Wednesday, 2017-03-22

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gongysh#startmeeting tacker05:30
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 22 05:30:10 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gongysh. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.05:30
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:30
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tacker'05:30
gongyshhelo guys05:30
gongysh#topic roll up05:30
*** openstack changes topic to "roll up (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:30
gongyshwho are here to join tacker meeting?05:30
*** tung_doan_ has joined #openstack-meeting05:30
*** JimmyYe2528 has joined #openstack-meeting05:31
gongyshhi Zhou_Zhihong05:31
gongyshis sridhar_ram here?05:32
* gongysh is missing sridhar_ram05:32
tung_doan_hi sridhar_ram05:32
sridhar_ramhi everyone.. missed last week, glad to be back05:32
gongyshyes, we have many of you at the meeting.05:32
gongyshsridhar_ram, welcome back to meeting.05:33
YanXing_ansridhar_ram, missing you05:33
*** zhurong has joined #openstack-meeting05:33
gongyshhi, trinaths , welcome05:33
gongyshtrinaths is doing great job at tacker client unit mock replacement.05:34
gongyshtrinaths, thanks.05:34
gongyshlet move to next topic05:34
trinathsgongysh: thank you. but been struck..05:34
sridhar_ramtrinaths: great ... familiar face, welcome!05:34
trinathssridhar_ram: hi, thank you.05:34
gongysh#topic project activity stats05:34
*** openstack changes topic to "project activity stats (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:34
gongyshhi guys, in particular core reviewers, please look at out project's review, commit data.05:35
gongyshwe are improving, but still lag behind.05:36
gongyshmany of openstack project are in dormant status.05:37
*** gta has joined #openstack-meeting05:37
gongyshthe projects which ranking after 100 ...05:37
gongyshwe can imagine their status.05:37
trinathsgongysh: what are the suggestions for improvement?05:37
gongyshso we have to keep up with our efforts.05:38
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting05:38
gongyshtrinaths, be active is the only way.05:38
dkushwahagongysh, I will improve my review05:38
*** ayogi has joined #openstack-meeting05:39
gongyshdkushwaha, thanks.05:39
trinathsgongysh: ok.05:39
gongysh#topic features or BPs05:39
*** openstack changes topic to "features or BPs (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:39
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting05:39
gongyshthe first topic is still task rescheduling05:40
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gongyshtoday I got  reviews from sridhar_ram and dkushwaha05:40
digagongysh: that's the reason I was saying, handover module wise responsibilities of reviews each member like we do for features, if we have less member of core people05:40
gongyshone comment I want to say is: long live task is done by the framework, and  I want shot one let them go to  mistral.05:41
sridhar_ramgongysh: i saw ur response for long-running vs one shot ..05:41
sridhar_ramgongysh: ... can mistral support long running tasks ?05:41
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gongyshsridhar_ram,  I don't think so.05:42
* sridhar_ram wondering whether we can punt the scale problem to mistral05:42
dkushwahasridhar_ram, gongysh no05:42
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: okay..05:43
gongyshdkushwaha, you are saying mistral does not support long live task, right?05:43
sridhar_rami think it will be confusing to have two different wasnt to write "tasks" in tacker05:43
*** gta has joined #openstack-meeting05:43
dkushwahagongysh, right. We need to give a time limit in mistral05:43
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: time limit is okay, but can we do a task in a loop ?05:44
gongyshSo since mistral will become part of tacker system, we will make more use of mistral.05:44
dkushwahasridhar_ram, I will check it, but IMO it looks not possible05:44
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: gongysh:
gongyshsuch as start vnf, scaling vnf, update vnf, etc, these all can be put into mistral.05:45
sridhar_ramwe use heat stack for many of these operations ..05:45
sridhar_ram... it will be good to have clear demarcation .. which method to use for which tasks05:46
sridhar_ram.. it will avoid confusion .. for all of us05:46
gongyshTOSCA workflow system in future will be mistral dependent.05:47
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: gongysh: better to ask Mistral PTL (Renat)05:47
sridhar_ramgongysh: +105:47
gongysh#action ask mistral PTL renat for our long-live task support.05:48
gongyshsridhar_ram, you are always able to come up with different ideas.05:48
sridhar_ramgongysh:  didn't mean to slow down ur efforts ;-)05:49
*** kaisers has quit IRC05:49
gongyshsridhar_ram, ideas are always important too. :)05:50
sridhar_ramgongysh: mistral has some good practical deployments .. particularly in StackStorm product.. used in NetFlix ..05:50
gongyshsridhar_ram, I will ask mistral PTL if mistral is ok for long live task we need.05:50
gongyshnext topic05:50
gongysh#topic vim credential barbican solution05:51
*** openstack changes topic to "vim credential barbican solution (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:51
gongyshYanXing_an, could you please update?05:51
YanXing_anI am working on the barbican spec, trying write some draft code, will update the spec before next meeting.05:52
* gongysh is waiting for YanXing_an to wake up05:52
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting05:52
gongyshYanXing_an, please come up with spec first. sridhar_ram will probably change your mind. :)05:53
sridhar_ramalready working on it ;-)05:53
*** ramineni has joined #openstack-meeting05:53
YanXing_an, it's still in WIP05:53
sridhar_ramsripriya was the lead dev for fernet key ... missing her insights05:54
* gongysh has a sip of coffee05:54
*** nadya has quit IRC05:55
gongyshsridhar_ram,  sripriya is enjoy her coffee somewhere. we cannot find her for a long time.05:55
*** reedip has joined #openstack-meeting05:55
gongyshenjoy -> enjoying05:55
gongyshYanXing_an, ok we are waiting for your spec.05:56
YanXing_ansridhar_ram: if barbican is used, the fernet is not necessary? IMO05:56
gongyshSo we will have barbican, mistral, keystone being our parts of tacker system then.05:56
sridhar_ramYanXing_an: we shouldn't need it .. we need move away from file (disk) based credential store for scalable tacker05:57
*** markvoelker has quit IRC05:57
sridhar_ramYanXing_an: with barbican, we will move to API based which is good05:57
gongyshnext topic05:57
gongysh#topic NS with vnffg05:58
*** openstack changes topic to "NS with vnffg (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:58
gongyshdkushwaha,  would you like to elaborate it?05:58
dkushwahagongysh, I have WIP initial spec for vnffg-ns
dkushwahagongysh, and I am working on it05:59
gongyshdkushwaha, the nice assii diagram, I don't have the patience to draw it even with that tool.05:59
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: trozet is intererested to co-author .. please include him in the spec and implementation05:59
dkushwahasridhar_ram, it will be great help if trozet can join06:00
trinathsin vnffg, its only with ODL ?06:00
gongyshdkushwaha, yesterday, I have tested the networking-sfc with ovs driver.06:00
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: he has capacity this cycle to co-author06:00
dkushwahasridhar_ram, yes sure, I will add him.06:00
gongyshit works for asymmetric vnffg.06:01
gongyshbut for the symmetric, there is still a bug.06:01
gongyshtrinaths, networking-sfc can work with ODL06:01
sridhar_ramgongysh: you mean, networking-sfc now support symmetric but it is buggy ?06:02
gongyshin vnffg, our current solution is to integrate with networking-sfc.06:02
gongyshnetworking-sfc will use ovs or odl driver.06:02
gongyshsridhar_ram, right.06:02
sridhar_ramgongysh:  okay06:02
trinathsgongysh: ok06:03
openstackLaunchpad bug 1674588 in networking-sfc "Can not to find the back group is set with symmetric chain" [Undecided,New]06:03
tbhdkushwaha, if trozet is not available, I would like to join the efforts in vnffg06:03
gongyshsridhar_ram, it is a concern, networking-sfc is not an active project.06:03
sridhar_ramgongysh: heads up, even if this bug is fixed.. there might be issues in tacker sfc driver side ..06:03
sridhar_ram.. for symmetric06:04
gongyshif we depend on it, we have to risk.06:04
sridhar_ramgongysh: really ? i haven't looked at their stats  .. i thought lfourie and cathy are active06:04
gongyshsridhar_ram, yes, that will be a small fix.06:05
sridhar_ramgongysh: we shd flag it to neutron PTL (kevin) .. *if* we get slow response06:05
dkushwahatbh, sure, I will confirm it with trozet again06:05
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting06:05
sridhar_rami might meet armando and some sfc folks in the upcoming ONS summit06:05
gongyshtbh, you can start with vnffg, to fix the symmetric bug.06:06
*** reedip has quit IRC06:06
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: i agree with gongysh, that diagram in the spec is super cool06:06
gongyshtbh, I mean even with networking-sfc fixed that bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1674588 in networking-sfc "Can not to find the back group is set with symmetric chain" [Undecided,New]06:06
gongyshtbh, tacker needs a small fix too06:07
dkushwahasridhar_ram, gongysh Thanks :)06:07
gongyshnext I want to talk about is06:08
tbhgongysh, I will work on those06:08
gongysh#topic bp persistent-block-storage06:08
*** openstack changes topic to "bp persistent-block-storage (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:08
gongysheven though I have come up with a block-mapping solution, I think we need a tosca solution.06:09
*** donghao has quit IRC06:09
gongyshYanXing_an has said the china mobil guy will take it.06:09
YanXing_anZhou_Zhihong wants to help with it06:09
Zhou_Zhihonggongysh,I'll try to work on it06:10
gongyshZhou_Zhihong, hi06:10
gongyshZhou_Zhihong, welcome on board.06:10
sridhar_ramZhou_Zhihong: welcome to tacker!06:10
gongyshplease write a spec and let sridhar_ram to review.06:10
*** reedip has joined #openstack-meeting06:10
gongyshsridhar_ram is expert on tosca.06:10
Zhou_ZhihongI'm newer to tacker and need time to fimiliar with the feature06:11
sridhar_ramcan't claim being a expert, but will sure can help on the TOSCA side.. to come of up appropriate storage attributes06:11
gongyshwith this, we will have floatingip ( in review), address pair, (merged), block-image ( to be drafted)06:11
*** dschultz has joined #openstack-meeting06:12
Zhou_ZhihongOK,thanks sridhar_ram first06:12
*** dschultz has quit IRC06:12
*** reedip has quit IRC06:12
*** dschultz has joined #openstack-meeting06:12
gongyshok, we are expecting Zhou_Zhihong 's spec.06:12
gongyshlet's move to06:12
*** reedip has joined #openstack-meeting06:13
gongysh#topic bugs or REFs06:13
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs or REFs (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:13
gongyshfirst bug is vnfc image position06:13
openstackLaunchpad bug 1673012 in tacker "Place vnfc image" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to yong sheng gong (gongysh)06:14
*** yatinkarel has quit IRC06:14
*** tdasilva has quit IRC06:14
gongyshI have skipped the vnfc functional test since it breaks our CI now and then.06:14
gongyshit is the github limit. I think06:15
sridhar_rammake sense.. not too surprised by github throttling06:15
gongyshso I plan to put the image to
gongyshthis is the way kolla team is doing.06:15
sridhar_rami tried the vnfc image script.. it worked fine, though it took quite some time generate the file06:15
gongyshwe will need a few more CI job to do it.06:16
*** radeks has joined #openstack-meeting06:16
sridhar_ramgongysh: are you planning to generate fedora vnfc image on every CI job run ?06:16
gongyshso if we have this job running, and want to update the image, we will just need to update one of file in our devstac/vnfc06:16
*** ltomasbo|away is now known as ltomasbo06:17
gongyshsridhar_ram you got it.06:17
gongyshwe will let the image updating job to be intelligent.06:17
gongyshsridhar_ram, have I made clear?06:18
sridhar_ramon my baremetal server, it took 8 mins for the script to spit out a qcow2 image06:18
*** lpetrut has quit IRC06:19
sridhar_ramgongysh: if i understand you correctly, you will conditionally update this file in the tarballs location ? on what condition you would run this script ?06:19
