Thursday, 2016-04-14

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thinrichsekcs, masahito, ramineni_, tsandall: courtesy ping00:01
thinrichs#startmeeting CongressTeamMeeting00:01
bryan_atthi thinrichs00:01
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thinrichsbryan_att, tsandall, masahito: hi00:01
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thinrichsLight agenda from me today..00:02
thinrichs1. Quick update on release00:02
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thinrichs2. Gate issues00:02
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thinrichs3. bryan_att emails00:03
thinrichsAnything else?00:03
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thinrichs#topic releases00:04
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thinrichsToday I did a release of stable/liberty, as we discussed last time.00:04
thinrichsNothing unusual to report00:04
thinrichsI also went through and did some cleanup of our bugs, marking some closed as part of the Mitaka release.00:04
thinrichsAlso cleaned up launchpad so that the Mitaka branch is closed, and the Newton branch is open.00:05
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thinrichsAs we're targeting blueprints/bugs, we can now start using the newton series.00:05
thinrichsFinally, as we discussed last week, kilo is end-of-lifed in May, so we're not backporting bug fixes anymore.00:06
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masahitoone thing about release00:06
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masahitoI can't find a release note in official release site00:07
thinrichsI don't think we've set that up yet, or even know how.00:08
masahitoHave any one worked for it?00:08
thinrichsThere's a release-notes job, but I know nothing about how it works.00:08
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thinrichsAnyone know how to submit release notes?  And whether we can still do it for Mitaka?00:09
thinrichsWe should definitely do it for Newton.00:09
thinrichsI think I'd added ReleaseNotes to our docs in the past.00:09
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thinrichsI must have missed that this time.00:10
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thinrichsAnyone want to volunteer to look into the release notes and how we're supposed to be writing/releasing them?00:10
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ramineni_i can check with infra00:11
masahitook, I'll do it.00:11
ramineni_masahito: go ahead :)00:11
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masahitothnaks :-)00:11
masahitoI'll do00:12
thinrichsSpeaking of volunteers, I think we had some items from last meeting that people were looking into….00:12
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thinrichsramineni_: remind me what you were looking into00:12
thinrichsWas it the docs and getting Congress on the list of projects?00:13
ramineni_thinrichs: ya, its done now00:13
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ramineni_thinrichs: we are listed in
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thinrichsramineni_: Great!00:14
thinrichsmasahito: did you get a chance to look into the API guide and how we contribute our APIs to it?00:14
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thinrichs#action masahito will look into release notes00:15
thinrichs(Forgot to do that earlier.)00:16
masahitowe can write API references by updating api-site project00:16
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masahitobut, now coding style change is under the discussion at Doc team.00:16
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masahitoso I'll also hear doc team when we should start to update the the repository.00:17
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thinrichsSounds good.00:18
thinrichsmasahito: thanks for following up with that00:18
thinrichs#action masahito will follow the doc team and report about how/if the api docs are changing00:19
thinrichsAnything else on the release front?00:19
ramineni_thinrichs: one thing00:19
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ramineni_thinrichs: its about stable/liberty and mitaka00:20
ramineni_thinrichs: tempest plans to remove all the ceilometer related tests in their repository , that might break our branches00:20
patchbotramineni_: patch 304992 - tempest - Remove Ceilometer tempest tests00:20
gmannthinrichs: yea, i talked to ramineni_ about those and need to find the better way for that in congress00:21
patchbotgmann: patch 304992 - tempest - Remove Ceilometer tempest tests00:21
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gmannSo ceilometer has plugin and tempest going to remove all ceilometer tests, config options, client  etc00:21
thinrichsgmann: understood00:22
ramineni_thinrichs: we use it here
gmanncongress use those which can be moved to ceilometer plugin from Mitaka onwards but liberty/Kilo needs to fix in other was as ceilometer plugin in not present on those branches00:22
gmannthinrichs: ramineni_ one was is to consider ceilometer as not-available if no config option (as done for murano option) and make those tests skip for liberty/kilo00:23
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gmannif it is ok to skip those for kilo/liberty00:23
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thinrichsgmann: that sounds reasonable.00:24
thinrichsramineni_: we're forcing ceilometer to be enabled in kilo/liberty, right?00:24
gmannthinrichs: cool00:24
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ramineni_thinrichs: ya00:24
thinrichsSo it's just the test for whether they are enabled that we need to fix.00:24
ramineni_thinrichs: there is only one test for ceilometer ,00:25
thinrichsramineni_: is this a quick fix we can add to both kilo/liberty?00:25
gmannyup just 1 line one00:25
ramineni_thinrichs: ya ,we can skip the test00:25
gmannif not CONF.service_available.ceilometer:  -> if not getattr(CONF.service_available, 'ceilometer', False):00:26
gmannramineni_: ^^ that should work right00:26
ramineni_gmann: yes00:26
thinrichsramineni_: want to put those fixes in?00:26
ramineni_thinrichs: but for mitaka too, instead of relying on tempest , may be we should directly call ceilometer client for retrieving info00:27
gmannramineni_: thinrichs and m putting fix for master(which can directly be backport to mitaka) to switch to plugin00:27
gmannto avoid any gate break before my patch gets merged00:27
thinrichsgmann: are you saying you're preparing a patch for master, and the same patch will work in mitaka?00:28
gmannramineni_: you can take over that if needed00:28
ramineni_gmann: great , ill backport to liberty and kilo00:28
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gmannthinrichs: yea, master fix will work for Mitaka just cherry pick00:29
thinrichsAll sounds good to me.00:29
gmannramineni_: no, for libertry/kilo you need to change differently as plugin is not available  there00:29
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ramineni_gmann: ok, got it .. but for mitaka we should change the client altogether00:30
gmannramineni_: if not CONF.service_available.ceilometer:  -> if not getattr(CONF.service_available, 'ceilometer', False):00:30
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ramineni_gmann: as cls.os.telemetry client is removed too00:30
ramineni_in tempest00:30
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gmannramineni_: this will skip tests on liberty/kilo as tempest would nto register the CONF.service_available.ceilometer00:30
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gmannramineni_: yea thats fine as you are going to skip tests00:30
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ramineni_gmann: diff fixes for mater/mitaka and kilo/liberty, if you already have patch, pls post it, ill take it from there00:31
ramineni_gmann: thanks00:31
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gmannramineni_: yea, sure00:32
thinrichs#action ramineni will apply getattr() patch to kilo/liberty and will cherry-pick gmann's change on master to mitaka (once that change arrives)00:32
gmannthinrichs: +1 Thanks :) really help00:33
thinrichsgmann: np00:33
thinrichsAny other questions/comments about releases?00:33
thinrichs#topic Gate00:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Gate (Meeting topic: CongressTeamMeeting)"00:34
thinrichsSeems we have a gate breakage.00:34
thinrichsekcs: looks like you've been working on it.00:34
thinrichsAnyone tracked down the issue?00:35
ekcsthinrichs: I was confirming it, but I didn’t figure out why the failure.00:35
ekcsfailure is in tempest TestHA00:35
thinrichsEric's debugging patch:00:35
patchbotthinrichs: patch 254429 - congress - DO NOT MERGE: Gating troubleshooting only00:35
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thinrichsLooks like a timeout00:36
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ramineni_thinrichs: looks like recheck not solving the problem00:37
ramineni_same error on 2 patches00:37
thinrichsMax retries exceeded with url: /v1/data-sources/365de9b4-183d-4c35-a85c-0a7d7d252465/status00:38
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thinrichsI remember seeing that one time, but I think it cleared up on its own.00:39
ramineni_thinrichs: ya, recheck solved00:39
ramineni_thinrichs: ill have look into this failure00:39
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thinrichsramineni_: thanks!00:39
thinrichsAnything else on the Gate?00:40
thinrichs#topic bryan_att emails00:40
*** openstack changes topic to "bryan_att emails (Meeting topic: CongressTeamMeeting)"00:41
thinrichsbryan_att: you around?00:41
thinrichsI saw masahito and ramineni were responding to your emails.00:41
thinrichsDid everything get sorted out?00:41
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bryan_attyes, and I think I'm OK with the responses - appreciate the fast turnaround00:41
bryan_attI still am trying to figure out the horizon integration though00:42
bryan_attAnd have a pesky recurring issue where glance images don't show up in the glance table00:42
bryan_attI don't know how to debug that one00:42
thinrichsbryan_att: are you using liberty?00:42
bryan_attyes, stable/liberty00:42
bryan_attI will move to mitaka soon00:42
thinrichsWe found a subtle bug just before releasing mitaka with Glance00:42
thinrichsThat could be the issue00:43
thinrichsI'm checking if we already backported it...00:43
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ramineni_thinrichs: only mitaka has the fix i suppose00:43
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ramineni_ekcs: correct?00:44
ekcsyea I just checked we haven’t backported it.00:44
ekcsguess we were rushing to get it in the mitaka and forgot.00:44
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bryan_attis there a way I could test to see if it resolves the issue?00:44
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thinrichsekcs: could bryan_att cherry-pick the change (cleanly) onto stable/liberty?00:45
bryan_attor if I know where it was (and it wasn't huge), could I just modify the source file in my clone?00:46
bryan_attfor a test00:46
ekcsthinrichs: I think so.00:46
ekcsbryan_att: before you try that though, I think we should first check if you have that error.00:46
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ekcsbryan_att: in the congress log and glance log you should see http authentication errors for glance.00:46
bryan_attyes, I see them00:47
ekcsbryan_att: let me get more exact details.00:47
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ekcsbryan_att: oh perfect. then that’s almost certainly the issue.00:47
bryan_attthere is no more detailed info I can see though, and I think I see the auth errors in both the case where the tables get populated and when they dont00:47
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bryan_attby checking the glance logs in both cases00:48
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ekcshere’s the patch for glance.
patchbotekcs: patch 299950 - congress (stable/mitaka) - Use keystone sessions to authenticate (MERGED)00:49
ramineni_direct cherry-pick not working00:49
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ramineni_ekcs : we need to manually raise a patch for liberty i think00:50
thinrichsIt should be easy for us to prepare a patch for bryan_att and put it on Gerrit to try.00:50
thinrichsbryan_att: 2 choices it seems…00:50
ramineni_thinrichs: yes00:50
ekcsthinrichs: yup.00:50
thinrichs(i) check that we have properly identified the problem by applying a patch to your Congress install and looking to see if it solves the problem00:51
thinrichs(ii) upgrade your Congress install to a version that already has the patch00:51
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thinrichs(i) would be a temporary solution, and if it succeeded you'd want to do (ii)00:51
thinrichsIf (i) doesn't work, we haven't identified the problem yet.00:51
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bryan_attOK, whichever I can figure out how to do, with a little help maybe00:52
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thinrichsbryan_att: you recently upgraded from kilo to liberty, right?00:52
bryan_attI've been on liberty since Dec00:52
thinrichsAre you planning to upgrade to mitaka anytime soon?00:53
bryan_attYes, very soon. We are closing Brahmaputra at the end of the month00:53
bryan_attColorado will be Mitaka-based00:53
thinrichsThen I'd wait until you upgrade to Mitaka, since that has the patch anyway.00:53
bryan_attbtw, I just reverified that I see the auth errors in the glance log even when the congress glance table has the images listed00:54
ekcsthinrichs: are we thinking we won’t backport to liberty then?00:54
thinrichsAssuming we're right about the problem, this'll be one of those fix-via-upgrade problems.00:54
bryan_att"WARNING keystonemiddleware.auth_token [-] Authorization failed for token"00:54
thinrichsekcs; we should also backport to liberty00:54
bryan_attI didn't check to see if that error occurs *before* I install Congress though00:55
ekcsbryan_att: right that’s the issue. authentication with glance times out at a certain point. if the image updates happened before then, they get in. after that, they don’t.00:55
bryan_attOK, that's all for me - thanks for all the help this week. I'm making good progress on creating Congress tests for OPNFV00:56
ekcsbryan_att: the auth error should show up at regular interval (every poll)00:56
thinrichsbryan_att: Great!00:56
thinrichsAnything else in the last few minutes?00:56
thinrichs#topic open discussion00:57
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: CongressTeamMeeting)"00:57
ekcsI have a patch for doing update ordering and differential update.  comments appreciated.
