Thursday, 2017-08-24

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ekcs#startmeeting congressteammeeting00:01
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ekcshello all!00:01
ekcstopics here as usual:
ekcsplease read/add/comment =)00:02
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ekcshello masahito00:02
ramineni_Hi all00:02
ekcshello ramineni_00:02
ekcsmasahito: how was the event in mexico?00:03
masahitowe had a good discussion.00:03
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thinrichsHi all00:04
ekcshi thinrichs00:04
ekcsmasahito: great!00:04
ekcsok let’s dive into it then. not too much to talk about today.00:05
ekcs#topic pike00:05
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ekcsfinal release is coming out next week. this is our last chance to release a new RC if needed.00:05
ekcsThis is the only new bug I’m aware of since RC1.
openstackLaunchpad bug 1712177 in congress "multi-proc devstack sometimes fails on encryption key" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Eric K (ekcs)00:07
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ekcsAnd it doesn’t seem to warrant a new release.00:07
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ekcsany thoughts or comments on pike?00:07
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thinrichsThat bug only effects testing?00:09
thinrichsOr does it impact a real multi-node deployment?00:09
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ekcsPrimarily testing, but it could come up in real deployment in very specific circumstances.00:10
ekcsdeploying multiple congress instances on the same server doing first launch at the same time.00:11
thinrichsI guess the real fix would be retrying a while depending on the failure00:11
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ekcsbut even in failure (can occur only on very first launch, not possible subsequent restarts managed by agent), one just needs to retry.00:13
thinrichsThat seems like it's not a big deal then.  The retry can happen outside Congress (for now).00:14
ekcsthe fix I submitted simply skips the encryption key initialization step on any node that doesn’t host datasource. Since we only ever support one datasource instance at a time that fixes the issue.00:14
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ekcsIf in the future other types of services also need access to the key then we can do something else.00:15
ekcsthinrichs: agreed.00:15
ekcsanything else on pike?00:16
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thinrichsNot from me.00:17
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ekcsok then moving on.00:18
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ekcs#topic PTG00:18
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ekcsPTG is coming up 9/11-9/1400:19
ekcstopic brainstorm document is here: #link
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ekcsplease be thinking and jotting down thoughts so we can have a great productive discussion at denver =)00:20
ekcsconcrete use cases and requirements are particularly helpful for driving development direction.00:21
ekcsI’m working to gather them from people. more is always better =)00:22
ekcsany thoughts or comments on topic brainstorm?00:22
thinrichsSounds good.  I think use cases and customer pain-points are key.00:23
ekcsyups. ok another PTG thing is just logistics. some have asked about remote option and I’m going to try for that.00:25
ekcsthere is a section in the planning etherpad for conferencing solution suggestions. If you have experience with something that worked well please suggest it here or on the etherpad.00:26
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ekcsI’m hoping to try out at least one before the PTG.00:27
ekcsok any thoughts on the PTG?00:28
thinrichsHangouts, bluejeans, zoom, webex are the ones I'm most familiar with.00:28
thinrichsUber has one too that I was impressed by.00:28
thinrichsThe only one I know is free is Hangouts00:28
masahito_gotomeeting is one of the options.00:28
ekcsgreat. I think I have access to host on webex though the company.00:29
ekcsbluejeans has a one month trial. but even if not it’s not expensive and only the host needs to pay.00:30
ekcsany comments on which ones have worked better than others in your experience?00:30