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting06:20
gongyshsridhar_ram,  Ci job has a precondition, for example the files under a particular dir06:21
sridhar_ramgongysh: okay, will wait for you related PS .. conditional update, if possible, is a fine approach06:21
gongyshnine mins to go06:21
gongyshnext bug06:22
gongyshvnffg functional test.06:22
gongyshJimmyYe2528 uploaded a patch 5 days ago.06:22
gongyshbut it is WIP.06:22
JimmyYe2528today, i will update it06:22
gongyshso please keep on updating it.06:22
JimmyYe2528got it06:23
gongyshvnffg is a pearl of our tacker.06:23
gongyshwe need to make it work.06:23
gongyshnext bugs
gongyshAPI branch's CI is broken06:24
gongyshso make an eye on these review so that API work can go right.06:25
gongysh#topic open discussion06:25
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:25
*** markstur has quit IRC06:25
gongyshI want leave some time for every one.06:25
gongyshso what do you guys have in mind?06:25
trinathsgongysh: you are talking leave ?06:26
YanXing_an, need some reviews06:26
dkushwahatrinaths, ;)06:26
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-meeting06:27
trinathsgongysh: how to check this pagination ?06:27
dkushwahaYanXing_an, SURE06:27
gongyshtrinaths,  how should I say?06:27
trinathsgongysh: i'm confused :(06:27
dkushwahaYanXing_an, sure06:27
gongyshtrinaths, you can generate a dozen vnfd06:27
*** yatinkarel has joined #openstack-meeting06:28
trinathsgongysh: okay.06:28
*** tdasilva has joined #openstack-meeting06:28
gongyshand to test the pagination feature of API.06:28
sridhar_ramtrinaths: put vnfd-create in a loop06:28
YanXing_andkushwaha, thanks06:28
trinathssridhar_ram: ok got it06:28
trinathsgongysh: since othe project client are aligning to osc, tackerclient do the same ?06:29
gongyshtrinaths, will.06:29
gongyshtrinaths, if you want to take it, you can start.06:29
gongyshone minute.06:29
trinathsgongysh: okay. I will start that work. integrating tackerclient to osc.06:30
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"06:30
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openstackMinutes (text):
gongyshthanks everyone06:30
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joehuang#startmeeting tricircle14:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 22 14:01:09 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is joehuang. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:01
*** dongfeng has joined #openstack-meeting14:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tricircle'14:01
joehuang#topic rollcall14:01
*** openstack changes topic to "rollcall (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:01
joehuang#info joehuang14:01
*** prateek has joined #openstack-meeting14:01
zhiyuan#info zhiyuan14:01
dongfeng#info dongfeng14:01
*** nadya has joined #openstack-meeting14:01
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fanyishi#info fanyishi14:02
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yinxiulin#info xiulin14:02
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RongHui11#info ronghui14:02
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hejiawei#info hejiawei14:02
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom14:03
joehuang#topic Pike-1 patches review14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Pike-1 patches review (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:03
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joehuangfor VxLAN L2 networking, there are two patches are waiting for approve14:04
*** prateek has joined #openstack-meeting14:05
joehuangShared VxLAN (Part4: bridge network l3)14:05
*** longxiongqiu has joined #openstack-meeting14:05
joehuangShared VxLAN (Part5: bluk create shadow port)
*** prateek has quit IRC14:06
joehuangand the spec is waitfing for approve too:14:06
*** tobberyd_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
joehuangCross-pod VxLAN network spec14:06
*** oomichi has joined #openstack-meeting14:06
joehuangI would like to know if there are more comments on the way for these patches14:07
zhiyuanI have just submitted a patch for the vxlan network doc and release notes:
joehuangthank you, zhiyuan, this is what we just need to have pike-1 release14:08
*** tobberydberg has quit IRC14:09
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joehuangok, will talk to Victor after he is online if he need to do more review for the first 3 patches14:10
*** corey_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:10
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*** dongfeng has joined #openstack-meeting14:11
joehuanghow about other patches which target at pike-1 is still in review14:11
*** RongHui11 has quit IRC14:12
joehuangas far as I know, QoS spec is still in review14:12
*** WuCheng has joined #openstack-meeting14:12
zhiyuanthere are three features: qos spec, wsgi deployment and multi-region job14:14
*** RongHui11 has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck14:14
zhiyuanI have voted +2 for the second and third one14:14
*** sshnaidm has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
*** tobberyd_ has quit IRC14:15
joehuangok, for wsgi and multi-region, need to consult victor, whether he need more time to review14:15
*** eharney has quit IRC14:15
joehuangFor Qos spec, several rounds review may be needed14:15
zhiyuanqos spec was updated this afternoon. I will check it tomorrow morning14:16
longxiongqiuthinks zhiyuan. :)14:17
RongHui11thank you zhiyuan14:17
joehuang#topic Pike-1 release14:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Pike-1 release (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:18
*** dprince has quit IRC14:19
joehuangconsider that there are still several patches in review, and our milestone is ahead of Neutron pike-1, how about to postpone the milestone pike-1, we need to include VxLAN features14:19
joehuangas tricircle is cycle-with-intermediary project14:21
zhiyuanpostpone to the end of this month?14:21
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting14:21
*** links has quit IRC14:21
joehuangit's not date based milestone, but feature based milestone14:21
*** pradk has quit IRC14:21
*** pradk has joined #openstack-meeting14:21
joehuangI think it's ok, Neutron's pike is in early of Apirl14:22
*** yinxiulin_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:22
joehuangIt's Apr.10 ~ Apr.1414:23
*** yinxiulin has quit IRC14:23
joehuangwhat's your proposal for milestone pike-1 reschedule?14:23
zhiyuanI think the end of this month is fine. So we can have enough time to review the qos spec and my change for the doc14:24
electrocucaracha#info electrocucaracha14:25
joehuanghello, victor, morning14:25
*** dmorita has quit IRC14:25
electrocucarachahey good morning joehuang14:25
zhiyuanmorning victor14:26
joehuangwe are talking about whether to postpone pike-114:26
electrocucarachahey zhiyuan14:26
joehuangconsider that there are still several patches in review, and our milestone is ahead of Neutron pike-1, how about to14:26
joehuang                  postpone the milestone pike-1, we need to include VxLAN features14:26
joehuangas tricircle is cycle-with-intermediary project14:26
joehuangit's not date based milestone, but feature based milestone14:26
joehuangzhiyuan's proposal is " the end of this month "14:27
electrocucarachabasically all depends on reviews instead of coding right?14:28
electrocucarachaI mean, the patches has been submitted and it's only matter of doing reviews to complete them14:28
joehuangyes, and also want to know do you need more time to review these patches, there 5 patches got zhiyuan's or mine +214:28
joehuangfor patches target at pike-114:29
electrocucarachayes, sounds reasonable14:29
joehuangso let's postpone the pike-1 to Mar.3114:30
joehuangand for tricircle-client, could submit a patch to make a release14:30
electrocucarachayes, I'm going to consult to dasm how do it14:31
dasmelectrocucaracha: ack. i can assist you with that14:31
*** tobberydberg has joined #openstack-meeting14:31
joehuangI know how to do that14:31
joehuangone second14:31
* dasm is neutron release liaison :)14:31
joehuangjust like this one
*** knangia has joined #openstack-meeting14:32
electrocucarachaprincenana and sindhu are adding more UTs to the client, that will give us more stabiliy14:32
joehuangsubmit a patch in release repository14:32
joehuangok, we can wait for that14:33
joehuangafter these patches are merged, then I can do the release work for tricircle-client14:33
joehuang#info pike-1 postponed to Mar.3114:33
joehuang#info add more UT for tricircle-client to make it more stable14:34
dasmjoehuang: fyi. pie1 is Apr 10-Apr 1414:34
dasmso, you're not even postponing, but you're planning to release it earlier14:34
joehuangyes, but tricircle released a little early, should we make it being aligned to Neutron14:35
dasmjoehuang: ack14:35
joehuangtricircle is cycle-with-intermediary14:35
joehuangbut not cycle-with-milestone14:35
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting14:36
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting14:36
joehuangwe planned to release pike-1 tomorrow, from our plan, it's "postpone" :)14:37
*** markstur has joined #openstack-meeting14:37
joehuangmore comment on the release plan?14:38
joehuangsorry, I missed some information14:38
joehuangelectrocucaracha said he can do release, and dasm can assist electrocucaracha14:39
joehuangmy fault, I did not catch this information14:39
joehuangso, electrocucaracha, I am pleased that you can do the release work14:40
*** henrynash has quit IRC14:40
electrocucarachajoehuang: sure no problem14:40
electrocucarachasindhu, dasm and I are in the same office14:40
joehuangthat's great!14:41
*** janki has quit IRC14:41
joehuangI am so sorry that I just made a fault14:41
*** markstur has quit IRC14:41
joehuangthank you electrocucaracha and dasm, sindhu :)14:42
joehuang#info electrocucaracha to release tricircle-client14:42
*** goldenfri has joined #openstack-meeting14:43
joehuangnext topic14:43
joehuang#topic Demo and talk of VNF high availability across OpenStack with Tricircle in OPNFV Beijing summit14:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Demo and talk of VNF high availability across OpenStack with Tricircle in OPNFV Beijing summit (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:43
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting14:43
joehuangfor the demo, there is one video conferrence APP is recommended14:44
joehuangto do the high availability across OpenStack cloud14:44
*** pradk has quit IRC14:44
joehuangwith the help by Tricircle14:45
sindhujoehuang: hi :)14:45
*** fanyishi has quit IRC14:45
joehuanghi, sindhu14:45
*** longxiongqiu has quit IRC14:45
joehuangnice to meet you here14:45
sindhujoehuang: sorry for joining in late14:45
joehuangalways welcome14:46
*** longxiongqiu has joined #openstack-meeting14:46
*** henrynash has quit IRC14:46
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting14:46
joehuangI will discuss with the committers in OPNFV in more detail about the demo14:46
sindhuthank u :)14:46
joehuangand will share information here14:47
*** henrynash has quit IRC14:47
joehuangand discuss topics as needed14:47
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting14:47
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting14:47
joehuangAnd also planned to submit a presentation in OPNFV beijing summit together with Victor14:48
*** pnavarro has joined #openstack-meeting14:48
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting14:48
joehuangvictor proposed to use the title ¡°Shared networks to support VNF High Availability across OpenStack Multi Region deployment¡±14:48
joehuangyour comments?14:49
joehuangand more presentations to submit?14:49
*** armax has quit IRC14:49
zhiyuangood titile14:49
*** mpaolino has joined #openstack-meeting14:50
*** toscalix has joined #openstack-meeting14:50
*** efried has joined #openstack-meeting14:50
joehuangthank you zhiyuan14:51
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting14:51
joehuangif no more comments, then it's time for open discussion14:51
joehuang#topic open discussion14:51
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: tricircle)"14:51
joehuangany other topic to be discussed14:51
electrocucarachawell, yesterday I saw a patch for removing log translations14:52
*** abalutoiu__ has quit IRC14:52
electrocucarachaapparently there is an effort from i18n team to remove that information14:52
joehuangyes, it's good idea to remove log translation14:52
*** ntpttr__ has joined #openstack-meeting14:53
*** abalutoiu__ has joined #openstack-meeting14:53
joehuangit's hard to do maintainnce using translated info :)14:53