patchbotekcs: patch 304991 - congress - dse2 sequenced, differential pub-sub00:57
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thinrichsGreat that you're picking back up on the distributed arch!00:58
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thinrichsI'll take a look tomorrow00:58
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ekcsbryan_att: question: which liberty version are you on?00:59
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bryan_attas of a couple of days ago00:59
thinrichsekcs: 2.0.000:59
thinrichsbryan_att: are you pulling the latest from stable/liberty via git?00:59
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bryan_attyes, cloning from github01:00
thinrichsSo my 2.0.0 answer was wrong.01:00
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ekcsbryan_att: ok great. i’ll prepare the backport patch so you can try it if you like.01:00
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bryan_attsure, thanks01:00
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thinrichsOut time.  Thanks all!01:01
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Rajenhi, all I want to consult a openstack-ci question about nodepool. i set up a openstack-ci env, using common community method, after ci-master accomplished and then starting ci-slave node, the ci-slave vm cann't get the floating ip. nodepool.yaml is setting up like: (a snippet in providers section) networks: -name:admin_floating_net public:true. is there any problems for the configure in the above "networks" section?01:04
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clarkbRajen: can you ask in #openstack-infra?01:11
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Rajenok, thank you01:11
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emagana#startmeeting networking-guide16:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Apr 14 16:01:41 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is emagana. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: networking-guide)"16:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'networking_guide'16:01
emaganahello all!16:02
*** neiljerram has quit IRC16:03
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*** Sam-I-Am has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
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Sam-I-Amemagana: hello16:03
*** njohnsto_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
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*** adiantum has joined #openstack-meeting16:04
emaganaMy apologies for not sending a reminder16:04
*** nkrinner has quit IRC16:04
emaganawith a couple of weeks before the summit I have even less time for anything..16:04
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
Sam-I-Amnone of us have time16:05
emagana#topic Open Items16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Items (Meeting topic: networking-guide)"16:05
*** kebray has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
emaganaLet's have a chat on what we can still do before the summit if any..16:05
Sam-I-Ami've been stuck on the summit presentation on MTU16:05
*** mhickey has quit IRC16:06
Sam-I-Amwell, i've started working on mitaka updates for the scenarios in the guide16:06
*** rtheis has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
Sam-I-Ama little late, but better late than never16:06
emaganaSam-I-Am: With Mitaka released, we should just update the whole guide to Mitaka instead of liberty..16:07
*** kebray_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:07
*** slagle_ is now known as slagle16:07
Sam-I-Amwell, we're publishing master as /mitaka on the docs site, but we havent cut stable/mitaka yet16:07
Sam-I-Amso any changes to master now will be published as mitaka without a backport16:07
*** rtheis_ has quit IRC16:08
Sam-I-Ama lot of mitaka-only things are already in there, mostly from neutron developers working on features16:08
Sam-I-Amincluding another scenario or two16:08
Sam-I-Ambut the existing scenarios need love, especially now that MTU is fixed.16:08
emaganawhen is the cus to stable?16:08
emaganathe cut*16:08
*** zzxwill has quit IRC16:08
*** zzxwill has joined #openstack-meeting16:09
*** njohnsto_ has quit IRC16:09
emaganaSam-I-Am: I did a review of all references to Liberty to make sure we are fine...16:10
Sam-I-Amemagana: probably a couple weeks16:10
*** kebray has quit IRC16:10
emaganaI have few changes in my dev environment that should submit soon16:10
Sam-I-Amafter the summit is my guess16:10
*** jlanoux has quit IRC16:10
Sam-I-Amgood news is i'll have more time for the networking guide during the N cycle16:11
emaganagreat news!16:11
Sam-I-Amits been sort of neglected in light of the installation guide16:11
*** asingh has joined #openstack-meeting16:11
Sam-I-Ambut i'm no longer contributing to the install guide16:11
emaganabad news, I will have less time..16:11
Sam-I-Amthat ended with mitaka16:11
Sam-I-Amdecided it was too political16:11
Sam-I-Ambut the networking guide needs lots of love, so its ok with me16:12
emaganaSam-I-Am: Why? You were ..... ok.. I stop16:12
emaganaYou said it all16:12
Sam-I-Amyeah :)16:12
*** joeljwright1 has left #openstack-meeting16:12
Sam-I-Ampolitics outweighed the fun16:12
emaganawell, networking guide is your thing  ;-)16:12
Sam-I-Amit is16:12
Sam-I-Amand i'm really excited about hopefully getting more time to work on it16:12
Sam-I-Amthe install guide really consumes a lot of time16:12
Sam-I-Amand now that we have neutron folks contributing to the networking guide its even better16:13
Sam-I-Amreal docs, imagine that16:13
Sam-I-Amso what's consuming all your time lately?16:13
emaganawe had a lot of great contributions this time16:13
*** jdurgin1 has quit IRC16:13
emaganaSam-I-Am: User Committee, SuperUser Award, Our Production CLoud....16:13
*** toddjohn_ has quit IRC16:13
emaganaTwo kids and a wife...16:14
Sam-I-Amoh, didnt know you were involved with user and superuser16:14
*** paul-carlton2 has joined #openstack-meeting16:14
Sam-I-Amah, right, i dont know about that wife/kids thing16:14
emaganaok.. move on..16:14
*** toscalix has quit IRC16:14
emagana#topic Austin Summit16:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Austin Summit (Meeting topic: networking-guide)"16:15
*** sheel has quit IRC16:15
emaganaWe have a session..16:15
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting16:15
Sam-I-Amis it under docs or neutron?16:15
Sam-I-Ami havent had time to look at the sched yet16:15
*** sheel has joined #openstack-meeting16:15
Sam-I-Ambeen too busy working on a pres16:15
emagana#info Workroom (40 min slot) - Thu 11:5016:15
*** unicell has quit IRC16:16
Sam-I-Amcool, that'll hopefully be good16:16
emaganawe have also etherpad16:17
*** nmagnezi has joined #openstack-meeting16:17
emaganaSo, put it in your calendar16:17
Sam-I-Amgot it16:17
emagana#action all add input to etherpad to discuss in austin16:17
Sam-I-Amthankfully the networking guide isn't very political16:18
Sam-I-Amso we might actually be productive16:18
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
*** askb_ has quit IRC16:18
emaganaSam-I-Am: And I will make sure we kick out any political thing16:19
emaganaI will bring my no vendor-specific information banner to the session16:19
Sam-I-Amhaha yeah16:19
Sam-I-Amthat might come up, i forgot about it16:19
Sam-I-Amsort of been quiet :)16:19
emaganaok... I dont really have much to discuss...16:20
emagana#topic Open Discussion16:20
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: networking-guide)"16:20
Sam-I-Amme neither. just working on getting a mitaka system up with 9000 mtu to update the scenarios.16:20
Sam-I-Amyou coming to the MTU presentation?16:20
emagana#info we cancel the next IRC meeting, because we are going to be in Austin16:21
*** claudiub|2 has quit IRC16:21
emagananext meeting will be May 12th16:21
*** zzxwill has quit IRC16:21
emaganaSam-I-Am: send me the link to the MTU one16:21
*** timcline has quit IRC16:21
emaganaIn my calendar.. perfect.. I will see you there16:23
emaganaOK.. Thank you all..16:23
Sam-I-Amhave a good day16:23
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:24
openstackMeeting ended Thu Apr 14 16:24:26 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:24
openstackMinutes (text):
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oomichi#startmeeting qa17:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Apr 14 17:00:06 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is oomichi. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: qa)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'qa'17:00
oomichihi, who's here today?17:00
oomichisdague: fnaval: mtreinish: hi17:00
ylobankovhi! sorry for a long absence. was on vacation17:01
fnavalhello - i haven't attended in a long time; getting a feel of the state of Openstack QA now17:01
oomichiylobankov: hi, no worry :-)17:01
*** jmckind_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** fawadkhaliq has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** jmckind has quit IRC17:01
oomichiok, lets start17:01
*** tosky has joined #openstack-meeting17:02
oomichi^^^ today agenda17:02
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting17:02
oomichi#topic Specs Reviews17:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Specs Reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"17:02
*** dmorita has quit IRC17:02
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting17:02
oomichithere are several specs on the gerrit17:02
oomichiand most ones are red.17:03
*** MaxPC has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
oomichiwe need to update them as comments if wanting to approve17:03
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
oomichimine is the first, but it needs more time17:03
oomichithat sould be WIP17:03
mtreinishoomichi: which one is that?17:04
oomichisomeone have a spec if picking it up now?17:04
oomichimtreinish: swagger one:
*** lpetrut has quit IRC17:04
oomichiI am done as WIP17:04
oomichihogepodge: hi17:04
oomichiat requires more considering17:05
oomichiluzC: hi17:05
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting17:05
sdagueoomichi: I think the swagger spec assumed that swagger could be used in parts, instead of needing to be used as a whole17:05
*** dneary has joined #openstack-meeting17:05
oomichisdague: yeah, that can make confusions17:06
oomichisdague: we need a big picture how to implement/create whole swagger at the first step17:06
sdagueI do understand the desire to use some structured standard, but we have to remember when doing that that we have to be 100% conformant to such standard, otherwise it's not useful17:06
sdagueand potentially damaging17:07
oomichisdague: yeah, I agree17:07
oomichisdague: I am creating the picture how to combine these data for whole swagger. I am stopping qa swagger-spec until it done17:08
*** rpjr has quit IRC17:08
*** esker has quit IRC17:08
sdagueoomichi: ok. I'm not sure it's really worth the time right now though. There are a lot of more concrete things to make life better.17:09
*** yassou has quit IRC17:09
oomichisdague: yeah, that is long-time goal17:09
oomichisdague: nice to do more actual merit thing17:09
oomichisdague: that is just PoC17:10
oomichias my hobby :)17:10
oomichican we move to the next topic?17:10
oomichiif not having more items about qa-spec17:10
oomichiok, let's move on17:11
oomichi#topic Tempest17:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Tempest (Meeting topic: qa)"17:11
dstaneko/ better late than never17:11
*** nadya has quit IRC17:11
oomichithere are a lot of patches on the review17:12
oomichiand most patches seem to be reviewing17:12
oomichithat seems a good progress17:12
oomichiI don't have special patches for picking them up here17:13
oomichianyone have patches or idea for picking up here?17:13
mtreinishI was wondering when adding nova microversion tests, should we update the schema in a separate patch or keep it with the test?17:13
mtreinishI'm thinking we want it to be self testing so it should be all in 1 patch17:14
*** efoley has quit IRC17:14
mtreinishthat's what made me think about the topic17:14
*** Sudhirverma has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
oomichimtreinish: yeah, IMO it is nice to merge them in a single patch for verifying the schema17:14
oomichiwith the gate test.17:14
sdagueit would be nice if we could avoid
patchbotsdague: patch 305456 - tempest - Update get server response schema17:15
sdaguethe model of doing patching to our schemas makes it actually quite hard to see what the schema really is17:15
sdagueit would be nicer if those were exploded out, especially assuming a future where old stuff is actually deleted eventually17:16
*** efried has quit IRC17:16
oomichisdague: do you want to write all schema data for each microversion?17:17
sdagueyeh, I think so17:17
*** fawadk has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
oomichisdague: that could be big and a little hard to know what difference between microversions17:17
