichlithat's really about it :-)21:04
notmynameheh, ok :-)21:05
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom21:05
notmynameI think it's great21:05
mattoliveraucan i add topics :P21:05
*** vincent_hou has quit IRC21:05
*** edtubill has quit IRC21:05
jrichlimattoliverau: please do!21:05
notmynameit's something we can use to seed our conversation topics in bristol21:05
*** su_zhang has quit IRC21:05
notmynameyes! everyone add topics you want to bring to the hackathon21:05
*** edtubill has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
*** kurtmartin has quit IRC21:06
*** amitgandhinz has quit IRC21:06
acoles'topic' is a candy bar in UK, so bring lots :)21:06
claygnom nom21:06
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC21:07
notmyname#topic auditor watchers^Hbug21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "auditor watchers^Hbug (Meeting topic: swift)"21:07
openstackLaunchpad bug 1183656 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "object auditors don't finish" [High,Confirmed]21:07
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
notmynameclayg reminded us of this last week, and it seems that there is some comments on it21:08
* clayg will endeavor to keep his trap shut21:08
notmynameI don't remember...was someone starting to investigate a solution?21:08
notmynamewas it onovy?21:08
notmynamehmm...doesn't seem to be around right now21:09
*** amrith is now known as _amrith_21:09
notmynameanyone know anything more on this?21:09
acolesI asked Gerry to share some numbers from our public cloud just as a reference point, so he added a comment21:09
notmynamecool, thanks21:10
claygI hadn't seen Gerry's notes - that's amazing - you guys are the very best21:10
acolesshame those particular auditors won't be running too many more times :(21:10
notmynameacoles: is that where the bugs at inside of hpe? "yup it's slow, here's numers" or is there any work on a patch?21:10
notmynameacoles: isn't it already all turned off?21:11
*** raildo is now known as raildo-afk21:11
claygnotmyname:  my reading of the comment was just "here's some numbers" - not "we're working on it" or even "we care about this"21:11
acolesnotmyname: no work on a patch sorry, I just remember last week there was some discussion of 'how much of a real problem is this in a largish cluster'21:11
torgomaticI mean, it told us what we needed to know. Is saving just the device enough? No, because audits take a couple weeks on real loads, so if we save the partition then we lose many fewer hours' progress on restart21:12
notmynameclayg: I'm very optimistic ;-)21:12
torgomaticso now we know what level to save at; no pontificating needed.21:12
claygall over the but the typing21:12
notmynameno now that pontification is done, we get to the real question...21:12
notmynamewho's doing the "think real hard. type in the answer" part?21:13
*** apoorvad has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
claygonovy and peterlisak sorta said they might21:13
claygbut since the status of the bug is currently unassigned that's probably the most honest representation of reality21:13
notmynameclayg: thanks for remembering that. :-)21:13
*** clayton has quit IRC21:14
notmynameso when they're back online, let's bring it up and see what's going on. if I don't, someone else can21:14
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
*** jesusaurus has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
notmynameok, next candy bar21:14
acolesi'll try to think about it. finding typing bandwidth might be harder.21:14
notmyname#topic patch 27307321:15
patchbotnotmyname: - swift - Insert versioned_writes in correct pipeline position21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "patch 273073 (Meeting topic: swift)"21:15
notmynameacoles: this one is your topic21:15
* notmyname will now only think in terms of meeting candy bars21:15
claygdoes this patch need discussion or reviews?21:16
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz21:16
notmynameacoles: ?21:16
acolesif you dont specify it in config then versioned writes can end up in the wrong place21:16
acolesok, just wanted to flag it up because its hopefully an easy review and also not sure who sets it explicitly or who is relying on the code to place it in the pipeline21:17
* clayg pulls our our pipeline solver21:17
*** Swami has quit IRC21:17
acolesand ti would be nice to get it fixed because other bugs vary according to where that middleware is in the pipeline :)21:17
*** su_zhang has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
* notmyname really wants to get the pipeline solver back as a thing for swift21:17
notmynameok. small review, important bug fix (or footgun removal). go review it21:18
acolesso I have a dependent patch to fix an SLO bug that can't land until we know that versioned writes will be in right place in a test cluster21:18
*** vgridnev has quit IRC21:18
acolesnotmyname: yeah, but also a headsup to check what you ship wrt config21:19