*** ntpttr__ is now known as ntpttr_laptop14:53
joehuang+1, will review that14:53
joehuangand I also submitted a spec for east-west networking enhancement14:53
joehuangplease review the enhancement, it'll make it more flexible on networking demands14:55
zhiyuanShall we also create a patch to remove log translations in tricircle?14:55
joehuangalready some patches submitted in tricircle for log translation14:56
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack-meeting14:56
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting14:56
zhiyuani see14:56
joehuangok, if no other topics, we may end the meeting14:57
joehuangthink you for attending the meeting14:57
*** rbak has joined #openstack-meeting14:58
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz14:58
electrocucarachafyi, we won't be able to attend the summit14:58
joehuangelectrocucaracha, a little pity14:58
*** viks has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
*** Yipei has quit IRC14:59
joehuangI think whether I can fly to Austin to meet with you14:59
*** Yipei has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
electrocucarachathat will be nice, at least you'll have the opportunity to meet all OSIC15:00
joehuangdiscuss offline15:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:00
openstackMeeting ended Wed Mar 22 15:00:35 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)15:00
openstackMinutes (text):
joehuangthank you, bye15:00
*** armax has quit IRC15:01
*** tongli has quit IRC15:01
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*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom15:03
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smcginnis#startmeeting Cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 22 16:00:01 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is smcginnis. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
smcginnisping dulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang1 tbarron scottda erlon rhedlind jbernard _alastor_ bluex karthikp_ patrickeast dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr mtanino yuriy_n17 karlamrhein diablo_rojo jay.xu jgregor baumann rajinir wilson-l reduxio wanghao thrawn01 chris_morrell watanabe.isao,tommylikehu mdovgal ildikov16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
smcginniswxy viks ketonne abishop sivn breitz16:00
smcginnis#topic Announcements16:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
DuncanTHow is it Wednesday again?16:00
smcginnisThe usual:16:00
smcginnis#link Review focus16:00
smcginnisI've seen some new driver reviews going - good to see that.16:00
mdovgalDuncanT, Are you surprised?)16:01
jungleboyjIt is DuncaT again!16:01
DuncanTmdovgal: Very much so. I entirely didn't notice until I get the pop up from smcginnis announcing the meeting16:01
smcginnisDuncanT: Glad it's useful. :D16:02
hemnaDuncanT, you aren't the only one :)16:02
smcginnisJust a couple of other quick announcements, then we can discuss more if we have open time at the end.16:02
*** armax has quit IRC16:02
*** pradk has joined #openstack-meeting16:02
smcginnisIf there are any Cinder specific sessions we want at the Summit, apparently we were supposed to have been discussing that and brainstorming.16:03
smcginnisBut since that's completely opposite of the original message, I missed that one.16:03
smcginnisSo just an FYI. Let me know if anyone has anything.16:03
*** yangyape_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:03
smcginnisAnd just for awareness, Pike-1 is coming up in a few weeks.16:04
DuncanTsmcginnis: I'll not be there, but "what is broken" is always the most useful feedback... we mostly hear from vendors wanting to add stuff, rarely from users who're trying to make use of what we have16:04
jgriffithsmcginnis you are spreading untruths16:04
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:04
jgriffithsmcginnis it CANT be already :)16:04
smcginnisjgriffith: Not an alternative fact!16:04
smcginnisDuncanT: +116:05
*** nkrinner is now known as nkrinner_afk16:05
smcginnis#topic 3rd part CI16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "3rd part CI (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:05
smcginnisjgriffith: I think we brought it up last week, but ran out of time.16:05
smcginnis#link Changing 3'rd party CI requiremen16:05
*** tlaxkit has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
jgriffithwas hoping to see outrage and general dissent on that etherpad...16:06
jgriffithbut since there's nothing there I guess that means we're all in agreement and life is good?16:06
smcginnisOr everyone is just happy with it. :)16:06
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
*** Sukhdev_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
jgriffithsmcginnis you're the eternal optimist!16:06
* jungleboyj sees unicorns and rainbows16:06
smcginnisjgriffith: Can we filter on CI results?16:07
*** xyang2 has joined #openstack-meeting16:07
e0nejgriffith: I'm all for these changes16:07
* jgriffith 's head just exploded16:07
jungleboyjHe he he.16:07
smcginnisShould we do an official vote?16:07
jgriffithok... so seriously; does anybody have any thoughts or objections to lowering the bar and taking a stricter approach to CI ?16:07
* smcginnis frantically looks up the voting syntax16:07
*** ntpttr_laptop has quit IRC16:07
jgriffithsmcginnis oh.. yes!  We haven't had an official vote in a long time16:07
DuncanTIt has to be worth a try... waht we have is a complete mess16:08
*** yangyape_ has quit IRC16:08
jgriffithDuncanT agreed16:08
eharneystricter how?16:08
jgriffitheharney if you can't pass a nightly it's easy to track and I don't think we need to be very lenient16:08
jgriffitheharney driver gets listed as unsupported or whatever16:09
smcginnisjgriffith: So no long grace period if they are not passing?16:09
jgriffitheharney and it can be automated16:09
eharneythe puzzling part to me is why the overall results are so bad after this many years... do we have some vague understanding of why so many CIs don't work?16:09
jgriffitheharney no more "somebody send an email to xyz"16:09
jungleboyjAre we doing Nightly or Weekly?16:09
jgriffithjungleboyj that's a great question16:09
hemnaeharney, there are just an infinite list of reasons why they fail it seems16:09
eharneyit's not really clear to me what being stricter would actually accomplish16:09
jungleboyjHow strict it is very much depends on that.16:09
hemnathe environment is always a moving target16:10
e0neIMO, nightly should be good16:10
jgriffitheharney the only thing it would gain is automating the process16:10
viksI agree, there can be multiple reasons for failure16:10
jungleboyjHTTP501 Enclosure on Fire16:10
tommylikehu_I have to mention not every country have a good network as the us do16:10
jgriffithtommylikehu_ yeah, that's fair16:10
e0neand if we can get automatically CI triggering  on driver's patch - is would be great16:10
jgriffitheharney so if you don't like the proposal or have input I'd love to get your feedback16:11
smcginnisI think weekly would be fine, and we can trigger on specific relevant patches.16:11
SwansonOccasionally they run off with our CI equipment. 404, I guess for that one.16:11
jgriffitheharney I'm just trying to come up with a way to manage the disaster we currently have and perhaps make it something more useful16:11
smcginnis404 - CI rig not found16:11
smcginnisI know a few of us have hit that one.16:11
jgriffithcurrently IMHO it's only slightly more than useless16:12
jungleboyjWe had originally talked weekly.  Doing the passing and a forced failure run.16:12
hemnaas a side note, we should also discuss any ramifications for os-brick patches and CIs.16:12
jgriffitheharney thoughts?16:12
wiggin15I'm not entirely sure what we will gain by changing "test every patch" to "test nightly". Not a lot of drivers are "unstable", most are either "always not working" or "always working". So basically we will change to "fail on every commit"/"pass on every commit" to "fail every night"/"pass every night".16:13
jgriffithOk... so maybe let folks ponder this for a week and vote or propose changes next week?16:13
eharneymy thoughts are more around what exactly the goals are with third party CI and how we should approach it in general16:13
jgriffitheharney do you have any interest in sharing those thoughts with the group :)16:13
eharneybecause years of evidence seems to point toward just banging on CIs to work better is not going to be an easy road16:14
hemnaI thought we discussed this at the PTG ?16:14
*** kaisers_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:14
jgriffitheharney and FWIW that's exactly why I wrote that up and it's exactly what we discussed in ATL16:14
jgriffithhemna +1 we did16:14
jgriffithanyway, if nobody actually has anything to say about it I don't want to waste meeting time on it16:15
*** mpaolino has quit IRC16:15
smcginnisI think it's clear what we have now is not working the way we had envisioned.16:15
smcginnisAnd I think we all want the CI results to be more useful16:16
jgriffithsmcginnis +10000000000000000000000000016:16
jungleboyjI t++16:16
smcginnisIn that respect I think it's worth exploring ways to make the signal to noise ratio better.16:16
jgriffithsmcginnis if nothing else that's all I'd like to accomplish16:16
*** tobberydberg has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
smcginnisLet's let it stew for a week and bring it up again after more folks have had time to mull it over.16:16
jgriffithworks for me16:17
*** caboucha has joined #openstack-meeting16:17
jungleboyjSounds good.16:17
jgriffithmaybe we should just add it as a topic for Australia now :)16:17
smcginnis#topic Filtering and the API16:17
*** openstack changes topic to "Filtering and the API (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:17
smcginnisjgriffith: Head explosion time again. :)16:17
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
jgriffithso many of you may have noticed that this has become a bit of a hot button for me16:18
* jungleboyj puts on my blast shield16:18
jgriffithWe have all sorts of convenience filters being added here and there for different resources16:18
jgriffithI certainly get that it's a nice thing to have and can be useful16:18
tommylikehu_based on jgriffith and eharney's spec I think we would finally have one command for create one command for delete ........16:18
smcginnisGood thing we have DuncanT here, the patron saint of large deployments. :D16:19
jgriffithbut it makes for a rather inconsistent mess of things in the API16:19
jgriffithsmcginnis not any more :)16:19
DuncanTjgriffith: I've still got the scars... they never heal16:19
jgriffithanyway... my proposal may not be clear16:20
*** wxy| has quit IRC16:20
*** gouthamr-afk has joined #openstack-meeting16:20
jgriffiththe point was basically that we already have list filters on most of the resources at the DB layer16:20
jgriffithrather than add another 27 micoversion bumps over the next release for a filter here and there16:21
*** wxy| has joined #openstack-meeting16:21
*** tobberydberg has quit IRC16:21
jgriffithI'd like to propose instead we just leverage the db filter mechanism16:21
jgriffithallow a *generic* --filter arg to the resource list calls16:21
e0nejgriffith: +116:21
jgriffithgeneric in terms of db keys16:21
*** alexchadin has quit IRC16:22
jgriffithalso, give the admin the ability to specify what they want to allow via a filters list file16:22
hemnais that a direct line into sql ?  re: sql injection16:22
* DuncanT likes jgriffith's spec. Need to check again the list is sane (it was missing tenantid last time I looked, and I forgot to leave a review comment) but the idea looked great. Being able to graba list of what you can filter by from the API is nice. We should get good defaults, since almost nobody will change them16:22
*** hongbin_ has quit IRC16:22
*** donghao has quit IRC16:22
jgriffiththat could then be used not only to make sure things are valid, and they're things the admin wants to allow, BUT also it could be used for the end user to query the system and see what's available/valid16:22
tommylikehu_jgriffith: that make sense ,+116:23
jgriffithDuncanT the current example just takes what was added for volumes to the config file16:23
smcginnishemna: That was my initial reaction, but I believe it's not an issue with this case.16:23
jgriffithalso, tenant id doesn't make sense for an end user cuz... well they can only view their tenant id resources :)16:23
hemnaok, we should just be careful and make sure we can't allow end users to bork the DB with a filter.16:23