*** myoung|remote has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
*** rbak_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
*** apoorvad_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
sdaguethey will be big, but they will let you evaluate what a particular resource looks like fully17:18
*** fnaval_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
*** armax_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
*** mickeys_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
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*** amotoki_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
*** s3wong has joined #openstack-meeting17:18
mtreinishyeah I agree with sdague here, this is really hard to follow:
oomichiI can see your point. current way is not so readable to know what is expected schema from human POV17:18
*** hdaniel has quit IRC17:19
sdagueright, and the point of this code in tree is for humans to understand it17:19
sdaguewe should optimize for humans17:19
*** iyamahat_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:19
*** cburgess has quit IRC17:19
*** xyang1 has quit IRC17:19
sdagueand make a tool to generate schema diffs between versions if that's helpful to see17:19
*** vishwana_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:19
*** lezbar has joined #openstack-meeting17:19
*** fawadkhaliq has quit IRC17:19
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*** xyang1 has joined #openstack-meeting17:20
oomichimtreinish: humm, yeah, nice sample17:20
*** dpaterson has joined #openstack-meeting17:20
sdaguemtreinish: right, keypairs is an excellent example. It would take someone quite a while to actually get that fully in their head17:20
*** apoorvad has quit IRC17:20
*** rbak has quit IRC17:20
*** zaro has quit IRC17:20
*** finchd has quit IRC17:20
*** jdob has quit IRC17:20
oomichiI see17:20
fnaval_seeing it for the first time, I agree17:20
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack-meeting17:20
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*** keedya has quit IRC17:21
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*** armax_ is now known as armax17:21
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*** jprovazn has quit IRC17:21
*** tosky__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** asettle has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
sdagueis there a reasonable way to include yaml files in the tempest resource package that we could reference as a resource? I remember mordred saying something about that in the past.17:21
*** tosky__ is now known as tosky17:21
*** efried has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** emagana has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** keedya has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
*** baoli_ has quit IRC17:21
mtreinishsdague: like this spec: ?17:22
oomichisdague: is that to convert json-schema to yaml files on tempest?17:22
mtreinishor are you talking about something else?17:22
*** vishwanathj_away has joined #openstack-meeting17:22
sdaguemtreinish: not that17:22
*** pvaneck has joined #openstack-meeting17:22
mtreinishsdague: heh, it had all the buzzwords resources and yaml :)17:22
*** timcline has joined #openstack-meeting17:22
sdagueI think this
sdaguebasically that there would be yaml files that can be programatically accessed without config17:23
sdaguebecause the python package manages them17:23
sdagueoomichi: yeh, for json schema in files17:23
*** sdake has quit IRC17:23
sdaguekeystone is doing it in yaml, because it allows comments17:23
sdagueand it's very nice17:23
mtreinishsdague: yeah, that's why we did python files so we could have comments and stuff. But I guess a big dict is still kinda ugly17:24
*** vishwana_ has quit IRC17:24
sdagueanyway, it's a little afar now, but the current jsonschema handling in nova / tempest ends up being pretty unreadable to anyone that's not super familiar with it17:24
sdaguewhich means very few people can understand the validation, which makes it error prone17:25
*** fawadk has quit IRC17:25
oomichisdague: yeah, nice to better way for many people17:25
*** banix has quit IRC17:25
*** fawadkhaliq has joined #openstack-meeting17:25
oomichiand the package idea is interesting for me17:25
*** masayukig has joined #openstack-meeting17:26
*** dougshelley66 has joined #openstack-meeting17:26
*** cburgess has joined #openstack-meeting17:26
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting17:26
*** ericksonsantos has quit IRC17:26
oomichiI d like to confirm one conclusion17:26
*** asettle has quit IRC17:26
oomichiis it fine to write all json-schema data for each microversion?17:27
*** timcline has quit IRC17:27
oomichiI agree with that for readability17:27
oomichior any objections here?17:27
mtreinishoomichi: yeah I think it'll probably be better that way. So everything is there, the current model of inheritence with overwriting fields is really hard to figure out17:28
oomichiif not, I will talk about it with gmann who is most active for this schema work17:28
oomichiok, will talk about it with gmann17:28
oomichi#action oomichi talks about separation of json-schema for each microversion with gmann17:29
oomichido we have more topic about tempest here?17:29
sdagueoomichi: I agree with mtreinish17:29
oomichisdague: I see, thanks for pointing it up17:29
oomichiok, let's move on17:30
oomichi#topic DevStack + Grenade17:30
*** openstack changes topic to "DevStack + Grenade (Meeting topic: qa)"17:30
*** sambetts is now known as sambetts|afk17:31
oomichithere are many patches about devstack also17:31
oomichisomeone want to talk about devstack/grenade here?17:31
*** rbak__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:31
*** vgridnev has joined #openstack-meeting17:32
mtreinishI don't have anything for this week17:32
oomichimtreinish: thanks. ok, let's move on17:32
mtreinishwe could always pester sc68cal about the neutron rewrite :)17:32
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting17:32
sdaguethe only notable bits are the swift multinode code17:32
mtreinishsdague: oh, that all landed?17:33
sdaguenot yet17:33
sdague is the devstack change needed17:33
patchbotsdague: patch 304468 - openstack-dev/devstack - Add variable SWIFT_STORAGE_IPS17:33
sdaguethen there is a bunch of d-g changes as well17:33
*** dprince has quit IRC17:34
sdaguebut it would be good to land that bit17:34
*** timfreund has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
*** jprovazn has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
* mtreinish looks17:34
notmynameI'm catching up on cschwede's work on that. it's tracked on
*** thorst_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
notmyname(the multinode, rolling upgrade testing for swift)17:34
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
*** rbak_ has quit IRC17:34
*** zaro has joined #openstack-meeting17:34
notmynamecschwede is the person to talk to (but it's nearly 8pm for him right now)17:35
*** rossella_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
sdaguenotmyname: yep, he's been pretty responsive, I just +2ed the devstack patch he respun this morning17:35
notmynamegreat, thanks17:35
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
oomichinotmyname: are all necessary patches proposed already for testing?17:36
notmynameoomichi: I don't know. I've been traveling this week, and I'm just catching up today17:36
*** ijw_ has quit IRC17:37
oomichinotmyname: ah, ok. I will check it later17:37
*** whenry has joined #openstack-meeting17:38
oomichican we move to the next topic if not having more about devstack/grenade17:38
sdagueoomichi: in the d-g patches I looked at this morning there is a bit of an order of operations mismatch with the way that multinode d-g assumes it can do things. I was going to try to catch cschwede in the morning to chat about possible options there that don't require tearing down the whole flow model in d-g17:38
sdagueoomichi: yeh, we can move on17:38
*** kbyrne has joined #openstack-meeting17:38
oomichisdague: Thanks for info17:39
*** jdob has joined #openstack-meeting17:39
* oomichi needs more time later for understanding 17:39
oomichi#topic Austin Summit17:39
*** openstack changes topic to "Austin Summit (Meeting topic: qa)"17:39
*** Leom_ has quit IRC17:40
oomichiI am trying to push topics to available slots based on voting17:40
*** jichen has joined #openstack-meeting17:40
*** jtomasek_ has quit IRC17:40
oomichiand one slot remains now17:40
oomichiat the last work room.17:41
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting17:41
mtreinishoomichi: I don't think everyone pays attention to the interested section. I know I really didn't :)17:41
oomichimtreinish: humm, what is meaning?17:42
oomichiis it difficult to understand the contents from the titles?17:42
mtreinishI didn't bother saying which sessions I was interested in on the etherpad (except for the first day)17:42
mtreinishI don't think it's a reliable voting system17:42
sdaguedo we actually need the ceph session? I thought that was basically all solved17:43
mtreinishsdague: you asked for it17:43
sdaguewe're just waiting on clarkb to get the ceph package mirror working17:43
fnaval_I updated the etherpad with  my nick for the sessions im interested in17:43
sdaguemtreinish: when did I ask for it?17:43
clarkbsdague: my suggestion at this point would be for someone else to finish cleaning up that patch17:44
clarkbbceause I keep getting pulled away to extinguish fires17:44
*** mickeys_ has quit IRC17:44
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC17:44
sdagueclarkb: what sort of access does such a person need to be able to test it reasonably?17:44
mtreinishsdague: like a month ago? when we were talking about bring the ceph devstack plugin into qa17:44
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting17:44
clarkbsdague: you just need to be able to run reprepro17:44
sdaguemtreinish: right, but I thought we basically built a plan and almost fully executed it already17:44
clarkbsdague: then an infra root can handle the afs bits but that should be mostly transparetn because ext4 vs afs are similar enough in this case17:45
sdagueclarkb: ok17:45
mtreinishsdague: I thought there were open questions, like do we bake the plugin back into tempest17:45
*** paul-carlton2 has quit IRC17:45
mtreinishdo we use ceph everywhere instead of lvm, etc17:46
sdaguemtreinish: you mean devstack?17:46
clarkband the change is mostly done, it has some small things that need fixing and maybe a rebase17:46
mtreinishyeah, sorry devstack17:46
*** mickeys has quit IRC17:46
sdaguemtreinish: ok, that's fine if there are more topics. I just thought that we were mostly sorted.17:46
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting17:46
sdaguepersonally, I think a plugin is a better model17:47
mtreinishI mean if we don't need the session great, it's not necessary. I definitely don't think it needs a fishbowl if we do have one17:47
sdagueyeh, I would put the more generic devstack one into the fishbowl over that one for sure17:47
*** aysyd has quit IRC17:47
sdagueand I'm not sure that it's really needed. Maybe make it a touch point on the friday meetup17:48
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:48
mtreinishsdague: that works for me, although now our session gap is 2 workrooms :)17:48
*** mickeys_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:49
*** jmckind_ has quit IRC17:49
*** dprince has quit IRC17:49
*** ociuhandu_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:49
mtreinishoomichi: I updated the etherpad for you17:49
oomichiok, how about having code sprint type sessions instead?17:49
*** rderose_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:49
oomichimtreinish: thanks, I see17:49
*** hemna_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
oomichifor work rooms17:50
*** timcline has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
*** mkoderer__ has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
*** roxanaghe_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
mtreinishoomichi: personally I don't think that'll work for me. I'm normally too busy and overworked during summit a code sprint doesn't work for me17:50
*** unicell has quit IRC17:50
*** jcook has quit IRC17:50
*** mkoderer___ has quit IRC17:50
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC17:50
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
*** unicell has quit IRC17:50
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting17:50
*** ociuhandu_ is now known as ociuhandu17:50
mtreinishI wouldn't be able to concentrate on it (and I'll likely just go to a different session)17:50
*** 7JTAANF1Q has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
*** fawadkhaliq has quit IRC17:51
*** jcook has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
*** mickeys has quit IRC17:51
*** sdake has quit IRC17:51
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*** eharney has quit IRC17:51
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*** dixiaoli has quit IRC17:51
*** fawadkhaliq has joined #openstack-meeting17:51
oomichimtreinish: hum, yeah17:51
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting17:52
