Wednesday, 2017-02-08

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sridhar_ram#startmeeting tacker05:30
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  8 05:30:39 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is sridhar_ram. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.05:30
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:30
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tacker'05:30
sridhar_ram#topic Roll Call05:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Roll Call (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:30
sridhar_ramwho is here for tacker meeting?05:30
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sridhar_ramgongysh: tbh: YanXing_an: sripriya: howdy all !05:32
sridhar_ramany silent participants want to say hi ? :)05:32
sridhar_ramlet's start05:33
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sridhar_ram#topic Agenda05:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Agenda (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:33
sridhar_ramOcata release status is implicit :)05:33
sridhar_ram#topic Announcements05:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:33
sridhar_ramfew quick things...05:33
sridhar_ramFirst, gongysh is elected as Tacker PTL for Pike..05:34
sridhar_ramgongysh: hearty congratulations !!05:34
*** KanagarajM has joined #openstack-meeting05:35
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gongyshThanks.  a big load sensed.05:35
jankicongratulations gongysh05:35
sripriyagongysh: congrats!05:35
sridhar_ramgongysh: I'm very happy you stepped up to take this project fwd.. will be there to help as needed05:35
*** tung_doan has joined #openstack-meeting05:35
tung_doanhi all05:35
tbhcongrats gongysh!05:35
digagongysh: Congrats!05:35
*** lhx__ has quit IRC05:35
gongyshthanks all.05:35
KanagarajMHearty Congratulations Gongysh !!05:35
tung_doangongysh: congrats!!!05:36
gongyshtung_doan, KanagarajM , thanks05:36
sridhar_ramNext.. Tacker team mascot ..05:36
sridhar_ramIf you've any suggestion to improve please respond to the ML email from me05:37
sridhar_ramIMO, Giant 'Tacker' Squid looks cool !05:37
gongyshWhat is the original meaning for 'tacker'?05:38
tbhsridhar_ram, yup it's looks very cool than previous version we had05:38
*** Hosam_ has joined #openstack-meeting05:38
sridhar_ramNext.. in case you missed..05:38
sridhar_ram#info Boston Call for Papers deadline is extended to  February 8th at 11:59pm PST (February 9th at 7:59 UTC)!05:38
sridhar_ramtbh: agree!05:38
sridhar_ramgongysh: it is derived from "Tacking" to mean - "Tacking VNFs and Network Services to Telco cloud" :)05:39
sridhar_ramgongysh: roughly means "Stapler"05:40
* sridhar_ram checking if s3wong is around05:40
*** xuan0802 has joined #openstack-meeting05:40
sridhar_ram#info Tacker RDO rpm packages are now available ..05:40
*** Hosam has quit IRC05:41
sridhar_ramthis helps in quickly deploying tacker in CentOS / Fedora05:41
gongyshsridhar_ram, ok. I like the feet of the mascot05:41
sridhar_ramgongysh: :)05:41
sripriyasridhar_ram: link is broken?05:41
sridhar_ramsripriya: works for me, can someone else confirm ?05:42
gongyshsridhar_ram, for me, it complains link is broken05:42
tung_doandoes not work for me. it's broken05:42
tbhsridhar_ram, it is opening for me too05:42
digasridhar_ram: its not working for me05:43
*** sacharya_ has quit IRC05:43
YanXing_anURL not found on server05:43
tbhthis is the one i guess05:43
gongyshGONGYSH-3:tacker yongshenggong$ wget
gongysh--2017-02-08 13:43:25--
gongyshConnecting to||:443... connected.05:43
gongyshHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found05:43
gongysh2017-02-08 13:43:27 ERROR 404: Not Found.05:43
sripriyatbh: thanks works now05:43
sridhar_ramplease try ^^^05:44
tbhsridhar_ram, the above redorects to tacker mascor05:44
sridhar_ramtbh: sounds good..05:45
sridhar_ramhere is one more from my email ..
sridhar_ramanyways, let's move on05:45
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting05:45
sridhar_ram#topic Ocata Release05:45
*** openstack changes topic to "Ocata Release (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:46
sridhar_ramI need to cut final release image by next Wed Feb 15th05:46
sridhar_ramNo exceptions05:46
sridhar_ramAll fixes need to merge by coming Friday Feb 10th .. so that we leave few days for critical bug fixes05:47
*** unicell1 has quit IRC05:47
sridhar_ram.. and preparing the final release notes05:47
*** japestinho has joined #openstack-meeting05:47
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting05:48
sridhar_ramlet's go over the few outstanding items05:48
sridhar_ramjanki: VNF inline BP05:48
sridhar_ramjanki: did you had a chance to root cause the FT failure ?05:48
*** lhx__ has joined #openstack-meeting05:48
jankisridhar_ram, The doc is left and a fix in server patch05:48
jankisridhar_ram, yupe, found the cause for FT failure. 2 of them where failing. solved 1, working on the other05:49
sridhar_ramjanki: okay, i assume this can be wrapped by Friday?05:49
jankisridhar_ram, it will be done by then05:49
sridhar_ramjanki: thanks05:49
sridhar_ramtbh: VNFC template support05:50
tbhsridhar_ram, I hosted the image in github, and FT is passing05:50
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC05:50
sridhar_ramtbh: is that the only outstanding item for VNFC ?05:50
tbhsridhar_ram, yes, and gongysh comments to provide how softwareconfig works, but it is more of how  heat softwareconfig works05:51
gongyshtbh, I want to have a guide to help users to use the tacker VNFC05:52
sridhar_ramtbh: okay, let's discuss image hosting in the next topic..05:52
gongyshtbh, I don't need the under cover of how it works.05:53
sridhar_ramgongysh: agree, we shouldn't "leak" heat through tacker ;-)05:54
tbhgongysh, but I gave the instructions for writing VNFC in
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting05:54
sridhar_ramgongysh: i saw this ^^^ guide as well.. what are we missing in the guide?05:55
tbhgongysh, and I need to remove vnfc_driver from that usage guide, so no need to discuss about vnfc_driver in that guide05:55
gongyshsridhar_ram, tbh : please write a complete user guide here.05:56
gongyshwhere is the put?05:56
gongyshshoudl I use metadata service in NFVI or config_driver?05:56
gongyshand the exact steps for this feature.05:56
*** egallen has quit IRC05:56
gongyshthis is the comments on the review.05:56
tbhgongysh, okay I will add the details about placement of shell script and mandatory services to run to support this feature05:57
gongyshanyway, I need a guide to set up the test env. but this guide is not enough.05:57
tbhgongysh, but I couldn't understand what do you mean by exact steps for this feature05:57
gongyshtbh, thanks05:57
gongyshI mean the complete guide that can be used set up the env. step by step.05:58
*** thorst_ has joined #openstack-meeting05:58
sridhar_ramtbh: perhaps the steps how to (a) include heat agent, (2) place install script and (3) writing TOSCA template to invoke the script05:58
tbhsridhar_ram, part (1) and (3) are already covered05:59
sridhar_ramtbh: okay05:59
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC05:59
*** nadya has quit IRC05:59
gongyshtbh, the provided tosca is also not a complete one.05:59
tbhgongysh, I don't think we do need any extra setup apart from the image building06:00
*** Daisy has quit IRC06:00
*** Daisy has joined #openstack-meeting06:00
gongyshtbh, anyway, let's move on.06:00
gongyshI can set up a test env even without a guide. :)06:01
sridhar_ramgongysh: yes, let's take this offline in the review06:01
sridhar_ramtbh: i can help if needed06:01
sridhar_ram#topic Hosting VNF images06:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Hosting VNF images (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:01
sridhar_ramAs you know, VNFC work that tbh is leading needs to host a Fedora image with heat-agent06:01
sridhar_ramWe also have a need to host openstack friendly openwrt image ..06:02
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:02
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting06:02
*** thorst_ has quit IRC06:03
sridhar_ramI was wondering if we use this need as a oppurtunity to build a repo of VNF images validated with Tacker06:03
sridhar_ramPerhaps a new repo ..
tbhsridhar_ram, yup that would be helpful06:04
gongyshsridhar_ram, this came to my mind when you are talking tacker core can control.06:04
sridhar_ramI think this will help Tacker's adoption as well.. potential users will find ready to try VNF images06:04
*** r-mibu has quit IRC06:04
*** Daisy has quit IRC06:05
*** r-mibu has joined #openstack-meeting06:05
sridhar_ramtoday it is difficult to start using Tacker in a meaningful way after installation06:05
sridhar_ramtbh: gongysh: ack06:05
*** lhx__ has quit IRC06:05
*** yangyape_ has joined #openstack-meeting06:06
sridhar_ramHow about if we can host these two images (fedora-heat & openwrt) in a special github that tacker-cores have access06:06
sridhar_ram.. and then approach openstack TC to create a repo for us..06:06
*** lhx__ has joined #openstack-meeting06:06
*** iceyao has joined #openstack-meeting06:06
sridhar_ram.. based on the github repo06:06
gongyshsridhar_ram, ok, let's do it if the TC agree.06:07
sridhar_ramgongysh: worst case, if TC doesn't agree .. atleast the "external" git repo will be under the control of tacker cores ..06:07
gongyshbut how about just using a github repo with all core's public key can access06:08
*** aeng has quit IRC06:08
sridhar_ramtoday it is under 3rd party community member06:08
*** guoshan_ has joined #openstack-meeting06:08
*** iceyao_ has quit IRC06:08
sridhar_ramgongysh: well, I'm assuming this interim repo is just a temporary repo until TC gets us going06:08
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC06:09
*** unicell1 has joined #openstack-meeting06:09
sridhar_ramhopefully once Ocata release is out, we can approach TC06:09
*** unicell has quit IRC06:09
sridhar_ramI also learnt projects like Kolla, Ironic use to host images06:10
sridhar_rambut looks this is dynamically generated by dsvm runs .. that is an overkill for us06:11
sridhar_ramI'll take care of creating the common image repo for now ...06:11
sridhar_ram#action sridhar_ram to create a common tacker-images repo06:12
*** cartik has joined #openstack-meeting06:12
sridhar_rammoving on06:12
*** Daisy has joined #openstack-meeting06:12
sridhar_ramvenkatamahesh here by anychance ?06:12
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: are you here?06:13
*** amotoki_ has joined #openstack-meeting06:13
sridhar_ram#topic Ocata Critical Bug06:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Ocata Critical Bug (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:13
openstackLaunchpad bug 1660960 in tacker "ADD_INSTALLED_APPS in file" [Critical,New]06:13
sridhar_ramthis is a critical bug in tacker-horizon ..06:14
sridhar_ramwhen tacker-horizon is enabled some other UI screens (like Project -> Compute -> Images) doesn't render06:14
*** amotoki has quit IRC06:14
sridhar_ramtbh: looks you stumbled into this as well ?06:14
tbhsridhar_ram, yes06:15
sridhar_ramany volunteers who can help take this up?06:15
sridhar_ramI'll find someone offline if there is no interest06:16
sridhar_ramanything else related to Ocata release?06:16
gongyshI will try to ask horizon guys in 99cloud to tackle it.06:16
sridhar_ramgongysh: thanks a lot !06:17
tbhsridhar_ram, this line creates the problem
*** Daisy has quit IRC06:17
sridhar_ramtbh: I see ...06:17
sridhar_ramthere is also a related "enhancement" ..