DuncanTjgriffith: Yeah. I think it just needs tenantid adding (for admins and nested project types)16:23
jgriffithhemna it's not, it's just allowing you to set the filter k/v pairs16:24
tommylikehu_hemna: I think we will still take advantage of current filter logic in db layer16:24
jgriffithhemna if you provide something that's not in the valid list file it gets popped and ignored16:24
hemnaok sweet16:24
hemnathanks, I just wanted to raise and ask.16:24
jgriffithhemna DuncanT eharney
jungleboyjjgriffith:  Nova has something similar.  Right?16:25
vikswe wil need to validate filter value types as well16:25
DuncanTjgriffith: users in nested projects can see other people's volumes16:25
jgriffithjungleboyj I don't know16:25
viksi mean certain filter values are key/value itself16:25
jgriffithDuncanT ok16:25
vikse.g. metadata filters16:25
jungleboyjjgriffith: I thought we had talked about this at the PTG and concluded they did.  I could be wrong though.16:25
jgriffithjungleboyj don't know for sure, don't know that I care either :)16:26
jungleboyjjgriffith: I saw that coming.  ;-)16:26
*** gouthamr_afk has joined #openstack-meeting16:26
*** gouthamr-afk has quit IRC16:26
jgriffithanyway, sounds like eharney doesn't like this idea... are there questions that I can answer maybe?16:26
eharneyi haven't looked at the code, i think the spec just didn't give me the right idea of what was being proposed16:27
jgriffitheharney fair enough16:27
jgriffithI suck at writing specs16:27
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck16:28
jgriffithIt seems impossible to really convey the ideas without code16:28
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz16:28
*** gouthamr-afk has joined #openstack-meeting16:28
jgriffitheharney maybe that link to the code will help16:28
jgriffithDuncanT I think you're missing an important point here16:28
*** Guest50176 has quit IRC16:29
jgriffithwe can add anything and even everything here16:29
jgriffithor a cloud operator can do it16:29
jgriffithwhat I put there for now is stricly an example16:29
jgriffithand it's based off of what people already approved/merged here:16:29
DuncanTjgriffith: We should have good defaults... most operators won't and shouldn't change it16:29
jgriffithDuncanT that's fine16:29
jgriffithDuncanT run a tox -egenconfig16:30
*** gouthamr_afk has quit IRC16:31
jgriffithwe already merged a change that puts those things as the default in the config file directly16:31
jgriffithI just copied them over16:31
DuncanTjgriffith: Ah, got you16:31
jgriffithI don't care if we just provide a default list of *everything* or keep it compatable, or whatever16:31
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck16:31
DuncanTjgriffith: Why the json then? Why not just read fromt he config file if it is already there?16:32
jgriffithDuncanT line #4816:32
tommylikehu_DuncanT: that could be another option16:32
DuncanTWe can undepricate them from the config file if that makes more sense than a json file16:32
smcginnisI kind of like having it separate from the config file.16:33
jgriffithDuncanT tommylikehu_ yeah, the main reason was that I thought it would be pretty fugly by the time you added all of that in the config16:33
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++16:33
smcginnisKind of like the policy file.16:33
jgriffithsmcginnis +116:33
jungleboyjYeah, it reminds me of that.16:33
jungleboyjNot a fan of fugly.16:33
DuncanTjgriffith: Our config file is already pretty fugly :-) I'm not religious about it either way, as long as it has been vaguely considered16:34
jgriffithDuncanT I considered it, thought it sucked so didn't do it16:34
jungleboyjDuncanT:  Hey now.  Don't talk about our baby that way.16:34
DuncanTjgriffith: Fair enough16:34
smcginnisjgriffith: Should we move on to the next one?16:35
tommylikehu_jgriffith: if we have the default value and the user only required to add or remove filter keys, will that help to maintain the config things16:35
tommylikehu_smcginnis: sorry, slow type speed16:36
eharneytommylikehu_: the problem there is you can't ever update the default list later16:36
DuncanTtommylikehu_: That makes the config file hard to read though16:36
smcginnistommylikehu_: No problem!16:36
tommylikehu_DuncanT, eharney, ok16:36
*** efried has quit IRC16:37
smcginnisjgriffith: Did we lose you?16:37
DuncanTjgriffith: IMO Make the defaults at least a bit more inclusive, and ship it16:37
jungleboyjHead exploded.16:37
Swanson(Maybe his head really did explode.)16:37
smcginnisjungleboyj: I'm afraid of that!16:37
* jungleboyj plays taps16:37
jgriffithjungleboyj you wish!16:38
jgriffithYou all wish!16:38
jgriffithso this one kinda piggy backs on the whole filtering madness16:38
jungleboyj:-)  Nah ... Wouldn't be the same without you.16:38
jgriffithSo I have an opinion that an API isn't something to just have crap bolted on to over the years to hack things in16:38
jgriffithin other words, it shouldn't try to deliver every convenience wrapper that you can think of to users16:39
*** matrohon has quit IRC16:39
jgriffithbut instead it should be well designed, stable, infrequently changing and give you everything you need16:39
jgriffithmore exotic things should be left to the consuemr16:39
DuncanTjgriffith: I don't think things like filtering are convenience wrappers... try doing a detail list with 10k volumes. Our API performance sucks enough already.16:40
jgriffithas such, it would be interesting to consider returning *data* to callers to enabl ethem16:40
*** Sukhdev_ has quit IRC16:40
jgriffithso I thought it might be worth considering just returning data without the fancy view builders etc for users that want it16:40
tommylikehu_DuncanT: that's why we need like filter16:40
eharneyare we on the client/shell topic now?16:41
jgriffitheharney yeah16:41
smcginnis#topic Client/Shell output format16:41
*** openstack changes topic to "Client/Shell output format (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:41
jgriffithat least I thought we were :)16:41
smcginnisNow we are. :)16:41
e0nejgriffith: are you around? :)16:41
mdovgale0ne, :D16:41
jgriffithe0ne :)16:41
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Wondered when you were going to transition.16:42
smcginnisjungleboyj: Wasn't sure if we were ready or not.16:42
smcginnisjgriffith: Yes, let's please move on. :)16:42
e0nejgriffith: in general, this idea looks like a good options for operators who doesn't want to use curl16:42
eharneyso we're talking about formatting data that's been processed by the client, right, not raw HTTP responses?16:42
jgriffithregardless of all the debate, is there value in providing an option to return json data in the client shell?16:42
jgriffitheharney yeah, basically the json payload16:43
jgriffitheharney otherwise just use pycurl :)16:43
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:43
e0nejgriffith: IMO, it's needed only for CLI16:43
smcginnisjgriffith: Could be useful with jq. Easy to write bash scripts for things.16:43
eharneywhich json payload?16:43
*** pnavarro has quit IRC16:43
jgriffitheharney TBF though it's the same as just doing "import client.... xyz lajdslfjaldsf "16:43
smcginnisSyntax error on line 116:43
eharneyit would be great to take what the CLI is printing into tables now and do that as json16:43
smcginniseharney: +116:44
jgriffitheharney so for example instead of passing the resultant volume list through the view builder just return a json blob16:44
eharneybut not raw server responses16:44
jgriffitheharney +1000016:44
DuncanTeharney: +116:44
smcginniseharney: +1 again16:44
jgriffithexactly what I mean16:44
jgriffithholy shit eharney and I agree on something today!16:44
eharneyyay :)16:44
jgriffithnow if DuncanT and I agree the world is sure to end16:44
smcginnisjgriffith: I see value. I wouldn't consider it a high priority thing to get in, but seems like it could be useful.16:44
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting16:44
jgriffithsmcginnis yeah16:44
jgriffithsmcginnis the nice thing is it's super easy16:44
eharneyqemu-img has this feature, it's nice16:44
smcginnisMaybe we should just stop here. :D16:45
smcginnisWell, in the interest of time, since there's no major "hell no"16:45
smcginnis's, move on?16:46
e0ne15mins reminder16:46
smcginnis#topic Backup service initialization16:46
jungleboyjYeah, seems like everyone is ok with the idea.16:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Backup service initialization (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:46
smcginnisNot sure who added this one.16:46
smcginnis#link - feature's spec16:46
smcginnis#link - Problems with swift driver for this feature16:46
*** sridharg has quit IRC16:46
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
mdovgalso e0ne added spec about backup service driver init check16:47
mdovgaland during realizing this feature in code i came across some troubles connected with swift driver16:47
mdovgalidea was to check at least connection to backend at the startup moment, but for swift we don't have enough information16:48
e0neit's mostly because we use user context to connect to swift16:48
mdovgaland at the moment of startup we don't have this info16:49
*** unicell has quit IRC16:49
*** links has joined #openstack-meeting16:49
e0newe can just verify if swift-related config options are configured well16:49
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting16:49
eharneycould it just check to see that the swift endpoint is alive/reachable instead?16:49
DuncanTAh yes. Fun. You don't even know what server to talk to if you're (sensibly) using the one from the catalogue16:49
e0neeharney: yes, we can16:49
*** bobmel_ has quit IRC16:50
*** rossella_s has quit IRC16:50
mdovgaland this spec was created due to bug connected to swift16:50
mdovgalso we can just check the config16:51
e0newe've got one more problem with implementation16:51
e0newe use new backup driver instance for each call16:51
e0neso, we have to re-initialize it16:51
e0nethat's why I do propose to refactor manager to bi similar with volume manager16:52
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck16:52
smcginnise0ne: Seems reasonable.16:53
mdovgalnow we don't have one best solution for this situation16:53
*** Swami has quit IRC16:54
DuncanTSo I believe that currently you can tell backup to use whatever swift endpoint is in the catalogue?16:54
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:54
e0neDuncanT: yes, we can16:54
DuncanTIn which case, two different users can be backing up to different swift endpoints...16:55
jungleboyj5 minute warning.16:55
e0neDuncanT: oh... I understood the issue16:55
*** yamahata has quit IRC16:56
mdovgalwe can't do it. having one object of backend driver we need to reconnect every time16:56
mdovgalDuncanT, +116:56
e0nemdovgal: I would like to play with your code a bit more16:56
DuncanTOk, having stated the problem I'll hide in the corner until somebody has a good fix then :-)16:57
e0neDuncanT: you're welcome to fix it:)16:57
mdovgalDuncanT, :)16:57
*** caboucha has quit IRC16:57
e0neso, we'd to 2 items now:16:57
e0ne1) we're ok to refactor backup manager to be like a volume manager16:57
e0ne2) we have to resolve issue with swift driver and different users/swift servers16:58
smcginnis2 minutes16:58
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
*** Apoorva has quit IRC16:58
smcginnistommylikehu_: I'll leave your topic on the agenda for next time.16:58
tommylikehu_smcginnis: sure16:58
e0neI'll work with mdovgal on PoC for this fix16:58
mdovgalis everything ok with e0ne's proposition?16:59
smcginnise0ne, mdovgal: Sounds good.16:59
mdovgalsmcginnis, ok. tnx)16:59
jungleboyjSounds ok to me.16:59
smcginnisOK, thanks everyone. Times up.16:59
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting16:59
DuncanTe0ne: I wrote the current code, you can see what a mess I made :-)16:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"17:00
openstackMeeting ended Wed Mar 22 17:00:04 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)17:00
openstackMinutes (text):
smcginnisIt's all DuncanT's fault.17:00
e0neDuncanT: :)17:00
*** andreas_s has quit IRC17:00
*** abishop has left #openstack-meeting17:00
*** bobmel has quit IRC17:00
*** unicell has quit IRC17:00
*** wxy| has quit IRC17:00
*** homerp has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** kencjohnston has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
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*** rwsu has quit IRC17:02
*** _alastor1 is now known as _alastor_17:03
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom17:04
