Thursday, 2017-05-25

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ekcstime for congress meeting masahito ramineni_ thinrichs00:00
ekcs#starmeeting congressteammeeting00:00
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ramineni_ekcs: hi00:00
ekcshi ramineni_ !00:01
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ekcshi all. as usual, topics are kept here. feel free to add & comment.
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thinrichsHi all!00:03
ekcshi thinrichs !00:03
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thinrichsDid the startmeeting work?  Looks like it was misspelled00:03
ekcs#startmeeting congressteammeeting00:04
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ekcs: hi all. as usual, topics are kept here. feel free to add & comment.
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masahitohi all. sorry, late the meeting.00:06
ekcsnp! hi masahito00:06
ekcstopics at usual place. I don’t have many special topics for today.
ekcslet’s get started then.00:06
ekcs#topic pike-200:06
*** openstack changes topic to "pike-2 (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"00:06
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ekcspike-2 is due the week of June 05.00:07
ekcsanything we’re hoping to merge before then?00:08
ekcswe’re expecting to do the first congress-dashboard release.00:08
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ekcsWe can probably merge all the open patches in there right now.00:10
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thinrichsAll the patches in dashboard and client?00:13
thinrichs+1 that those look ready00:13
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thinrichsJust saw this patch about java.  Do we still use java somewhere?00:15
patchbotpatch 467622 - congress - Extend devstack support to Red Hat-based distros00:15
thinrichsI think that was a holdover from when the Python code was generated after install by java00:15
thinrichsOr do we need it somewhere else?00:15
ekcshmmm a litte complicated. I think standalone install still uses java. but devstack install doesn’t. we should probably unify that.00:16
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thinrichsWhat's java for?00:16
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ekcsand when we unify, we should probably use java in both cases to generate the parsing code from grammar, because the packaging folks won’t package generated code.00:17
ekcscorrection. I think I took java out of the standalone install too.00:18
thinrichsI see, so we can't just check in generated code since packaging doesn't like it.  (Though how do they know?)00:19
ekcsbut at some point we will likely put it back in and do generation. to work well with packaging.00:19
ekcswe can delay acting on this particular patch though.00:19
thinrichsMakes sense.  Then yeah, all the recent patches in dashboard, client, congress look ready00:19
ekcsthe way I envision doing it is to checkin generated code, but make it clear to packagers they can delete that code in packaging. and make sure everything still works (will re-generate) without the generated code included.00:20
ekcsand they know because they pay attention to this stuff =)00:20
ekcsdebian packager especially.00:21
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ekcsalso one thing to note for pike-2, ramineni_ ’s been hard at work setting things up for congress-dashboard project, and we’ve merged the patch that switches devstack to use the dashboard project for horizon.00:21
thinrichsWas just curious if they kept up to date with the project, or whether there were tools that helped, or something else.00:21
patchbotpatch 453474 - congress - Update devstack plugin to use new repo (MERGED)00:22
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ekcsSo be aware of that if you’re doing any devstack-based testing going forward.00:22
ekcsI really only know one particular case, and in that case it seems it’s a matter of looking carefully at the code each time it’s packaged.00:23
ekcsanything else about pike-2?00:23
thinrichsNot from me00:24
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ekcsok let’s move on then.00:26
masahitonothing from my side00:26
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ekcs#topic policy library00:26
*** openstack changes topic to "policy library (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"00:26
ekcsThanks for all the comments on this spec.
patchbotpatch 457880 - congress-specs - policy library spec00:26
ekcsThanks for all the commetns and reviews.00:27
ekcsany more thoughts on the spec?00:27
ekcsI wanted to have organized tasks on launchpad earlier, but I expect to have it this week and I’ll let people know on ML when it’s there.00:28
thinrichsOne thought, just looking at comments.00:28
thinrichsThe re-initializing the empty library with the policy files seems good.00:29
thinrichsMaybe use a command-line flag to control it?  Or is that already the plan?00:29
ekcsNot mentioned right now. How do you see that being used?00:30
ekcsa command line flag to say load or a command line flag to say don’t load?00:31
thinrichsNot sure about the partiy.00:31
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ekcshmm ok. what’s the case where you think the control is desired?00:31
thinrichsI've got an empty library and want to keep it that way.00:32
ekcsonly case I can think of is when someone explicitly wants an empty library.00:32
thinrichsBut maybe that's silly, now that I think about it.00:32
thinrichsIf you don't want the library, then set up the authz policy so people can't use those APIs.00:32
thinrichsThe fact that they're in the DB shouldn't matter.00:32
thinrichsRest looks good.00:33
thinrichsWe're all happy delaying the template features til this gets done?00:33
ekcsramineni_ instead.00:34
ramineni_Yes .. sounds good00:35
ekcsok then. let’s go ahead and merge it then =)00:37
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ekcsanything else to discuss now on policy lib?00:37
thinrichsekcs: you want the honors?00:38
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ekcshaha sure.00:38
ekcsi’ll do it after meeting.00:38
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ekcsI’m excited about getting this feature done. we may not get through all parts of the spec, but I think we can at the very least get the deploying policy from library part done, prioritized above the library policy CRUD.00:39
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ekcswell let’s move on then.00:39
thinrichsIt'd be cool to start making some good progress on that!00:40
ekcs#topic open discussion00:40
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: congressteammeeting)"00:40
ekcsI don’t have any other special topics. anything else on our minds? updates or thoughts or questions?00:40
ekcsdoes anyone have experience wsgi appifying the API code?00:42
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ekcsI’ve been doing some digging and asking. and basically we need to wrap the API server code in something like this
patchbotpatch 457283 - nova - Register osapi_compute when nova-api is wsgi (MERGED)00:43
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ramineni_Do we want to get the details updated in
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ramineni_For congress00:47
ekcsWhich parts?00:49
ekcsI need to assert stable policy tag.00:49
ekcsThat one we are ready to assert.00:49
ekcsso they don’t show the ones we don’t satisfy any more.00:50
ramineni_Project intro is also missing for congress I guess00:50
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ekcsOh I see. Hard to tell what’s supposed to be there.00:52
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ramineni_Under About this project00:52
ekcsI can look into how to update that. or do you already know?00:52
ramineni_No idea00:53
ekcsOk I’ll look into that. thanks for bringing it up!00:54
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ekcsoh something else I’m working on is sketching out a policy monitoring UI on a service like this to share with everyone so we can collaborate on the design.00:55
ekcsPeople will need to sign-in though unfortunately. I’m open to alternatives if people have any suggestions =)00:56
ekcsanything else we want to talk about? or should we end?00:57
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thinrichsNothing from me.00:59
ekcsalright then. well time about up anyway. more next time! have a great week(end)00:59
thinrichsThanks all!01:00