claygso it looks like we're still letting it flop in auto - although i'm currently working on a new swift release so that may change21:19
acolesclayg: just review i hope21:19
notmyname#topic swift and high-latency media21:19
*** openstack changes topic to "swift and high-latency media (Meeting topic: swift)"21:19
notmynamecschwede: this is your topic. what's up?21:19
cschwedethere were some discussions at the last summit regarding tapes (or high latency media in general). ibm and bdt are working on this, and they just released a middleware prototype21:19
cschwedeso i simply wanted to give a heads up on this topic and hopefully raise some interest21:20
cschwedemore details are in, and hseipp and akle are here today in case you have any questions21:20
claygcschwede: i saw a notice on the ML - so sweet new stuff is out, yeah!?21:20
notmynamecool. I love to see people building stuff around swift :-)21:20
notmynameakle: hseipp: thanks for working on this :-)21:20
clayg... i haven't really looked at it - does it add some new api goodness to do like "is it ready, is it ready, is it ready, ..."21:20
hseippcschwede: yes and thanks for getting us up here21:20
akleyou are welcome. would be great if we could talk about21:21
cschwedeclayg: well, kinda. the middleware adds some new verbs and triggers backend works21:21
cschwedenotmyname: yep, might be something completely new for swift. fresh ideas!21:22
notmynamethat would be good stuff to look at on a long plane ride home21:22
claygnew *VERBS*21:22
claygis one of them GREP (cc redbo)21:22
notmynameclayg: next up they'll have a grep one... yeha :-)21:22
*** jesusaurus has quit IRC21:22
*** amitgandhinz has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
cschwedeno grep. well, verbs is the wrong term in this case21:22
*** Swami has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
clayghseipp: akle: would either of you possibly be at the hack-a-thon in a couple of weeks?21:23
claygnotmyname: do you think we could a call in something?21:23
cschwedebut doing a post and sending a MIGRATE, RECALL along with it21:23
notmynameakle: hseipp: is there anything specific you need from us in the community right now?21:23
cschwedeor a GET STATUS21:23
akleunfortunately can't attend this time21:24
hseippclayg: unfortunately I can't make it to this hackathon21:24
claygGET STATUS!?21:24
ho_awayi see using query parameter21:24
cschwedeclayg: send a GET, „get“ the STATUS of the RECALL21:24
cschwedeho_away: yep. verb was the wrong term. it’s using POST & GET for now21:24
notmynameakle: hseipp: is there anything specific you need from us in the community right now?21:26
cschwedeso i think it would be nice to have a look at this, talk about this during the hackathon (maybe doing a conf call) and see if we can get to a common implementation that is usable with different backends/vendors21:26
hseippnotmyname: at this stage we primarily see for comments and feedback - there is also a Wiki page linked to leave comments21:26
claygI had sort of imagined it might be more RESTful, maybe just adding a COPY sort of notion to move it into a storage policy that could do listings (maybe HEAD) but you had to "COPY" it somewhere to do a restore, with some sort of trigger to test if it was ready - I guess I need to dig in to understand some of the implementation considerations/trade-offs and history/alternatives21:26
notmynamehseipp: ok, great21:26
*** zaitcev has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
ho_awaydo we need to have HLM stub for testing?21:27
claygcschwede: that's a great goal!  you're the champ!21:27
notmynamenext up (testing!)21:27
*** julim has quit IRC21:27
notmyname#topic in-process testing with fast-post21:27
*** openstack changes topic to "in-process testing with fast-post (Meeting topic: swift)"21:27
hseippho_away: this is one of the next things on our to-do list, for now we tried to put as much into the readme as possible21:27
notmynameacoles: what's going on here?21:27
acolesI'd like to have a gate job that runs func tests against a fast-post configured service21:27
claygho_away: I think we all get our own LHC for testing21:27
ho_awayhseipp: thanks!21:28
acolescurrently we have 3 func tests runs in the gate, all use post-as-copy21:28
*** amitgandhinz has quit IRC21:28
cschwedeclayg: we should do the next hackathon there and ask for some resources… that would be fun!21:28
claygacoles: *see* everyone uses post-as-copy!21:28
notmynameacoles: that sounds like a great idea21:28
acolesso this patch adds a tox env to do in process testing with fast-post, patch 27408621:28
patchbotacoles: - swift - Enable in-process func tests to optionally use fas...21:28
*** zul has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
claygdidn't someone +A that yet?21:29
claygit just adds an env flag to make it so you can run the in-process functests with a different config option - and we already have some of those21:29
acolesquestion is do I swap gate-tox-func to run that new env, or add a new fourth func test run?21:29
clayg... only difference with this one is that it's useful21:29