*** matrohon has quit IRC17:11
*** anilvenkata has joined #openstack-meeting17:12
*** Swanson has quit IRC17:13
*** jkilpatr_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:13
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting17:14
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC17:15
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*** e0ne has quit IRC17:16
*** xyang2 has joined #openstack-meeting17:17
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*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting17:21
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*** dmorita has joined #openstack-meeting17:31
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*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting17:33
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*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting17:35
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*** krenczewski has joined #openstack-meeting17:39
*** kaisers has quit IRC17:41
*** bh526r has joined #openstack-meeting17:41
*** Sukhdev_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:46
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting17:52
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
*** armax has quit IRC17:54
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*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting17:57
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*** ltomasbo is now known as ltomasbo|away17:59
bh526r#startmeeting gluon18:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 22 18:00:21 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is bh526r. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'gluon'18:00
bh526r#topic Roll Call18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Roll Call (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:00
bh526r#info Bin Hu18:00
pcarver#info Paul Carver18:01
bh526rHi Paul18:01
krenczewski#info Kamil Renczewski18:01
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC18:01
bh526rHi Kamil18:02
krenczewskiHi Bin18:02
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-meeting18:02
*** robert_tao has joined #openstack-meeting18:02
bh526rGeorg is on a business trip, so he will miss the meeting today18:02
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting18:02
jinliHi everyone18:02
jinli#info JinLi18:02
bh526rHi Jin18:03
robert_taoHi All! This is Robert18:03
bh526r#info Admin Update18:03
bh526r#topic Admin Update18:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Admin Update (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:03
bh526rHi Robert18:03
bh526r#info No update18:04
bh526r#topic Bug Fix Patch18:04
*** openstack changes topic to "Bug Fix Patch (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:04
bh526rLet's discuss an easy one18:04
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC18:04
bh526r#info Jin submitted a patch to remove unused import statements18:05
bh526rAny comments?18:05
bh526r#info Tin Lam commented, and Jin uploaded a patchset 218:06
bh526rAny objection to approve and mege it?18:06
*** lin_yang has joined #openstack-meeting18:07
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC18:07
bh526r#info Team consensus is to approve and merge it18:07
bh526r#info Bin will take the action18:07
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:08
bh526r#topic PoC Status18:09
*** openstack changes topic to "PoC Status (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:09
bh526r#info (1) Lab Status18:09
bh526r#info Gluon was deployed to Pharos Lab in Germany, and basic verification was done18:10
bh526r#info Kamil is working on deploying Mechanism Driver for Contrail in the same OpenStack environment18:10
bh526r#info to achieve the interoperability between Contrail and other SDN-Cs through Gluon18:11
bh526rKamil, any more update?18:11
krenczewskiI've fixed the env18:11
krenczewskibut Juniper node is still as deleted18:11
*** swapnil-nilangek has quit IRC18:12
krenczewskiGeorg suggest tu create another VM18:12
bh526rDo you mean the Compute Node or the virt-manager node?18:12
krenczewskiI am nt sure how much resources I can assign to it18:12
krenczewskiThe compute node18:12
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-meeting18:12
bh526rYou can set up the virt-manager node first for Contrail18:12
krenczewskiI was trying to re-add the compute node, but Fuel complains about not able to sync time18:13
bh526rI am sending you the spreadsheet that we discussed in December regarding resources for each SDN-C, including Contrail18:13
bh526rI see.18:13
krenczewskiIt is probably related to network config issure that I can't explain18:13
robert_taoWe are bringing up ONOS in the Huawei node, and will need to work with Georg on getting a BGP session with ODL18:13
*** gouthamr_afk has quit IRC18:14
krenczewskiOk, so if Contrail is to use separate node outsize the fuel env18:14
krenczewskithen does we need its compute node?18:15
bh526rLet me send you another architecture diagram of lab setup18:17
bh526rKamil, I sent you both the lab architecture diagram and sheet of resource allocation18:18
krenczewskiGot it, thank you18:19
bh526rUnder the same openstack environment, each SDN-C will run on a VM, which is managed by virt-manager18:19
*** dbecker has quit IRC18:20
bh526rSo SDN-C is outside of OpenStack environment. For example, Contrail is running separate on a VM of virt-manager18:20
bh526rBut Contrail's Mechanism Driver should be deployed in OpenStack Controller node18:20
bh526rThen Mechanism Driver will work with Contrail that runs on a separate VM18:21
bh526rCompute Node, which is part of OpenStack environment, will host the Guest VM, which attaches ports and networks managed by SDN-C18:22
krenczewskiOk, got it18:23
bh526rFor example, user creates port and network via Contrail, and then boot a VM with that port and network on the Compute Node assigned to Contrail18:23
bh526rThe assignment of Compute Node is just to make sure that each participant has its resource to boot Guest VM18:24
bh526rAnd not to over use others' resources18:24
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting18:25
*** robert_tao has quit IRC18:25
bh526rIdeally, we shouldn't care about Compute nodes. Whoever needs to boot VM, just boot it and let Nova to schedule it.18:25
bh526rBut our resources are very limited (CPU, RAM and disk)18:26
*** ltomasbo|away is now known as ltomasbo18:26
bh526rSo we have such resource allocation to make sure everyone has minimum resources to run its SDN-C and Guest VM within our very limited resource pool18:27
bh526rKamil, anything else do you need in order to continue and complete setup of Contrail with Gluon?18:27
krenczewskiI think that is all18:28
bh526rGreat, thank you Kamil. and look forward to hearing your good news18:28
bh526rThen once Georg is back, he may help with the Compute Node issue.18:28
bh526r#info Kamil gets necessary information to continue and complete the setup18:29
bh526rRobert, are you still here?18:29
bh526rHow about your 2nd lab in Santa Clara?18:29
*** donghao has quit IRC18:30
*** abalutoiu has quit IRC18:30
*** abalutoiu has joined #openstack-meeting18:31
bh526rLooks like we lost Robert18:31
bh526r#info Status of 2nd Lab in Santa Clara is unknown. Will follow up with Robert18:32
bh526r#info (2) L3VPN API - Parameter List for BGP Peering18:32
*** mriedem is now known as mriedem_away18:33
bh526r#info Georg is on business trip. Will follow up with Georg once he is back to office18:33
bh526r#info (3) SFC YAML18:33
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
*** bobmel has quit IRC18:34
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
bh526r#info Georg mentioned in OPNFV NetReady meeting last week that someone has worked on a simple SFC YAML18:34
bh526r#info We need more information. Need to follow up with Georg18:34
*** Roberttao has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
bh526r#info (4) P2P YAML18:34
*** jkilpatr_ has quit IRC18:34
bh526r#info Sukhdev and Ian had a very good discussion in Juniper on last Friday. Sukhdev will document the solution, which will naturally supports P2P18:36
bh526r#info (5) Contrail Status18:36
bh526r#info We already covered it. Thank you Kamil18:36
bh526r#info (6) PoC Scenario Description18:36
bh526r#info We already discussed it last week18:36
bh526r#info Bin will document it and put it on wiki18:37
*** electrofelix has quit IRC18:37
Sukhdev_Hi Folks18:37
bh526rHi Sukhdev18:37
*** yatinkarel has quit IRC18:37
Sukhdev_Heard a ping on my laptop did not know what it was :-)18:37
bh526rI mentioned that you and Iab had a very good discussion on last Friday, and you will document the solution.18:38
RoberttaoAn update of the 2nd lab: I am putting hardware  together and will configure the topology next18:38
bh526rI used your name "Sukhdev" in my message18:38
bh526rperhaps it generated a "ping" in your laptop?18:39
Sukhdev_haleyb : yes - that was it18:39
bh526rGreat, thank you Robert18:39
Sukhdev_bh526r : If you need me, I will be around18:40
bh526rSure. I know you are busy, and will document it next week. So don't worry :)18:40
*** kaisers has quit IRC18:40
*** jkilpatr has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting18:41
bh526r#info Robert is back, and reported that he is putting hardware together for 2nd lab in Santa Clara, and will configure the topology next18:42
bh526rOK, we have several items to follow up with Georg.18:42
bh526r#topic Planning for Gluon Pike Release18:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Planning for Gluon Pike Release (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:43
bh526r#link Planning for Gluon Pike Release18:43
bh526r#info All please review and sign up18:44
bh526r#topic Planning for Forum in Boston18:44
*** openstack changes topic to "Planning for Forum in Boston (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:44
bh526r#info Bin proposed a topic of "Containerized, Cloud Native Microservice in NFV Networking (Gluon)" there18:45
bh526r#info Now the formal submission window is open.18:45
bh526r#info Bin will work with Session Chair to get it submitted18:46
bh526r#info This is an additional topic, besides a proposal of Service Modeling Method by Georg and Bin, which has been accepted for Summit18:47
bh526rDoes anyone else have new topics?18:47
ildikovbh526r: hi18:48
bh526rHi ildikov18:48
ildikovbh526r: we now opened the official submission for the Forum18:48
bh526rYes, that's great18:49
ildikovbh526r: this is the form:
ildikovbh526r: and here you can find guidelines and hints for proposals:
*** vishnoianil has joined #openstack-meeting18:49
bh526rSure. I will work with Jamey to submit it. Jamey is trying to organize the submissions18:50
ildikovbh526r: it is important to have a moderator for the session you propose, so I wanted to reach out to you regarding the one that's on the etherpad already18:50
*** bkopilov has quit IRC18:51
ildikovbh526r: to give a heads up on the official proposal period and to ensure you are prepared to submit the session18:51
*** yatinkarel has joined #openstack-meeting18:51
ildikovbh526r: also one of the main purposes of the Forum is having discussions that involves both the developers and the users/operators18:51
bh526rThank you ildikov. Will "Telecom & NFV" be one session? Or each topic be a separate session?18:52
*** nadya has quit IRC18:52
ildikovbh526r: I think it will be separate18:52
bh526rCool. Do you have suggestion of the session chair/moderator for the session I proposed?18:53
ildikovbh526r: so when you propose yours having the subject and goals as a standalone topic there would be the way to go18:53
ildikovbh526r: and also try to highlight how the users will be involved in the discussion, what they will benefit and what you expect from them and what you wish to discuss18:54
ildikovbh526r: will you or anyone from the team be there?18:54
bh526rI see. Thank you for the hints.18:55
bh526rYes, I will be in Boston.18:55
*** ltomasbo is now known as ltomasbo|away18:55
ildikovbh526r: would you be comfortable with moderating?18:55
bh526rI should be fine. And usually it is better to have 2 moderators. Will you be able to help too if your time permits?18:56
*** kaisers has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
*** Roberttao has quit IRC18:57
ildikovbh526r: yes18:57
*** sheory has quit IRC18:57
ildikovbh526r: I will need to look into the schedule as you pointed out, but I plan to attend the Telecom/NFV ones18:57
ildikovbh526r: the deadline for submissions is April 2nd if I remember correctly18:58