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masahitothanks all. bye01:00
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ekcsbye all01:00
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wanghaohi everyone02:00
zhenguo#startmeeting mogan02:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 25 02:00:39 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is zhenguo. Information about MeetBot at
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zhenguowanghao, shaohe_feng: o/02:00
zhenguozhangyang: o/02:01
zhenguoanybody else here? luyao, Xinran, litao__02:01
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wanghaolitao is a little busy now.. :)02:02
zhenguoliusheng is on vacation now02:02
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zhenguoas always, the agenda:02:02
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zhenguolet's jump in02:03
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zhenguo#topic announcements and reminders02:03
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements and reminders (Meeting topic: mogan)"02:03
zhenguoit's really a wonderful team gathering during the Suzhou bug smash :D02:03
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-meeting02:03
zhenguothanks everyone02:03
zhenguoluyao: o/02:04
Xinran o/02:04
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zhenguoXinran: o/02:04
zhenguowe had a nice demo show there, and made a discussion about the desired features from every involved company02:04
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zhenguoa short mid cycle :D02:05
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zhenguothanks everyone for joning02:05
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wanghaothat's a good and comfortable meeting :)02:07
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zhenguook, that's the bug smah02:08
zhenguoanother thins is for big tent02:08
zhenguoas we aims to be a offical project, so I collected some principles here02:08
zhenguohi guys, are you still around? seems only me typing...02:08
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*** X-dark_ is now known as X-dark02:08
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wanghaoI'm here02:08
wanghaocould you see me ?02:08
zhenguohah, sure02:08
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting02:09
zhenguobefore we go though the list, I would like to leave some time for everybody to review it :D02:10
shaohe_fengzhenguo: HI02:11
zhenguoshaohe_feng: o/02:12
wanghaodo we have cross project folks?02:12
zhenguoplease feel free to leave comments there with your name, so we can discuss02:12
zhenguowanghao: not sure02:13
zhenguowanghao: but seems it's not a must02:13
*** notmyname has joined #openstack-meeting02:13
wanghaozhenguo: great02:13
zhenguowe can go through the list one by one02:14
zhenguofirst, the big problem of us, is reviews :(02:14
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting02:14
zhenguoThere is just one person doing reviews, need to change that and make sure there are reviews from more people and more companies02:14
litao__I am coming02:15
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting02:15
wanghaoIn mogan or mogan-spec?  I remeber to review some patches...02:15
wanghaomaybe so few....02:16
zhenguolitao__: o/02:16
zhenguowanghao: yes, we should do more02:17
zhenguoand I will not directly merge patches from now on02:17
wanghaozhenguo: yes02:17
zhenguoto ensure patches got enough reviews, I will ping you all02:17
shaohe_fengzhenguo: you have mentioned there's a review guid.02:18
zhenguomaybe we should have a list to ping, who wants to review should be added02:18
litao__I think we should also need more bug report02:18
*** masayukig has joined #openstack-meeting02:18
shaohe_fengzhenguo: the link?02:18
zhenguoshaohe_feng: let me find02:18
*** ijw has quit IRC02:18
shaohe_fengzhenguo: It will be helpful, expecially for the fresh.02:18
zhenguolitao__: yes, we should follow the community policies02:18
*** ijw_ has joined #openstack-meeting02:19
zhenguoshaohe_feng ^^02:19
*** b1airo has quit IRC02:19
*** ricolin has joined #openstack-meeting02:19
shaohe_fenggreat. Xinran, luyao ^^ it is helpful.02:20
*** ijw__ has joined #openstack-meeting02:20
wanghaolike a review team02:20
luyaohah , :D02:21
*** b1airo has joined #openstack-meeting02:21
zhenguoand a patch must got a +2 then another +2+A to land02:21
litao__zhenguo: recently not?02:22
zhenguolitao__: yes, I just +A it directly :(02:22
zhenguosorry, it's my faults02:23
zhenguowe should focus more on reviews,02:23
zhenguonew features development can be slow down a bit02:23
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zhenguoand, we need more core reviewers :D02:24
shaohe_fengwe should be active to do review.02:25
* litao__ yes, we should need more +2 02:25
zhenguoyes, and I think our cores should keep 2-3 reviews everyday, or even more02:26
*** dane_ has joined #openstack-meeting02:26
shaohe_fenglet's do it.02:26
zhenguobut need to make sure we have enough patches to review, lol02:26
litao__so we should find more bugs02:27
zhenguoyes, more bugs can be find only if more people play with mogan02:28
shaohe_fengzhenguo: all our bugs filed in the launchpad link?02:28
zhenguowe just set up a physical env, please ping me if you need help for this02:28
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes02:28
*** dane_leblanc has quit IRC02:29
wanghaozhenguo: really,  we need env02:29
zhenguowanghao: hah02:29
shaohe_fengzhenguo: great, that's easy for others join us, fresh can pick bugs from the link02:29
*** reedip_ has quit IRC02:30
litao__currently not much02:30
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting02:30
zhenguolitao__: yes, we can force a bug link for every patch02:30
zhenguoyou can -1 patch without bug link...02:30
litao__zhenguo: great02:31
zhenguoand another thing is tests02:31
shaohe_fengzhenguo: a big problem to find bugs, no special tester for mogan02:31
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes,02:31
shaohe_fengzhenguo: yes, and the bug link should be in the commit message.02:32
zhenguoshaohe_feng: sure02:32
zhenguoand you can also -1 patch without tests02:32
zhenguocurrently our tests coverage is very low02:32
zhenguoour UT coverage is only 58%02:32
zhenguoand functional only covers a few API calls02:33
zhenguothere are only two test case in tempest, one is create flavor, the other is create server02:33
shaohe_fengneed more.02:34
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting02:34
shaohe_fengso add a task item(add more tasks) in our task list02:35
zhenguoliusheng is absent, so I help him to pick up tempest and functional tests02:35
zhenguoshaohe_feng: sounds good02:35
zhenguounit test maybe need we all to enrich02:35
zhenguoas we got a coverage gate, it's easy to find every file's tests coverage and do it02:36
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zhenguolike this
*** thorst has quit IRC02:37
*** jrichli has left #openstack-meeting02:37
wanghaoemm, so report a bug to add more ut tests.02:37
wanghaodo it again and again02:37
zhenguoseems reasonable to have a bug02:37
*** mtanino_ has joined #openstack-meeting02:37
*** donghao has quit IRC02:38
*** rbudden has quit IRC02:38
litao__wanghao: This sounds great02:38
zhenguoI just added a owner to every task on the etherpad02:39
zhenguoplease add you name as  well, if you are interested in the task02:40
shaohe_fengzhenguo: does our wiki introuce some test guid?02:40
zhenguoshaohe_feng: no02:40
zhenguoshaohe_feng: we only got some larger view of the project there02:41
zhenguoshaohe_feng: details things maybe need a separated wiki page, wdyt?02:41
wanghaoI add a task for tests in our task list02:44
zhenguowanghao: thanks02:44
wanghaoowner is all, priority is high02:44
zhenguowanghao: lol02:44
wanghaoso everyone can feel free to add the tests you want.02:44
litao__wanghao: need a bug report02:45
zhenguoyes, tests can keep our quality,02:45
shaohe_fengwanghao: great.02:45
zhenguoanother thing is the email traffic, when you search mogan there's only a few mails in the list :(02:46
zhenguoplease don't be shy to send us to public02:46
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom02:47
zhenguook, seems that's all02:48
zhenguoanyting else here?02:48
zhenguoif not, let's move on02:48
shaohe_fenglet disucss more things via email02:49
zhenguo#topic task tracking02:49
*** openstack changes topic to "task tracking (Meeting topic: mogan)"02:49
zhenguoshaohe_feng: sure02:49