masahito_gotomeeting allows three user to join it in free plan.00:30
thinrichsForgot about that one00:31
ekcsok great. I guess I’ll do some digging and find an acceptable one.00:33
ekcsI might need to bring two laptops to have one capturing the whiteboard haha.00:34
ekcsok let’s move on then.00:35
ekcs#topic open discussion00:35
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ekcsanything else we wanna talk about? not super often all four of us are here hehe.00:36
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thinrichsI don't have anything pressing00:37
masahito_nothing from my side.00:37
ekcsOne thing I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now is whether we want Congress to deal with mission-critical, latency-critical situations.00:38
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ekcsAn example is something like the recovery scenarios masahito_ has worked on.00:40
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ekcsAt the moment, it’s hard to Congress to promise very low latency in rule firing partly because of just engineering and partly because of the nature of rule engines.00:41
ekcsso a question that comes up is whether there are compelling and suitable enough use cases is that space to try and engineer that into congress.00:42
ekcsone question is how uniform the desired behavior is from deployment to deployment.00:43
ekcsif the desired behavior is fairly uniform and rarely changed, then it seems the right solution is dedicated code to handle the behavior. Maybe with just a few configuration options to control the behavior.00:44
thinrichsI'd want to know the use-cases and how low-latency they are.00:44
thinrichsAnd whether the eventual-consistency model we have for gathering data is adequate00:44
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ekcsbut if there is enough variety needed from deployment to deployment, especially if human interaction with the policy is frequent, then a Congress style model could make more sense.00:45
ekcsSo I just wanted to throw it out there to get one people’s minds.00:46
ekcsthinrichs: yes absolutely.00:46
ekcsmasahito: do you have any comments on latency requirement and model for use cases you’ve been involved in?00:46
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ekcsif I remember correctly from the presentations we’re looknig for 1s at the worst end to end, but preferrably much better?00:47
masahitoCongress passed the requirements in our current tests with small scale deployment.00:48
masahitolike 200 instances on 10 hypervisors.00:49
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thinrichsGot to run.  See you all later!00:50
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ekcsmasahito: got it. so in those requirements, roughly how much time does congress have to react?00:51
ekcsbye thinrichs !00:51
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ekcshaha masahito_ connection problems?00:51
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ekcshaha maybe we should continue another time.00:53
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masahitosorry, the network is not unstable today....00:55
masahitos/is not/is/00:55
ekcshaha np. maybe we should continue another time.00:55
ekcstime almost up anyway.00:56
ekcsalright let’s end meeting then unless someone has something to say.00:56
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ekcsok bye everyone!00:57
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ekcsbye masahito00:57
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zhenguo#startmeeting mogan02:01
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zhenguoliusheng, shaohe_feng, Xinran, luyao, zhangyang: o/02:02
zhenguowanghao and litao can't attend today's meeting!02:03
zhenguoliusheng: only we two here?02:04
liushengzhenguo: :(02:04
liushengzhenguo: hah02:04
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zhenguoshaohe_feng, Xinran: are you around?02:05
liushengseems they all are absent02:06
shaohe_fengzhenguo: I'm here02:06
zhenguoshaohe_feng: o/02:06
liushengshaohe_feng: o/02:06
zhenguook, it seems like a core team meeting, lol02:07
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zhenguoas always, the agenda:02:07
zhenguo#topic announcements and reminders02:07