claygacoles: ah21:29
claygacoles: yeah that's a discussion21:29
acolesclayg: think its waiting for a +A21:29
*** timcline_ has quit IRC21:29
notmynameacoles: IMO replace the existing, since I don't think the current 2 different functests really do anything different anyway21:30
acolesand also, headsup that this means new patches will have to work with fast-post enabled!21:30
claygacoles: don't care new job or change the other in-proc job - i don't really care about the in-proc job - i think it'd be fine to make it test fast-post21:30
claygacoles: oh oh oh - that'll be wonderful!21:30
notmynamecan we get another core to commit to review this asap?21:30
claygacoles: can the name of the job somehow reflect that it's using fast-post?21:30
*** jlhinson has joined #openstack-meeting21:30
claygi have no idea how to openstack-ci21:30
acoleswell, apart from patches to EC, but thats another story, and maybe another gate job :)21:30
*** rderose has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
acolesclayg: good idea, I will have to look at -infra again, maybe the job name simply takes the tox env name, so "yes"21:31
acoles-infra is not my strength21:31
claygacoles: probably be nice with in-proc (since we have full control over the env) if we tested as many storage policies as we think we can get away with configuring - do functests still only run against a single policy (but it's configurable?)21:31
acoles(do I have any? :)21:31
acolesclayg: you can set the policy for func tests, SWIFT_TEST_POLICY IIRC21:32
mattoliverauI'll take a look at the testing patch. Especially if it helps acoles.21:32
acolesclayg: and we could add an EC ring/policy to the in-process test setup21:32
notmynamemattoliverau: thanks21:33
acolesmattoliverau: thanks, there are some notes in review comments about how to verify it21:33
acolesclayg: so we could even make func-in-process-fast-post use an EC policy!21:33
mattoliverauacoles: awesome thanks.. I'll have a play with it during boring talks :)21:33
acolesmattoliverau: has notmyname not spoken yet then :D:D21:34
notmynamemattoliverau: there's one at 2:15 today that will be terribly boring ;-)21:34
notmynameacoles: right!21:34
notmynameperfect chance for code reviews21:34
mattoliveraunotmyname: lol, I need to listen so I can heckle21:34
notmynameoh, so mattoliverau gave his first ever public presentation yesterday (on container sharding in swift). he did great21:34
jrichlihave the link yet?21:35
mattoliverauWell first ever solo one21:35
*** pratap has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
claygmattoliverau: congrats!21:35
claygmattoliverau: also thanks for looking at fix-rings-again221:35
notmynameacoles: have you done anything yet to update the gate jobs in -infra yet for the fast post stuff? or just waiting for this patch to land first?21:35
acolesmattoliverau yay21:35
*** achanda has quit IRC21:35
*** myoung|mobile has quit IRC21:36
acolesnotmyname: not yet, I will let y'all know when I have a patch up for -infra gate job change, and yeah it will depend on this one21:36
notmynameacoles: thanks for this. I'm very happy about our fast-post future21:37
claygit's so bright I've gotta wear shades21:37
notmyname#topic patch 20241121:37
patchbotnotmyname: - swift - Add functional test for access control (RBAC) with...21:37
acolesthanks for the feedback21:37
*** openstack changes topic to "patch 202411 (Meeting topic: swift)"21:37
* acoles goes to make reconciler fast-post proof...21:37
ho_awayi got a +2 on it now so i want to have more reviews :-)21:37
claygi sorta got a keystone-swift-all-in working (thanks ho_away !) but I haven't looped back to to that change yet21:38
notmynameok, who's volunteering to be another reviewer?21:38
acolesnot me :)21:38
claygwell that was mostly just acoles getting exahusted21:38
mattoliverausounds like clayg is21:38
*** nmagnezi has quit IRC21:38
claygmattoliverau: I'm trying to get more keystone friendly if that's what your suggesting21:38
claygho_away: doesn't want *me* to review it - that's practiacally zero chance it makes it through that with a +A - clayg is stone cold heartless -1'er21:39
*** aysyd has quit IRC21:39
notmynameclayg: cschwede: kota_: tdasilva: torgomatic: ?21:39
*** rderose has quit IRC21:39
ho_awayclayg: lol21:39
*** edtubill has quit IRC21:39
torgomaticI'm in the middle of untangling get_*_info, but after I can take a look21:40
cschwedenotmyname: looking at it right now (but no rating this evening)21:40
kota_I also need to get more keystone friendly, once i tried it i got failed to set the keystone env :/21:40
acolesclayg: ho_away took a bunch of -1s from me and is still standing21:40
*** weshay_xchat has quit IRC21:40
*** zul has quit IRC21:40
claygkota_: try the keystone branch on swiftstack/swift-all-in-one - it's getting better all the time!21:40
claygacoles: ho_away is a rockstar21:40
kota_clayg: \o/21:40
notmynameok, so between torgomatic cschwede clayg and kota_, it *should* be either landed or have other patch sets by next week ;-)21:41