mtreinishoomichi: we could do unsessions, where it's free form discussion. Or we can talk to ttx and give them to people who need the slot17:52
oomichibut we cannot work actually in the summit, nice to have sessions for creating ptaches based on the discussion17:52
*** brucet has quit IRC17:52
mtreinishoomichi: what happened to the tempest resource tracker topic?17:53
hogepodgeThis may not be the place to bring this up (I was waiting for the open discussion), but there are a few defcore related topics that will could have an impact on Tempest during the next cycle. I do want to talk with the Tempest team about some of these things during the Austin summit. It probably doesn't warrant a full session, though.17:53
oomichimtreinish: yeah, a nice idea if we don't have more idea now17:53
mtreinishoomichi: also I feel like we should have a cli topic17:53
mtreinishoomichi: and hogepodge just volunteered to run a defcore tempest session17:53
mtreinishso there are 3 topics to fill 2 slots :)17:53
oomichimtreinish: I told about it with andreaf, and he said we don't have more topics we need to discuss at the summit17:53
*** busterswt has quit IRC17:54
mtreinishoomichi: ok, then how about Tempest CLI and tempest x defcore17:54
oomichimtreinish: yeah, I asked CLIs thing with masayukig, and he also doesn't have more17:54
*** timcline has quit IRC17:54
oomichihogepodge: yeah, nice idea. thanks17:54
oomichihogepodge: can you write it on the etherpad?17:54
hogepodgeoomichi: thank you, I will17:54
oomichihogepodge: thanks17:55
oomichithen one slot remains17:55
mtreinishoomichi: really? so there are approved specs with a plan on how to evolve the cli17:55
sdaguehogepodge: I would put it in a real session, I think that unless you do so it doesn't really get advertised17:55
mtreinishsdague: ++17:55
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting17:55
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting17:55
hogepodgeadvertisement is good, and there is a push for much more active test development17:55
*** 7JTAANF1Q has quit IRC17:56
*** dixiaoli has joined #openstack-meeting17:56
mtreinishoomichi: I think masayukig must have been talking about migrating the old cli utils to the new cliff framework, but despite >1 yr we still don't think we have a concrete plan on the cli17:56
*** rbak_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:56
oomichimtreinish: can you put the link the spec?17:56
sdagueyeh, having a real CLI would be great17:56
hogepodgewithin the defcore committee, so a full session would work great. I just don't want to step on any toes, or be presumptuous17:56
*** mickeys_ has quit IRC17:56
sdaguethat would be something I think should get time, though it does need a driver17:56
sdaguehogepodge: I think a full session defcore / tempest is totally reasonable17:57
mtreinishoomichi: there aren't any specs, that's what I was saying. I think there are real things to talk about17:57
mtreinishprobably a workroom topic17:57
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting17:57
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC17:57
sdaguethough, that seems more like a fishbowl room instead of a workroom17:57
oomichimtreinish: ok, I see. who is a good person to run it?17:57
mtreinishsdague: the tempest cli?17:58
mtreinishoomichi: well masayukig had signed up for that in mitaka right?17:58
sdaguemtreinish: no, the defcore one17:58
mtreinishsdague: oh, eyah I agree that's a fishbowl17:58
sdagueI could imagine that would bring in a bunch of spectators that want to follow along17:59
*** mickeys_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:59
oomichimtreinish: but he is concentrating on the exsting one: migration thing17:59
*** rbak__ has quit IRC17:59
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting17:59
mtreinishwell if no one else will lead it I guess I can17:59
oomichithen I am not sure he will do that for the future work.17:59
oomichimtreinish: thanks.17:59
*** electrofelix has quit IRC18:00
oomichisorry, the time is comming18:00
mtreinishI'm just not sure I can commit to doing the work :)18:00
oomichilets move to qa channel. sorry about18:00
*** mickeys has quit IRC18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: docteam)"18:00
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dtroyer#startmeeting openstackclient19:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Apr 14 19:01:52 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is dtroyer. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:01
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting19:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: openstackclient)"19:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstackclient'19:01
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
dtroyerHowdy all!  Who is here?19:02
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
tangchenHi guys :)19:02
*** sdake has quit IRC19:02
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting19:02
*** emagana has quit IRC19:02
tangchenHi, Richard, Steve, Dean19:02
*** Leom has quit IRC19:03
dtroyerHi Tang, nice to see you here!19:03
rtheishi tangchen, glad you could join19:03
tangchenFirst time for me to join the meeting.19:03
*** busterswt has quit IRC19:03
dtroyerok, let's get started…19:03
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
dtroyer#topic meeting time19:04
*** openstack changes topic to "meeting time (Meeting topic: openstackclient)"19:04
dtroyerI re-kicked the meeting time thread earlier this week19:04
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
dtroyerand only rtheis replied, so I don't think we have much agreement yet...19:04
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting19:05
*** jdob has quit IRC19:06
dtroyertangchen: does the E.1 and O.3 times work for you?19:06
tangchenI'm also OK with Wednesday at 1400 UTC19:06
*** jdob has joined #openstack-meeting19:06
tangchendtroyer: Sorry, I'd prefer 0.219:07
*** eil397 has quit IRC19:07
tangchenWednesday at 1400 UTC19:07
*** ijw has quit IRC19:07
tangchenIt is 3 am now......19:07
tangchenI don't think I can join the meeting every time at 3 am.19:08
rtheistangchen: I think the idea was to alternate so you could join every other time19:08
dtroyerthat's why we want to alternate the times, having them all at 1300/1400 isn't much of a switch19:08
*** eil397 has joined #openstack-meeting19:09
dtroyerthat puts someone else at a bad time all of the time19:09
*** Leo_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:09
tangchenOh, OK. 1300 works for me. :)19:10
*** esker has quit IRC19:10
*** jdob has quit IRC19:10
dtroyerok, thanks.19:10
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting19:10
*** maishsk has quit IRC19:10
*** jdob has joined #openstack-meeting19:10
dtroyerI'd like to hear from sheel at least too, he brought this up to start with…19:10
*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting19:11
*** maishsk has quit IRC19:11
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*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting19:11
*** andymaier has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
dtroyertangchen: could you reply to the thread please?  That might bump it to the top of sheel's inbox.19:12
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:13
tangchenOK, I'll reply.19:13
dtroyernext week is odd, so it looks like we'd keep this slot, but we should get the room booked so we don't lose it19:13
dtroyerand have the new time in two weeks19:13
dtroyertangchen: thanks19:13
*** bill_az has quit IRC19:13
tangchendtroyer: Welcome. And thanks for the changes.19:13
*** iyamahat_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:14
dtroyer#topic reviews19:14
*** openstack changes topic to "reviews (Meeting topic: openstackclient)"19:14
dtroyeranyone have reviews to bring up here?19:14
*** tosky has quit IRC19:15
rtheisIs the keystoneauth patch ready for reviews?
patchbotrtheis: patch 276350 - python-openstackclient - Moving authentication from keystoneclient to keyst...19:15
*** amrith is now known as _amrith_19:16
* dtroyer reads stevemar's last comment19:16
dtroyeragreed, it doesn't merge until after the next release19:16
*** tosky has joined #openstack-meeting19:16
dtroyerotherwise, how does it look?19:16
*** rtheis_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
rtheis_sorry, I lost connectivity19:18
dtroyernp, that's usually when it happens ;)19:18
rtheis_I don't have other reviews to bring up19:19
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting19:19
tangchenI'd like to invite you to review the floating ip rework19:20
patchbottangchen: patch 300388 - python-openstackclient - Transfer "ip floating pool list" to "floating ip p...19:20
tangchenThis thread. 4 of them.19:20
dtroyertangchen: I want to hold off on those also until after the next release19:20
*** matrohon has quit IRC19:20
*** rtheis has quit IRC19:20
dtroyerand the server group chain too19:21
*** busterswt has quit IRC19:21
dtroyerrtheis_: is good now, once the deps are in?19:22
patchbotdtroyer: patch 304826 - python-openstackclient - Fix client certificate/key support for Network v2 ...19:22
*** baoli has quit IRC19:22
*** fitoduarte has quit IRC19:22
dtroyerI'd like that in before the release if possible19:22
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
*** tangchen__ has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
rtheis_yes, once we have deps then that is good to go19:22
tangchen__I think I lost connectivity too....19:22
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
*** esker has quit IRC19:23
dtroyeralso before the release19:23
patchbotdtroyer: patch 300305 - python-openstackclient - Append existing information during port set19:23
tangchen__And how about this,
patchbottangchen__: patch 293997 - python-openstackclient - Enhance exception handling for "network delete" co...19:23
*** castulo has left #openstack-meeting19:23
*** fitoduarte has joined #openstack-meeting19:23
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting19:23
dtroyerI think those are the only fixes for new commands left19:23
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting19:24
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting19:24
knikollai’d like some feedback on how to move forward with
patchbotknikolla: patch 296582 - python-openstackclient - WIP - Calls to K2K Federated Service Providers19:24
*** tangchen has quit IRC19:24
rtheis_tangchen__: that probably should wait until after release19:24
knikollaonce the change to keystoneauth merges19:25
tangchen__rtheis_: OK, will wait after the release.19:25
*** timcline has quit IRC19:27
dtroyerknikolla: I haven't looked at that in depth, it looks like once goes in you'll have a bit of work to do.19:27
patchbotdtroyer: patch 276350 - python-openstackclient - Moving authentication from keystoneclient to keyst...19:27
dtroyeryou could rebase on top of that and see what changes out from under you.19:27
dtroyeralso, —sp needs thought.19:28
tangchen__dtroyer, rtheis_: BTW, I never took part in the OSC release job. Would you please tell me what could I do to help ?19:28
dtroyerWe (usually) prefix global options with —os- (and ran into some trouble with —profile because we didn't do that recently)19:28
*** fitoduarte has quit IRC19:28
knikolladtroyer: so —os-sp?19:28
dtroyerbut we also rarely use abbreviations or sing letter options19:28
dtroyer*single letter19:29
dtroyer—os-service-provider is long though…other options?19:29
*** xeitu has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
knikolladtroyer: well i initially had it as —service-provider, but after typing it on each single command i had to abbreviate it19:29
dtroyerbut we have other long options too19:29
knikolladtroyer: i really feel like it should be as short as possible without breaking things19:30
*** efoley has joined #openstack-meeting19:30
knikolladtroyer: also what other things need to accompany the change? (release notes/docs?)19:30
dtroyeris that something that will be typed often?  or set in clouds.yaml and left alone?19:30
*** eil397 has quit IRC19:31
dtroyeror in the environment?19:31
knikolladtroyer: i imagine it will be typed often19:31
knikolladtroyer: as there could be multiple service providers19:31
*** harlowja has quit IRC19:31
knikolladtroyer: i’m not sure if it could be inserted in clouds.yaml. i imagine it might.19:31
dtroyerif I'm a could user, mucking about in my VMs, do I change service providers much?19:32
dtroyer*cloud user19:32
clarkbdtroyer: knikolla when I use my 9 regions I use --os-cloud and --os-region name19:32
dtroyerI have no idea the use cases here19:32
clarkbnot sure what service-provider is exposing19:32
knikollaclarkb: service provider exposes other openstack deployments federated with keystone 2 keystone19:33
clarkbseems like that would typically be in clouds.yaml19:33
dtroyerthat's what I am thinking too19:33
*** HeOS has quit IRC19:33
clarkbvia the auth info19:33
*** vgridnev has quit IRC19:33
dtroyerknikolla: the other bits we would want to see in that review are an update to the openstack man page (global option docs) and a release note19:34
dtroyerand somewhere a description of how it is used, or how to know if you need to use it?19:35