sridhar_ramto move NFV under "Project" instead of being at the top-level06:18
*** ijw has quit IRC06:19
sridhar_ramRegarding Ocata the door will close soon, if it upto the contributors to actively reach out to core-reviewers to have your patchset merge06:19
sridhar_rammoving to the next topic06:20
sridhar_ram#topic Pike PTG Topics06:20
*** openstack changes topic to "Pike PTG Topics (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:20
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck06:20
sridhar_ramgongysh: I'm assuming you will be driving this meeting06:20
*** aeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:21
tung_doansridhar_ram, gongysh : abut Life-cycle mgmt for E2E service06:21
sridhar_ramTo move quickly, may I propose to use Wed Feb 22 (around this weekly meeting time) as the time slot?06:22
*** zhurong has joined #openstack-meeting06:22
gongyshsridhar_ram, no problem for me.06:22
gongyshall topic there should have a doc to elaborate the in question feature by then.06:23
sridhar_ramgongysh: sure06:24
sridhar_ramhow about we start "Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 05:00:00"06:24
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting06:24
sridhar_ramwe can go for 4 - 6 hours and finish in one go ?06:24
digayes, that will be good06:25
*** ekuris__ has joined #openstack-meeting06:25
sridhar_ramor .. we can come back to start at the sametime the next day06:25
*** anilvenkata has joined #openstack-meeting06:25
sridhar_ramperhaps 4 hours each day06:25
sridhar_ramany preference ?06:25
sridhar_ramif no preference, lets shoot to finish in one "day"06:26
*** lhx__ has quit IRC06:26
sridhar_ramgongysh: we can discuss the logistics offline06:26
*** sdake_ is now known as sdake06:27
gongyshsridhar_ram, ok06:27
* sridhar_ram we are almost out of time06:27
sridhar_ram#topic Open Discussion06:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:27
sridhar_ramanything else?06:27
gongyshthe mistral server06:28
gongyshit should be with tacker, not target NFVI.06:28
sridhar_ramgongysh: yes06:28
sridhar_ramgongysh: it doesn't make sense to use target VIM / NFVI's creds06:29
gongyshso lets' have a test to verify the NSD can work with this intention06:29
sridhar_ramgongysh: that is something we need to enhance, to do multi-vim test in CI06:29
gongyshsridhar_ram, I will set up a env to do it manually.06:30
sridhar_ramopenstack CI doesn't have support.. i know tricircle is also looking into this06:30
sridhar_ramgongysh: sounds good06:30
sridhar_rami can see this project is going to a very good hands :)06:30
sridhar_ramthanks everyone !!06:30
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck06:30
sridhar_ramtimes up06:30
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"06:30
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  8 06:30:44 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)06:30
openstackMinutes (text):
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joehuangwelcome back13:00
joehuang#startmeeting tricircle13:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  8 13:00:57 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is joehuang. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.13:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tricircle'13:01
joehuang#topic rollcall13:01
*** openstack changes topic to "rollcall (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:01
joehuang#info joehuang13:01
*** japestinho has quit IRC13:01
Yipei#info Yipei13:01
yinxiulin#info xiulin13:01
dongfeng#info dongfeng13:01
zhiyuan#info zhiyuan13:02
fanyishi#info fanyishi13:02
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting13:02
joehuang#topic Ocata release dates13:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Ocata release dates (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:03
*** efried has quit IRC13:03
joehuangNow only one "must to have" patch left in the review queue for Ocata release13:03
*** lhx__ has quit IRC13:03
Guest35585#info jiawei13:04
joehuangafter this patch get merged, we'll create a RC release and ocata branch13:04
joehuangneed to do regression test for features after the rc release is created13:05
joehuangto verify that features basic functionalities work well13:05
joehuangthe branch will be created on Friday13:06
joehuangand regression test after then, to Feb.1513:06
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting13:06
joehuangOcata release on Feb.1613:06
joehuang3 days for regression test, all urgent bugs, please report and submit patch, and contact me and zhiyuan for fast review and approvement13:07
joehuangwe'll stay in the IRC channel to close urgent fix AFAP.13:08
joehuangEvery one who submitted features need to test his own feature13:08
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting13:08
joehuangto make sure the function work13:09
*** bobh has quit IRC13:09
joehuangAny question?13:09
joehuangFor example, for routing feature13:09
joehuangneed to verify the routing api work well13:10
joehuangbasic functionalities13:10
joehuangno need to test all scenarios13:10
*** dmorita has quit IRC13:10
*** armstrong has joined #openstack-meeting13:11
joehuangespecially for abnormal scenarios, you may have no enough time to simulate the condition13:11
joehuangok, if no other question, we'll create Ocata branch once the patch get merged13:11
joehuangthen I'll send messgae in IRC channel to start the regression test13:12
*** longxion_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:12
joehuang#info Ocata branch this Friday or early13:13
*** dongfeng2 has joined #openstack-meeting13:13
joehuang#info after then, start regression test until Feb.1513:13
*** efried has joined #openstack-meeting13:13
joehuang#info formal Ocata release Feb.1613:13
joehuang#info stay in tough in IRC to make fast response to any bug in your feature (if there)13:14
*** longxiongqiu has quit IRC13:14
joehuangHello, xiongqiu and Jiawei, do you have any question?13:15
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting13:15
joehuangseems that his network broken13:15
joehuang#topic Pike meetup before PTG13:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Pike meetup before PTG (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:16
*** dongfeng has quit IRC13:16
joehuanghello, the PTG will be held Feb.20~Feb.24 at Atalanta13:17
joehuangZhiyuan will be the representative from Huawei13:17
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC13:17
joehuangis there any other one will go to Atalanta?13:18
*** Guest35585 has quit IRC13:18
Yipeino for members of HUST13:19
*** trown|outtypewww is now known as trown13:19
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting13:19
*** hejiawei has joined #openstack-meeting13:19
joehuangok, I remembered that we'd plan to have a meetup for those who can't go to Atalanta13:20
joehuangso how about next Friday (Feb.17) at Shenzhen, Huawei Industrial Base13:20
hejiaweino question, I am reading document to learn to developer network13:21
hejiaweithany you joe, happy new year13:21
joehuangwelcome jiawei13:21
joehuangIs it feasible for you to have a meetup at Shenzhen13:22
joehuangnext Friday, the day after the release date13:22
Yipeidongfeng and I will attend the meeting in Shenzhen13:24
hejiaweiI I'm afraid I can't come13:24
joehuangso let's hold a meetup next Friday to discuss features implementation for Pike13:26
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:26
*** trown has left #openstack-meeting13:27
joehuang#info Pike meetup on next Friday(Feb.17) at Huawei Industrial Base, Shenzhen13:27
joehuang#info meetup etherpad:
hejiaweiI will told ronghui13:28
joehuangso please prepare your topics and what need to discuss, then let's discuss f2f13:29
*** lbragstad_ is now known as lbragstad13:29
joehuangto Jiawei, thanks13:29
joehuang#topic need help from PTG13:30
*** openstack changes topic to "need help from PTG (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:30
joehuanghello, Zhiyuan will go to Atalanta for the PTG13:30
*** fzdarsky|lunch is now known as fzdarsky13:31
joehuangwhat topic do you want to discuss in PTG? Zhiyuan may help you on this13:31
joehuangas our project's representative13:31
dongfeng2hi, how long will the f2f gathering last in shenzhen?13:32
joehuangdo you have any challenge need to address by other projects?13:33
*** sudipto has joined #openstack-meeting13:33
*** sudipto_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:33
*** lhx_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:33
joehuangfrom 9:00am to 4:00pm13:34
joehuangwhat's your suggestion?13:34
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting13:35
*** gouthamr has quit IRC13:35
*** ricolin has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
*** fguillot has joined #openstack-meeting13:37
*** janki has quit IRC13:38
joehuangif no other proposal, it's fine to work on this time slot13:38
joehuang#topic open discussion13:39
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: tricircle)"13:39
joehuangany topics?13:39
joehuangplease, Yipei13:39
Yipeii do some investigation on allowed address pair13:39
*** links has quit IRC13:39
Yipeiand update the topic in
*** fanyishi_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:40
Yipeino need to sync the info of the port across OpenStacks13:41
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting13:42
YipeiTo support load balancing in tricircle in one region, enable allowed address pair in local neutron may work.13:42
*** fanyishi has quit IRC13:42
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting13:42
joehuanghow about the loadbalance in RegionOne, but the member in RegionTwo13:43
YipeiIn respect of balancing load among members across OpenStacks, i will do more investigation on the scheme of adding members.13:44
joehuangLB(RegionOne) and the member(RegionTwo) in same network, or in different network13:44
*** matrohon has quit IRC13:44
joehuangthank you, same thoughts13:44
joehuangplease go on your investigation, and let's discuss more next week13:45
Yipeifor extra-routes13:45
*** janki has joined #openstack-meeting13:46
Yipeiis it related to the external router?13:46
joehuangextra-routes is from the concerns if LB and member is not in same network, and in different OpenStack13:47
*** kevinz has joined #openstack-meeting13:47
Yipeii see, i will go on investigation on the scheme of adding members13:47
*** dmorita has quit IRC13:47
joehuangYou can run Ocatavia and Tricircle now?13:47
Yipeino, the reason is the local neutron does not support allowed address pair13:48
joehuangof only Ocatavia, without Tricircle13:48
joehuangI see13:48
Yipeiof only octavia, it works13:48
*** ansmith has joined #openstack-meeting13:49
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting13:49
joehuangother topic?13:49
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting13:49
Yipeino for me now13:50
zhiyuanno from me13:50
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:50
joehuangPlease review the patch for VxLAN L2 networking13:50
dongfeng2no for me13:50
yinxiulinno for me13:50
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting13:50
joehuangthanks for attending the meeting13:50
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"13:51
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  8 13:51:05 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)13:51
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smcginnis#startmeeting Cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  8 16:00:01 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is smcginnis. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
*** yuval has quit IRC16:00
smcginnisping dulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang1 tbarron scottda erlon rhedlind jbernard _alastor_ bluex karthikp_ patrickeast dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr mtanino yuriy_n17 karlamrhein diablo_rojo jay.xu jgregor baumann rajinir wilson-l reduxio wanghao thrawn01 chris_morrell stevemar watanabe.isao,tommylikehu16:00
*** dmorita has quit IRC16:00
smcginnismdovgal ildikov wxy viks ketonne16:00
smcginnisDang it, we had a nice short agenda when I looked this morning. :)16:00
*** Cibo_ has quit IRC16:01
smcginnis#topic Announcements16:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:01
tommylikehu_good news16:01
smcginnisI'll keep it short.16:01
smcginnisSummit CFP has been extended, so a few more days to get in talk proposals.16:01
smcginnisI believe the current deadline is the 8th.16:01
smcginnis#link PTG topic planning16:02
dulekSo just around 15 hours left16:02
*** VW has quit IRC16:02
smcginnisI'll try to organize topic ideas for the PTG ahead of the event.16:02
smcginnisdulek: Wow, I didn't even realize today was the 8th. :D16:02
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting16:02
diablo_rojo_phonHello :)16:03
smcginnisIsn't it still January?16:03
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
jungleboyjsmcginnis, Neither did I.  :-)16:03
dulekTechnically the CFP deadline is February 9th my time. ;) Timezones are hard.16:03
smcginnisdulek: You get bonus time. ;)16:03
smcginnis#link Review focus16:03
smcginnisI've started to update the etherpad.16:03