zhenguoI would like to prioritize the raid task02:50
zhenguowhich is one of the gap that the community has recognized between Nova and Ironic02:50
*** caowei has joined #openstack-meeting02:50
*** rfolco has quit IRC02:52
zhenguowanghao: seems we don't need to send out all task status list there02:52
zhenguowanghao: we can prioritize the list and make a new list which we want to land before Pike release02:53
shaohe_fengmost mongan potential users expect this feature.02:53
wanghaozhenguo: yes02:53
zhenguowanghao: maybe we can prepare a template, and start to send task statsus mail after next meeing, wdyt?02:54
wanghaozhenguo: same as you said, we can review it frist.02:54
zhenguowanghao: ok, thanks02:54
zhenguooh, seems it's almost time02:55
*** mtanino_ has quit IRC02:56
zhenguowe can go though the new task list next week02:56
zhenguook, let's move on to next topic02:56
zhenguo#topic open discussion02:56
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: mogan)"02:56
*** dmacpher has joined #openstack-meeting02:56
patchbotpatch 465792 - nova - WIP: Bulk query floating IPs in _nw_info_get_ips02:57
zhenguonot sure if there's some one want to pick up this task for mogan02:57
*** epico has joined #openstack-meeting02:57
zhenguoas we copied that code out of nova :D02:58
wanghaoreport a bug and let's see which guy want it.02:58
zhenguoyes, sure,02:58
zhenguook, really a nice meeting02:59
zhenguoanything else want to be discussed?02:59
zhenguoif not, we can end the meeing03:00
zhenguothanks all for joining03:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"03:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu May 25 03:00:33 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)03:00
openstackMinutes (text):
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*** noslzzp has quit IRC03:06
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting03:08
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-meeting03:08
wanghaozhenguo: do we need Bulk query floating IPs ?  Seems we didn't need it now.03:08
wanghaozhenguo: I checked the code and couldn't find where we need this change.03:09
wanghaozhenguo: now we're using _sage_get_floating_ips to list the float ips from Neutron.03:09
*** RonghUI has quit IRC03:10
*** Wucheng has joined #openstack-meeting03:10
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting03:10
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zhenguowanghao: let me check03:14
wanghaozhenguo: sure, and sorry to send messages in here, let's talk about it in Mogan channel.03:16
zhenguowanghao: hah03:16
*** wanghao_ has joined #openstack-meeting03:20
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jftaltaHi I18N guys !...13:04
jpichHello, hello13:05
*** mickeys has quit IRC13:05
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jftaltajpich: hi13:05
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ianychoijpich, jftalta hi13:12
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*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting13:13
ianychoi#startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting13:13
openstackMeeting started Thu May 25 13:13:33 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is ianychoi. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.13:13
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"13:13
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstack_i18n_meeting'13:13
ianychoijpich, jftalta: sorry for late13:13
jpichNo problems :)13:14
ianychoiHow are you going? :)13:14
jpichAll good here! Yourself?13:15
*** jchhatbar is now known as janki13:15
jftaltaianychoi: Hi ! does not matter, don't worry ;)13:15
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting13:15
ianychoiasettle, wow hello!13:15
jftaltaasettle : hi13:16
asettleYellow yellow!13:16
ianychoi#topic Glossary management13:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Glossary management (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"13:16
ianychoijftalta: How do you think about ?13:17
ianychoiCurrently, there is no response from Turkish language coordinator13:17
jftaltainaychoi: give me a sec...13:17
ianychoiAnd one Turkish translator wants to upload such glossary\13:17
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting13:18
ianychoiI originally thought that publizing the announcement would be good13:18
*** dane_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:18
ianychoiI don't know how to deal with the review13:20
ianychoiJust +2 & Workflow?13:20
jpichIt's only been a couple of days, it might be ok to give a bit more time for feedback?13:22
ianychoijpich, +1 :)13:22
jftaltajpich: I agree13:22
ianychoijpich, jftalta: thanks a lot for the opinion13:22
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting13:23
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ianychoi#topic Horizon: translation percentage criteria for translate checksite13:24
*** openstack changes topic to "Horizon: translation percentage criteria for translate checksite (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"13:24
ianychoirobcresswell, hi!13:25
jftaltarobcresswell: hi13:25
ianychoirobcresswell, I am finding the bug link we discussed previously...13:25
openstackLaunchpad bug 1690233 in openstack i18n "A couple of django-js.po files are missing from Horizon tree" [High,Confirmed]13:26
ianychoirobcresswell, thanks :)13:27
robcresswellSorry ,I meant to do #, but Macbooks are stupid and change my keyboard all the time.13:27
ianychoirobcresswell, I don't object to it but the problem is now I don't have enought time to revise the infra script...13:27
ianychoirobcresswell, fine :) (Me also uses macbook... stupid)13:27
robcresswellAll we need to do is delete one line from it13:27
robcresswellor more. Maybe a few lines to delete :)13:28
robcresswellIMO :)13:28
ianychoirobcresswell, can I ask which line?13:28
jftaltawhat's the current topic ?...13:29
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting13:29
robcresswelljftalta: Look at the bug above ^^13:29
robcresswellBasically, there is some issues with the infra scripts not pulling down files with certain % of translation13:30
robcresswellBut it has a bug, and so I'm in favour of just removing all detection and just using whatever translations are available13:30
robcresswelland leave it up to the operator to decide what languages to use or not13:31
ianychoirobcresswell, I am okay for such direction :) But... might it need to revise infra-scripts? Or not?13:31
jftaltaAh, thx, ok. Sorry, I did not understand the topic title :(13:32
jpichAs in, remove all checks - so even if only one sentence is translated for the language, the translation file would get pulled in?13:32
*** esberglu has joined #openstack-meeting13:32
*** markvoelker has quit IRC13:33
robcresswelljpich: Effectively, yes13:33
robcresswellEither that, or we make the infra scripts smarter13:33
*** prateek has quit IRC13:33
robcresswellThe thing is, right now, its got some pretty big bug that means in some situations a large number of translated strings dont get pulled down.13:33
jpichI remember issues where we'd pull po files for languages that had only one unreviewed translation for a less common language, which looked more like someone playing with/learning about Zanata than something worthwhile for users. I guess the "veto"/check can be done when writing up the language list application side13:35
ianychoirobcresswell, for me one concern is: in Horizon there is also releasenotes.po and there might be Horizon developer documentation po files in future. One idea might be to exclude po files: releasenotes.po and the other idea might be to specify Horizon po file names: e.g., django.po, djangojs.po, and so on13:35
jpich(...unless the language list is generated automatically I guess)13:36
*** VW has quit IRC13:36
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
robcresswelljpich: Its automatic now, so that may be problematic. You can filter it by specifying langs in settings though.13:36
robcresswellMaybe we need to make the infra script smarter13:36
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting13:36
*** spzala has joined #openstack-meeting13:37
jpichIt doesn't seem super fair to push onto the operator the responsibility of figuring translation status for each language yeah...13:37
ianychoirobcresswell, I agree with you. Let's discuss later :)13:38
jpichI understand the infra script stuff is complicated though!! /me still has a couple of related unresolved bugs13:38