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:35
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
knikolladtroyer: i’ ll work on that part of the documentation.19:36
knikolladtroyer: but it’s something that most clouds will not make use of.19:36
dtroyerok.  somehow we should convey that so new users don't think it is something they always need to know19:36
*** HeOS has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
knikolladtroyer: agreed.19:37
dtroyerany other reviews?19:37
tangchen__I don't have any review now.19:38
rtheis_nothing else from me19:38
*** busterswt has quit IRC19:38
dtroyer#topic bugs19:39
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: openstackclient)"19:39
dtroyerAre there bugs that need the team's attention?19:39
tangchen__nothing now for me.19:40
clarkbI had one thing I wanted to ask if it would be considered a bug. list image images in a script pages. So my script doesn't get a full list of images and can't properly operate on all of them without using a ridiculously large --limit arg19:40
clarkbis this by design or should the paging only happen when stdout is attached to something useful?19:40
rtheis_tangchen__: I commented in a couple bugs you own asking if they could be closed19:40
rtheis_no rush on reply but would be nice to close what we can19:41
dtroyerclarkb: hmmm… I don't recall seeing that, it is a recent change?19:41
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
tangchen__rtheis_: OK, I didn't notice that. Will reply soon.19:41
clarkbdtroyer: I don't think so, but I can dig up more details and file a bug if that is helpful19:41
dtroyerI don't think it should page without some sort of arguemnt to cause it19:42
clarkbdtroyer: cool I will go ahead and file a bug19:42
dtroyeris that for v1 or v2 Image?19:42
clarkbI believe v219:42
dtroyerthat may be part of it (for me anyway)19:42
*** efoley has quit IRC19:43
*** trozet_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
*** jmckind_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
dtroyerclarkb: I do think that forcing off paging when stdout is not a tty would be good to do in general19:43
clarkbdtroyer: great will include that in the bug19:43
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting19:44
dtroyerany other bugs?19:45
*** tosky has quit IRC19:45
*** trozet has quit IRC19:45
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
rtheis_nothing else19:45
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:45
*** tosky has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
dtroyer#topic open discussion19:46
*** irenab has quit IRC19:46
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: openstackclient)"19:46
*** jmckind has quit IRC19:46
*** _amrith_ is now known as amrith19:46
dtroyerWhat's on your minds today?19:46
*** fnaval_ is now known as fnaval19:46
tangchen__dtroyer, rtheis_: BTW, I never took part in the OSC release job. Would you please tell me what could I do to help ?19:47 the docs and help get translated?19:47
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
*** bill_az has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
rtheis_I noticed the network commands aren't using from openstackclient.i18n import _19:47
rtheis_should they be?19:48
*** busterswt has quit IRC19:48
dtroyertangchen__: the release process itself is pretty simple, one review to the releases repo asking for the tag, and a followup to the requirements repo to bump the cap19:48
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting19:48
dtroyermost of what I do is sanity-checking things like the release notes and docs19:48
*** sdake has quit IRC19:49
dtroyerrtheis_: I don't think any of our text files are translated, and only the _() marked strings.19:49
dtroyerI'd guess that the percentage of help strings that are wrapped for translation is embarassingly small19:49
*** aeng has joined #openstack-meeting19:50
*** jprovazn has quit IRC19:50
dtroyerso that is something we should add to the list of things to think about and do soon19:50
*** matrohon has quit IRC19:50
rtheis_dtroyer: open a bug or bp to track?19:50
tangchen__rtheis_, dtroyer: Sorry, I didn't know that. So should all help strings be marked with a _(), right ?19:50
*** xeitu has quit IRC19:50
*** haleyb_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
*** macsz has joined #openstack-meeting19:51
tangchen__rtheis_: Yes, that is what I am thinking.19:51
dtroyerrtheis_: just one if it's a bug…19:51
dtroyertangchen__: I think we've decided that only the help strings should get translated19:52
tangchen__dtroyer: OK.19:52
rtheis_dtroyer: okay, I'll open one bug19:52
tangchen__rtheis_: Please get me subscribed.19:53
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
*** Sudhirverma has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
*** thingee has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
dtroyerI'll have the etherpad for the summit session up soon, be thinking about what we should be dealing with in person in Austin19:54
dtroyerI will talk a little on the UX study we completed recently19:54
*** busterswt has quit IRC19:54
dtroyer(hint: help is a mess)19:54
*** haleyb_ has quit IRC19:55
dtroyerwe have one fishbowl session, one meetup-style session immediately following the fishbowl, and Friday afternoon workgroup19:56
*** irenab has quit IRC19:56
tangchen__One thing I'd like to ask, maybe it is a long work. All other commands except network are using other client now, not sdk. Will we plan to migrate them all to sdk, and abandon other clients ?19:57
*** Sudhirverma has quit IRC19:57
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
dtroyertangchen__: that is the long-term plan19:57
rtheis_unfortunately, I will only be in Austin on Monday and Tuesday19:57
dtroyerwe used the SDK for network because those are all new commands, the others we're waiting for SDK 1.0 to release19:57
tangchen__dtroyer: yes19:57
dtroyerrtheis_: :(19:57
tangchen__dtroyer: OK.19:58
stevemarmy meeting conflict took much longer than expected19:58
stevemari'll read the scroll back :(19:58
dtroyersomeone want to read stevemar his list of actions?19:58
dtroyerno wonder he'll accept any meeting time, he's booked all week anyway!19:59
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
dtroyer(the joys of being a core PTL)19:59
dtroyerok, we're at time… thanks everyone!  Same time next week, then summit!20:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: docteam)"20:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
dtroyertangchen__: thanks for getting up to join us20:00
*** tangchen__ has quit IRC20:00
dtroyeror not going to bed yet, whichever?20:01
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mriedem#startmeeting nova21:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Apr 14 21:00:51 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mriedem. Information about MeetBot at
*** lblanchard has quit IRC21:00
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
*** auggy has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'21:00
*** diana_clarke has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** Qijing has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
*** rdopiera has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
mriedem#link agenda
mriedem#topic bugs21:01
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: nova)"21:01
*** weshay has quit IRC21:01
mriedemgate status looks ok21:02
mriedemi don't really have any status on third party ci, not sure if the mellanox ci is fixed yet21:02
mriedemlennyb: ^ any idea?21:02
mriedemit was hitting merge conflicts21:02
dansmithI don't see it commenting even lately21:02
mriedemi pinged tjones this morning about vmware ci not running on some changes after multiple rechecks21:02
dansmith2 days since the last report from mellanox that I see21:03
*** aysyd has quit IRC21:03
*** efoley has quit IRC21:03
mriedemi haven't checked that ci watch page in awhile21:03
*** xinli has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
*** piet_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
*** ninag has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
mriedemon a related note for CI21:04
mriedem#info There is a proposal to make the ceph plugin job voting and gating (again, kind of):
patchbotmriedem: patch 306009 - openstack-infra/project-config - Make the ceph devstack-plugin-based job gating on ...21:04
dansmithI love that proposal21:04
cburgesslate but here21:04
mriedemi guess i never heard what kind of fallout there is from not having the mirroring done?21:05
mriedemdansmith: do you know?21:05
dansmithmriedem: just us controlling our own destiny if the ceph site goes down21:05
dansmithwhich is a good plan for sure21:05
sdagueit's not just if the site goes down21:05
*** lamt has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
sdagueconnectivity from our providers across the wider internet goes squishy quite often21:06
dansmithwell, heh21:06
*** abhiraut has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
dansmith" if the ceph site appears down"21:06
mriedembut that hasn't been a problem since red hat has been monitoring has it?21:06
mriedemwhich has been ~1 month now?21:06
dansmithnope, more than a month21:06
dansmithbut it could happen any time21:06
dansmithso a month is probably not really a useful metric21:06
dansmithwe know the internet is not perfect21:07
mriedemit's not?21:07
dansmithyeah, sorry to burst your bubble21:07
*** xenogear has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
*** navidp has quit IRC21:07
sdagueanyway, it's probably worth the risk21:07
*** busterswt has quit IRC21:07
*** maishsk has quit IRC21:07
sdaguewe can always make it NV if there are big issues21:07
sdague+2ed it right now21:08
mriedemis pabelanger going to work on the AFS mirror stuff?21:08
*** claudiub|2 has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
dansmithmriedem: yeah, he is in the next few days it seems21:08
mriedemok, cool21:08
dansmithI'm pro going forward without the mirror so the pressure is on though21:08
dansmithbecause I htink it's a safe bet21:08
sdague seems to be rebased21:08
patchbotsdague: patch 293155 - openstack-infra/system-config - Apt mirror for ceph hammer release21:08
mriedemjust like the panthers in the super bowl21:08
mriedemwhat could go wrong21:08
mriedemrelated to the ceph job21:09
mriedem#help Need someone to convert gate-tempest-dsvm-full-ceph-src-glance_store to using the devstack plugin so we can make that job voting for glance_store and os-brick.21:09
mriedem^ for newcomers21:09
mriedemshould be some trivial copy/paste/tweak in project-config21:09
dansmithI think melwitt said she was bored earlier today21:09
mriedemorly, i still have those charts to work on...21:09
*** takashin has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
mriedemauggy: anything on bugs?21:09
auggymriedem: i don't have much to report, i think people have been doing a great job helping out with the skimming and triage21:10
bauzasnothing really huge I saw recently21:10
mriedem#link untriaged nova bugs
*** irenab has quit IRC21:11
mriedemyeah, it's pretty simple, i just triaged this
openstackLaunchpad bug 1570241 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "ERROR (ClientException): Unexpected API Error during type the command: nova virtual-interface-list" [Undecided,Invalid]21:11
mriedemby triage i mean marked it invalid21:11
mriedem#topic reminders21:11
*** openstack changes topic to "reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"21:11
mriedem#info Launchpad bug spring cleaning day Monday 4/18:
tonybmriedem: we coud probably write a script to do that kind of "triage"21:11
mriedemtonyb: meh21:12
auggyone thing i do try to keep in mind, if an error message could be more helpful, that could be the focus of the bug21:12
bauzassssssht, don't awake the beast21:12
bauzastonyb:  ^21:12
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting21:12
auggyor if we see several where people were following documentation instructions, that could be a doc bug21:12
mriedemtonyb: or one of the 377 people in the nova channel could look at a new bug reported once per day21:12
auggythe same documentation instructions rather, resulting in a config error21:12
tonybmriedem: true dat I shoudl do that thing21:13
mriedemauggy: yeah, that reminds me of the neutron connection error bug where the person didn't have credentials setup properly for nova talking to neutron21:13
mriedemauggy: and we talked about wrapping that so it's not a 500 in the nova api21:13
auggymriedem: yeah, the bug had already been closed as invalid so i wasn't sure if i should reopen it with that new info or file a new bug21:13
bauzassometimes it's documented21:13
bauzasit's just that people don't really look at those21:14
mriedemauggy: we should probably have a bug for that regardless, i hit a similar thing last week with listing instances and neutron server was down21:14
*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
mriedemwe get a 50021:14
auggymriedem: kk i'll go ahead and file it and reference that invalid bug21:14