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
smcginnisWill do more I'm sure after the PTG discussions, but it's a start for Pike focus.16:04
*** Rockyg has joined #openstack-meeting16:04
*** annegentle has quit IRC16:04
smcginnisFinal RC for Ocata needs to be next week. So if we have any critical bug fixes that need to make it in, make sure you are proposing backports to stable/ocata.16:04
smcginnismaster is pike now16:05
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom16:05
Swansonthank you igor16:05
smcginnisDoesn't look like the pike schedule has been finalized yet, but that will be available here:16:05
*** breitz has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
smcginnis#link Pike Schedule (coming soon)16:05
tommylikehu_smcginnis: ready to merge the codes for pike?16:06
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:06
smcginnistommylikehu_: Yes, we can approve patches for Pike now since master is what will become pike. But we should really focus on wrapping up Ocata where needed yet.16:06
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
mdovgallet's the merge party started)16:06
tommylikehu_smcginnis: ok16:07
duleksmcginnis: Pike schedule draft:
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting16:07
smcginnisOh, also just wanted to drop the idea of a Cinder outing/gathering in Atlanta. Maybe Tuesday night? Just something to think about for now.16:07
dulekAnd rendered:
smcginnisdulek: Thanks!16:07
smcginnis#topic A/A certification of the drivers16:07
*** openstack changes topic to "A/A certification of the drivers (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:07
smcginnisdulek: lLl yours.16:08
dulekI just wanted to start up the discussion around A/A support for drivers.16:08
dulekThere are two points of view - vendor and community drivers.16:08
*** unicell1 has quit IRC16:08
dulekShould we require something special (CI? test results and logs?) from vendors to prove that their drivers are A/A capable, or do we just trust their own internal testing?16:08
*** nadya has quit IRC16:08
hemnadulek, isn't the first step in the drivers is to change the local file locks to the coordinator locks?16:08
*** gman-tx has joined #openstack-meeting16:08
smcginnisMy inclination is to just trust their internal testing.16:09
dulekhemna: Yes, but I think some drivers already did that.16:09
hemnadulek, ok, there are plenty that still have the local file locks16:09
hemnaand even some drivers trying to add new local locks16:09
hemnaI've been -1'ing those16:09
erlondulek: while we don't haev a way to assert vendors are really supporting we wil lhave to rely on that16:09
dulekhemna: It may be that sometimes just a local, thread-level lock is required.16:09
dulekhemna: Then it's fine not to use coordination module.16:10
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
geguileohemna: Not all locks need to be changed16:10
hemnasure, but on API entry points.....16:10
patrickeastThe special CI would be cool, but it would be pretty hard to have an automated suite that gives high confidence there were no issues for it16:10
dulekI'm also on the side of requiring no CI - that require a huge amount of resources.16:10
*** jaugustine has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
geguileodulek: I'm ok as well, as long as we define a testing protocol16:10
*** rajinir_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:11
geguileoThat vendros can follow to validate their envs16:11
geguileoThe basic stuff would be running tempest tests16:11
dulekgeguileo: Good point, would be cool to have it. We could require posting the results before accepting the patch that switches SUPPORTS_ACTIVE_ACTIVE.16:11
geguileodulek: Like we did last week16:11
smcginnisgeguileo: I like that. Some basic guidance of what should be tested.16:11
hemnathis doesn't lend a lot of confidence in A/A16:11
smcginnisThen if they want to do additional testing they can, but they at least know the minimum we think should be covered.16:12
erlonfurther more, we don't yet have tests that inject failures,16:12
geguileoI believe scottda_phone was looking into this16:12
mdovgaldulek, +116:12
scottda_phonegeguileo: I haven't developed anything yet...16:12
*** iceyao has quit IRC16:12
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting16:12
scottda_phoneBut I'd like a plan to do some error injection, at least manually16:12
geguileoerlon: I should be working on that, but I'm enjoying some multipath fun   :-(16:12
dulekI've seen a Mirantis fault-injection framework somewhere.16:12
*** scottda_phone is now known as scottda16:12
dulekos-faults was it called16:12
geguileodulek: That's not great for us...16:13
geguileodulek: It basically allows you to kill the service16:13
geguileoAnd some more actions16:13
geguileobut you can't control where in the code you are16:13
geguileoso you can't actually control if you are testing what you want to test16:13
dulekgeguileo: Oh, right, without that tests are non-deterministic.16:13
erlongeguileo: hmm, that is so hateful, I run miles not to touch FC16:13
*** raj_singh_ has quit IRC16:14
geguileoerlon: It's iSCSI this time16:14
*** dmorita has quit IRC16:14
geguileoBefore discussing the tool/library to use16:14
erlongeguileo: hmm, much better then16:14
geguileoWe may want to talk about what we want tested16:14
*** xingchao_ has quit IRC16:14
dulekI guess that's too big for this meeting.16:15
*** matrohon has quit IRC16:15
erlongeguileo: we could start by the main areas you addressed in the initial specs for AA16:15
geguileoyeah, but I think that's where we should start16:15
scottdaBut we should discuss at PTG16:15
dulekBut we have this great conclusion that we should have a required test plan for vendors to run to get A/A badge.16:16
smcginnisYeah, probably better at the PTG. And/or in channel or the testing meeting.16:16
erlonscottda: +116:16
smcginnisdulek: +116:16
geguileovendors probably have ideas of what parts of their drivers could have issues16:16
geguileoAnd we can use that feedback16:16
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
scottdaPlus should be some areas generic to all drivers.16:16
scottdai.e. stuff from geguileo 's manual tests16:17
smcginnisIt might vary between vendors too, so I think having a base set of tests, then leaving the rest up to each vendor to test whatever else they feel is important internally is good.16:17
geguileoscottda: But even for the specific cases, we would want to test those cases in all drivers16:17
*** donghao has quit IRC16:17
scottdageguileo: yes, I agree16:17
geguileosmcginnis: I think even the specifics should be run by all drivers16:17
geguileosmcginnis: Even if you don't have problems with that case, it's always best to be sure16:18
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
dulekgeguileo: If we'll get some docs from vendors that describe their specific cases - that's fine to include them, but it isn't a perfect world. ;)16:18
geguileodulek: I wasn't looking for something so formal16:19
geguileoI'm ok with:  "we could have problems if you run operation x and opration y simultaneously"16:19
jungleboyjI was going to ask if we were talking about having vendors document what they were doing.16:19
*** salv-orl_ has quit IRC16:19
jungleboyjThis is going to be one of those features that the amount of testing and pressure that goes into it is going to depend on what the vendor's customers are pushing.16:20
dulekgeguileo: Oh, right, that works for me. It's just I don't expect all of vendors will give such feedback. But it will be welcomed.16:20
scottdaWell, the customers are the testers, right?16:21
smcginnisI'd really rather not make this a heavy process. I think giving guidance on what areas are interesting is good, but then just leaving it at the vendor saying, yes, we are comfortable with our driver being used in production with this.16:21
dulekscottda: Aren't you that "testing guy"?16:21
geguileodulek: I'll try to do it for the RBD driver16:21
jungleboyjscottda, Maybe your's are.  :-)16:21
jungleboyjdulek, Good point.16:21
dulekOkay, with geguileo note about RBD - we're at community drivers now.16:22
jungleboyjWe can share our experiences.16:22
dulekHow do we plan to test vendorless drivers?16:22
jungleboyjsmcginnis, That makes sense.  Heavy Weight process won't be followed anyway.16:22
erlondulek: gate?16:22
smcginnisjungleboyj: Not without a lot of effort on our part. ;)16:22
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:23
* jungleboyj thinks of 3rd Party CI.16:23
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck16:23
dulekerlon: Could be, although I don't know how many more gates can we add without infra being upset about it.16:23
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-meeting16:23
scottdaat least could be experimental16:23
smcginnisdulek: We could leave it to those vendors/communities. I.e., Red Hat can test and claim that Ceph is good, Linbit can validate sheepdog, etc.16:24
smcginnisAnd until they decide to do that, those just won't be marked as A/A capable.16:24
erlondulek: hmm, yeah we can try to change the actual jobs to increase the cover without the need to add more16:24
smcginnisJust an idea..16:24
scottdaWe kinda need Ceph as a reference, since LVM has issues with AA16:24
duleksmcginnis: That could work. Who's our NFS vendor?16:24
jungleboyjscottda, That assumes we come up with test cases that are automated for A/A ?16:24
erlonsmcginnis: +116:24
*** chris_morrell has joined #openstack-meeting16:24
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck16:24
*** zhurong has quit IRC16:25
smcginnisdulek: Hmm... erlon? :D16:25
erlondulek: not sure if theres anyone else, but Hitachi has16:25
erlonsmcginnis: :)16:25
dulekerlon: Hm, this would require switching the jobs to multinode, which still requires more resources.16:25
*** unicell has quit IRC16:25
jungleboyjeharney, Would RedHat do the testing?16:25
dulekSo that's a good point that community drivers also have some vendor ownership. :)16:26
erlondulek: yeah, but better have 1 multinode job than add a single node plus the multinode to test only HA16:26
*** chris_morrell has quit IRC16:26
smcginnisAnd those without real vendor support will be up to someone in the community (dev/user) deciding to put in the effort to test it.16:26
smcginnisAnd if no one cares, then it just doesn't get marked supported.16:27
erlonsmcginnis: or leave it as AA unsopported until someone decides to do do right?16:27
erlonsmcginnis: ok16:27
dulekMakes sense.16:27
smcginniserlon: yep16:27
dulekOkay, I just wanted anyone to share initial thoughts on the topic, I think we've captured this.16:28
jungleboyjsmcginnis, Again, it will be driven by customer need.16:28
scottdaWe might want to brainstorm some ideas as to what we'd need for ideal testing (in the gate) and take to infra...16:28
smcginnisjungleboyj: Yep, exactly. If no one needs it, no use bothering with it.16:28
scottdai.e. can we have a mechanism for killing the service(s)?16:28
*** xinli has joined #openstack-meeting16:29
erlonscottda: I believe that falls in the undeterminist problem geguileo mentioned16:29
jungleboyjWe don't have a way to disable doing A/A right now, do we?  It is just a 'support' statement.16:29
scottdaor use Rally for stress testing.16:29
scottdaerlon: Not necessarily16:29
scottdajust deterministically kill a service16:29
geguileojungleboyj: right now a/a is disabled for all drivers16:29
geguileojungleboyj: you cannot run cinder in a/a with any driver16:30
scottdaHave a multinode test, create, attach, etc...then kill one c-vol and re-test attach, etc16:30
erlonscottda: hmm, may be that would be deterministic if you didn't have any operation running16:30
smcginnis#action team to come up with testing plan for A/A16:30
scottdaerlon: Right, just basic stuff16:30
scottdaWho's starting that etherpad?16:30
jungleboyjgeguileo, Ok, thanks.  Didn't realize that.16:30
*** wiggin15 has joined #openstack-meeting16:30
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
*** chris_morrell has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
dulekI can sum this up, add PTG topic and a new etherpad to gather plans.16:31
smcginnis#info Up to vendors to test and claim support for a/a16:31
smcginnisdulek: +1 That'd be great.16:31
scottdadulek: I think I've something on the PTG agenda...16:31
smcginnis#info Open source drivers will need to be tested for a/a by backing vendor or someone from one of those communities16:32
scottdadulek: Please add your name16:32
*** anilvenkata has quit IRC16:32
dulekscottda: Sure!16:32
smcginnis#action dulek to create etherpad and prep for discussion at the PTG16:32
smcginnisFair? ^^16:33
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting16:33
smcginnisThank you.16:33
hemnakids -> school.   AFK16:33
* jungleboyj waves at hemna16:33
smcginnisdulek: OK, are we good on this topic for now?16:34
duleksmcginnis: Yup.16:34
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting16:34
smcginnisdulek: Great, thanks16:34
smcginnis#topic Bulk create of volumes16:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Bulk create of volumes (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:34