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements and reminders (Meeting topic: mogan)"02:07
zhenguoliusheng helped to move our docs to RTD
zhenguobut there are still some problems during building, we will try to address it before Pike02:08
zhenguoshaohe_feng: are you familiar with readthedocs02:08
liushengyes, I have no idea about that problem :(02:08
shaohe_fengzhenguo: not familiar. let me look into it.02:08
shaohe_fengzhenguo: I will give some introduce for all02:08
zhenguoshahe_feng: cool02:09
zhenguoThere's a patch up to replace 'baremetal' with 'baremetalcompute' in our CLI02:09
zhenguoany objections?02:09
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*** yangyapeng has quit IRC02:10
shaohe_fengseem no.02:11
*** tinwood has joined #openstack-meeting02:11
liushengseems we  can merge it quickly to avoid conflicts :D02:11
zhenguoshaohe_feng, liusheng: so please help to +A it :D02:12
shaohe_fengzhenguo: sure.02:12
liushengzhenguo: +2ed02:12
*** YanXing_an has joined #openstack-meeting02:13
zhenguoliusheng, shaohe_feng: do you think when we should cut the Pike release02:13
zhenguoby the end of next week?02:13
liushengsounds good02:14
zhenguook, so let's try to land more things this week02:14
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting02:14
shaohe_fengzhenguo: yes.02:15
liushengwe can finish our high priority works until next week02:15
*** YanXing_an has quit IRC02:15
zhenguoyes, we can check the tasks during next topic02:16
zhenguoContribution into mogan for the last 30 days02:16
Xinran o/ Sorry for late ..02:16
zhenguoXinran: np02:16
zhenguoplease take a look at the last 30 days contributions02:17
zhenguoreally happy to see Xinran's reviews, thanks!02:17
*** YanXing_an has joined #openstack-meeting02:17
Xinranzhenguo,  hah thanks02:18
zhenguoXinran: hah please keep it :D02:18
zhenguonot much of announcement, anyone else have a thing here?02:19
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC02:19
zhenguook, let's move on02:19
zhenguo#topic task tracking02:19
*** openstack changes topic to "task tracking (Meeting topic: mogan)"02:19
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting02:19
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC02:19
* zhenguo gives folks a few minutes to review02:19
*** caowei has joined #openstack-meeting02:23
zhenguoI only got one patch left for the node aggregates bp
zhenguoplease help to look at it shaohe_feng, already got a +202:24
shaohe_fengzhenguo: Ok. then you can try to play with mogan02:24
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:24
zhenguoshaohe_feng: hah02:25
shaohe_fengzhenguo: find bug, and file them.  and let's fix them.02:25
shaohe_fengthen we can make mogan mor stable.02:25
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes, everytime I setup the physical env, will find lots of bugs :D02:25
shaohe_fengzhenguo: great. do you have physical env?02:26
zhenguoshahe_feng: sure, lol02:26
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting02:26
zhenguoshaohe_feng: I need to test my socat console with that02:26
shaohe_fengzhenguo: nice. so usrs can have multi ways to access the host.02:27
zhenguoso my socat console task seems can be done by this week02:27
*** sridharg has quit IRC02:27
zhenguohi guys, please remember to update the etherpad,02:28
zhenguowanghao will send a tasks report out tommorow02:28
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:29
zhenguoshaohe_feng, Xinran: do you have servers for testing?02:30
*** unicell has quit IRC02:30
shaohe_fengzhenguo: we are try to find some servers from our architecture.02:31
zhenguoshaohe_feng: hah, cool02:31
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting02:31
shaohe_fengzhenguo: you have meet he in China Day.02:31
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes, he mentioned that02:32
*** sridharg has quit IRC02:32
liushengthat is cool :)02:32
zhenguoliusheng: what about your tasks?02:32
zhenguoliusheng: seems patches are ready for review02:32
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:33
liushengzhenguo: yes, but didn't finish yet02:33
zhenguoliusheng: ok, seems almost done :D02:33
liushengzhenguo: will finish it until this week02:33
liushengzhenguo: yes02:33
*** litao__ has joined #openstack-meeting02:33
zhenguoliusheng: seems we will work 6 days this week02:34