bh526rildikov: great, thank you for help. So I will get it submitted as soon as possible (after talking with Jamey)18:58
ildikovbh526r: feel free to ping me if you have any questions or need help before submitting18:58
bh526rYes, it is April 2nd18:58
bh526rSure, definitely Ildikov18:58
ildikovbh526r: sounds great, thank you!18:58
bh526rThank you too18:58
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-meeting18:58
*** harlowja has quit IRC18:59
*** zara_the_lemur__ has joined #openstack-meeting18:59
bh526rWe are on top of the hours18:59
bh526rThat's all from my side18:59
bh526rIf nothing else, we can adjourn the meeting18:59
bh526r#info Meeting adjourned18:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:00
openstackMeeting ended Wed Mar 22 19:00:03 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)19:00
openstackMinutes (text):
bh526rThank you everyone, and bye all19:00
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting19:00
zara_the_lemur__anyone about for the storyboard meeting?19:00
zara_the_lemur__I'm aware both fungi and diablo_rojo are away today19:00
zara_the_lemur__so expecting it to be very short19:01
zara_the_lemur__#startmeeting storyboard19:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Mar 22 19:01:13 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is zara_the_lemur__. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'19:01
zara_the_lemur__#topic Announcements19:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:01
*** harlowja has quit IRC19:01
zara_the_lemur__Monasca, defcore and refstack have been successfully migrated!19:01
*** MeganR has joined #openstack-meeting19:01
zara_the_lemur__you can see the projects here:19:01
zara_the_lemur__thanks, to everyone who was involved! :)19:02
zara_the_lemur__I believe it was split between fungi and SotK; I was lurking but didn't do much.19:02
*** powerd has quit IRC19:03
zara_the_lemur__moving straight on ...19:03
zara_the_lemur__#topic Open Discussion19:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:03
*** powerd has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
zara_the_lemur__I'm skipping 'in progress work' this week since I'd be talking to myself.19:03
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC19:03
zara_the_lemur__in-progress work can be found in the usual places19:04
*** armax has quit IRC19:04
*** tlaxkit has quit IRC19:04
*** edtubill has joined #openstack-meeting19:04
* SotK waves19:05
zara_the_lemur__hi there19:05
zara_the_lemur__if you have anything to discuss, now's a good time to discuss it xD19:06
* SotK doesnt think he has anything19:06
zara_the_lemur__I am wondering about whether we should be doing a cross project session in boston19:07
zara_the_lemur__but I'd rather talk about that in a week when diablo_rojo's around to get her thoughts on that19:07
SotKthat seems sensible19:08
zara_the_lemur__I can keep this meeting short, then. :)  I probably need to do a better job of advertising it.19:09
zara_the_lemur__wow, that's almost an action item19:10
zara_the_lemur__#action zara_the_lemur__ to actually advertise the storyboard meeting next week19:11
zara_the_lemur__there we go?19:11
*** krenczewski has quit IRC19:11
*** efried has joined #openstack-meeting19:12
* zara_the_lemur__ will end the meeting now19:13
zara_the_lemur__discussion can continue in #storyboard if we want; I don't think we require the structure of a meeting to keep things orderly...19:13
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:13
openstackMeeting ended Wed Mar 22 19:13:37 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)19:13
openstackMinutes (text):
zara_the_lemur__that's gotta be a new record19:13
zara_the_lemur__not even 15 mins19:14
zara_the_lemur__had I realised it'd be this quiet in advance, I'd've cancelled it, but didn't give it much thought, sorry19:15
*** rwsu has quit IRC19:15
*** myoung is now known as myoung|brb19:21
*** joanna is now known as joana_lunch19:26
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
*** spotz is now known as spotz_zzz19:32
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting19:33
*** spotz_zzz is now known as spotz19:33
*** bobmel has quit IRC19:33
*** donghao has quit IRC19:34
*** efried has quit IRC19:34
*** krtaylor has quit IRC19:36
*** hashar has joined #openstack-meeting19:40
*** princenana has quit IRC19:40
*** princenana has joined #openstack-meeting19:40
*** princenana has quit IRC19:43
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
*** xinli has quit IRC19:47
*** princenana has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting19:49
*** fguillot has quit IRC19:50
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*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting19:50
*** julim has quit IRC19:53
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting19:54
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting19:56
*** whenry has quit IRC19:59
*** ekhugen_alt has joined #openstack-meeting20:00
ekhugen_alt#startmeeting wos_mentoring20:00
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ekhugen_altHi who's here for WOS mentoring?20:00
ekhugen_altHi Megan!20:01
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ekhugen_altgosh is it just the two of us this week?20:03
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ekhugen_altHi Nicole!20:03
nicolehHi Emily!20:04
nicolehi'm getting excited for boston ... this is gonna be fun!20:04
ekhugen_altyes, definitely20:04
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ekhugen_altI think we'll talk first about your list of mentors?20:05
ekhugen_alt#topic mentors list20:05
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nicolehyep, sounds good!20:07
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ekhugen_altso did you have any more questions about the mentors list?20:08
nicolehso far, i have a list of the long term mentors & am looking for a list of the upstream & outreachy mentors.20:08
nicolehprovided that our plan is to give a baseball cap to all of these mentors, i'm trying to come up with a final count.20:09
ekhugen_altildikov did you see the email from nicoleh?20:09
ildikovnicoleh: for the upstream training we're still finalizing the list20:09
ildikovekhugen_alt: yep, I have it, couldn't get there yet, sorry :(20:09
nicolehildikov: does the list of upstream mentors change each summit?20:09
ildikovnicoleh: yes20:09
nicolehah, ok20:09
nicolehperhaps we can do this a different way then ...20:10
nicolehhow many do you usually have per summit?20:10
ildikovnicoleh: people need to get travel approvals, not everyone is sticking around, etc20:10
ildikovnicoleh: 10-15 total I think20:10
nicolehok, great!20:10
ildikovnicoleh: some of them can join only one day, etc20:10
nicolehwe'll add 10-15 to the our total list, and give you the caps so that you can give them to the upstream mentors -- sound good?20:11
ildikovnicoleh: sounds great, thank you!20:11
nicolehildikov, would the upstream mentors also be interested in the baseball cards?20:12
ildikovnicoleh: hmm, good question20:12
nicolehi'm not sure how the upstream mentor program works ...20:12
nicolehsay, if it's similar to the speed mentoring session where they might use the cards to give to mentees?20:12
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ildikovwe are putting more emphasis on the on-site event currently and need to figure out whether we will have follow-ups, etc.20:13
ildikovour mentors/trainers are presenting and we have hands on sessions where mentors are sitting together with a group of people20:13
ildikovwe are planning to pair mentors to groups20:13
nicolehok, no worries, if they won't use the cards during the event, then we'll only give them the caps. :)20:14
ildikovI'm certainly more sure about the caps :)20:14
ildikovwhat's your deadline on the cards?20:15
nicolehthe week of apr 1720:15
ildikovok, great20:15
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nicolehbut i need a near-final count for budgeting purposes20:16
ildikovwill give it a second thought when Kendall is back and will let you know if we changed our minds20:16
ildikovlet's stick with the caps for now20:16
nicolehok, sounds good! so, we've got the upstream mentors covered then! what about the outreachy mentors?20:16
ildikovKendall is back next week, so we will not be last minute20:16
ekhugen_altI don't see vmkc online, and I guess she didn't respond to the email?20:17
ildikovnicoleh: thanks for doing/organizing this!20:17
nicolehabsolutely, ildikov!20:17
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nicolehemily, i haven't heard back from vmkc yet.20:18
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ekhugen_altI think I saw that outreachy applications are due soon, so they must have a list of possible mentors/projects20:18
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ekhugen_altmaybe she hasn't had a chance to respond yet?20:18
*** vishwanathj has joined #openstack-meeting20:18
nicolehvery possible.20:19
ekhugen_altoh actually, they have a list of mentors on their wiki page20:19
nicolehdoes outreachy happen similar to the speed mentoring session & the upstream mentor group ... meaning, we could get a guesstimate count & give them out during the onsite event?20:20
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nicolehemily, just looked at the outreachy wiki page. this is perfect -- it gives us the rough count i was referring to!20:22
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ekhugen_altgreat, sorry I didn't think of that earlier!20:22
nicolehno worries! i didn't either!20:22
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nicolehremaining question: do we know what the current mentor count is, and who they are? i'd like to see if we need to start personal outreach.20:23
ekhugen_altsorry, from all three sources, or are you just talking about the list I sent, Nicoleh?20:24
nicolehoops -- sorry!20:24
nicolehi meant, who has specifically signed up as a mentor for the speed mentoring session in boston.20:24
nicolehwas that the list you sent in email, emily?20:25
ekhugen_altI think that Kendall shared the list with me of who signed up for Speed Mentoring in Boston20:25
ekhugen_altsorry I should've included that with the other list20:25
nicolehno worries! do you mind passing it along?20:26
ekhugen_altthere are 15 people on the list, but there's a fair amount of overlap with the other mentor list20:26
ekhugen_altcan you see that spreadsheet?  if not I'll just send the list in an email20:27
MeganRit says that I need permission, don't know if I need to be added20:27
nicolehit is giving me the same message -- that i need permission.20:28
ekhugen_altI just added you meganr20:28
ekhugen_altnicoleh, do you have a gmail address?20:28
MeganRthank you, I can see it now20:29
nicolehah, yes ... uoduckswtd@gmail.com20:29
ekhugen_altokay, nicoleh, you should have it now20:29
nicolehi can see it now, thanks!20:29
nicolehthis is perfect! i'll reach out to a few colleagues to enlist them as mentors!20:30
ekhugen_altcool, thanks!20:31
ekhugen_altI think it's great we already have 15 signups20:31
MeganRthat is a good number20:32
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ekhugen_altso anything else on the mentor list or on Boston while we're at it?20:33
*** tobberydberg has joined #openstack-meeting20:33
nicolehi don't think so, not from my end.20:33
ekhugen_alt#topic long term mentoring20:34
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ekhugen_altI put this on the agenda just because we haven't talked about it in awhile20:34
ekhugen_altI think end of January we checked in with mentors and mentees (we had 10 matches then)20:35
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ekhugen_altI don't think there have been many new signups, but I wondered if it was worth doing a signup push and another round of matching before Boston?20:35
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ekhugen_althm yeah, maybe we'll just not do another round of matching, unless we have a sudden surge in interest20:39
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ekhugen_alt#topic open20:40
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ekhugen_altanything else anyone has to discuss?20:41
MeganRI think after Boston would be good - feed off of the enthusiasm after the summit20:41
MeganRI don't have anything for open20:41
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ekhugen_altthat's a good idea MeganR20:41
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ekhugen_altokay, I think we can end early then, thanks everyone!20:44