ianychoi#topic Impact on Docs team governance and recent changes13:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Impact on Docs team governance and recent changes (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"13:38
ianychoiSorry I need to be away for a while.. 10 minutes. asettle: would you explain briefly some background of this topic?13:38
*** fzdarsky has joined #openstack-meeting13:39
asettleYou mean the email threads?13:39
asettleianychoi: ^13:39
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting13:39
ianychoiasettle, yep :)13:39
*** Cibo_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:39
asettleSo, some of you might have seen my emails to the ML or not13:39
ianychoiasettle, they were not shared to openstack-i18n mailing list so plz explain :)13:40
asettleBut docs is looking at changing the direction of things, and pushing the responsibility of writing documentation back out to the project repos13:40
*** baoli_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:40
asettleI will forward the email I sent to the docs ML to the I18N ML now13:40
asettleYou can see the email I sent out to the dev ML here13:41
jftaltaok, thx13:41
*** lamt has joined #openstack-meeting13:41
asettleWe're discussing *how* we're going to do this13:41
asettleHere is the why13:41
asettleWhihc i will fowward to the ML now13:41
*** xavileon_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:42
asettleOkay, just did that13:42
asettleThere's going to be some changes, but the way I understand it this hsouldn't change the way things are translated13:42
asettleHowever, there are some guides we will consider EOLing in the future if there is no movement or contributions to them13:42
asettleSuch as the Architecture or HA guide13:42
*** baoli has quit IRC13:43
asettleI'm not too sure what else to add there, we're just sort of waiting for the decisions to be made by the community to move on13:43
asettleWe'll work on the planning in Pike, for execution in Queens13:43
asettleI will not be the PTL, so this will be up to the community13:43
asettleAnyway, questions? :)13:43
jftaltaneed a couple of minutes to read these emails...13:44
asettleNo worries, it's a lot at once13:44
asettleSorry about that jftalta13:44
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting13:46
jftalta"As we all know, we are rapidly losing key contributors and core reviewers"   :-(13:46
asettleYeah, sadly :(13:46
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting13:46
asettleBut it also isn't really a shock13:46
*** mtanino_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:48
*** donghao has quit IRC13:51
ianychoiasettle, thanks a lot for the explanation!13:52
ianychoiasettle, actually translation support on install tutorials is what we discussed on the last ptg. Now i want to modify this goal - i wanna defer it to Queens13:54
*** hjensas has joined #openstack-meeting13:54
asettleMakes sense :)13:54
ianychoiasettle, I think install guides part might be distributed to multiple repos by some further directions - it is still in discussion afaik. So supporting distributed docs sources should be considered in I18n team.13:55
asettleIt's a lot of work for you guys, but it's no different to us :( might be worth discussing with infra how we can potentially managed impact on I18N13:56
ianychoiasettle, +1 :)13:56
ianychoijftalta, jpich: question - landing page also needs to be translated?13:57
*** pchavva has quit IRC13:57
*** reedip_ has joined #openstack-meeting13:57
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*** pchavva has joined #openstack-meeting13:58
jftaltaianychoi, yes it does, imo13:58
jpichI'm not familiar with the project but if the content is translated, it'd probably be good to get the landing page too13:59
ianychoiasettle, if i18n team wants to translate page then it needs to be managed by git13:59
ianychoiasettle, that's another one I want to discuss with u13:59
asettleianychoi: sure - send me an email :) i'm happy to go through things with you14:00
ianychoiasettle, robcresswell, jftalta, jpich : thanks a lot for today coming!14:00
asettleThanks :D14:00
ianychoiasettle, yep!14:00
jpichThanks! :)14:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"14:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu May 25 14:00:39 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:00
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andreaf#startmeeting qa17:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 25 17:00:05 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is andreaf. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.17:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: qa)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'qa'17:00
andreaf#link Today's agenda17:00
andreafHello, who's here for the meeting today?17:00
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC17:01
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting17:01
*** Cibo_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:02
andreafoomichi and chandakumar cannot make the meeting  today17:02
andreafok let's start17:02
*** bastafidli_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:03
andreafSo first on the agenda, I wanted to welcome zhufl to tempest-core!17:03
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting17:04
mtreinishheh, it's a bit late in china...17:06
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting17:06
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting17:09
mtreinishandreaf: did you drop?17:09
andreafAlso I sent an email proposing to move the 9:00 UTC meeting to 8:00 UTC, which is probably not very relevant for folks in this meeting today17:10
andreafbut please let me know if you have any opinion about the proposed changed17:10
andreaf#topic Previous Meeting Action review17:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Previous Meeting Action review (Meeting topic: qa)"17:10
andreafActions from last week where for me to send an email to the ML about the proposed change in the meeting schedule, which I did17:10
andreafand one for blancos / felipemonteiro to update the spec for patrole to a patrole folder, which was also done17:10
patchbotpatch 461140 - qa-specs - RBAC testing multiple policies17:10
*** ricolin has quit IRC17:10
andreaf#topic PTG17:10
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG (Meeting topic: qa)"17:10
andreafAbout PTG, it may be a bit early but the format for next PTG is being defined, so if you have ideas / opinions about how it should be structured now it's the time to speak :)17:10
andreaf#link ML thread by thierry17:10
andreafThe idea for QA is that day1 and 2 we will have a help room where we will take turns to be there and help people with questions / issues on QA topics17:10
andreafwho's not in the help room can roam around in the WG rooms in parallel17:10
andreafday 3,4,5 we can have QA sessions and time to hack on something17:10
andreafmtreinish: indeed probably 3am or so17:10
*** yamamoto has quit IRC17:10
* andreaf gets out of the hammock and looks for better wifi signal :P17:10
*** jamesmca_ has quit IRC17:11
andreafAny comment on the PTG?17:11
*** SumitNaiksatam_ has quit IRC17:11
mtreinishandreaf: it's an interesting idea. We'll see how it turns out17:12
andreafyes it's hard to say in advance - but I think it's interesting for a lot of us to be in WG sessions - so if we can rotate in the help room hopefully it will work17:13
andreafok moving on17:13
andreaf#topic Gate stability17:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Gate stability (Meeting topic: qa)"17:13
andreafthe gate was broken shortly because of an issue in oslo.i18n, but it's now back online and it looks stable enough17:14
clarkbour classification rate is 2% for gate failures17:15
andreafclarkb: heh I'll have to check the exact numbers :)17:16
mtreinishclarkb: yeah not many people are pushing e-r queries17:16
andreafclarkb: oh I got it know e-r classification rate17:17
mtreinishgranted are failure rate is much lower than it has been for a while so keeping the classification percentage up is harder17:17
clarkbthat said I think things are relatively stable, its just that the issues we do have we aren't catching/tracking well17:17
mtreinishbut 2% is not good, we're basically catching nothing17:17
mtreinishwhcih probably means well get bit before too long17:17
*** sambetts is now known as sambetts|afk17:18
andreafclarkb, mtreinish: I've not hit failures recently - I wonder if we should setup a kind of rota, like for bug triage?17:18