smcginnisGuess it's on xyang1 and scottda16:34
* jungleboyj is having dejavu .16:35
scottdaSo, we've customers already doing bulk creates....16:35
scottdaespecially for testing.16:35
scottdai.e. spin up 50-100 VMs with 50-100 volumes16:35
smcginnisDidn't we discuss this at the Austin summit?16:35
scottdasmcginnis: We've discussed it, but...16:35
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck16:35
erlonscottda: using heat?16:36
*** zhhuabj has quit IRC16:36
scottdaat the time, there was limited interest from vendors16:36
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:36
xyang1we talked about it at midcycle16:36
jungleboyjsmcginnis, I know we talked about it recently.16:36
scottdaWe know EMC/Dell, IBM, and Datera could use this...16:36
_alastor_I have a customer spinning up 2400 VMs + Volumes, so bulk create would be very valuable16:36
jungleboyjscottda, Is with a new vendor.  :-)16:36
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
smcginnisscottda: Excuse me, but that's Dell EMC. :P16:36
dulekProblems with bulk create starts when some of creations fail…16:36
*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
scottdadulek: Sure, there are details to work out...16:37
scottdaWe're just looking for a Community OK to go forward with a spec16:37
mdovgaldulek, all problems start when something fails)16:37
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC16:37
erlonscottda: do you have a plan for vendors that dont support that?16:37
dulekmdovgal: :D16:37
smcginnisSo the argument against is it's easy to script a loop to do this. The argument for is that for some storage it can all be passed down to the storage in one call and be much more efficient. RIght?16:37
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting16:37
scottdaerlon: IT's a feature that doesn't have to be supported by each vendor16:38
erlonscottda: or that does not rely on a hardware capability16:38
*** sdake has quit IRC16:38
scottdasmcginnis: Correct16:38
dulekscottda: Hey, it's pretty easy to do in a generic way…16:38
scottdaIt's simply more efficient for some arrays16:38
*** dmorita has quit IRC16:38
smcginnisscottda: So if it's not supported by each vendor, that kind of implies then that we need to build in extra logic to Cinder to do the batch operation sequentially and return the results.16:38
erlonscottda: so its just moving the 'for' loop inside Cinder16:38
dulekNova is living with bulk create for some time now. I think we should ask them if that haven't turned out bad.16:39
scottdaerlon: But some arrays can create many volumes in much less time than looping through..16:39
*** rcernin has quit IRC16:39
scottdadulek: Good question..16:39
*** alraddarla has joined #openstack-meeting16:39
dulekIt's case like boot-from-volume that they hate as it moves orchestration into OpenStack. Which isn't easy.16:39
erlonscottda: well we would need to see how much more efficient that is than just calling heat or using a bash 'for'16:40
xyang1erlon: for some arrays create 10 volumes takes the same amount of time as create 116:40
smcginnisxyang1: VMAX was one of the big wins here, right? It can create many in the same amount of time it can create one?16:40
scottdastorewize as well16:40
xyang1smcginnis: yes16:40
_alastor_We have similar functionality at Datera16:40
* smcginnis just thought of creating 100 boot volumes simultaneously and shuddered16:41
dulekFrom this point of view it sounds bad, that such ability isn't exposed in Cinder.16:41
erlonxyang1: hmm, so you would be eliminating the API + Scheduler time for each request16:41
xyang1erlon: so the scheduler needs to handle bulk create if we decide to move forward with this16:41
jungleboyjSo, there is precedence for the feature.16:41
erlonwell, IMO as long as theres people requesting and a benefit on the aproach it worth to proceed with the discussion/spec16:41
jungleboyjerlon, +116:42
jungleboyjIt is one that keeps coming up.  :-)16:42
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:42
*** bluex has joined #openstack-meeting16:42
smcginnisYeah, I see the benefit over just writing a for loop script. I guess I'm for this if someones willing to put in the work.16:42
jungleboyjsmcginnis, Assuming the design will need to work for backends that can do it all at once and ones that would need to do it one at a time.  Right?16:43
scottdaWe can certainly hash out design details in the spec...16:43
xyang1jungleboyj: the default behavior will be do it one at a time and driver and override that16:43
*** lennyb has quit IRC16:44
jungleboyjxyang1, Cool16:44
*** wiggin15 has quit IRC16:44
mdovgalscottda, +1 about spec16:44
smcginnisjungleboyj: Yep16:44
jungleboyjSo it sounds like we are cool with a Spec?16:44
smcginnisI think so.16:45
scottdacool, thanks16:45
smcginnisscottda: Was there a BP filed for this already?16:45
scottdaxyang1: BP?16:46
*** zhhuabj has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
smcginnisI really need to go through the BPs. I've been neglecting launchpad for awhile. :]16:46
xyang1scottda: I have not filed one yet16:46
smcginnisOK, good. I was just wondering.16:46
scottdaGreat Leader is tired from taking care of all his people....16:46
xyang1scottda: last time I just brought it up at the meetup.  it is just on the etherpad16:47
smcginnisMore like tired of launchpad's poor interface. ;)16:47
jungleboyjsmcginnis, ++16:47
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:48
smcginnisscottda, xyang1: We good for now?16:48
smcginnisIt's all up to hemna, right?16:48
Swansonsmcginnis puts on his robe at 6:30 and watches nothing but youtube when he should be doing launchpad.16:48
smcginnis#topic Open discussion16:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:48
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:48
jungleboyjhemna, Is going to love solving that problem.  ;-)16:48
*** yamahata has quit IRC16:49
jungleboyjSwanson, While smoking his cigar and drinking brandy16:49
viksHi, do we need to resubmit the 3rd party for pike or is it implicit?16:49
hemnaoh boy16:49
viksI mean 3rd party driver Veritas HyperScale...16:49
smcginnisviks: You mean patches for new drivers/16:49
smcginnisAh, nope, saw that patch updated.16:49
smcginnisviks: I put it in the etherpad for Pike already.16:50
smcginnisWe can start looking at new drivers again.16:50
viksYes...I saw that too...thanks16:50
*** megm has quit IRC16:50
*** ricolin has quit IRC16:50
smcginnisNow that we're removing some, we need to add a few more to stay above 100. :D16:50
*** andreas_s has quit IRC16:50
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz16:50
smcginnisAnyone have anything else today?16:51
mdovgalfolks, i'm going to some refactor patches in few moments. if it is possible, better criticize it but don't shelve it... save me from rebasing hell)16:51
smcginnismdovgal: Hah, will do.16:51
hemnafwiw, my new cireporter script is part of the third-party-co-tools16:51
hemnaanyone can run it16:51
jungleboyjmdovgal, Love it.16:51
smcginnishemna: Nice.16:51
*** egon_ is now known as egon16:51
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting16:51
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:51
smcginnishemna: I took 5 minutes to try to add it to my automated updates. Ran into some problems getting it going though.16:52
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:52
rajinir_hemna: what does it do?16:52
xyang1scotta, smcginnis: blueprint is here now:
smcginnisFirst missing PyYAML, then array, then oslo_config...16:52
smcginnisJust need to spend a little more time working through that.16:52
hemnait didn't work?16:52
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:52
hemnaoh yah16:52
*** david-lyle has quit IRC16:52
smcginnisMight be good to add to the requirements.txt though.16:52
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:52
hemnathat repo doesn't support requirements afaik16:53
*** Guest66676 is now known as Guest666616:53
smcginnisJust some setup work needed on my end.16:53
hemnaI can add it16:53
*** nadya has quit IRC16:53
*** megm has joined #openstack-meeting16:53
smcginnishemna: Wouldn't hurt, at least as a clue to someone new looking at it.16:53
hemnaok I'll add that16:53
smcginnisxyang1: Thanks16:53
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:53
xyang1smcginnis: I found another blueprint with similar name, but that's for driver only:
jungleboyjhemna, ++16:53
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:53
rajinir_xyang1: Will this bp cover the bulk boot from volume create from nova?16:53
scottdaxyang1: yes, I think that driver BP is one of our teams...16:54
*** sacharya has quit IRC16:54
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:54
scottdaxyang1: I'll make sure we're all on the same page16:54
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:54
jungleboyjscottda, Yes, that is one of your team.  :-)16:54
*** sacharya has joined #openstack-meeting16:54
xyang1rajinir_: we should talk about that in the spec too. I am not clear what is the current status of that16:54
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting16:54
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:55
xyang1scottda: cool16:55
rajinir_xyang1: That's the typical use case, sure, spec should cover it 116:55
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:55
smcginnisBring on the boot storms. :)16:55
xyang1rajinir_: that is currently handled by heat?16:55
jungleboyjbwah ha ha!16:55
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC16:55
rajinir_xyang1: Not sure, but we had customers experience performance issues with 50 instances16:56
smcginnisOK, are we done?16:56
smcginnisOK, thanks everyone!16:57
jungleboyjI think that is a good note to end on.  ;-)16:57
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:57
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*** georgk has joined #openstack-meeting18:00
bh526r_#startmeeting gluon18:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Feb  8 18:00:27 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is bh526r_. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.18:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'gluon'18:00
*** hashar has quit IRC18:00
bh526r_#topic Roll Call18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Roll Call (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:00
bh526r_#info Bin Hu18:00
krenczewski#info Kamil Renczewski18:00
jinli#info JinLi18:01
jinliHi all18:01
pcarver#info Paul Carver18:01
bh526r_Hi all18:01
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC18:02
bh526r_#topic F2F Update18:02
*** openstack changes topic to "F2F Update (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:02
bh526r_#info We had an F2F on Monday Feb 6 and Tuesday 7 in Sunnyvale18:02
bh526r_#info Our primary goal is to finalize Ocata deliverables and next steps18:03
georgk#info Georg Kunz18:04
bh526r_#info Regarding Ocata deliverables, we reviewed the task list18:04
*** dprince has quit IRC18:04
*** padkrish has quit IRC18:04
bh526r_#info The deliverables are those completed features.18:05
bh526r_#info And documentation / installation guide18:05
bh526r_#info for manual installation18:05
*** Redlook has left #openstack-meeting18:05
*** lhx_ has quit IRC18:05
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC18:05
bh526r_#info Regarding next steps, there have been comprehensive discussions18:06
bh526r_#info The agreement is:18:06
alraddarla#info Darla Ahlert18:06
bh526r_#info 1. Extended ML2 Plugin for Gluon is the best way to integrate with Neutron18:07
bh526r_#info So we will keep this direction18:07
bh526r_#info 2. We can evolve Protons to be Neutron's Service Plugins. Some work to be done in the future18:07
bh526r_#info In this case, i.e. Protons as Neutron's service plugin, we can reuse Neutron's DB instead of having our own MySQL DB18:08
*** nadya has quit IRC18:09
bh526r_#info Of course, development work is independently in Gluon Repo18:09
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting18:09
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting18:09
bh526r_#info At certain time point, we will make Gluon to be part of Big Tent , and make Extended ML2 Plugin for Gluon and Proton Service Plugins to be part of Neutron Stadium and get full recognition of OpenStack community18:10
bh526r_#info Ian and Sukhdev agreed to go to PTG in Atlanta and participate in discusson with Neutron and Nova18:11
bh526r_#info Two specific items will be discussed: (1) Removal of “port” dependency on “network/subnet” (2) Network “type” attribute in Neutron18:11
bh526r_Paul, we also discussed your point in last IRC meeting, i.e. bind port to 2 SDN controllers, similar to function of HPB in Neutron18:12
bh526r_Basically, Gluon/Proton is not an orchestrator18:13
bh526r_An orchestrator will organize relevant data objects as parameters to call Proton APIs.18:14
bh526r_Proton simply pass through data objects from Orchstrator to multiple SDN controllers18:14
bh526r_When binding or other operation is requested, SDN controllers consume the data objects, constrained by policies, and process the binding and other operations18:15
bh526r_All SDN controllers can monitor etcd, and handle the same port binding operation. But only the one that attaches to the VM can handle the virtual interface.18:15