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notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
notmynamehello, world21:00
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notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:00
*** acoles has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
rledisezhello o/21:00
*** clayg has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmynameagenda is at...21:01
notmynamelots of bullet points, so let's see how fast we can go21:01
notmyname#topic follow-up from last week21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "follow-up from last week (Meeting topic: swift)"21:02
notmynamea few things we talked about last week had some follow-up for this week21:02
notmyname has landed, closing
openstackLaunchpad bug 1657246 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Proxy logs wrong request method when validating SLO segments" [Critical,Fix released] - Assigned to Janie Richling (jrichli)21:02
notmynamethanks timburke jrichli mahatic and zaitcev for that21:02
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
notmynameI'll get a backport for that proposed soon21:03
*** jrobinson has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
notmynamealso, rledisez (and alecuyer) said they'd get an etherpad started so we can discuss object server compat testing21:03
notmynameand that's done too21:03
notmynamewe asked for review on since it introduces a new api semantic (and it's a lot easier to get it right the first time)21:04
notmynamewe got some reviews (from clayg and rledisez), but please keep an eye on it as thurloat works on it21:05
notmynameand lastly...21:05
notmyname is for discussion about the best way to expose composite rings21:05
notmynamethere's some discussion going on there, and it would be good for everyone to read over it21:05
*** krtaylor has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
notmyname(and leave comments!)21:06
*** kaisers has quit IRC21:06
notmynamethat's all the follow-up stuff I had. did I forget anything?21:06
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck21:06
notmynameok, I'll take that as a "no"21:07
notmyname#topic FYI things21:07
*** openstack changes topic to "FYI things (Meeting topic: swift)"21:07
notmynamea few things to be aware of (and participate in)21:07
notmynametimburke: you've noticed some nightly gate failures recently. can you share any more about that? any links?21:07
notmynameor ideas on finding the issues?21:07
mattoliverautimburke: yeah, are there more stable failures?21:08
timburkeno clue on the reasons. but there's been like 5 this month?21:08
claygare just like flakey unittests that we already patched on master?21:08
cschwedestable failures?21:08
kota_around tox py27 xfs?21:08
notmynametimburke: how did you see/find these? is there a graph or list or soemthing somewherE?21:09
*** PavelK has joined #openstack-meeting21:09
timburkefor reference, we would previously see one failure roughly every two months21:09
timburkenotmyname: go subscribe to then set up filters so everything not-swift is automatically marked as read?21:10
kota_ah, it's in stable branch with periodic check21:10
notmynametimburke: ah21:11
mattoliveraumaybe it is an intermittant falure. I can start running py27 unit tests on newton in a loop, but assume your already doing that thing21:11
notmynamemattoliverau: actually, I think that would be really helpful21:11
notmynameI'm not sure that timburke has done much more than read the test output21:12
mattoliveraukk, I'll start setting it up now :)21:12
notmynamemattoliverau: thanks :-)21:12
notmynametimburke: thanks for noticing and bringing it up21:12
notmynameother FYI things...21:12
timburkeas much as anything, i just figure it'd be good if people took a look at the failures and report back if they see anything familiar. "oh yeah, i remember tracking down that intermittent failure in patch X. maybe we should backport that"21:13
notmynamethe TC has a newly proposed tag for "never-breaks-compat".
notmynameclayg: thanks for commenting on it (and I agree with what you said)21:13
notmynamebut the patch proposer assumed it would be something that would apply to swift, but that's a choice that we need to make21:14
notmynameso read over it and be aware of it. think about if that's something you think we should apply to swift or not21:14
notmynamealso, the boston summit is coming up soon21:14
notmynameI've learned more how the process for sessions will work21:15
*** bh526r has quit IRC21:15
notmynamethis week (THIS WEEK) please add anything you want to talk about at the summit to
timburkeon the never-breaks-compat: i think they really ought to break that down between client API and operator config. as it is, i'd still rather like to drop post-as-copy21:15
notmynameearly next week I'll take what's there and use the provided session submission tool to propose sessions21:16
claygtimburke: i had assumed it was limited to client api - you should put that in a review comment - makes sense to me21:16
notmynametimburke: +121:16
notmynamethe summit sessions are supposed to be stuff that can't be discussed elsewhere because in other places there aren't the right people21:16
notmynamethat means that the boston sessions should be more ops focussed (eg dev design sessions for the PTG)21:17
notmynameand finally, note that we're in the middle of time changes around the world.21:17
notmynameUS has passed, EU is this weekend, AUS is next weekend. Japan doesn't do this sillyness. meeting time is 2100UTC (which doesn't change)21:17
*** aysyd has quit IRC21:17
claygnotmyname: how many things do you have to select how long should a topic be (i.e. how much ground do we try to cover)21:18
notmynamebut also note that affects our tx overlap21:18
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting21:18
notmynameclayg: 40 minute sessions (with a very tiny possibility of having a double session)21:18
notmynameany questions on all those FYI things?21:18
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:19
claygthere's not much getting added to
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
notmynameI'm not sure how I feel about that, honestly21:20
claygnotmyname: I think there must be some trepidation about what's appropriate21:20
notmynamebecause on the one hand, the previous summit sessions that aren't dev design sessions are largely "ops feedback"21:20
claygbut i'm looking at the list of people attending ... i know what I want to talk about those people - let's just plan to talk about that!21:20
notmynameso this etherpad isn't actually too bad21:20
notmynamebut I think you're right too -- trepidation and uncertainty about what is appropriate to propose21:21
*** kaisers has joined #openstack-meeting21:21
notmynameif we don't propose anything, we won't have much relevant swift stuff at the summit. if we propose a lot of stuff, we might not get it accepted, but we'll likely have some21:22
*** baoli has quit IRC21:22
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:22
kota_notmyname: one question21:22
notmynameso if you're not sure if something is appropriate, then write it down. worst that can happen is that it doesn't get selected21:22
notmynamekota_: yes?21:22
acolestimburke: so I wonder , would the backwards compat thing mean we couldn't start to version DLO, just in case someone out there relied on the current behaviour?21:22
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
kota_notmyname: I'm still not getting all for the forum which say like "that should be long-term future discussion"21:22
claygacoles: I think eventually the tags just signal intent + whatever you can manage to test for21:23
*** jprovazn has quit IRC21:23
claygacoles: If tempest magically tested that behavior and we needed/wanted to change it I think we just make a case like we would have to do anyway21:23
*** ihrachys has quit IRC21:23
timburkeacoles: i'm torn. i could see an argument for it falling into the security-fix category21:23
kota_notmyname: I always want to land all my patch asap so it may be in Pike so some ideas still be in the list may be in Pike or soon, so it's a reason I did not write so much there21:24
timburke(but then i'm biased toward wanting it to land :-)21:24
notmynamekota_: I think the reason for saying that is because they imagine that the forum would be requirements gathering for the Q or R cycles instead of stuff that will be worked on right now21:24
notmynamekota_: :-)21:24
claygtdasilva: cschwede: can you guys come to BOS to talk about ring management?21:24
notmynamekota_: yeah, I'm with you. land all the patches right now :-)21:24
cschwedeclayg: not sure yet21:24
acolestimburke: right! well let's land it quickly :)21:24
kota_yeah, and if we could use the forum like as the ptg or past hackathon, it seems to be easy to write something for everyone21:24
claygtdasilva: cschwede: I feel like a forum ops summit might be a good place to do that!?21:24
tdasilvaclayg: funny enough, it will probably be easier for cschwede to be there than me....trying to figure out funding atm...21:25
notmynamekota_: I don't think the highly separated (1) requirements (2) planning (3) develop (4) deploy schedule that's implied from some openstack projects applies very well to how we've been successful in swift21:25
claygtdasilva: cschwede: esp. if we can get word out to people that might be doing openstack deployment kind of stuff - or etcd config management stuff - get some fresh ideas on what ring management might look like from someone that doesn't "know better"21:26
tdasilvaclayg: but, yeah, i will try to make it at least one day21:26
notmynameoh man, gotta get me some etcd configs21:26
tdasilvaclayg: yeah, i was interested in that whole etcd config mgmt stuff21:26
kota_notmyname: k, thanks21:26
acolesnotmyname: I had thought the current etherpad was for ops-feedback-type-sessions, not swift-devs-ptg-type session proposals? was I wrong?21:26
cschwedeclayg: but it's a good idea to discuss this with ops, i'll put this on the etherpad21:26
*** gouthamr has quit IRC21:26
acolestdasilva: or we'll come to you!21:27
cschwedeacoles: y'all should come over here ;)21:27
tdasilvaacoles: works for me! :)21:27
notmynameacoles: my impression is the same as you. more like ops/deployment stuff. but that's historically been intertwined with dev sessions within the swift community (IMO). so it's hard to draw a distinct line21:27
claygacoles: nobody knows - i think if we have to cut we prefer sessions that can take feedback/requirements - but that's design/planning too21:27
notmynameIMo if there's something our community needs to talk about in order to make swift better, then write it down.21:28
mattoliverauwho is selecting, this the openstack powers to be? or us?21:28
claygnotmyname: +121:28
acolesnotmyname: clayg: I just hadn't added topics in the usual fashion that would be dev focussed21:28
mattoliverauie topics.21:28
notmynameyeah, the Powers That Be. (I think that's the TC and User Committee)21:29
mattoliverauI worried to put something up that I need to be there, but then can't get approval or funding to turn up21:29
claygnotmyname: OHHHHH, they'll pick 'em from the etherpad - or notmyname has to submit something?21:29
notmynamemattoliverau: if we've got something in swift that can only happen with one person, then that's another problem, TBH. (ie write it down anyway)21:29
notmynameclayg: no, they will pick from submitted sessions21:29
claygsorry I think i zoned out21:30
notmynamewe as a team need to write down the stuff we want to talk about, then someone submits those via the sessions submission tool21:30
claygnotmyname: do you submit sessions?21:30
notmynameit doesn't have to be me, but yeah, I was planning on doing it21:30
*** kaisers__ has quit IRC21:30
claygnotmyname: could you name a session "EC feedback" and then if no one has feedback we just talk about the reconstructor rledisez's patches?21:30
kota_clayg: :-) sounds nice21:31
claygI like the "let's write down what we need to talk about in Boston" - then we'll see what happens with the TC process21:31
claygor foundation/user-group whatever21:31
claygthey're *trying*21:31
claygif it sucks - well tell them and why21:32
notmynameand if, worst case, we can only end up talking about things in the hallway (or tdasilva's house), then at least we've got a list of stuff we can use to start the conversation21:32
claygk i'm set21:32
notmynameok :-)21:32
mattoliveraukk sounds like a plan21:32
notmynameany more questions? I want to move on to the next topic21:32
* tdasilva 's house offers food with conversation21:33
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