auggyi still have notes from the conversation we had about steps towards fixing it21:14
mriedemok, thanks21:14
* mriedem golf claps for auggy21:14
auggyi believe you had volunteered rlossit so i guess i can just assign it to him?? ;P21:15
mriedemeh, maybe21:15
mriedem#link Newton review focus list:
* auggy kids21:15
mriedem^ mostly a reminder to keep that fresh21:15
mriedemas things tend to build up that are already merged21:15
*** busterswt has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
mriedem#link Draft Newton release schedule is up:
mriedem#link Open re-proposed specs:
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
mriedemof those 4, 3 are going to be discussed at the summit21:17
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
mriedemwould be good if we were happier with the glance v2 spec before the summit21:17
mriedemi need to go through the recent updates21:17
mriedemthe volume multiattach spec is probably not ready yet given the nova/cinder meeting we had yesterday21:17
mriedemstarting to see some progress on the design there at least21:17
mriedemWe already have 44 approved blueprints: - 4 are completed, 6 have not started21:18
*** irenab has quit IRC21:18
mriedemthe ones that dont have code up yet,21:19
mriedemi'm starting to worry about21:19
mriedembecause they didn't have code up last week either21:19
*** neelashah has joined #openstack-meeting21:19
mriedem#help Volunteers for 1 week of bug skimming duty?21:19
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
*** irenab has quit IRC21:20
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC21:20
mriedemlooks like we actually have one person for this week21:20
*** femnad is now known as cihand_forget_hi21:20
mriedem#topic stable branch status21:20
*** openstack changes topic to "stable branch status (Meeting topic: nova)"21:21
mriedem#link Stable branch status:
mriedemso far so good for nova21:21
mriedemwe released liberty 12.0.3 today21:21
mriedem#topic stuck reviews21:21
*** openstack changes topic to "stuck reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"21:21
mriedemthere was nothing in the agenda, does anyone have anything they want to bring up here?21:22
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
mriedem#topic instance users21:22
*** openstack changes topic to "instance users (Meeting topic: nova)"21:22
mriedemThe Cross Project workshops: Instance Users session needs Nova representation. Nova plays a part in the problem and needs to be part of the solution. Can some representatives from Nova please attend so that we can find a supportable solution that everyone will be happy with? Thanks - kfox111121:22
*** trozet_ is now known as trozet21:23
mriedemis anyone planning to be in that session? i'm going to be in something else at the same time21:23
mriedemhence asking for volunteers21:23
dansmithI feel like the overwhelming feedback (and the last time we discussed this) was "do it outside of nova" so I will probably choose to attend something else during that slot21:23
mriedempart of me is thinking about volunteering johnthetubaguy since he's (1) on vacation and (2) has replied to the spec before21:23
*** yamamoto has quit IRC21:24
mriedemalright, moving on...if you plan on being there, please let me or kfox1111 know21:24
auggyi can attend and take notes but i can't really speak for nova21:24
alaskiI probably need to be in the quota one at the same time21:24
mriedemalaski: yeah, there was that too21:25
*** jungleboyj has quit IRC21:25
bauzasI would honestly prefer the quota discussion...21:25
tonybI'll be there but as with auggy can't really speak for nova21:25
*** thingee has joined #openstack-meeting21:25
mriedemauggy: tonyb: ok21:25
*** eharney has quit IRC21:25
*** irenab has quit IRC21:26
mriedem#topic open discussion21:26
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:26
mriedem#link Austin Design Summit sessions:
bauzasI have a point21:26
mriedem#action mriedem still needs to create some etherpads for the nova design summit sessions21:26
mriedembauzas: hold up21:26
mriedemany questions on the design summit sessions?21:26
mriedemoh, about this :)21:27
mriedemgo ahead then21:27
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting21:27
bauzasI saw that feature classif session was on Thurs (AFAIR) but I was thinking about discussing about feature classif also in the performance VMs session21:27
bauzaswhich is on Wed21:27
bauzasso, wondering if it was okay for us21:28
*** irenab has quit IRC21:28
bauzasI don't really want to swap the sessions21:28
dansmithI'd like to focus on verification stuff during the one on thursday21:28
mriedemwe wanted feature classification after the API sessions21:28
dansmithwhich I can see spending most of the time on anyway21:28
mriedembecause of it's relation to API discoverabliilty21:28
bauzasokay, let's leave that way21:28
mriedemwow, more i's and l's please21:28
mriedemyeah there were 3 other xp sessions on thursday afternoon which are strict on scheduling since they are with other projects21:29
mriedemanything else on the summit?21:29
*** adiantum has quit IRC21:30
mriedem#link Newton midcycle planning:
mtreinishmriedem: overlaps with the qa track21:30
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
tonybmtreinish: you're not the PTL anymore so you can choose ;P21:31
mriedemi can see if anything could be shuffled after the meeting21:31
mriedembut it's tight21:31
mtreinishmriedem: swap it with unconference #2 right after it and the conflict goes away :)21:32
*** maishsk has quit IRC21:32
mriedemmtreinish: i won't be in that one21:32
mriedemthe thurs 1:3021:32
mriedemanyway, can look later21:32
mriedem#action mriedem to see if anything can be moved around so QA can be at the feature classification session21:33
mriedemfor the midcycle21:33
mriedemIt's sounding like 7/19-7/21 at the Intel campus in Beaverton, OR is what we'll be doing, but it's not confirmed yet.21:33
mriedemi never heard back about vmware21:34
*** efoley has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
tonybmriedem: did they address mikal's query?21:34
sdaguePDX is good21:34
dansmiththat's cool with me.. I don't remember issues at intel21:34
*** IlyaG has quit IRC21:34
mriedemdoes anyone have any major issues with that date and location? besides the chaperoned bathroom runs?21:34
dansmithI distinctly remember peeing alone21:34
tonybmriedem: do we have feedback from horizon on how ther last mid-cycle wemt?21:34
bauzasmriedem: I commented something21:34
bauzasmriedem: about the flight prices21:35
sdagueIntel's network is pretty port locked down, but I thought it ended up fine21:35
*** lpetrut has quit IRC21:35
tonybsdague: ssh out?21:35
david-lyleIRC won't go through on the guest net, ssh works fine21:35
dansmithI vpn out of everything anyway, so I didn't notice21:35
sdagueoh, maybe that was it, IRC21:35
mriedembauzas: ah, so flights from europe are considerably cheaper in R-15 rather than R-11?21:35
*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
mtreinishdavid-lyle: does ssh have to go over port 22?21:35
bauzasI was only checking on my own21:35
* tonyb does email/irc/git over ssh anyway so cool21:35
bauzasso that could be only me21:36
david-lylemtreinish: I believe so21:36
bauzasjust raising a flaf21:36
*** spotz is now known as spotz_zzz21:36
mriedemi really have no idea how many other people from europe are planning on making the midcycle21:36
bauzasbut anyway, I don't want to stop things21:36
mriedemor asia for that matter21:36
bauzasjust expressing that point as worth it21:37
* tonyb will be there 21:37
mriedembauzas: yeah, thanks for looking it up21:37
mriedempersonally i like the R-11 date for when it falls in the schedule21:37
*** jckasper has quit IRC21:37
bauzasi agree21:37
*** mickeys_ has quit IRC21:38
bauzasR-11 showed that it's a good time for sprinting against our left prios21:38
mriedemany other stuff about the midcycle?21:38
*** jckasper has joined #openstack-meeting21:38
*** abhiraut has left #openstack-meeting21:38
david-lyleIntel is trying to make sure we have an appropriate room available, WIP21:38
auggyi'm also local PDX so if we do go with the Intel option here, I'm happy to help out with any local organization stuff21:38
david-lylebut a date helps21:39
dansmithdavid-lyle: we were already told we're good21:39
mriedemdavid-lyle: for either date, yeah21:39
*** takashin_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
david-lyledansmith, mriedem ok, I missed that21:40
sdagueI think R-11 is a better point in our schedule to do it21:40
*** takashin has quit IRC21:40
*** jckasper_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
mriedemyeah, so i'll follow up with them next week21:40
mriedem#action follow up with Intel on the midcycle date21:40
mriedemlast item in the agenda is should we have the nova meeting next week?21:41
*** takashin_ has left #openstack-meeting21:41
*** efoley has quit IRC21:41
*** matrohon has quit IRC21:41
mriedemi don't expect to make any ground breaking decisions 4 days before the summit21:41
sdagueit's the early one right? I think it's fine for sorting any last minute summit item21:41
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-meeting21:41
*** thorst_ has quit IRC21:41
mriedemit is the early one for US people yeah21:41
edleafeyeah, a quick meeting would be good21:42
mriedemi don't mind holding it and it just ends fast if nothing to talk about21:42
mriedemi'll find some stuff to fill it out for dansmith21:42
*** takashin has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
mriedemanyone else have anything for open discussion?21:42
*** thorst_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:42
tonyb1 thing21:42
tonybdo we know which (if any cores) will *not* be in Austin?21:42
*** jckasper has quit IRC21:43
mriedemi know of at least 2 that one be21:43
mriedem*won't be21:43
mriedemtonyb: why?21:43
tonybmriedem: just thinking about in-person discussions21:43
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck21:43
tonybmriedem: theres stuff I'll do more prep work for if they're goign to happen21:44
mriedemwell danpb won't be there which is why i asked him to write up the os-vif status in the ML21:44
mriedemtdurakov won't be there so i asked him to write up the status on the live migration testing21:44
mriedemtonyb: anyway, if you have specific stuff, hit me up in -nova21:44
*** jckasper_ has quit IRC21:45
tonybokay thanks21:45
mriedemalright, anything else?21:45
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: docteam)"21:45
openstackMeeting ended Thu Apr 14 21:45:28 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)21:45
auggyno thank YOU21:45
openstackMinutes (text):
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC21:46
*** Qijing has left #openstack-meeting21:47
*** thorst_ has quit IRC21:47
*** doug-fis_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
*** doug-fis_ has quit IRC21:47
*** doug-fis_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
*** takashin has left #openstack-meeting21:48
*** diana_clarke has left #openstack-meeting21:48
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
*** jschwarz has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
*** claudiub has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
*** sarafraj has left #openstack-meeting21:50
*** doug-fish has quit IRC21:50
*** timcline has quit IRC21:50
*** cihand_forget_hi has quit IRC21:51
*** armax has quit IRC21:51
*** timcline has joined #openstack-meeting21:51
*** njohnston is now known as njohnston_221:52
*** jamespd has quit IRC21:52
*** njohnston has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
*** doug-fis_ has quit IRC21:52
*** aeng has quit IRC21:52
*** gyee has quit IRC21:52
*** jcook has quit IRC21:52
*** xiaohhui has quit IRC21:52
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
*** jlvillal has quit IRC21:53
*** claudiub|2 has quit IRC21:53
*** bhakta has quit IRC21:53
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*** jamespd has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
*** pfallenop has joined #openstack-meeting21:54
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*** s3wong has quit IRC21:54
*** dneary has quit IRC21:54
*** vgridnev has quit IRC21:55
*** boden has joined #openstack-meeting21:55
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting21:56
*** iyamahat_ has quit IRC21:56
*** auggy has left #openstack-meeting21:56
*** mriedem has left #openstack-meeting21:56
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*** dneary has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
*** ski3 has quit IRC21:57
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*** sigmavirus24 is now known as sigmavirus24_awa21:57
*** xinli has quit IRC21:57
*** jlvillal has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** rderose_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** jdob has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** markstur_ has quit IRC21:58
*** jcook has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** aeng has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
*** xenogear has quit IRC21:59
*** xinli has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
armax#startmeeting neutron_drivers22:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Apr 14 22:00:06 2016 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is armax. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.22:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: neutron_drivers)"22:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'neutron_drivers'22:00