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting18:16
*** dmorita has quit IRC18:16
bh526r_It is up to the data objects from Orchestrator to specify one or multiple entities so that one Gluon port could be potentially bound to multiple SDN controllers, e.g. one SDN controller controlling VFs, and the other SDN controller controlling PFs.18:16
bh526r_So it is the same model as HPB18:17
*** acoles is now known as acoles_18:18
bh526r_#info We also reviewed otustanding patches, and new patches from Kamal in terms of examples of policy.json18:18
bh526r_#info all patches were approved18:19
bh526r_Jin - one patch had verified-1, could you give some hints?18:19
jinliHi Bin, is it the one you email me?18:20
jinliI am checking it now18:20
jinliwill let you know by the end of day18:20
*** armstrong has joined #openstack-meeting18:20
*** fbo has quit IRC18:21
bh526r_For 430450, you already rechecked it18:21
*** zara_the_lemur__ has joined #openstack-meeting18:22
bh526r_Let me know what happened then. Thank you Jin18:22
jinli430450 works18:22
bh526r_It works now, but failed gate jobs yesterday with error messages that I sent you in the email18:22
jinliright, will double check18:23
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting18:23
jinlithe test_as_dict failure cause by one of my test case18:23
bh526r_Thank you.18:24
bh526r_I see. Also my local tox failed with py35 after I pull most recent repo18:24
bh526r_details in my email.18:25
*** dmorita_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
bh526r_Let me know after you look into it today18:25
*** aloga_ has quit IRC18:25
bh526r_Thank you18:26
bh526r_#topic Ocata Task Update18:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Ocata Task Update (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:27
bh526r_#info All completed tasks will be part of deliverables18:28
bh526r_#info Synchronization operation etc. will be deferred to later (Ocata SR or Pike), because Ian needs more time to think through the code, and Sukhdev also indicated scalability consideration18:29
bh526r_#info Installer support will be deferred too because it needs more time to complete relevant modules in different installers18:30
*** georgk has quit IRC18:31
bh526r_#info Manual Installation Guide, and some documentation will be provided.18:31
*** rasca has quit IRC18:31
bh526r_#topic Patch Status Update18:31
*** openstack changes topic to "Patch Status Update (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:31
bh526r_#info All are approved and merged18:33
bh526r_Kamil do you feel the installation guide in in your patch good enough for manual install Contrail Mechanism Driver?18:34
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
krenczewskiI think yes18:34
*** Kevin_Zheng has quit IRC18:35
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC18:35
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*** larainema has quit IRC18:35
krenczewskiBut it assumes that Contrail is installed18:35
*** kmARC has quit IRC18:35
*** kozhukalov has quit IRC18:35
*** SWDevAngel__ has quit IRC18:35
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krenczewskiI'll review it once more18:35
krenczewskibecause I didn't touch this for some time since I started to work on fuel and devstack plugin18:36
bh526r_Good. This is because when I read it, the first part of "Plugin" only says: Plugin ------ Plugin code is available here:
bh526r_Then it jumped to Dependencies18:36
krenczewskithat is because this repository contrain it's own readme file18:37
*** meteorfox has quit IRC18:37
*** patrickeast has quit IRC18:37
*** DuncanT has quit IRC18:37
*** izaakk has quit IRC18:37
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*** zaro has quit IRC18:37
*** ildikov has quit IRC18:37
krenczewskiand I didn't wanted to maintain two separate manual instructions18:37
bh526r_I see, the we need to follow the instructions in your own repo18:37
bh526r_That's right.18:38
krenczewskiI think this is the best way18:38
*** padkrish has quit IRC18:38
krenczewskiI'll try to emphasize this and re-submit a patch18:39
bh526r_Perhaps adding one sentence at the end of "Plugin" section, indicating "Please follow the instruction in that repo to install Contrail Mechanism Driver" or something like that18:39
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC18:39
bh526r_Then it will be crystal clear to users.18:39
bh526r_That's all from my side.18:40
bh526r_Anything else you want to discuss?18:40
krenczewskiI think that is all18:41
bh526r_Thank you Kamil18:41
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
bh526r_Anyone else has AOB?18:41
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC18:42
bh526r_If no, we can give back everyone 18 minutes18:42
bh526r_#info Meeting Adjourned18:42
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:42
openstackMeeting ended Wed Feb  8 18:42:44 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)18:42
openstackMinutes (text):
*** jkilpatr has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
bh526r_Thank you everyone and bye all18:42
*** bh526r_ has quit IRC18:43
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*** ameade has quit IRC18:45
*** fdegir has quit IRC18:45
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting18:46
*** sambetts is now known as sambetts|afk18:47
*** zara_the_lemur__ has joined #openstack-meeting18:49
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom18:52
*** mriedem1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:52
*** mriedem has quit IRC18:53
*** s3wong has joined #openstack-meeting18:53
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting18:54
*** armstrong has quit IRC18:56
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:57
*** ihrachys_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
zara_the_lemur__anyone about for the StoryBoard weekly meeting?19:00
*** ihrachys has quit IRC19:00
* zara_the_lemur__ will give it a couple of minutes19:01
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, yes ma'am :)19:01
*** armstrong has joined #openstack-meeting19:01
zara_the_lemur__hi, diablo_rojo!19:01
diablo_rojoParty time19:01
zara_the_lemur__#startmeeting storyboard19:01
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zara_the_lemur__#topic Announcements19:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:02
zara_the_lemur__None of which I'm aware19:02
zara_the_lemur__#topic Urgent Items19:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Urgent Items (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:02
zara_the_lemur__anyone want to flag anything?19:02
zara_the_lemur__okay, moving on!19:03
zara_the_lemur__#topic in-progress work19:03
*** openstack changes topic to "in-progress work (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:03
diablo_rojoMy attention span to work on the migration of of branched items has been a bit of a roadblock.19:03
diablo_rojoBut I am trying.19:03
SotKI'm afraid my week ended up busier than expected and I've also not made much meaningful progress on the migration scripts either19:04
*** mriedem1 is now known as mriedem19:04
zara_the_lemur__I've been having a bit of a strange week, investigating how far storyboard can be abstracted from its current db framework. so I've been generally around but not able to focus on migration things.19:04
zara_the_lemur__otoh I suddenly have way more knowledge of both sql and how the storyboard backend fits together19:04
diablo_rojoSotK, you one patch looked good to me. What was your concern?19:04
zara_the_lemur__which should come in useful19:04
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, thats good news :)19:05
SotKI've been trying to figure out a bug where sometimes users get created with a fake openid url because the script fails to find their real one, after hitting a bug where the script also can try to create duplicate users for some reason19:06
zara_the_lemur__diablo_rojo: :) I've also been chipping away at that blogpost and hope to have something done by tonight and up by tomorrow19:06
*** armstrong has quit IRC19:06
zara_the_lemur__I figure if I say that it will make me finish it19:06
fungigiven sb is already using an orm and oslo.db, hopefully there's not a lot to generalize to run with additional database backends?19:06
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, woot woot! If you want me to look it over, let me know.19:07
zara_the_lemur__fungi: we have some mysql-specific things; I started with postgres because I figured that'd be the best way to find them, so it's possible some things I've looked at are actually just postgres quirks...19:07
fungihave any examples? there's a wip change for it, right?19:08
fungipretty sure i saw one skitter through the channel earlier today19:08
zara_the_lemur__fungi: yeah, I'll get the link, hang on :)19:08
*** cdub_ has quit IRC19:08
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting19:08
zara_the_lemur__I deleted all the db migrations and made a fresh one because there was a problem with 018 that baffled me19:09
*** chris_morrell has quit IRC19:10
fungirecasting some fields to enum type i guess19:10
zara_the_lemur__SO MANY19:10
zara_the_lemur__(it wasn't really *that* many, just felt like it)19:11
zara_the_lemur__if nothing else this should make it easier for me to get features into storyboard in the future since I'll have a better idea what's going on19:11
*** artom_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:11
fungiseems like that could become a wrapper function or decorator or something. i wonder how other projects are doing that19:11
zara_the_lemur__my conceptual model for how the database communicated with the API was much woollier this time last week19:11
*** artom has quit IRC19:12
zara_the_lemur__yeah, there may actually be examples in historic storyboard code19:12
zara_the_lemur__since we used to support it19:12
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting19:13
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting19:13
*** ijw has quit IRC19:13
zara_the_lemur__(I've also done a little review this week, though not very much, but it's a good week to catch me for review)19:14
zara_the_lemur__oh, this also might be interesting as a demonstration of what a relatively small project would need to do to simultaneously support postgres and mysql, so if people ask after that support elsewhere, it might be something useful to point people at19:16
zara_the_lemur__(once I have the wip in a form where both *are* supported, anyway)19:16
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting19:16
zara_the_lemur__'this is the kind of thing you would need to commit to doing if you want that support'19:17
*** amitry has joined #openstack-meeting19:17
diablo_rojoI am rededicating myself to reviews this week and next week.19:18
zara_the_lemur__anyone else have anything in-progress? otherwise I'll move on to open discussion!19:19
zara_the_lemur__#topic Open Discussion19:20
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:20
zara_the_lemur__I think this is our new record :)19:20
diablo_rojoIt would be really great if we could be close to getting monasca over by the PTG.19:20
zara_the_lemur__yeah, do you reckon we're blocked on that, SotK?19:20
*** zhhuabj has joined #openstack-meeting19:21
diablo_rojoI know that means I gotta get it together with he branched stuff.19:21
diablo_rojoMy goal is to get that done by the EOD Friday so we can get it tested and merged next week.19:21
diablo_rojoSound reasonable?19:21
*** vishnoianil has quit IRC19:21
* diablo_rojo says the plan out loud so maybe it will happen- just like zara_the_lemur__ 19:22
zara_the_lemur__I think so, I should be able to commit to testing stuff next week19:22
zara_the_lemur__if it turns out I can commit to more than that, then it might be worth me taking responsibility for more of the migration19:22
zara_the_lemur__though I don't think I'll know until tomorrow if that's possible19:22
SotKcertainly seems doable19:23
*** jraim has joined #openstack-meeting19:23
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, That's fine :) Finish the blog post first I think and then figure out whats next.19:23
*** padkrish has quit IRC19:24
*** erlon has joined #openstack-meeting19:25
*** julim has quit IRC19:25
*** etoews has joined #openstack-meeting19:26
diablo_rojoSotK, what are you looking at this weekish?19:26
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
*** simonmcc has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
*** mmalik4 has joined #openstack-meeting19:27
zara_the_lemur__I think he's travelling atm so may have a not-great connection19:27
*** artom_ has quit IRC19:28
*** artom has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
SotKhopefully I can get the user bug fixed, and then the "some weird characters break story description rendering if they are imported" bug19:29
SotKchanging priority to set a tag rather than a priority should be trivial19:30
zara_the_lemur__have you written a story up anywhere with current status?19:30
SotKI don't think so, I can do so after19:30
zara_the_lemur__yay, thanks, please do, that way I can take a look if I *do* get some time.19:30