andreafclarkb, mtreinish: a weekly task to keep an eye on unclassified failures?17:19
*** spzala has quit IRC17:20
andreafI can setup a calendar for that and send a message to the ML - if we get volunteers I'm more than happy to help them getting started17:20
andreafyou're silence tells me that either by bouncer is failing again or you don't believe this will help :P17:21
andreafbut I'm going to give it a try ;)17:21
mtreinishandreaf: it's worth a try I guess. I just know in the past people seem confused by the process of getting a bug out of a gate failure and then opening an e-r query17:22
andreafmtreinish: yes but perhaps if we offer mentoring it will help17:23
andreafmtreinish, clarkb: do you have a recorded session about troubleshooting the gate?17:24
andreafI could add the link17:24
clarkbmtreinish: and mriedem have one somewhere iirc17:24
andreaf#action andreaf send an email about classification rota and mentoring17:25
andreafAlso about gate stability, I proposed enabling ssh validation by default on master in devstack17:25
andreaf#link devstack patch17:25
patchbotpatch 458678 - openstack-dev/devstack - Enable ssh validation by default17:26
mriedemlook at those young hunks17:26
mriedemso full of hope17:26
andreafI'd like more opinions on that17:26
mtreinishheh, the first thing that stood out to me was how much more hair I had back then17:26
andreafheh that was Vancouver17:26
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting17:27
andreafanything else on gate stability?17:28
andreaf#topic Spec reviews17:28
*** openstack changes topic to "Spec reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"17:28
andreafThere are a few outstanding specs - I did not have time to read them yet17:29
*** ataraday_ has quit IRC17:29
*** ataraday_ has joined #openstack-meeting17:30
mtreinishandreaf: #link
patchbotpatch 173334 - qa-specs - Add bp tempest-resources17:30
mtreinishthat is one back from the dead :)17:30
andreafheh - oomichi took it over some time ago but then we had other priorities17:31
andreafmtreinish: there was no comment / complaint in that area in the user feedback session at the summit, but maybe the right audience for that was missing...17:32
andreafmtreinish: at the moment that's a a bit low in my list of priorities since we have limited bw and a few urgent things we need to close around stable interfaces17:32
mtreinishandreaf: yeah I'm not sure that was the right audience, it was kind of a quiet session17:33
andreaf#link is a bit dead in the water, since we decided to make the current stable17:34
patchbotpatch 349730 - qa-specs - Add bp tempest-stable-fixtures17:34
andreafso I should probably abandon that17:35
andreaf#link HA testing could use some reviews17:36
patchbotpatch 443504 - qa-specs - Added spec for high availability testing17:36
andreafif we can create common tools for non functional type of testing it's a win for everyone17:36
andreaf#link also needs reviews, I already mentioned this one17:37
*** fnaval has quit IRC17:37
patchbotpatch 461140 - qa-specs - RBAC testing multiple policies17:37
*** armstrong has joined #openstack-meeting17:38
andreafanything else on specs?17:38
andreaf#topic Tempest17:38
*** openstack changes topic to "Tempest (Meeting topic: qa)"17:38
andreafAnything to discuss on Tempest?17:39
mtreinishandreaf: are we still spewing deprecation warnings on normal tempest runs?17:39
mtreinishor did all the fixes merge17:39
andreafmtreinish: I think they all merged (3 of them)17:39
patchbotpatch 466344 - tempest - Add option for whether the cloud supports floating...17:39
mtreinishthat fixes my complaint from the feedback session17:40
mtreinishandreaf: ok, we should be more careful in the future17:40
andreafmtreinish: but i haven't check if there is any deprecation warning left17:40
*** armstrong has quit IRC17:40
mtreinishdeprecation warnings are to signal users, and we shouldn't emit them as part of normal operation17:40
mtreinishunless its because of a config or cli flag or some other user choice17:40
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-meeting17:41
andreafmtreinish: heh good point - otherwise people will get into the habit of ignoring them17:41
*** toscalix_ has quit IRC17:41
andreafmtreinish: I'm halfway through the review of your patch - it looks good to me so far17:41
andreafchandakumar has been working on a sanity check for tempest plugins17:42
andreafthe idea is to have a job that takes any known plugin and one by one it tries to install it, run tempest init and tempest run -l17:42
andreafwe will maintain a blacklist of known broken plugins17:43
*** diablo_rojo has joined #openstack-meeting17:43
*** iyamahat has quit IRC17:43
andreafit's not guarantee that those will work 100% but at least they will not break other plugins at install/ list time17:43
andreafand this helps us knowing which plugins are kind of dead and which are actually in use17:44
mtreinishandreaf: ok, but why is that a tempest job?17:44
andreafmtreinish: because it helps us when doing changes to tempest to see if we break something17:45
andreafmtreinish: since plugins use non stable interfaces17:45
mtreinishandreaf: except the vast majority of those failures will be caused by setup issues in the plugins17:46
andreafmtreinish: the discovery bit should detect broken imports17:46
*** lamt has joined #openstack-meeting17:46
mtreinishok, so we're adding a job to tempest to catch broken imports in other projects?17:47
mtreinishstill seems out of place to me17:47
andreafmtreinish: yes because we may break those import by changing things in tempest17:47
andreafmtreinish: if we had all stable interface ready earlier we would not need this17:48
andreafmtreinish: but I think it's fair to try and keep an eye out for plugins that depend on tempest unstable interfaces17:48
felipemonteiroi can't get patrole to work in py35-backed environment due to import error, although I can't re-create the issue locally with devstack USE_PYTHON3=True, still investigating17:48
mtreinishfelipemonteiro: that sounds like more of a py3 incompatibility17:48
andreafmtreinish: at least as long as we finish the work on stable interfaces17:49
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-meeting17:49
mtreinishandreaf: I still think we're just inviting a bunch of random failures into the gate17:49
andreafmtreinish: it's not going to be a voting job17:49
mtreinishbut as long as it's not voting (I'm a hard -2 on making it voting) all we're doing is throwing away a node17:49
mtreinishfelipemonteiro: do you have a link to logs? I can take a look17:49
felipemonteiroand thanks :)17:50
andreafmtreinish: I don't think it's thrown away - we're finding issues in the plugins which also helps us in turn to write better docs on how to write them17:50
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC17:51
andreafmtreinish: my guess is that after the job becomes stable and we have enough stable interfaces we can just remove it17:51
andreafok there are 9min left17:51
andreaf#topic Patrole17:53
*** openstack changes topic to "Patrole (Meeting topic: qa)"17:53
*** s3wong has joined #openstack-meeting17:53
andreaffelipemonteiro, blancos: anything on patrole other than the issue above ^^^17:53
felipemonteiroyeah release notes for 0.1.0 release17:53
patchbotpatch 464072 - patrole - Prepare release notes for release 0.1.017:54
*** lpetrut has quit IRC17:54
felipemonteiroso we can then move forward with
patchbotpatch 463578 - releases - Release Patrole 0.1.017:54
andreaffelipemonteiro: heh sorry I didn't manage to look at that yet I will do later today17:55
felipemonteirothat's it from me...then once we get that in we can start removing some deprecated tests that tempest has already17:56
*** claudiub has quit IRC17:56
andreaffelipemonteiro: +A17:56
*** eharney has quit IRC17:57
andreaf#topic Critical reviews17:57
*** openstack changes topic to "Critical reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"17:57
andreafany other review that needs attention?17:57
patchbotpatch 467366 - openstack-dev/devstack - Add a function to get an available random port17:57
patchbotpatch 459451 - openstack-dev/devstack - Use uwsgi for glance-api17:58
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting17:58
andreaf#topic Open Discussion17:58
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: qa)"17:58
felipemonteiroyes, i have a question regarding patrole gating17:59
andreafgo ahead17:59
felipemonteiroin other services, i'd like to know what your/qa cores thoughts are?18:00
felipemonteirotime's up though18:00