liushengzhenguo, shaohe_feng and please take a look this patch: it is convenient for function testing :)02:34
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting02:34
liushengzhenguo: will hanle the conflicts02:34
*** sridharg has quit IRC02:34
litao__I am later, just an internal meeting02:34
zhenguoliusheng:  yes02:35
zhenguolitao__: o/02:35
zhenguolitao__: we will cut the Pike release by the end of next week02:35
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:35
*** unicell has quit IRC02:36
litao__zhenguo: So we have little time02:36
*** xuanjia has joined #openstack-meeting02:36
zhenguolitao__: yes, time is tight02:36
litao__zhenguo: Ok, i will hurry up02:36
zhenguolitao__: thanks02:36
zhenguoseems the first managing running server patch is amost good,02:36
zhenguoplease help to review02:37
litao__zhenguo:  sure02:37
zhenguolitao__: you can wait for that landed, then rebase your patch :D02:37
shaohe_fengzhenguo: OK.02:38
litao__zhenguo: yes, there will be many conflicts02:38
zhenguolitao__: hah02:38
*** baoli has quit IRC02:38
zhenguoI would like to return the addresses with server API object instead of the whole networks info02:39
*** ricolin has joined #openstack-meeting02:39
zhenguowe also provide a separated URI for server networks02:39
liushengzhenguo: it is only change in the api layer, right ?02:40
*** sridharg has quit IRC02:40
zhenguoliusheng: yes02:40
liushengzhenguo: ok02:40
zhenguoliusheng: seems client side also need to be updated02:40
liushengzhenguo: yes, sure02:41
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:41
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*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting02:41
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zhenguook, anything else here?02:42
zhenguoXiran: do you find using patch method for flavor access list is a bit inconvinient?02:43
shaohe_fengseems no02:43
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting02:43
shaohe_fengI will talk with her.02:43
Xinranzhenguo,   yes02:44
shaohe_fengXinran: is online. :)02:44
Xinranzhenguo,  I found we use index to delete02:44
zhenguoXinran: yes02:44
liushengseems the patch almost looks good02:44
zhenguoXiran: seems hard to use02:44
zhenguoliusheng: you mean the addresses one?02:45
Xinranzhenguo,  must get the index of the project to be delete02:45
liushengzhenguo: no, I mean the flavor access one, hah02:45
zhenguoXinran: yes02:45
zhenguoliusheng: we are talking about the patch list method02:45
zhenguoliusheng: we need to get the index of the list to delete it02:46
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting02:46
zhenguoXinran: not sure if the sort of the list is fixed02:46
Xinranzhenguo,  seems it depends to order of adding , I will check it02:47
*** unicell has quit IRC02:48
zhenguoXinran: anyway, seems we changed to make it's inconvenient than before02:48
zhenguoXinran, liusheng: maybe it's ok to keep the original flavor access URI?02:48
*** fnaval has quit IRC02:48
liushengzhenguo: you mean still use a saparate API02:49
zhenguoliusheng: yes02:49
Xinranzhenguo,  hah,  but I think use a controller is redundant.02:49
zhenguoXinran: you mean the flavor access controller?02:50
Xinranzhenguo,  yes02:50
Xinranis there another way to delete with PATCH method02:50
zhenguoXinran: we can use someting like /flavors/flavor_uuid/access ?02:50
zhenguoXinran: oh, it's the current way02:51
liushengzhenguo: sorry, may I need to review again, I even didn't get the inconvenience you talking about :(02:51
zhenguoliusheng: PATCH method is easy to update key/value02:51
zhenguoliusheng: the flavor access is a list02:52
zhenguoliusheng; there's no key02:52
zhenguoliusheng: when you adding a project in, you PATCH {"op": "add",  "path": "/projects/-", "value": "xx"}02:53
liushengzhenguo: got it, but it is easy to work arount isn't it ?02:53
zhenguoliusheng: how02:53
liushengzhenguo: arount/ around02:53
zhenguoliusheng: when you delete a project, you need to find the index of it in the list02:53
liushengzhenguo: don't use the json patch method02:53
zhenguoliusheng: PATCH {'op': 'remove', 'path': '/projects/0'}02:54
zhenguoliusheng: you mean use PUT?02:54
shaohe_fengzhenguo: I remeber you have send the rfc link of PATCH before.02:54