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck19:30
fungisounds great19:31
*** rajinir_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
*** DuncanT has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
*** serverascode has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
*** alraddarla has left #openstack-meeting19:31
zara_the_lemur__(I guess the downside is that if I do, I'll just ask a ton of questions and then you'll wind up working on it anyway...)19:31
zara_the_lemur__but there's always /ignore!19:32
persiaThat is a big stick19:32
*** ameade has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, lol I am trying not to do that very thing with the migration handling of branches19:33
*** kozhukalov has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
zara_the_lemur__though please feel free to ask about things in #storyboard!19:35
*** pvaneck has joined #openstack-meeting19:35
*** DuncanT has quit IRC19:35
SotKI am normally open to answering tons of questions :)19:35
zara_the_lemur__I basically talk to myself all day asking things and sometimes people drop in and give me a pointer19:35
zara_the_lemur__so there isn't pressure associated with asking a question19:36
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
zara_the_lemur__or being asked a question19:37
*** sballe_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
*** zxiiro has joined #openstack-meeting19:37
zara_the_lemur__anyone else have any discussion topics?19:39
*** adrianofr_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
funginot i19:39
*** ildikov has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
*** sridhar_ram has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
zara_the_lemur__okay, meeting ends in...19:39
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:40
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openstackMinutes (text):
zara_the_lemur__as always, feel free to come chat in #storyboard if you wanted to cover something and we missed it!19:40
zara_the_lemur__and thanks everyone!19:40
SotKthanks zara_the_lemur__19:42
*** larainema has joined #openstack-meeting19:42
*** fdegir has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
*** Kevin_Zheng has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
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*** scottda has joined #openstack-meeting19:44
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*** RuiChen has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
*** ogelbukh has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
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*** lin_yang has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
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*** sacharya has joined #openstack-meeting19:48
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*** tdurakov has joined #openstack-meeting19:59
ekhugen_alt#startmeeting wos-mentoring20:00
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*** rpodolyaka has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** vdrok has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
ekhugen_althi, who's here for the mentoring meeting?20:00
*** Hosam has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
*** nicole has joined #openstack-meeting20:01
*** ildikov_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:01
* zara_the_lemur__ lurks20:01
ekhugen_althi, sorry if I'm slow typing today, I have a bandaged finger20:01
*** ildikov has quit IRC20:01
*** ildikov_ is now known as ildikov20:01
*** mriedem has quit IRC20:02
*** tommylikehu_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
MeganRoh no!20:02
nicoleyikes -- sorry to hear that, emily!20:02
*** dlundquist has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
*** francoblanco has joined #openstack-meeting20:02
ekhugen_altaww, thanks, just 9 days until I get the stitches out!20:02
*** aimeeu has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
MeganRstitches, yikes20:03
*** nikhil has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
ekhugen_altjust 6, not major20:03
diablo_rojoHello :)20:03
MeganRnot minor either  :)20:03
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting20:03
*** arxcruz has quit IRC20:03
ekhugen_alt#topic boston planning20:04
*** openstack changes topic to "boston planning (Meeting topic: wos-mentoring)"20:04
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting20:04
ekhugen_altSo where we we with the speed mentoring planning?20:04
*** electrofelix has quit IRC20:04
*** apetrich has quit IRC20:05
*** TheJulia has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
nicolenot sure if it's too early to ask for volunteers as greeters?20:05
*** patrickeast has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
MeganRI will be there - and happy to help however needed20:05
*** apetrich has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
*** edtubill has joined #openstack-meeting20:05
ekhugen_altnicole, I don't think so, I've heard from a few people20:06
*** johnsom has joined #openstack-meeting20:06
MeganRand there were a couple of people on the Women of OpenStack Monday meeting that volunteered as well.20:06
*** edtubill has left #openstack-meeting20:06
nicoleoh, cool. i wasn't able to join monday's call -- i'll listen to the recording.20:06
*** tommylikehu_ has quit IRC20:06
*** jprovazn has quit IRC20:07
ekhugen_altI think I have 4-5 interested so far20:07
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting20:07
ekhugen_altwe were talking about getting together a call for mentors for the beginning of march20:07
*** izaakk has joined #openstack-meeting20:07
*** vishnoianil has joined #openstack-meeting20:08
nicolethat'd be great, to make sure the mentors are prepped.20:08
ekhugen_altand we talked about doing a short survey on the RSVP for speed mentoring, diablo_rojo I think you were going to ask Erin about that?20:08
*** donghao has quit IRC20:09
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting20:09
nicoleyes, we were going to ask for their top 3 questions so that we can devise a list of discussion questions in advance.20:09
diablo_rojoekhugen_alt, Yeah basically just let us know what you need and we can make the survey and send it out.20:10
*** cargonza has joined #openstack-meeting20:10
diablo_rojowhat you need question wise20:11
*** macsz has joined #openstack-meeting20:11
nicolegreat, thanks <diablo_rojo>20:11
ekhugen_altI think we wanted to ask what mentee's top 3 questions were for mentors20:11
*** aslezil__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:11
ekhugen_altand then what kind of mentoring they were interested in (career/technical)20:11
diablo_rojoPretty simple then20:11
ekhugen_altanything else I'm missing?20:11
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting20:11
*** knangia has joined #openstack-meeting20:11
*** amit213 has joined #openstack-meeting20:11
nicoleyep, so that we can determine career/technical plus areas of interest20:12
knangiaHi everyone20:12
*** morgan has joined #openstack-meeting20:12
ekhugen_altwelcome knangia!20:12
nicoleso, perhaps ask: what kind of mentoring they're interested in (career/technical) and then their top 3 questions.20:12
knangiathanks ekhugen_alt !20:13
*** AndyWojo has joined #openstack-meeting20:13
ekhugen_altnicole +120:13
*** janonymous has joined #openstack-meeting20:14
*** dasanind has joined #openstack-meeting20:14
*** zaro has joined #openstack-meeting20:14
*** csatari has joined #openstack-meeting20:15
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-meeting20:15
*** rfolco has quit IRC20:16
*** asingh_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** kamal___ has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** SWDevAngel__ has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** chris_morrell has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** sindhu has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** gmann has joined #openstack-meeting20:16
*** aslezil__ is now known as aslezil20:17
ekhugen_altso what else do we need to work on for speed mentoring?20:18
nicoledid we bottom out on whether or not we would start the rotations earlier?20:18
nicolewe talked about starting them on time, and integrating stragglers as they arrive.20:18
diablo_rojoWe are planning on getting the mentors locked down soon after the PTG right?20:18
*** hogepodge has joined #openstack-meeting20:19
nicolei think so. we need to make sure they're prepped -- per input from last time around.20:19
*** kmARC has joined #openstack-meeting20:19
ekhugen_altright, we're going to put the call for mentors out march 120:19
knangiasorry joined late, can you please explain the idea of speed mentoring or how we can volunteer ?20:20
*** arxcruz has joined #openstack-meeting20:20
ekhugen_altand I think nicole that we didn't decide how many rotations we'll have20:20
*** david-lyle has quit IRC20:20
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting20:21
*** spzala has quit IRC20:21
nicolei think we had 2 15-min rotations in barcelona?20:21
ekhugen_altknangia, basically we're having people talk to mentors in small groups for a short amount of time, and then the mentors rotate around the room20:21
nicoleif we can start on time, we may be able to fit more in?20:21
ekhugen_altso over breakfast you should get to talk to 2-3 different mentors with different areas of expertise, to ask questions and get to know people20:22
knangiaand who are the mentors ?20:22
MeganRknangia: it is also split between Career and Technical groups20:22
ekhugen_altthe mentors are people from the community who volunteer20:22
*** jungleboyj has joined #openstack-meeting20:23
nicoleand we're asking for mentees' top 3 questions via a survey to develop a list of discussion questions in advance20:23
knangiagot it !20:23
knangialooking forward to volunteer for the sessions20:23
ekhugen_altso in austin we had 10 minute rotations, but those were too short20:25
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting20:25
ekhugen_altso in barcelona we had 15 minute rotations, but so few people showed up on time, we had to cut a whole rotation20:25
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC20:25
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting20:25
ekhugen_alt2 rotations didn't really seem like enough, did anyone else feel that way?20:26
MeganRI heard feedback along those lines20:26
*** kong has joined #openstack-meeting20:26
MeganRHowever, you are right about needing to start on time, no matter if people come late - too nice in Barcelona  :)20:27
spotzjoining late as usual:)20:27
ekhugen_altso do we want to try 10 minute ones again?20:27
*** padkrish has quit IRC20:27
*** chris_morrell has quit IRC20:27
nicoleif we start on time, it seems like we should have time for 3 15-min rotations.20:28
*** kong has left #openstack-meeting20:28
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack-meeting20:28
nicoleis 3 rotations enough? does 15 mins work?20:28
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting20:28
ekhugen_altI think 3 rotations is kind of the  minimum, do we want to make them 12 minutes to give more switching time?20:29
spotz15 minutes would allow for a bit of settling after rotations20:29
spotzOr what ekhugen_alt said:)20:30
nicole12 mins sounds like a good compromise :)20:30
MeganRI think 12 min works20:31
*** chris_morrell has joined #openstack-meeting20:31
*** nadya has quit IRC20:31
knangiai didn't attend them before, but as explained, 12 mins sounds  good20:31
ekhugen_altokay, that sounds reasonable, and we'll give maybe 2 minutes in between for switching?20:32
MeganRthat is a good idea20:32
MeganRhappy to help "cat herd"20:33
nicolequestion about the list of discussion questions we'll prepare in advance ...20:33
nicolewe can use this list to prep the mentors during the pre-meeting. there was discussion around using the questions during the rotations & calling time on each. thoughts?20:34
nicoleif we do this, we'll need to do this for both tracks -- career & technical.20:35
nicolei think it may help keep us on track/manage the time.20:35
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting20:36
spotzHave one set of questions for career and one for technical, but if we're swapping tables maybe have a set of questions only for that table?20:37
diablo_rojonicole, +120:37
diablo_rojoha ha sorry20:37
spotzNo love!:)20:37
diablo_rojoI think it would be better to have the same questions for all the tables, rather than table specific questions.20:38
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting20:38
diablo_rojoAside frm the career and technical ones being different20:38
spotzMy only concern is asking the same thing over and over20:38
*** powerd has quit IRC20:39
nicolei'm not sure it would get repetitive ...20:39
diablo_rojospotz, I totally get that. I was thinking the same questions becuase I might want to hear the same questions across a few people to get different opinions.20:40
diablo_rojojust a thought :)20:40
nicolei like the idea of having a set of discussion questions, one each for career & technical ...20:40