andreafperhaps in qa room18:00
andreafit's time18:00
andreaf#endmeeting qa18:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu May 25 18:00:23 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)18:00
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mriedem#startmeeting nova21:00
*** ykatabam has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 25 21:00:05 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mriedem. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
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* melwitt throws toy21:01
mriedemalright let's do this21:01
*** rfolco has quit IRC21:01
mriedem#link agenda
mriedem#topic release news21:01
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
*** openstack changes topic to "release news (Meeting topic: nova)"21:01
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*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
mriedem#link Pike release schedule:
mriedem#info Next upcoming milestone: Jun 8: p-2 milestone (2 weeks)21:01
mriedem#info Blueprints: 72 targeted, 67 approved, 12 completed, 6 not started21:02
mriedemwe have a few single-patch small blueprints which are pretty close to done21:02
mriedem#info Blueprints which are blocked, not started or do not have an owner  after the p-2 milestone will likely be deferred to Queens.21:02
mriedemsometime soon i plan on starting an etherpad to gauge status on everything21:03
efriedmriedem service-tokens may be tight21:03
efriedCause it's waiting on a glanceclient release21:03
mriedemefried: if the glanceclient code is merged, you can request the release21:03
mriedemas long as the PTL signs off21:03
efriedYeah, they're gonna cut it next Wednesday.21:03
mriedemwell FF is p-321:03
mriedemso this isn't FF21:03
efriedoh, sorry, you said not started or no owner.21:04
mriedembut after p-2 i'm going to start culling things a bit21:04
efriedIgnore me.21:04
mriedemany questions on release things?21:04
*** dpaterson_ has quit IRC21:04
mriedem#topic bugs21:04
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: nova)"21:04
mriedemnothing marked critical21:04
mriedem#help Need help with bug triage; there are 104 (up 13) new untriaged bugs as of today21:04
*** jtomasek_ has quit IRC21:04
mriedemup 13 from the last meeting that is21:05
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:05
mriedemcould be a fun friday activity21:05
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mriedemgate status - nothing really to report21:05
mriedemsame for 3rd party ci21:05
mriedemquestions about bugs?21:05
*** fzdarsky has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
mriedem#topic reminders21:05
*** openstack changes topic to "reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"21:05
mriedem#link Pike Review Priorities etherpad:
mriedemalso, if you led a forum session but haven't done a recap of it in the ML yet, it'd be nice to do that,21:06
mriedembut i think the big ones i was looking for have been recapped21:06
edleafeugh, I need to update that for scheduler21:06
mriedemand some i still need to read21:06
mriedem#topic stable branch status21:06
*** openstack changes topic to "stable branch status (Meeting topic: nova)"21:06
mriedem#link stable/ocata:,n,z21:07
mriedem#info Expect a new Ocata release soon for some high-severity fixes for cells v2.21:07
mriedem#link stable/newton:,n,z21:07
mriedem#help Need to get and below merged for a stable/newton release which will contain some high-severity fixes for cells v2.21:07
patchbotpatch 466808 - nova (stable/newton) - Handle special characters in database connection U...21:07
mriedem^ has a +2 on it21:07
mriedemneeds just one more stable core...21:07
mriedemif only there were one more stable core around...21:08
efriedstable in what sense?21:08
dtpnon volatile21:08
*** cloudrancher has quit IRC21:08
mriedemquestions about stable branch stuff?21:08
mriedem#topic subteam highlights21:08
*** openstack changes topic to "subteam highlights (Meeting topic: nova)"21:08
mriedemdansmith: cells v2?21:09
dansmithwe had a meeting, I was perfectly punctual as usual21:09
dansmithwe talked about open reviews, which yielded reviews on mriedem's set21:09
dansmithand the above patch's bug, etc21:09
dansmithI think that's it?21:09
mriedemand melwitt is updating the bottom quotas change21:10
dansmithand devstack multicell is passing21:10
*** dprince has quit IRC21:10
mriedemalright moving on21:10
mriedemedleafe: scheduler things21:10
edleafeI missed the scheduler meeting - traveling back from PyCon. As a result, the discussion was much more civil than usual.21:11
edleafeMost of the meeting was discussion regarding how to handle "alternates" provided by the scheduler21:11
edleafeThe concern was the flow of that information in a cells V2 world.21:11
edleafethat's it21:11
mriedemplus some ML fun21:11
mriedemsdague: did you want to cover api meeting highlights?21:11
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting21:11
mriedemif not i can21:11
mriedem...and will21:12
mriedemmostly talked about
openstackLaunchpad bug 1693168 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Different APIs 'os-quota-class-sets' Response between v2 and v2.1" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Ghanshyam Mann (ghanshyammann)21:12
mriedemso yay we regressed os-quota-class-sets in v2.121:12
mriedemwe weren't returning server groups or server groups members limits in that api's response, since v2.1, ever21:12
mriedemb/c it was toggled via extension in v2.021:12
mriedemand i guess was just missed,21:12
mriedemgmann and alex_xu are working on microversioning that back in, and gmann is documenting the API with the limitation in the api-ref, since it was never documented before21:13
mriedemit's possible to workaround it using os-quota-sets21:13
mriedembut that was most of the meeting21:13
mriedemthere was no notifications meeting as gibi is still vacationing21:13
mriedemcinder meeting was today21:14
*** ayogi has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
mriedemjgriffith and stvnoyes have done an attach with the new flow21:14
mriedembut we still need reviews on the old flow starting with 3 changes with +2s here
patchbotpatch 456896 - nova - Add Cinder v3 detach call to _terminate_volume_con...21:14
mriedemso i'm going to start harassing cores21:15
mriedem#topic stuck reviews21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "stuck reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"21:15
mriedemnothing on the agenda21:15
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
mriedemanything anyone needs to mention here?21:15
mriedem#topic open discussion21:15
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:15
*** takashin has quit IRC21:15
mriedemone thing21:15
*** donghao has quit IRC21:15
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck21:16
*** takashin has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
mriedem#link sdague has a spec to support global request ID in nova:
patchbotpatch 468066 - nova-specs - oslo.middleware request_id spec21:16
mriedemi'm +2 on it21:16
mriedemit's a small change,21:16
mriedemand need another specs core to review that one, so jaypipes or dansmith at this hour most likely21:16
dansmithman you're so needy21:16
mriedemanyway that's it unless anyone has something they want to talk about21:17
melwittdansmith: stop being so stable and specular21:17
dansmithmelwitt: don't tempt me21:17
mriedemalright, thanks everyone21:17
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"21:17
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openstackMinutes (text):
*** dtp has left #openstack-meeting21:17
*** yamahata has quit IRC21:18
*** cloudrancher has quit IRC21:20
*** thorst has quit IRC21:22
*** dane_leblanc has quit IRC21:23
*** m1dev has joined #openstack-meeting21:23
*** sdague has quit IRC21:24
*** awaugama has quit IRC21:26
*** pnavarro has quit IRC21:29
*** s3wong has quit IRC21:33
*** askb has quit IRC21:35
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC21:39
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*** noslzzp has quit IRC21:47
*** jamesmca_ has quit IRC21:49
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck21:54
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:55
*** bobh has quit IRC21:55
*** davidsha has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
*** askb has joined #openstack-meeting21:57
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