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes02:54
*** chenying_ has quit IRC02:55
liushengzhenguo: no I mean don't use the apply_jsonpatch method, we just query the projects and set it02:55
*** chenying_ has joined #openstack-meeting02:55
zhenguoseems there's not a better way to update a list, either PUT or PATCH02:55
*** ramineni_ has quit IRC02:55
zhenguoliusheng: can you give a example02:55
zhenguoliusheng: we must follow waht the REST defination02:56
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting02:56
liushengzhenguo: it don't effect the REST definition, we just need query the projects, and add the project then save it in db, isn't right ?02:57
zhenguoliusheng: I mean, how the API like02:57
zhenguoliusheng: we can do anything under the API02:58
zhenguoliusheng: but what do you want users use the API for update the access list02:58
liushengzhenguo: let me think more02:59
liushengzhenguo: we can disscuss after this meeting02:59
Xinranzhenguo, liusheng just check,  the sort of list depends on order of adding02:59
zhenguoliusheng: ok02:59
zhenguoXinran: so, users need to remember the order themselves?02:59
liushengwhy need to use the index ?03:00
Xinranzhenguo,  seems yes ...03:00
zhenguoXinran: :(03:00
zhenguoliusheng: that's what PATCH works for a list03:00
zhenguoliusheng: it's not a dict, we can't find a key03:01
*** unicell has quit IRC03:01
zhenguoXinran: if so, I have to say sorry, I'd like to keep the origianl way :(03:02
liushengzhenguo: got it, will check  more03:02
zhenguoliusheng: ok03:02
Xinranzhenguo,  hah it's ok. if we dont have other solutions :)03:02
zhenguoXinran: hah03:02
zhenguooh, it's almost time,03:03
zhenguoanything else?03:03
zhenguothanks all03:03
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eumel8Good Morning!07:00
eumel8anyone there for the I18n meeting? :)07:00
genekGood Afternoon07:00
eumel8#startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting07:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"07:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'openstack_i18n_meeting'07:00
*** lpetrut has quit IRC07:01
eumel8hello jpich, ianychoi_phone, genek07:01
eumel8nice to see you :)07:02
jpichLikewise :)07:02
eumel8#topic Status Pike release (final release week
*** openstack changes topic to "Status Pike release (final release week (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"07:03
eumel8so, what's going on in the release week?07:03
eumel8my email account is broken since yesterday so I doesn't have the newest info07:03
ianychoi_phonerobcresswell should packed rc2 :)07:04
ianychoi_phoneBefore that, I merged all master strings to stable-pike for Horizon and plugin projects07:04
eumel8yeah, this was my last info as well. We're in rc2 with horizon07:04
jpichAs cycle-trailing, TripleO will probably be released during the PTG. When it comes to tripleo-ui, there's still some rush to finish the feature freeze exceptions so the strings still aren't entirely frozen yet (I'd expect additions, not changes from now on though). We've been merging lots of translation patches anyway - many thanks to translators who are already looking into it despite the in-flux status :D07:05
ianychoi_phoneSome translators contributed to master branch not stable-pike. We might need to guide them better07:05
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting07:05
ianychoi_phonejpich- thanks a lot for sharing!07:05
eumel8we are in a good position for horizon in DE team, so I'm done review translation over the weekend07:06
*** ykatabam has quit IRC07:06
jpich(Still no stable/pike for tripleo-ui)07:06
eumel8ianychoi: should we set the master read-only next cycle at this point?07:06
ianychoi_phoneeumel8 - good idea :)07:07
eumel8jpich: let me know when you release at the PTG - I'm there :)07:07
jpicheumel8: Haha, will do! There'll probably be a big bunch of TripleO developers suddenly looking very happy :-)07:08
jpichLooking forward to meeting you face to face, too!07:08
eumel8ianychoi: unfortunatelly the API is broken in Zanata 3.9 (for set the branches read-only), so we need the upgrade to 4.007:08
eumel8jpich: very good!07:09
jpichAre there plans for upgrading to 4.0 already?07:09
eumel8have to talk to the infrateam07:09
eumel8for the last there where no response07:10