diablo_rojoFeel free to overrule me :)20:40
diablo_rojonicole, +120:40
nicolethe mentors will all have different answers to the questions ...20:40
nicoleand we won't repeat any of the questions.20:40
spotzSo it's questions for the mentors vs mentees? Ok I'm down with that20:41
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC20:41
*** zhangshuai has quit IRC20:42
*** zhangshuai has joined #openstack-meeting20:42
*** pcaruana has quit IRC20:43
*** eharney has quit IRC20:44
nicoleyes, it's questions that the mentees have provided to us (through a survey) that the mentors respond to during the session.20:44
spotzI thought the other way, definitely good with that:)20:44
nicoleand if we can develop the list (from the survey) prior to the prep meeting with the mentors, then the mentors will have time to prepare & craft thoughtful answers.20:45
knangianicole: +120:45
nicoledoes anyone know if anne mccormick submitted the mentee/mentor session where they share their experiences?20:47
ekhugen_altyes, she did, sorry there's a visitor in my office20:48
*** ndahiwade has joined #openstack-meeting20:48
nicolei'm planning to meet with heidi joy in the next couple of weeks, and i'd like to include the idea around telling mentee/mentor stories through brief video clips.20:49
MeganRgreat idea!20:49
nicolei'm thinking we may able to line these up for filming in boston.20:49
spotznicole it's there20:49
diablo_rojo_phonLove that idea :)20:50
knangianicole:  great idea +120:50
*** padkrish has quit IRC20:52
ekhugen_altnicole +120:52
*** Dmitrii-Sh has quit IRC20:53
*** sdake has joined #openstack-meeting20:54
ekhugen_altsorry, any other topics?20:55
*** timburke has joined #openstack-meeting20:55
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC20:56
nicolenot from my end. i think we have some great clarity coming out of this meeting. thanks!20:56
ekhugen_altokay, thanks everyone!20:57
*** m_kazuhiro has joined #openstack-meeting20:57
ekhugen_altsorry, the project manager camped out in my office and yelled at me for 30 minutes20:57
MeganRSorry Emily - that is no fun20:57
nicoleyikes, sorry to hear that!20:57
MeganRI don't have anything to add20:57
*** sdake_ has quit IRC20:58
* ekhugen_alt thinks it's just not her day20:58
*** rbak has quit IRC20:58
ekhugen_altbut it sounds like we have some great ideas, next meeting 3/1?20:58
*** krenczewski has quit IRC20:58
ekhugen_altsince we probably don't want to meet 2/22?20:58
*** kota_ has joined #openstack-meeting20:58
*** rbak has joined #openstack-meeting20:58
nicolesounds good!20:59
*** jrichli has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
ekhugen_altokay,, cool20:59
ekhugen_altthanks everyone20:59
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nicolethanks! :)20:59
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*** mmotiani1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmynameswift meeting time21:00
notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
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notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:00
*** gman-tx has quit IRC21:00
claygPARTY TIME21:01
notmynamewelcome, everyone21:01
notmynameagenda this week is at...21:01
notmynamesure would be nice to be able to do #links inline21:02
*** acoles_ is now known as acoles21:02
notmyname#topic PTG21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG (Meeting topic: swift)"21:02
notmynamelet's talk PTG to start with21:02
notmynamewe've got a week and a half before the PTG in atlanta21:02
*** joeljwright1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
notmynamethe etherpad is coming along nicely21:02
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
notmynameso please continue to add stuff there (topics and details on existing topics)21:03
claygyeah that's looking good folks!21:03
*** padkrish has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
joeljwright1looks like I'm gonna miss out on some great discussions21:03
notmynameas I've mentioned before, the plan at the PTG is to be very similar to previous in-person events: we'll move tables and have several conversations going on at once21:03
notmynameso next week I will start grouping some of the topics together to make sure some of the big stuff avoids overlaps21:04
*** VW__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:04
notmynamejoeljwright1: you will be missed21:04
*** VW_ has quit IRC21:04
notmynameand joeljwright1's comment reminds me of one more thing...21:04
notmynameI'm told that those of us attending the PTG will be getting a ticket to the boston summit (ie instead of a free ticket based on code contributions)21:05
*** VW__ has quit IRC21:05
*** sacharya_ has quit IRC21:05
notmynameso, is there anyone here who is thinking they might be attending the boston summit but who will *not* be attending the PTG in atlanta?21:05
notmynameif so, I have one ticket that I can give out21:05
notmynameso please speak up21:06
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
*** sacharya has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
*** VW_ has quit IRC21:06
*** VW has quit IRC21:06
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting21:06
notmynameok :-)21:07
mattoliverauI guess people may not know if they can go yet21:07
notmynameany other question about the PTG before we move on to the next topic?21:07
claygnotmyname: will the PTG be awesome?21:07
mattoliverauit will be what we make it :)21:08
notmynameall in-person meetings of swift contributors are awesome21:08
notmyname#topic release21:08
*** openstack changes topic to "release (Meeting topic: swift)"21:08
notmynamewe're getting close to the ocata release date21:08
notmynameI have started taking a look at the changelog updates21:08
notmynameand I expect to be able to propose that early next week21:09
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC21:09
*** VW has quit IRC21:09
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
notmynameso... if it's gonna be in the release, it needs to land soon21:09
notmynamethere are no critical priority open bugs in LP21:09
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
notmynameso let's talk about the stuff on the priority reviews page21:09
notmynameclayg: what about
notmynameyou've moved it to WIP21:10
notmynameis there a differnet patch?21:10
claygso i cherry picked that change for my release - so i'm not under the gun anymore21:10
claygkota_: and others had some good thoughts for some direction we might evolve that patch21:10
*** torgomatic has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
claygi wanted to get some feedback from ops to test my experience - happy to be a unique snowflake - i think there's room for compromise21:11
claygany ops in the room?  ahale onovy briancline - who else?21:11
claygmaybe cschwede_21:11
claygbasically "how do you use handoffs_first for replication"21:11
*** zara_the_lemur__ has left #openstack-meeting21:12
claygIME, you turn it on when when you rebalance is going to slow and monitoring handoff parts closely21:12
claygwe do all that work to warn you that it's on because its "a bad thing" to leave it running21:12
cschwede_turn it on if you're running out of space and add new disks, turn it off if things settled down...21:12
claygso I haven't really had so much of a *problem* with replicated policies dropping back into sync mode after they finish their handoffs21:12
claygbut I do feel like it's not efficient - esp when I'm adding new nodes21:13
claygsome nodes will start making nodes do suffix hashing before i'm really done with my "pushing out handoffs" from the cluster wide perspective21:13
claygwhen we first started talking about making handoffs_first work better for rebalance (because ust sorting the list didn't really work in the face of failures)21:13
claygeveryone agreed we wnated handoffs_only - but then I wrote handoffs_first++ and it's more or less worked out21:14
*** jdurgin has quit IRC21:14
claygbut I'm backing off that idea for EC - because IME with these patches in a EC reblance that was way off the rails - I really really really didn't want to go back to syncing21:14
clayga sync is much more expensive in EC land than in replicated - so that's the main driver for the difference21:14
*** julim has quit IRC21:15
clayg... but there's a consistency issue ... what's easier for ops?  do other people have replicated and ec policies?21:15
*** askb has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
claygI really want handoffs_only for EC and that's what's implemented21:15
claygi'm probably going to "deprecate" the broken EC handoffs_first mode and just call it handoffs_only - maybe i'll honor the old config setting for bckwards compat!?21:16
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC21:16
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
clayganyone have any opions21:16
*** mmotiani2 has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
notmynameyeah, honoring the old setting is good. redefine it to handoffs_only21:16
notmynameIMO you make a good case for handoffs_only over handoffs_first21:16
cschwede_+1. sounds reasonable to me21:16
notmynamekota_: you had comments in gerrit about this21:16
notmynamekota_: what do you think?21:17
kota_i support that idea to add handoff_only thinking of the efficiency of reconstruct21:17
kota_notmyname: just was typing ;-)21:17
jrichliI am with you on this idea.  change to handoffs_only for EC and honor old cfg21:17
notmynamekota_: thanks :-)21:17
claygand for the replicator?  is good for the goose good for the gander?  or do we leave well enough alone?21:17
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck21:18
jrichlithat is a harder question, only because it changes an existing behavior.  but hopefully just for the better.  like default is now fast-post.21:18
mattoliverauthere was a note on the last ops feedback session about always trying to prioritise reverts over sync.. which make sense.. I know this has nothing to do with handoffs_only but do we still need to visit the idea of handoff_first in normal operation, or at least a better implementation of it?21:18
*** mmotiani1 has quit IRC21:18
claygit's super trival to make handoffs_first handoffs_only in the replicator - and my experience and consumption of the option leads me to believe that's what i want21:18
kota_for the replicator, i think it's nice to have but I'm still thinking of how it works with global cluster use case.21:19
cschwede_i need to think more about that and test things with the replicator. sounds like a topic for the PTG?21:19
claygmattoliverau: yes - I think the whole engine (replicated & EC) needs to self manage prioritization of rebalance vs sync automatically21:19
cschwede_or is there any urgent reason to include it in the next release? i mean the replicator change21:19
clayghaving ops flip into rebalance mode - then push rings - then after reblance - switch back to sync mode - is annoying/stupid21:19
notmynameI kinda like the conceptual simplicity of handoffs_only vs handoffs_first. _first is a reordering and still tries to do a lot. _only is what I want! I have a problem and need to get handoffs off the drive, so do the handoffs_only. seems easier to document, therefore easier to grok, therefore *maybe* better21:20
clayglike I said - EC rebalance is screwed - I needed handoffs_only for EC - i wrote it and included in my release - this only effects people not doing SwiftStack21:20
notmynameok, so let's tackle the replicator question later21:20
cschwede_notmyname: that's true (the easier part)21:21
*** eric_young has quit IRC21:21
notmynamefor now, the important question is does patch need to land for this release or should it wait?21:21
claygnotmyname: ok - so i'll respin the EC patch to name the option _only - and honor _first for backwards compat with a warning (you said _first - you get _only)21:21
claygthen we'll maybe support handoffs_only in the replicator21:21
*** briancline has joined #openstack-meeting21:21
claygis that really less confusing?21:21
notmynamehey, briancline just joined21:21
brianclinefirst things first: i didn't do it21:22
*** mmotiani_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
claygnotmyname: ah... i think if you're doing EC rebalance at scale you want something that lets you prioritize rebalance (revert) in a meaningful way21:22
*** matrohon has quit IRC21:22
claygbriancline: I just have the strong opinion "no one" runs with handoffs_first mode turned on after the rebalance21:23
claygif you have it on - you know it - and want to turn it off as soon as the fire goes out21:23
claygfor EC I need it to be a more agressive handoffs_only mode for "reasons" - there's some support that the same reasoning would apply to repicated21:23
claygbasically replicated handoffs_first tends to start introducing update/suffix-sync jobs into the cluster maybe before all of the updated_deleted/handoffs-revert/rebalance jobs have finished on all the nodes21:24
claygand it might be better if those nodes that finish all their handoffs just cool their heels21:24
claygrather than spinning up a bunch more jobs and slowing everyone down21:24
claygbut the risk is "what if you forget to turn it off and don't sync"21:24