claygkota_: yeah that's also mostly ho_away21:41
acolesclayg: +121:41
*** thingee has quit IRC21:41
*** su_zhang has quit IRC21:41
ho_awaytorgomatic: cshwede: thanks!21:41
notmynameho_away: the keystone work on the vSAIO is really imporant, IMO. thanks21:41
acoleskota_: write a script to feed keystone with random combinations of options until you get a 200 ;)21:41
notmyname#topic open discussion21:42
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: swift)"21:42
notmynameanything else to bring up in the meeting this week?21:42
awelleckwhat does everyone think about
clayganyone else noticed the 204 content-length thing!?21:42
claygI was like "i'll be damned i guess we suck"; then I was like WTF this wasn't in 2616?21:42
*** clayton has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
torgomaticI love the tempest thing; there's tests in there that assert we have content-length in there, so we can't take it out to meet spec without first doing a ridiculous multi-repo song-and-dance21:43
notmynameawelleck: yup. I think you'll also find a lot of agreement from timburke21:43
*** achanda has joined #openstack-meeting21:43
notmynameclayg: that sounds like one of those things I marked as read this week. what's going on?21:44
acolesclayg: link? haven't seen it21:44
claygawelleck: why is this a spec instead of a patch?21:44
timburkedo it! standardize all the things!21:44
awellecknotmyname: ok thanks, ill work on it21:44
claygwait - that's not a spec - that's a blueprint - wtf are we supposed do with that?21:44
notmynameawelleck: great thanks21:44
zaitcevconvert to spec by using cp(1)21:44
zaitcevwell, curl(1)21:44
notmynameclayg: be nice. awelleck probably just found some openstack "here's how you're supposed to do it" docs :-)21:45
claygthis is the rfc 7230 tempest thing ->
*** bvandenh has quit IRC21:45
*** dkranz has quit IRC21:45
acolesI don't get notified of blueprints - is there a way for that to happen?21:45
claygnotmyname: awelleck: sry, if you remember where you found such a doc point me out it so I can hate on it21:45
*** timcline has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
claygdon't shoot the messenger and all that21:45
*** zaitcev has left #openstack-meeting21:46
awelleckclayg: not sure21:46
acolesclayg: oic. thaks21:46
claygawelleck: anyway - sounds broken and annoying - not sure where to put my +A/please-fix - but thanks for point it out21:46
claygi think we could make it an open bug - those we know how to deal with21:46
*** ijw has quit IRC21:46
notmynameacoles: no. there is no blueprint notification thing (for new ones. you have to subscribe to each one. yet another reason they are terrible)21:46
notmynameclayg: so what do we do with the tempest thing?21:46
acolesnotmyname: ok. awelleck ^^ take note21:47
claygblueprint - more like BOOprint21:47
claygnotmyname: oh idk, i htink they're going to spin their wheels getting tempest team happy only to realize this is for swift api next21:47
acolesactually looks like ben martin wrote the blueprint21:47
clayg... as we do21:47
claygMOAR booprints!?21:47
claygnotmyname: at first i was feeling bad because the language is pretty clear - but then I remembered we're older than 7230 and they can go pound out a time machine21:48
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notmynameI don't know. maybe dropping content-length on 204 isn't a breaking thing. idk21:49
notmynamewe've made similar changes before with standard headers, IIRC21:50
* notmyname doesn't remember specifics21:50
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notmynameclayg: how'd you find this? do you monitor tempest patches? was it on the ML?21:51
claygnotmyname: I think there's a bug associated with it?  i get bugs21:52
notmynameah ok21:52
notmynameanything else to bring up at the last minute this week?21:52
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notmynamefrom anyone21:52
claygacoles: so what's the short and skinny on the bad with versioned_writes?21:52
claygit should be... before/after dlo/slo?21:52
timburkei'd still like some reviews on adding delete markers to versioned_writes -
timburkeclayg: yeah, after both, apparently21:54
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acolesclayg: should be after slo21:54
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jlhinsonpatch 218490 has one +2, needs one more21:54
patchbotjlhinson: - swift - Automatic refresh of memcache config settings21:54
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acolesclayg: but if you have config'd' dlo/slo but not versioned-writes then it gets inserted before them21:55
acolesclayg: if you have not config'd dlo nor versioned-writes then it gets inserted after21:55
acolesclayg: so as always, not even a simple bug21:56
notmynameconference stuff is starting here, so I need to close the meeting and physically move21:56
notmynamethank you everyone for attending and working on swift. you are what makes swift awesome21:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"21:56
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