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
*** bill_az has quit IRC22:00
*** mickeys has quit IRC22:00
*** amuller has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
*** bhakta has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
*** fnaval_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
armaxamuller, dougw2 ping22:01
*** roxanaghe_ has quit IRC22:01
*** fnaval has quit IRC22:01
*** doug-fish has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
amullerarmax: pong22:01
armaxbefore we dive in into the meat of the meeting22:01
armaxcarl_baldwin: ping?22:02
*** MaxPC has quit IRC22:02
carl_baldwinarmax: pong!22:02
* carl_baldwin here22:02
armaxI would like to ask members of the team to go over one more time and seal its fate22:02
patchbotarmax: patch 286413 - neutron-specs - Provide a release postmortem22:02
*** dougwig has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
*** mickeys has quit IRC22:03
*** roxanaghe_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting22:03
carl_baldwinaye aye22:03
*** claired has quit IRC22:03
*** dneary has quit IRC22:04
*** allen_gao has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
ihrachysarmax: hasn't timestamp thing landed in M?22:04
ihrachysit's incomplete as per the doc though22:04
armaxihrachys: it should have, if it’s marked incomplete, it’s an oversight, that’s why I need people’s help to get it to closure22:04
armaxwe’re well in Newton22:05
*** jschwarz is now known as jschwarz_brb22:05
ihrachysyeah, service plugin in stable/mitaka22:05
armaxihrachys: you’re talking about line 278, correct?22:06
*** jreeves has joined #openstack-meeting22:06
armaxihrachys: this must be a brainfart of mine, as the whole thing is marked complete22:06
*** dmorita has quit IRC22:06
ihrachys287, 288 etc.22:06
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting22:06
armaxihrachys: fixed22:07
*** mjturek2 has quit IRC22:07
*** busterswt has quit IRC22:08
*** jckasper has joined #openstack-meeting22:08
armaxI would like to get this doc to be sealed, if the lack of +1/+2 is an indication that no-one cares about this, then I am gonna scrap the whole thing and move on22:08
*** amitgandhinz has quit IRC22:08
armaxthis is the n-th kind reminder22:08
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
*** esker has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
amotoki_re: L.296 of address scope,  the status is complete, but the docs status is incomplete.22:09
*** jschwarz_brb is now known as jschwarz22:09
carl_baldwinamotoki_: The reference below that shows the docs in review.22:09
armaxamotoki_: the patch might have not merged at the time I looked at this22:09
carl_baldwinamotoki_: I'm working on some updates but have been swamped.22:09
*** jogo has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
armaxI assume a doc complete when there’s a substantial patch in for review22:10
*** ski3 has joined #openstack-meeting22:11
armaxamotoki_: though as carl_baldwin pointed out, the patch is not quite there yet22:11
amotoki_i found the docs review
amotoki_docs patch of address scope. thanks22:12
carl_baldwinarmax: I thought that the use_default_subnetpool extension was in here.  But, I'm not seeing it.22:12
armaxcarl_baldwin: it might have not have been tracked as rfe22:12
*** jckasper has quit IRC22:12
armaxcarl_baldwin: but simple bug fix22:12
carl_baldwinarmax: ok22:12
carl_baldwinI'm okay with that.22:13
ihrachysarmax: side note while others read the doc thru: I should probably add that postmortem thing to my pre-release check list? and do you have the script somewhere to generate the stub?22:13
*** baoli has quit IRC22:13
HenryGHow about we just +A the postmortem now and any remaining tweaks can be done as follow-ups?22:13
*** esker has quit IRC22:13
*** stephen-ma_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:13
armaxihrachys: I thought I have commented on your checklist22:14
armaxihrachys: and yes, let me polish the script up and I’ll commit it to the specs repo22:14
*** jogo has quit IRC22:14
armaxdougw2, HenryG I am easy either so long we can have this published on specs.openstack.org22:14
HenryGdougwig: HIT THE +A NOW!!!22:14
armaxright now it’s the time when people do check out the website22:14
ihrachysarmax: oh I realize I actually have it in there. just not the script.22:15
*** dneary has joined #openstack-meeting22:15
armaxthe more time passes, the more residual the value of this doc becomes22:15
*** yuval has joined #openstack-meeting22:15
kevinbentondougwig: +A +A +A22:15
armaxihrachys: yup, let me clean it up before pushing it22:16
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz22:16
carl_baldwinHenryG: dougwig:  Do you need to be sent to the office?  All this yelling.22:16
dougwigcarl_baldwin: it's passion.22:17
armaxcarl_baldwin: perhaps they hit caps-lock accidentally?22:17
carl_baldwinihrachys: rofl22:17
dougwighonestly, the content looks good enough to me to not wait.  i agree with HenryG22:17
armax#action armax to kick out all members of the drivers team if the postmortem doesn’t merge by the end of the week22:18
*** Leo_ has quit IRC22:18
armaxok, let’s move on22:18
ihrachyspathetic. please press the button already.22:18
armaxand thanks for putting up with me22:18
amullerarmax: that's an empty threat as we can just approve it =p22:18
armaxamuller: so long as I get my way, I’m fine with that22:18
*** mjturek1 has joined #openstack-meeting22:18
armaxjokes aside22:19
HenryGDid you hear about the job opening for assistant to the one-armed typist? It's shift work.22:19
armaxlet’s dive in the list of triaged bugs of the week22:19
armaxbut before we do22:19
armaxI wonder if you guys want to have the meeting the next three weeks22:19
armaxthe one prior, during and after the summit22:20
armaxthat doesn’t mean we should not look at RFE and specs mind yo22:20
*** dfflanders has joined #openstack-meeting22:20
dougwigprior and during should be canceled, IMO, unless we want to use the time to go over sessions.22:21
carl_baldwinWell, not during.  We have sessions. I'm okay missing the one before as I'll be preparing last minute things and resting up.22:21
*** lblanchard has joined #openstack-meeting22:21
carl_baldwinI'm not sure about the one after.22:21
armaxcarl_baldwin: perhaps the one after is the only week where I can put my feet up22:21
amullerI'm on PTO the week before, during doesn't seem realistic, I'm here the week after22:21
ihrachysI am on PTO two weeks after the summit. but who cares.22:22
armaxor at least stop pretending to look like I am busy22:22
armaxboden: btw I swapped your session22:22
bodenarmax: yea I saw that... thank you!22:23
armaxboden: you’d better show up and sit in the first row22:23
*** banix has quit IRC22:23
armaxboden: you’ve been warned :)22:23
bodenI'll sit front stage need be22:23
armaxok, I’d say let’s cancel the next three meetings22:23
armaxas for the team meetings, it’s probably safe to keep the next one and skip the other two22:24
*** neelashah has quit IRC22:24
armaxok, let’s use the remaining time to chew on the list22:24
*** JRobinson__ has quit IRC22:25
armaxbug 146836622:25
openstackbug 1468366 in neutron "[RFE] (Operator-only) Logging API for security group rules" [Wishlist,Triaged]
armaxthis actually is not new22:25
armaxwe blessed in the past but we struggled to get the spec in a good shape22:25
armaxand the effort died out22:25
*** ninag has quit IRC22:25
armaxI know that some monasca folks showed some interest22:25
*** markstur_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:26
armaxif no-one is willing to help these guys put a solid proposal in place, this is most likely gonna start in newton too22:26
armaxif you have friends and families or general walks of life who are interested in this one22:26
armaxthat’s the time to speak up22:26
HenryG(more crickets)22:27
dougwigthis spec looks useful, but also like a giant landmine.22:27
*** maishsk has quit IRC22:27
armaxI suppose we’ll keep it on the backburner22:27
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting22:28
kevinbentonyeah, this is something i wouldn't mine seeing done, but I don't have the bandwidth to put any dev effort into it22:28
armaxI should probably add a link on the drivers page22:28
armaxcalled ‘RFE graveyard’22:28
amullerAnd that is officially the first time I've ever seen Kevin say no22:28
amullerThis is truly a historical day22:28
salv-orl_I don't think he said no22:28
dougwigthere's probably a russian mafia guy with a bat standing behind him.22:28
amullersalv-orl_: Don't ruin this for me I'm in tears22:28
ihrachysamuller: it's not about what he says, it's about what he ends up doin'22:28
armaxsalv-orl_: if you have minions who what to help here22:29
bodenI'll help with it if you guys help get the troubleshooting spec through /wink22:29
armaxsalv-orl_: that’s your chance22:29
salv-orl_we just need to give him more bandwidth... kevinbenton: ever heard of LSD?22:29
kevinbentonsalv-orl_: i don't think that's the one that gives you bandwidth22:29
armaxboden: being part of the community is providing unconditional and uninterested love :)22:29
* carl_baldwin thinks kevinbenton must be moonlighting somewhere else sucking his bandwidth away.22:29
bodensounds like you just signed me up!22:29
kevinbentoncloudstack is making a comeback!22:29
salv-orl_kevinbenton: I see you are already an expert. I have nothing to add then22:30
* dougwig whispers, "blink three times if you need rescuing"22:30
kevinbentonsalv-orl_: you trapped me! :)22:30
armaxok, let’s see if we can resurrect this one, if not, tough love22:30
armaxon the triaged bug list22:30
*** apoorvad_ has quit IRC22:30
armaxthere’s a string of BGP related RFE22:30
dougwigholy bgp.22:31
armaxas I expressed on the bug reports22:31
armaxI defer to tidwellr, carl_baldwin and whoever else is the L3 dude in charge22:31
armaxso I leave the vetting to them during the L3 meeting or whathaveyou22:32
carl_baldwinI'll go through these with Ryan.22:32
armaxcarl_baldwin: if you make the transition, please remember to record blueprints etc, if you need help reach out to me22:32
kevinbentoni fear with this BGP stuff that we are going to end up with an incoherrent set of things built on top of BGP that are incompatible if we don't have some kind of standard layer they all talk to22:32
armaxbear in mind that the team should be busy to stand up the bgp repo first22:32
kevinbentonwill they all build on top of the BGP stuff that merged at least?22:32
carl_baldwinkevinbenton: I think that is the idea.22:33
carl_baldwinarmax: ack22:33
armaxand taht reminds me that I have to look at
patchbotarmax: patch 268726 - openstack-infra/project-config - Adding neutron-dynamic-routing as neutron's stadiu...22:33
*** jckasper has joined #openstack-meeting22:33
dougwigdo we have a bgp czar to keep things on a uniform footing?22:33
dougwignvm, i read slowly.22:33
*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting22:33
armaxonce we take BGP-related RFE's22:34
armaxthe list shrinks dramatically22:35
*** irenab has quit IRC22:35
armaxand we hve the following:22:35
armaxbug 155268022:35
openstackbug 1552680 in neutron "[RFE] Add support for DLM" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to John Schwarz (jschwarz)22:35
armaxno-one had any spare cycles to come back to the report22:35
armaxwe need to figure out a way forward for this one22:35
jschwarzI just posted on that RFE - I think the idea dougwig? had of using DLMs mainly on new features as a starting point is a good idea22:35
armaxamuller, kevinbenton can you please work together?22:35
armaxwith jschwarz to figure a path forward?22:36
jschwarzthis will allow us to ease into DLMs and make sure this is a good idea22:36
armaxjschwarz: that was MY idea!22:36
*** irenab has joined #openstack-meeting22:36
armaxor dougwig stole it from me22:36
amullerkevinbenton: jschwarz: I think the intent is for John to organize a Friday session about this22:36
jschwarzarmax, apologies, dear master!22:36
amullerAs long as we get the participants that are invested in this I'm sure we can reach a concensus22:36
amullerkevinbenton: How does that sound?22:36
armaxjschwarz: that’s fine, it’s possible I am mistaken!22:36
dougwigapparently i can steal things i don't even remember.  sweet.  :)22:37
armaxdougwig: love you man, don’t worry22:37
kevinbentonit sounds scary to me22:37
dougwigi think my suggestion was to make it optional, which I just commented on the RFE.22:37
armaxkevinbenton: what does?22:37
kevinbentonwe should chat about it at the summit22:37
dougwigarmax: tough love?  like, stick with nails in it?22:37
kevinbentoncome up with a nice use case of something that it drastically simplifies22:37