claygso... if you have anything to say on that - that's the topic21:25
claygnotmyname: but I think we already agreed waht happens with patch 42549321:25
brianclineafter a crisis-induced rebalance? yeah, i definitely would not want it on after a fire is out21:25
notmynameon the one hand, I want swift to "just work" over time and do the right thing. on the other hand, supporting "I wasn't paying attention and things broke" doesn't seem like a good idea?21:26
claygand if i can respin and get reviews it'll land - if not - EC rebalance at scale is probably a timebomb for another release21:26
mattoliveraumaybe this will be like part-power increase. step 1 lets have the mechanics. step 2 add more automation.21:26
claygmattoliverau: ++^21:26
claygmattoliverau: in my situation - i'm very interested in making ec reconstruction magic - but having a leaver to throw when shit hits the fan was step 021:27
claygso along that reasoning maybe replication is fine21:27
claygit has other advantages that make handoffs_only less *needed*21:27
notmynameso clayg will attempt to respin to be handoffs_only and then we'll review and hope for it in the next release21:27
claygonly last question is confusion and differences in the options and behavior between the two deamons21:28
claygnotmyname: that sounds like the right plan21:28
claygsorry to take up so much time21:28
*** powerd has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
kota_I'll be able to circleback if handoffs_only get into that21:28
claygsounds like everyone understand's why the patch implemented handoffs_only and why that's a good thing for EC21:28
notmynameno worries. good conversation21:28
claygonly questions left are about future work21:28
brianclinere-reading, i'm not sure i know what handoffs-revert above is in reference to, but i agree on the sentiments about using that option21:28
*** sacharya_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
notmynamebriancline: copying the fragments to the right place instead of recreating them via the EC math21:29
*** MeganR has quit IRC21:29
claygnotmyname: don't forget all the extra read IO to gather the k frags too!21:29
*** sacharya has quit IRC21:29
notmynameyes. EC math + lots of other terrible21:29
notmynameok, I think we're good on this patch for this meeting21:30
notmynameother stuff for the release21:30
brianclineoh, wow. yeah21:30
notmynamewe've been tracking and reviewing the part power increase from cschwede_21:30
notmynamecschwede_: where are we? how's it going? what's next? should it land in the release?21:30
mattoliverauI saw some more comments on it, and cschwede_ has raised a new patchset, so I'll take a look at it today21:31
mattoliveraunow that I'm back from vacation21:31
notmynameand timburke has a +2 on it already21:31
cschwede_i hope it lands... got some good feedback so far, and i think usability improved a lot in the last 1 or 2 weeks, thanks to the reviews21:31
notmynameso that sounds like it's likely to be in the release21:31
mattoliverauwe'll make it fit ;)21:31
notmynamejsut to ask the hard questions (since it's easier before landing it than after)...21:33
*** jungleboyj has quit IRC21:33
notmyname*should* it land in this release? are there any big concerns about the impact?21:33
notmynameI'm not implying it shouldn't, but I want to make sure we're ok with landing this a week before ocata21:34
notmyname(also i'm going to ask the same question about the global ec patch, so get ready kota_ ;-)21:34
*** ansmith has quit IRC21:34
claygi always like landing big stuff right *after* the release - I feel like that worked well for encryption21:34
claygI feel like with EC we found some sad stuff right *after* it hit master21:34
cschwede_well - that's up to all reviewers, isn't it? i'm biased obviously ;)21:35
notmynamehowever, this one has been discussed for a long time21:35
kota_notmyname: probably it's not big impact but I'm worried a bit the increase part power looks conflicted with mine21:35
claygbut there's lots of "pressure" out there21:35
tdasilvai'm seeing a probe test failure with that one atm21:35
claygI'm acctually done with my release already - I feel master + the EC handoffs_only mode are a great release21:35
tdasilvaso i'd like to understand why...21:35
claygwe got the suffix hashing fix - bunch of other good stuff21:35
cschwede_if there are concerns, postpone it and discuss at the PTG21:35
acolestdasilva: with which, global EC or part power?21:35
tdasilvapart power21:36
notmynameclayg: ok it's not like we won't have a great release if we don't land either one of these. just easier to ask now instead of later21:36
claygcschwede_: we can totally think "this should be on master" - and have a different opinon about "this should be in a situation to recieve/require backports"21:36
claygwe're learning a bit about how to manage longer lived releases21:36
notmynameyeah, good point clayg. stuff that goes into this release will have backports for a year21:36
claygnotmyname: I think it's a great point!  I hope I can keep a cool/level head next time it's my big feature that's about to go in weeks before an openstack release21:37
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
notmynamebut historically, backports aren't a huge burden for us21:37
claygnotmyname:  I think we mostly just keep people up with master21:37
notmynameI just want to make sure we're comfortable with it and that someone isn't able to say "well I thought this was terrible and rushed in"21:38
claygafter the PTG i'm working on our LTS strategy for swift releases - so I may thinking about and complaining about backports more21:38
tdasilvanotmyname: i'm afraid they will become more and more (at least to red hat)21:38
notmynametdasilva: joys of getting older ;-)21:38
claygah - afaik people that have looked at it like it a lot :D21:38
cschwede_well, more eyes won't hurt. and if there are concerns we should discuss them, maybe at the PTG if it's too close to the release21:39
notmynameyeah, from what I can tell, it's a good design, it's been thoroughly reviewed, and it's had a lot of the bad beaten out of it21:39
notmynameso unless there's a "no! stop everything I've got a big issue", then we should plan on merging it based on mattoliverau's final review21:39
clayglast chance for someone to have a rush of conscience and save us all from our optimistic selfs?21:39
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
notmynameok, now let's have the same exact discussion about kota_'s global ec patch
claygnotmyname: i guess tdasilva is still looking at thing with probetests?21:40
notmynamekota_: first up, what's the status?21:40
notmynameclayg: tdasilva: ah yes21:41
*** mmotian__ has joined #openstack-meeting21:41
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC21:41
kota_notmyname: i had great feedback from clayg and I'm filling small bits it should be addressed in the patch, mainly unittests for reconstructor and thought or quorum number21:42
kota_and it looks like acoles leaves comments21:42
kota_while I was asleep21:42
notmynamehave you had a chance to look at his -1 yet?21:42
kota_not yet check out21:42
notmynameah. sleep. seems like a bad habit ;-)21:42
acoleskota_: sorry it took me so long to get to reviewing it21:42
*** padkrish has quit IRC21:43
kota_so i'm planning I will push a new patch set to address both clayg's annd acoles's comments today21:43
notmynamekota_: you said it will (likely?) conflict with the part power patch?21:43
kota_acoles: no worries and thanks! it looks great idea21:43
claygi'm going to continue to advocate this is very much something we want.  something we should land on master.  something that is important to the direction of the project that should.   and good to merge duplication support ahead of other needed features for global-ec21:43
kota_notmyname: yup21:43
kota_notmyname: gerrit says21:43
notmynameanyone want to fight clay on how awesome this replicated ec idea is? ;-)21:44
kota_notmyname: i didn't see in detail yet, I'll try to look at if I have more time after addressing the comments21:44
clayg... but there is little reason to include this change in octocat - it's not a deliverable feature - you can *use* it to run a global ec cluster - you can *play* with it (and maybe a few other hacks) to *test* (and hopefully validate) our current thinking on how swift should approach global-ec21:44
*** mmotiani_ has quit IRC21:44
claygI want to land it before the PTG so we can talk about next steps21:44
notmynameclayg: so to summarize your position, it's a great idea but not a release blocker (nor is a great marketing thing in a release [and that matters])21:45
kota_clayg: +121:45
acoles+1 I think that if it's labelled experimenta;21:45
claygthat is my opinion and I recognize it may not be ideal - kota_ has had this patch up for a long time and he has responsibilities to advocate for it as he should21:45
acolesoops...then makes sense to land right after release21:45
notmynameyeah, but "for the release" is literally 1 or 2 days different than "before the ptg". essentially, before ptg == in the release21:46
notmynamegranted, a few days *does* matter right at the end21:46
*** annegentle has quit IRC21:46
notmynameI'd prefer to cut the ocata release as early next week as possible21:46
claygnotmyname: my hope is we can +2 the change and after you cut the octocat tag flip +a21:46
notmynamebut we've got until thursday21:46
claygI don't think it "should* be in the release - I want it to be right at the begining of the cycle21:47
claygi want to *deliver global-ec* during P21:47
claygduplicate support is step 1 merged day 1 of opening P up for development21:47
clayghead start!21:47
mattoliverauwe could merge it at PTG as well21:47
notmynameok, a different way to phrase it then is to actively review it and land it as quickly as possible, but don't consider a release deadline as a factor in when to land it21:48
notmyname...and so if it's in ocata, ok. and if it's not, ok21:48
mattoliveraunice wordsmithing :)21:48
claygyeah w/e - point is - i want it on master and not in the release - but... i wouldn't *cry* if it's in the release - but I have some slightly larger concerns maybe if it's in octocat - i'm maybe a little more loosy goosy merging it to development of P21:48
notmynameand if it's in, it's not like we can say "swift supports global ec" yet. still a lot of work21:48
kota_notmyname: true21:49
notmynamekota_: you'll be looking at the review comments today, and perhaps taking a look at resolving some merge conflicts21:50
notmynamewe'll land part power asap courtesy of timburke and tdasilva and mattoliverau21:50
cschwede_hmm, not asap - don't rush it if there are concerns21:51
notmynameand if we get kota_'s patch in, we'll celebrate it with him. and if we don't, we'll have the *exact same* conversation in atlanta about it21:51
notmynamecschwede_: right :-)21:51
kota_notmyname: yes, I'll take to work for ready that it *can be* merged with the highest priority21:51
*** raildo has quit IRC21:51
notmynamekota_: perfect. thanks21:51
notmynameok, I'm feeling ok about what the next week looks like and what's expected to be in the release21:51
notmynameany questions from anyone? anyone not clear on what's happening?21:52
notmynameok, good :-)21:52
notmynamelast, brief topic21:52
notmyname#topic proposed logo21:52
*** openstack changes topic to "proposed logo (Meeting topic: swift)"21:52
notmynameI put this in irc earlier...21:53
*** thorst_ has quit IRC21:53
notmyname is from the foundation as a rev 2 of their proposed swift logo21:53
joeljwright1is it a swift yet?21:53
notmynamejoeljwright1: close21:53
notmynamemore like a martin, actually ;-)21:53
*** thorst_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:53
notmynametimburke countered with (which personally I like better because it *does* look like a swift)21:53
notmynameso what do you think?21:54
notmynamealso, ignore the hairline white lines in both. that's not in the final, I'm told21:54
jrichlitimburke version +121:54
*** fguillot has quit IRC21:54
acolesI was about to say the big white space in the middle is odd, so did timburke fill that21:55
cschwede_timburke +121:55
joeljwright1timburke: +121:55
claygthose poor design folks21:55
notmynameFWIW, swift vs swallow vs martin
mattoliverautimburke: +121:55
*** cleong has quit IRC21:55
notmynameclayg: yeah, I don't think they knew what they were getting in to21:56
claygnotmyname: I think the martin is fine - the entire thing is so crazy - Lidia does Swift's official logos - end of story21:56
notmynameok, I'm hearing a lot of votes for timburke's filled-in version21:56
acolesyes, timburke +121:56
*** RuiChen has quit IRC21:56
notmynameok, I'll respond with that feedback. thanks everyone, and especially timburke :-)21:57
jrichlii still  haven't seen the other teams logo from ML21:57
notmynamelook for "new mascot design"
notmynamethe ironic one had a lot of drama21:57
notmynamebut there are others in the feb and jan archives21:57
notmynameI think that covers it for this week21:58
*** thorst_ has quit IRC21:58
notmynamethank you everyone for coming21:58
notmynameand thank you for working on swift21:58
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