*** bzhao_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
kevinbenton#startmeeting neutron_drivers22:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 25 22:00:42 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is kevinbenton. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.22:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: neutron_drivers)"22:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'neutron_drivers'22:00
*** trevormc has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
kevinbentondoes anyone have anything they would like to discuss with ongoing blueprint issues before we take a look at a couple of RFEs?22:01
armaxnone from me22:02
mlavallei'm good22:03
kevinbentoni'm going to go out of order initially because there are a few that we've discussed before and we should be able to quickly approve22:03
openstackLaunchpad bug 1673142 in neutron "[RFE][ML2] Enforce extension semantics" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:03
kevinbentonthis was discussed at the PTG and I don't think anyone had any issues with it22:04
kevinbentonit's also needed to cleanup some custom validation logic that is getting sprinkled everywhere for QoS and now SG logging22:04
ihrachysauthors lined to pull it?22:04
*** Apoorva_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
armaxno, I think this makes sense22:05
*** jamesmca_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
*** slaweq has quit IRC22:05
kevinbentonI think Bob said he has some time to work on it22:05
armaxnot sure if there’s any sane implementation22:05
ihrachysgood. if we have Bob committed, this should def go in22:05
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting22:05
*** annegentle has quit IRC22:06
kevinbentonI think we can move to approved and if Bob can't get it done this cycle it can defer later22:06
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting22:07
kevinbentonactually that might have been the only one i needed to do out of order22:07
*** Apoorva has quit IRC22:08
*** slaweq has quit IRC22:08
openstackLaunchpad bug 1042049 in neutron "[RFE] auto-associate floating ips" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:08
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting22:08
mlavallewe lost this one almost 5 years...22:08
armaxthis was brought up at the summit22:08
kevinbentonthis thing is a little old :)22:08
armaxin the forum22:09
armaxdiscussion about get-me-a-network22:09
armaxI ended up fishing through the pile22:09
ihrachysyeah, it will fit auto-allocated-net22:09
*** jamesmca_ has quit IRC22:09
kevinbentonarmax, do you have the bandwidth to work on this one?22:09
ihrachysso operators feel like wasting fips?22:09
kevinbentonihrachys: yep22:09
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting22:09
*** jamesmca_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:10
kevinbentonwe would obviously need to figure out how discoverability of this behavior and whatnot will work22:10
*** julim has quit IRC22:11
clarkbfwiw this is shades default behavior when creating an instance unless you tell it to do something different22:11
kevinbentonand it's also how EC2 works IIRC22:11
kevinbentonor how it did many a year ago :)22:11
ihrachyshm, I think elastic ip should be explicitly assigned there, but... doesn't matter22:12
kevinbentoni think i see two components here22:12
kevinbentonone is a flag that can be set on a network that causes any ports to get a floating IP that are created on that network22:13
kevinbentonthe other is adjusting the auto allocated topology to set that flag22:13
*** slaweq has quit IRC22:13
kevinbentonarmax: there?22:14
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz22:14
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting22:15
mlavallewe lost him22:15
*** markvoelker has quit IRC22:15
mlavallei'm afraid22:16
kevinbentonlooks that way22:16
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting22:16
*** julim has quit IRC22:16
mlavallebut the network flag could me used independently of auto allocated topology, right?22:16
mlavallebe used^^^22:16
kevinbentonI think so22:16
kevinbentonI believe we will need to track when floating IPs are auto allocated as well and auto release them22:17
ihrachysso on router attach, it will assign a fip per tenant port?22:17
kevinbentonihrachys: good question. not sure if it should affect existing ports or if we should even allow the flag to be set without a router already attached22:18
ihrachyswe'll need to allocate a bunch of fips at once.22:18
armaxI am back22:18
mlavalleI think kevinbenton's approach is safer22:18
*** ekcs_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:18
kevinbentonarmax: do you have bandwidth to work on this feature?22:18
*** kaisers_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:19
ihrachysanyhoo, I think we can leave it to drafter to write it up, and then we can beat it to death. assuming we have a drafter.22:19
armaxkevinbenton: this work is independent from the auto-allocated-topology effort22:19
armaxto start with anyway22:19
armaxkevinbenton: I can try and put some cycles for a spec22:19
armaxas I feel it’s needed22:19
kevinbentonarmax: yeah, did you see my messagers early up?22:19
armaxI am scrolling up22:19
kevinbentonthe flag on the network that controls auto allocation is the biggest component22:20
kevinbentonand is orthoganal to get-me-a-network22:20
kevinbentonwell if you can write a spec22:20
armaxOK, let me flush out a spec and associated it to this22:20
kevinbentonlets approve22:20
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting22:20
armaxI think this makes sense22:20
armaxnot sure why it got buried in the pile22:20
mlavalle++, will make Dan's dream reality after 5 years22:20
armaxand why it was never considered a nova-net feature parity gap22:20
ihrachysfirst rule of neutron club - never talk about new parity gaps22:21
mlavalleihrachys: you got it!22:21
openstackLaunchpad bug 1505627 in neutron "[RFE] QoS Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Support" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to Reedip (reedip-banerjee)22:21
kevinbentonmlavalle: did the qos team chat about this?22:21
mlavalleI brought this up during the meeting on Tuesday22:22
mlavalleralonsoh said he was going to connect tonight22:22
*** ekcs__ has quit IRC22:22
mlavallebut I don't see him around22:22
ihrachyswhat was the general feeling? or there was no actual discussion?22:22
*** esberglu has quit IRC22:22
mlavallehe mostly said it was reedip's stuff22:23
*** thorst has quit IRC22:23
mlavalleand reedip inidcated he wants to pursue it22:23
*** esberglu has joined #openstack-meeting22:23
mlavallenot something that the entire QoS jumped and supported enthusiastically22:23
ihrachyspeople indicate a lot of things :)22:23
ihrachysjust sayin22:24
*** kaisers_ has quit IRC22:24
kevinbentonmaybe we should allow reedip to write a spec so we can get all of the implementation questions answered?22:24
mlavalledoesn't seem high in their priorities22:24
kevinbentonor just defer22:24
kevinbentonuntil next cycle22:24
mlavallekevinbenton: let's give reedip the opportunity22:24
*** julim has joined #openstack-meeting22:24
ihrachysI would rather not spend time (and I won't). I don't see it is critical for reedip either.22:25
ihrachysanyhoo, you are free to22:25
mlavallewell, let's mark it deferred and let reedip come back to us if it is that important22:25
*** ekcs_ has quit IRC22:25
*** ekcs__ has joined #openstack-meeting22:26
kevinbentonmlavalle: ok22:26
openstackLaunchpad bug 1506076 in neutron "Allow connection tracking to be disabled per-port" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:27
*** esberglu has quit IRC22:28
armaxthis to me sounds like it requires no user facing changes22:28
*** hagridaaron has joined #openstack-meeting22:28
*** ttrifonov has quit IRC22:28
armaxI wonder if it can be treated as a regular bug22:28
kevinbentonarmax: i agree22:28
*** ttrifonov has joined #openstack-meeting22:29
kevinbentonthis is about figuring how how to tell the firewalls not to conntrack a security disabled port22:29
*** baoli has quit IRC22:29
*** dpaterson_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:29
*** gouthamr has quit IRC22:29
ihrachysso just a terminating iptables rule? yes, it's a performance optimization, nothing to RFE22:30
kevinbentonyep, and changing the CT action rules in ovs native firewall if necessary22:30
ihrachys+ on moving from RFE to bug22:31
openstackLaunchpad bug 1518392 in neutron "[RFE] Enable arp_responder without l2pop" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to Kevin Benton (kevinbenton)22:31