*** askb has joined #openstack-meeting21:33
notmyname#topic generic diskfile implementation (ie OVH LOSF)21:33
*** openstack changes topic to "generic diskfile implementation (ie OVH LOSF) (Meeting topic: swift)"21:33
notmyname#info LOSF = Lots Of Small Files21:34
claygi liked where the entrypoints patch was going near as I can tell21:34
claygawesome work there21:34
notmynamealecuyer is working on optimizing swift for lots of small files21:34
notmynameand added them item to the agenda21:34
notmynamehe's got an etherpad up...21:34
notmynameand would like to give a very brief overview of the direction21:34
alecuyerright. We are trying, with rledisez, to make it easier to add alternative diskfile implementations21:35
alecuyerso there is the patch clayg just mentionned21:35
*** jamesdenton has quit IRC21:35
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
notmynamethat one?21:35
rledisezthat one21:36
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
*** edtubill has quit IRC21:36
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz21:36
*** baoli has quit IRC21:36
alecuyerand another point. When working on the prototype for LOSF, I had to deal with callers outside of diskfile that use full path as arguments (path to objects, partition, etc)21:37
notmynamealecuyer: so what's the current state, and where do you need feedback? how can the rest of us help?21:37
*** aunnam has quit IRC21:37
*** raj_singh has quit IRC21:37
*** sshank has quit IRC21:37
alecuyerthat may not make sense for non-file based backends21:37
*** karthikp_ has quit IRC21:37
*** ndahiwade has quit IRC21:37
alecuyerSo I had to emulate listdir, and parse paths to extract information21:37
*** smurke- has quit IRC21:38
alecuyerIt would be easier if the functions passed "location" arguments, such as policy, partition, ohash21:38
*** mmotiani has quit IRC21:38
*** vgadiraj has quit IRC21:38
alecuyerI have started to patch some functions in DiskFileManager and in callers to do that.21:38
*** sindhude has quit IRC21:38
*** ntata has quit IRC21:38
*** joanna has quit IRC21:38
*** sneti has quit IRC21:38
*** manjeets has quit IRC21:38
alecuyerThe LOSF "manager" functions would have the same prototypes21:38
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck21:38
alecuyerSo I was wondering what if you think that would be a correct approach21:39
*** dasm has quit IRC21:39
notmynamealecuyer: from a high-level (ie you talking about it and me not having looked at the code), i like it. it sounds like the right approach21:40
*** bobmel has quit IRC21:40
claygalecuyer: I would slighly prefer the interface optionally support 'suffix' as a param than have all the callers have to ohash[-3:]21:41
*** donghao has quit IRC21:41
notmynamethe etherpad would be a great please to leave feedback (but since etherpads are hard for collaboration, please leave your nick next to what you type)21:41
claygalecuyer: similarlly it might make sense to just cache some state on the instance and take less params - let implementations use what they need21:41
alecuyerclayg, ok. We have seen suffix will be an issue because it is "hardwired" at least in the replicator , I think21:41
alecuyernotmyname, if the approach sounds right I will post patches and link to them in the etherpad21:42
notmynamecschwede: acoles: based on your part power increase and ec work, I'd love to see your feedback21:42
claygalecuyer: it's not a terrible place to split up the partition - were you going to rework get_hahes to an entirely different format?21:42
tdasilvaalecuyer: i'm not sure, but i'm wondering if we should look at a tier above for abstraction, since it is called *diskfile*. My fear is that we might try to change it to fit something it wasn't made for21:42
cschwedenotmyname: and tdasilva as well, he's a diskfile expert!21:43
notmynametdasilva: who would come along and implement a "Diskfile" for something that's not a local disk?!?!?21:43
claygalecuyer: for context tdasilva maintains the swift-on-file diskfile; i mainained a out-of-tree diskfile implementation in another life - but I think it *mostly* had to reimplement stuff needed for replication21:43 is still files!21:43
alecuyerclayg, we have not done so at the moment. We're not going for a full rewrite, initially at least !21:44
alecuyerthanks for the context :)21:44
claygalecuyer: that sounds good to me - so anyway - I think "suffix" as a concept may contine to exist - even if it's not strictly needed by your implementation21:44
rledisezclayg: current idea is « just » to plug a new disk file without disrupting everything around (not patching replication that’s your job clayg ;))21:44
claygI'm suggesting you continue to send it down - but ignore it - rather than try to get rid of it ... maybe.... maybe not21:45
claygrledisez: understood21:45
alecuyerin the prototype, the patches to replication were minimal to get it working (for replication), I believe < 50 lines21:45
notmynameyeah, that's good to keep in mind. the problem being solved here is to optimize a real problem, not to make the ultimate abstraction layer for anything :-)21:45
acolesalecuyer: my first reaction is that if there are improvements to the interface that will help then we should consider them (like not passing full paths). if possible, small tactical patches would be good21:45
alecuyeracoles, that is what we had in mind, yes, small patches to build on21:46
claygalecuyer: the etherpad makes reference specifically to _get_hashes - and I think the interfaces used outside of the object server are the most coupled with the existing implementation21:46
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting21:46
claygnot to the interfaces used by the object server ... it sounds very fine/correct21:46
*** pcaruana has quit IRC21:47
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
claygi think i lost part of the sentence21:47
rledisezclayg: _get_hashes is an example. an actually, we need very few functions patched as the coupling between callers and diskfilemanager is about 10 functions21:47
claygalecuyer: i was just trying to say that the less changes you have to make to the interface in the object server - the stronger you should feel you're doing it right21:48
*** princenana has quit IRC21:48
rledisezand most of them are ok for what we need21:48
*** baoli has quit IRC21:48
alecuyerclayg, right, thank you for clarifying :)21:48
claygrledisez: ok, yeah and the REPLICATE verb is the outlier - that's part of the "replication" interface IMHO21:48
claygother stuff should be "internal" - but jesus - it's not like we ever tried to documnt what the f'ing interface is21:48
claygthere's annoying coupling everywhere - the *type* of the exception raised on certain conditions is part of the "interface" for christ sakes21:49
rledisez^ good point, we should note that alecuyer21:49
claygok, but it sounds great - can't wait to see a patch!21:49
alecuyerI think there is a comment about it -the exception21:50
notmynameif we could keep discussing it in the etherpad and in IRC, that would be great21:50
alecuyerok ! thank you all for the feedback and please do send more in the etherpad21:50
notmynamealecuyer: thank you for working on this. i'm really excited about it21:50
claygrledisez: alecuyer: try not to get *too* caught up on a crusade to define the perfect diskfile interface - KISS21:50
*** haleyb has quit IRC21:50
notmyname#topic open discussion21:51
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: swift)"21:51
acolesalecuyer: don't assume that because code exists on master that it is universally considered to be perfect :) there has been a lot of history in diskfile, so please challenge anything you find that seems wrong21:51
notmynameok, a couple of things here21:51
notmynameacoles: +10021:51
rledisezabout patches, our goal is to land that as fast as we can to build the new diskfile on clean bases. so these modifications and the pkg_resources will be submitted very soon21:51
*** bobmel has quit IRC21:51
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notmynamefirst, i had an idea that I was curious about. "call your patches"21:51
*** david-lyle has quit IRC21:52
notmynameif you're about to review or look at a patch in gerrit, say somehting in IRC. like, "I'm looking at patch 345345"21:52
notmynamethen, within an hour or two, leave a comment in gerrit on the patch21:52
notmynamecall your patch, leave a comment21:52
notmynameI think this will do a couple of things21:52
claygrledisez: we'll try to keep up!  Obviously any help you guy apply to the review backlog makes a huge difference to our throughput - if you think something is not important and you see reviews going on there you need to find some way to communicate that21:53
notmynamefirst, it will help us all know who's looking at what21:53
claygtriage takes a village - everyone can get caught up chasing dragons and lose sight of the prize21:53
notmynameand second, I hope it will help reduce the perceived "cost" of leaving a comment21:53
claygnotmyname: but what if I don't want to admit how long it takes me to review things sometimes :'(21:54
notmynameie leaving a comment is just a thing you do and small comments are ok21:54
claygwhat if I say in channel I'm going to review something and then don't because I'm a dirty lazy liar!21:54
notmynameclayg: it's ok. I've learned that in a group, if you feel a certain way, probably three other people do too :-)21:54
*** sneti has quit IRC21:54
claygnotmyname: I don't think I follow how this reduces the cost of leaving a comment?21:55
* jungleboyj is curious about that as well.21:55
claygnotmyname: I've historically been a big advocate of "try to comment with clear instructions to make the patch meragable" - that can a non-trivial amount of work21:56
notmynamebecause if leaving a comment, even a "I looked at it and didn't find anything yet, +0", if that becomes common, then it's easier for everyone to leave a comment21:56
claygnotmyname: I tend to be a hypocrite about it too21:56
notmynamebecause if you don't ever comment until the comment is perfect, it's like not submitting code until it's perfect -- it's impossible and leads to not much getting done21:56
*** sneti has joined #openstack-meeting21:56
claygnotmyname: but it "seems" like a reasonable goal?  And from someone on the other side - clear instructions help *a lot*21:56
jungleboyjHmmm, I leave a lot of imperfect comments.  :-)21:57
claygnotmyname: ok, yeah I kinda like that.... we should update the review guidelines!21:57
*** sshank has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
*** karthikp has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
notmynamewe can't all be in the same room all the time, so "hey I'm looking at Foo" is something that can be helpful to coordinate21:57
*** princenana has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
*** Guest3223 has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
notmynameand it might even lead to a "oh! I was looking there too, and I found ..."21:58
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting21:58
claygtimburke: does this sound right to you?  Maybe the difference is the +0 and the -121:58
acolesFWIW I sometimes leave a 'part-complete' review and say its only partial. usually it means I have not yet worked through 100's of lines of test changes, but have some comment on the real code.21:58
jungleboyjnotmyname: Doesn't seem like a bad idea.  I know I have collided with people on many occasions .21:58
clayg-1 "fix this and we're mergable" +0 "you can either pretend I didn't leave this here or read it - my review is WIP"21:58
*** kaisers has quit IRC21:59
notmynameWIP review :-)21:59
acoleswe need real and imaginary numbers for votes :)21:59
notmynamebecause even if you don't get to come back to your review, it's a starting point for the next reviewer!21:59
timburkeclayg: i can get behind it. i certain will leave +0s when i've done a partial review, not found anything blatantly wrong, but definitely had some questions raised21:59
notmynameacoles: multi-demensional reviews?21:59
notmynameok, we're at time22:00
claygnotmyname: the review history is *super* important to me when I come to patch that's been at it awhile22:00
acolesnotmyname: +100i22:00
notmynameI saw that PavelK had a patch question in -swift about a patch. I wanted to get to it here, but we should look at it in -swift22:00
*** sankarshan has quit IRC22:00
claygnotmyname: sometimes I wish we could a review "summary" or something :P22:00
notmynamethank you for your work on swift22:00
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