*** JRobinson__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:38
armaxdougwig: I leave the interpretation open22:38
* salv-orl_ kevinbenton is from the lock free school22:38
dougwigkevinbenton: shall we talk about using DLM via a docker container to allocate and wire ports for nova?22:38
dougwigwith flavors and chaining?22:38
armaxok, now that I mastered the art of delegation, let’s move on22:38
armaxbug 155486922:38
openstackbug 1554869 in neutron "[RFE] Make API errors conform to API working group schema" [Wishlist,Triaged]
amullersalv-orl_: Will you be at the summit on Friday?22:38
armaxthis one is sensible22:38
salv-orl_amuller: yes because all the friday flights were full when I booked22:38
armaxthough I am not sure it’s considered one of the worst pain points of our API22:38
kevinbentonexcept we have no way to do it without microversioning, right?22:38
amullersalv-orl_: Good! :)22:39
amullersalv-orl_: I'm counting on you for the DLM discussion22:39
armaxkevinbenton: there’s a way22:39
carl_baldwinarmax: The ML discussion kind of blew this up to a big task.22:39
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-meeting22:39
armaxcarl_baldwin: care to provide a link?22:39
armaxcarl_baldwin: I might have missed that one22:39
armaxcarl_baldwin: but yeah, this is no small feat of engineering, despite how simple the objective is22:40
kevinbentonarmax: how do we remove our current errors without a backward incompatible change?22:40
dougwigwell, the ML went full-dogmatic. though i still don't like this one except for new apis.22:40
armaxkevinbenton: the client opts in to get new errors by specifying a HEADER22:40
amotoki_the link is and related stuffs22:40
armaxkevinbenton: which is effectively what a micro-versioned api22:40
armaxkevinbenton: where the version is passed as a header22:41
kevinbentonarmax: i thought that was deemed entirely evil by the API people?22:41
*** mickeys has quit IRC22:41
carl_baldwinamotoki_: thanks.22:41
salv-orl_kevinbenton: proliferation of headers is abhorred22:41
armaxkevinbenton: I hear you22:41
salv-orl_but maybe you can be forgiven for a single header22:41
ihrachysI think it's not a critical thing to rush, and we should instead suggest people to act on microversioning. I also believe it's actually against some API-WG guidelines. so it's trading one thing for another. that said, when we suggest people to act, we need someone to own it from the core team, otherwise it does not happen. :-|22:41
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting22:41
armaxihrachys: yes, that’s what I am trying to get at22:42
armaxI think we as a team should figure out once and for all what we want to do with the api we got22:42
armaxwe have deferred way to many things up until now22:42
armaxfiltering, sorting, pagination, now better error handling22:42
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:42
*** fnaval_ is now known as fnaval22:43
salv-orl_ihrachys: I'd love to hear what the community think now of microversioning, in particular when it comes to extensions. But this discussion can happen on the mailing list.22:43
armaxif we decide to stick with this api for ever, then this bug bug makes sense, if we do want to switch22:43
dougwigarmax: sounds like you're lobbying for api v3, when we could break all the things and not screw people over.22:43
amullersalv-orl_: I agree. Nova had it in for a couple of cycles now (?), I'd like to see how operators like it22:43
*** mickeys has quit IRC22:43
kevinbentonwe can have our traditional microversioning discussion at the summit in which we conclude that vendors like extensions and that's not really compatible with microversioning22:43
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting22:44
salv-orl_well then start fresh with a v3 - and define a strategy to get off v2 eventually22:44
kevinbentoni think that's best at this point22:44
kevinbentonalso lets us address lots of warts that we couldn't do anything about because of backward compat22:44
salv-orl_but if the strategy is to keep evolving v2 until you see v3 fit, then just don't bother doing v322:44
armaxeither way we look at it, this bug is predicated on the fact that the v2 is not going away as it is22:45
salv-orl_because you will focus 90% of your energy onto evolving v2 and v3 would be a thing that is forever under development22:45
kevinbentonmeh, we should discuss more at the summit22:45
dougwigeveryone likes extensions, and they really aren't.  we have never cracked that nut, nor will we while we refuse to let any meta-data go from top to bottom in the name of "interchangeable apis" (that aren't), or we bring our fist down.22:45
*** jschwarz has quit IRC22:46
amotoki_we might be able to do API microversioning in API side, but we need to define plugin API for passing what APi version is called...22:46
dougwigthey really aren't compatible with microversioning, i mean.  typing too slow.22:46
armaxdougwig: perhaps there’s a middle ground22:46
armaxwhere we can have microversioned extensions? :)22:46
kevinbentonor microextended versions22:46
salv-orl_in a container22:46
dougwigthat'd work, if folks could live with it.  if we could even decide that we wanted extensions, which always raises a big fuss.22:46
salv-orl_with uri chaining and microservices22:47
kevinbentonwhich runs a unikernel22:47
kevinbentonSo has Nova completely abandoned extensions now?22:47
*** sheel has joined #openstack-meeting22:47
armaxkevinbenton: yes22:47
dougwigkevinbenton: yes.22:47
dougwigviolently opposed.22:47
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC22:47
armaxso if I were to sum this discussion, it’s fair to say that we wouldn’t want to solve this bug on top of the existing bug framework22:47
armaxam I right?22:47
armaxdougwig: hang on22:48
kevinbentonwell it depends on what our timeline is for microversioning22:48
armaxdougwig: what they are saying is that any new behavior must be added in tree in nova and by means of microversions22:48
kevinbentoni think we should discuss it in teh API session before deciding22:48
dougwigthat's the same as saying extensions are the devil, but breaking backwards compat is just slightly more so.22:48
*** MaxPC has joined #openstack-meeting22:49
armaxdougwig: have a read through this one
*** xiaohhui has joined #openstack-meeting22:49
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC22:49
armax#link v22:49
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armaxso before we go to the next one22:50
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting22:50
armaxis it fair to say that we wouldn’t want to solve this bug on top of the existing bug framework?22:50
dougwigreading.  i often wonder if the goal of "interoperable" clouds is worth the hand tying we do to ourselves and operators.22:50
* armax hangs by a thread22:50
*** ijw has quit IRC22:50
dougwigarmax: i'd be fine enforcing it on new apis, but in general, i concur.22:51
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting22:51
armaxdougwig: ok, anyone else?22:51
armaxamotoki_: ?22:51
amotoki_armax: fair enough22:51
kevinbentondougwig: yes, i think so. a big mess of incompatible openstack clouds really devalues openstack from a user's perspective22:51
kevinbentondougwig: it's just vendor lockin to another provider22:51
armaxbug  156580122:52
openstackbug 1565801 in neutron "[RFE] Add process monitor for haproxy" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to Nir Magnezi (nmagnezi)22:52
armaxI see that dougwig replied22:52
*** lblanchard has quit IRC22:52
dougwigkevinbenton: i'm already dealing with AWS vs DO vs OS, as a user.  and as an operator, i want my product to be what i want it to be, dangit.  if i choose interoperability as a selling point, fine.  if not, get off my lawn.22:52
nmagneziarmax, dougwig, a question if I may22:52
armaxare you saying that you’re provisionally saying no, unless the code looks nice and clean and merging is a breeze?22:52
dougwigarmax: yes, i commented during BGP-alooza.22:52
ihrachysdougwig: how is it a new feature though?22:52
armaxnmagnezi seems to be lurking in this room22:53
nmagneziso just to confirm (since it's the first drivers meeting for me), If I submit a patch for it one, will it get a chance to get a review depending on the size of that change?22:53
kevinbentonsounds like a bug fix22:53
nmagneziarmax, indeed :)22:53
armaxdougwig: if he hasn’t started coding already what would your suggestion be?22:53
armaxkevinbenton: agreed22:53
*** maishsk has quit IRC22:53
dougwigif nmagnezi is willing to support haproxy namespace driver bugfixes (all of them), then i welcome his reviews and *cough* bugfixes.22:53
*** njohnston has quit IRC22:54
* amuller wonders if nmagnezi gets brownie points for it being 2AM on a weekend22:54
kevinbentondougwig: if you want to write a proprietary cloud, fine. but it's just not that interesting to me (and i suspect some other users)22:54
armaxnmagnezi: your order has suddenly began a tall one22:54
*** njohnston has joined #openstack-meeting22:54
*** haleyb_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:54
ihrachysthere are lots of deficiencies in the reference backend (octavia), I don't see how we can meaningfully stop haproxy maintenance22:54
nmagnezidougwig didn't you tell me you guys keep haproxy around anyways? :)22:54
*** rbak__ has quit IRC22:55
amullerdougwig: I don't know if signing up nmagnezi to fix *all* haproxy impl. bugs is reasonable? I think he'd be happy to fix bugs in new functionality he adds22:55
dougwigto be fair, there are absurd deficiencies in both. that is not an argument to continue maintaining both.22:55
dougwigbut this does seem small enough to be worth putting in.22:55
nmagneziamuller, indeed.22:55
ihrachysindeed, it doesn't even seem like a feature to me. just common sense fix to make the service recover as most other services do.22:56
armaxok, because the scope of this is small, let’s treat this a best effort bug fix22:56
dougwigthat'd be fine.  at some point haproxy is gonna rot, and without a champion, get the boot.  anyone with a dog in that race is encouraged to keep that from happening, i'd think.22:56
amullerdougwig: Looking at the latest user surveys, most folks are still on I/J/K/L where Octavia is not even a possibility, so fixing some stuff and backporting it seems reasonable to me22:56
armaxwe’re not past the point where we stopped caring on one solution over another22:56
dougwigihrachys: that bugfix road is long.  how about when you overload that agent?  it doesn't track that.  how about when you need to move agents?  nope.  the list of brokenness there is LONG.22:57
nmagnezithe main reason i submitted this it is because it is complementary to bug 156551122:57
openstackbug 1565511 in neutron "Loadbalancers should be rescheduled when a LBaaS agent goes offline" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Nir Magnezi (nmagnezi)22:57
armaxand the incremental change has enough value to be considered useful22:57
armaxthat one I demoted to regular bug fix22:57
armaxI think the wider question to be asked is: how much review bandwidth there is for this driver?22:58
kevinbentonwhich is actually a promotion from a process perspective :)22:58
armaxif there is, then any contribution should be welcome22:58
dougwigthis class of broken is part of why we wanted to abandon it.  but if it has someone interested and working on it, so be it.  it may well end up in a separate repo if its a different set of people.22:58
armaxif there isn’t, then there’s no point22:58
*** njohnston has quit IRC22:58
dougwigarmax: it'll get bandwidth on smaller patches.  a large patch would whither, i expect.22:58
armaxdougwig: ok, it sounds fair to me22:59
kevinbentonMEETING TIME IS OUT!22:59
amotoki_dougwig: do we accept lbaas-agent related patch which requires API changes?22:59
armaxdougwig: there’s no plan to deprecate this driver in the short term22:59
*** haleyb_ has quit IRC22:59
carl_baldwindougwig: true for practically any patch22:59
nmagnezii don't expect this to be a huge patch since i presume some decant amount of code might be reused from the neutron codebase (process monitor exists for things like keepalived dnsmasq etc)23:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
dougwigarmax: you're right, since it was decided not to deprecate, i expect we have a duty to keep it up.23:00
*** bobh has quit IRC23:00
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armaxdougwig: ok, so for netwon the marching order is to continue to support small iterative improvements23:01
armaxbig bucket items we’ll review and make a judgement call23:01
armaxnmagnezi: thanks23:01
armaxdougwig: thanks23:01
armaxthanks you all23:01
dougwigarmax: this is a similar issue to vpn.  no one maintaining it, but no one wants to let it go.23:01
dougwigarmax: at least here we have nmagnezi .  :)23:01
armaxsafe travels to the summit for those who go23:01
*** dmorita has quit IRC23:01
armaxdougwig: we’ll let it go alright23:02
*** maishsk has joined #openstack-meeting23:02
nmagnezidougwig, :)23:02
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting23:02
armaxwe’ll speak in a few weeks23:02
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