armaxkevinbenton: I assigned this to you22:31
kevinbentonso this is referring to one of the many roles of l2pop22:32
kevinbentonright now in addition to populating forwarding entries for tunnels22:32
kevinbentonit's messages are also used to setup ARP responder entries22:32
kevinbentonHowever, we can setup ARP responder entries using just the existing port update messages that go to the l2 agent22:33
*** jaugustine has quit IRC22:33
ihrachysvif_details included?22:33
kevinbentonihrachys: what do you mean?22:33
ihrachyssorry, mixed things, thought about tunnels.22:34
ihrachysyeah right, you have mac addr there22:34
*** edmondsw has quit IRC22:34
kevinbentonSo I would like to approve this, but I won't be able to work on it right away and it might slip to next cycle22:34
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting22:34
kevinbentondepending on how the push notifications stuff goes22:35
ihrachysthat's ok I believe22:35
kevinbentoni still need to get SGs fixed up for push notifications22:35
*** Apoorva_ has quit IRC22:35
ihrachyswell ovs piece is in gate22:35
kevinbentonihrachys: that's only for basic l2 things22:35
kevinbentonihrachys: i have an abandoned patch i need to restore for the SG component22:35
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting22:35
ihrachyswhat else do you need for arp responder?22:36
kevinbentonnothing else22:36
kevinbentonjust bandwidth to actually implement it :)22:36
ihrachysok ok, I am just saying no dep22:36
kevinbentonno deps22:36
ihrachys+ let's approve22:37
openstackLaunchpad bug 1640956 in neutron "RFE: Extension for improving Nova-Neutron callflow to cache port data" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:37
ihrachyswas there ever a write-up for neutron side?22:38
kevinbentonI don't think so22:38
ihrachysor alternatively, was Ian at PTG and assured he will pull it?22:38
kevinbentonIan was at the PTG and he said he had resources for this22:38
kevinbentonI'm okay with the high-level of having an API call for all things related to a port22:39
kevinbentonit's floating ips22:39
kevinbentonits subnets, networks, etc22:39
ihrachysyes I think I agree with the general idea22:39
kevinbentonso i'm thinking we can just approve this and wait for the spec22:39
*** edmondsw has quit IRC22:39
armaxkevinbenton: or do we want to wait for the spea22:40
armaxbefore approval?22:40
kevinbentoni want to say the enhancement i agree with22:40
kevinbentonthe rest is implementation details22:41
ihrachysyou're the boss, go for it22:42
kevinbentonin my mind 'rfe-approved' == valid use case we can address22:42
mlavalleso spec is next step?22:42
kevinbentonmlavalle: yep22:42
armaxrfe-approved meant more than that22:42
*** powerd has quit IRC22:42
armaxit means it makes sense, we have a chance to make it happen22:43
kevinbentonthat's what i just said :)22:43
armaxin terms of resources both dev and review22:43
kevinbentoni see22:43
kevinbentoni think those should be separate22:43
kevinbentonand tracked via the corresponding blueprint and milestone tracking22:43
ihrachysit's actually captured in devref, so maybe kevinbenton you can start with posting a patch for the docs? because it's not the first time confusion re process arises.22:43
armaxotherwise we can have a bunch of rfe approved and respective blueprints which we track but never go anywhere22:44
ihrachysI lean to armax vision in that resources should be lined up prior to approval22:44
kevinbentonarmax: which is fine IMO because it shows where we need more resources22:44
armaxthe idea behind the rfe process is that we can coordinate the effort in a way that we the team can have a sense of what is actually going to be delivered22:44
kevinbentoni disagree22:44
kevinbentonbecause it makes it hard for people that have the power to provide resources22:45
armaxotherwise, approve it all! and we can save an hour a week22:45
kevinbentonto tell if there are legitimate features that aren't getting implemented because of a resource shortage22:45
kevinbentonor if features are just being rejected because they dont' fit the proejct22:45
armaxright, that’s a problem we’re experiencing only recently22:45
*** lamt has quit IRC22:45
armaxrfe’s don’t disappear22:46
armaxand we don’t need to reject them22:47
*** lamt has joined #openstack-meeting22:47
*** lamt has quit IRC22:47
armaxso far we have been marking some incomplete22:47
armaxfor one reason or another22:47
kevinbentonok, i'll file a devref change22:47
armaxat the end of each cycle we look at the rfe graveyard22:47
ihrachysin my experience, powers usually come to the table with their own features, it's not like there is spare pool of talent that sits there waiting for RFE to move to -approved.22:47
armaxI disagree with you22:47
armaxI think you’re breaking the only thing that might work in this RFE process22:47
ihrachysarmax, you can still disagree in gerrit22:48
armaxwe can take this on your devref change though22:48
armaxthat’s fine22:48
armax-2 coming right up22:48
openstackLaunchpad bug 1640960 in neutron "RFE: VIF plugging negotiation between Nova and Neutron" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:49
*** claudiub has quit IRC22:49
*** unicell has quit IRC22:49
*** unicell1 has joined #openstack-meeting22:49
*** hagridaaron has quit IRC22:49
mlavallekevinbenton: i think I recall that we were going to discuss some of trevormc rfe's today22:49
mlavalleper last meeting22:49
trevormcsorry to interrupt, any chance we can get to at least this one (of three) ?22:49
openstackLaunchpad bug 1693240 in neutron "[RFE] Support SRIOV VF VLAN Filtering" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:49
kevinbentontrevormc: it's still not clear to me if you're requesting a Neutron API change here22:50
ihrachysis it just sriov driver for trunks?22:51
trevormcno api change should be required.22:51
kevinbentontrevormc: ok22:51
kevinbentonthen I'm good with this22:51
ihrachysif so, just post one as a bug no?22:51
kevinbentonit's just a feature implementation gap in SR-IOV22:51
trevormcwe can query trunk ports to make a list and then use VFd to configure the nic.22:51
*** lamt has joined #openstack-meeting22:52
trevormcthanks, thats the only one i wanted reviewed22:52
kevinbentonso this can just be treated as a regular bug like ihrachys said22:52
*** jamespd has left #openstack-meeting22:52
ihrachysremove rfe-* flags, it's not needed. leave Wishlist. no BP or spec.22:52
*** powerd has joined #openstack-meeting22:53
trevormcgot it22:53
kevinbentontrevormc: and assign to yourself assuming you're writing the code :)22:53
trevormcyep :)22:53
mlavallewe will come after you trevormc ;-)22:53
kevinbentonlet's see if we can cover
openstackLaunchpad bug 1640960 in neutron "RFE: VIF plugging negotiation between Nova and Neutron" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:53
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting22:53
kevinbentonthis is another Ian said he had resources for and was pitching at the PTG22:54
ihrachysI think the main question to answer here is how does it fit multiple port bindings plans, and whether we squash them into the same extension. or we want to deal with 3 binding extensions.22:54
*** VW has quit IRC22:54
*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:55
kevinbentonihrachys: i think they are orthoganal and IMO multiple port bindings is more important so i don't want to drag that spec down fleshing this out as well22:55
kevinbentonbecause there are dragons in the implementation details of this one22:55
ihrachysas for implementation, it seems to be largely driven from nova side, so we will just accommodate.22:55
kevinbenton(on the nova side)22:56
ihrachysok 3 extensions then. since they are admin, maybe it's not that bad.22:56
kevinbentoni doubt this will land on the nova side this cycle anyway22:57
*** trevormc has quit IRC22:57
kevinbentonso we would probably be forced into another extension anyway22:57
kevinbentoni said anyway too many times in a row :)22:57
armax3 minutes left, anyway22:58
ihrachysso you want to approve but don't plan to land anything?22:58
armax2 now22:58
kevinbentonapprove and wait for spec22:58
kevinbentonlet nova folks drive the priority22:58
kevinbentonbecause neutron side should be simple22:58
kevinbentonbasically pick from a list of vif types22:58
ihrachysI guess we won't have problems with resources once it gets to it22:59
kevinbentonok, approved and waiting on spec then22:59
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