jpichPTG might be a good time to ask about it too :)07:10
*** cschwede_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:11
eumel8yes, close all doors and windows and meet them ;)07:11
jpichInfra team has been stretched even more than usual lately I think07:12
*** ianychoi has joined #openstack-meeting07:12
ianychoiHoo.. I'm back to my PC07:12
eumel8ianychoi: any recomendations for the release during this and next week?07:12
eumel8wb, ianychoi :)07:12
*** coolsvap has joined #openstack-meeting07:13
ianychoieumel8, more seeing which projects already had stable/pike branch, adding stable-pike version in Zanata, and syncing through openstack-infra07:13
eumel8jpitch: maybe our apprentice can support the team. I will talk with AJaeger07:13
ianychoiAnd... we need to describe better two things: 1) auth problem and 2) Zanata upgrade plan07:14
*** unicell has quit IRC07:14
eumel8ianychoi: there are few on the dev mailing list. Or there other pick up points?07:14
ianychoiInfra team suggested to have a description on Etherpad, and talk through infra team IRC meeting07:14
*** unicell has joined #openstack-meeting07:14
ianychoieumel8, hmm, I will try to better find them :)07:15
*** amofakhar has joined #openstack-meeting07:15
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting07:16
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting07:16
eumel8ianychoi: you can try to set master read-only, if stable branch is created07:16
eumel8for the next project07:16
eumel8ok, next topic07:17
eumel8#topic PTG planning Denver (Specific dates and tasks)07:17
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG planning Denver (Specific dates and tasks) (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"07:17
eumel8I have the installation of the translation check site on the list07:18
eumel8at the moment it's broken, the osa team is working on it07:18
ianychoijpich, would you be busy during PTG? If not, would you also attend to I18n PTG room with Docs?07:19
*** ianychoi_phone has quit IRC07:19
jpichianychoi: I will try to drop by whenever I can but there are other projects I have to attend as well - I'll look at the session times when available!07:19
*** tesseract has joined #openstack-meeting07:20
eumel8Zanata upgrade is the second topic with the infra team. We are still on Xenial so maybe it's not too complicated.07:20
eumel8but we have to catch the requirements for the new Zanata release07:20
ianychoiI am not too much sure, but for Atlanta PTG, I arranged with asettle for PTG with Docs + I18n. eumel8 would you try to talk with new Docs PTL?07:20
*** edmondsw has quit IRC07:20
ianychoi(In fact, asettle did more effort than me for last PTG: Docs+I18n)07:21
eumel8regarding doc team: I'm already in contact and I will join the team meeting in the afternoon to clearer coordinate07:21
ianychoieumel8, fortunately, current Zanata latest version uses the same Java version and Wildfly :)07:22
ianychoiAs far as I know..07:22
ianychoieumel8, good :)07:22
eumel8There are only 2 big rooms during PTG so I asked the foundation for a table (8-10 persons), together with the doc team07:22
eumel8and maybe in the near of the infra team :)07:23
ianychoiI think small room should be pretty fine :)07:24
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting07:24
eumel8jpich: yes, it would be nice if there are much more people there. We have still open timeslots during the whole week.07:24
*** hichihara has quit IRC07:24
robcresswellSorry for lateness, on holiday. From the Horizon side, RC2 was merged Tuesday after translation patch for that day had merged. I would still likely if translators could focus on stable/pike however, then when we tag 12.0.1 we will have better translation support. Most people do not upgrade for 6 - 18 months anyway :)07:27
robcresswellAnd sorry to interrupt, just wanted to deliver info :)07:27
jpichyay info07:28
eumel8ianychoi: I heart from the problems in Atlanta: nobody knews what happened where.07:28
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC07:28
eumel8there will be a robot mechanism to announce activities: #link
ianychoirobcresswell, pretty fine and thanks a lot for RC2! I merged all master translated strings to stable-pike version. When I did it, I found that fortunately almost translators already contributed a lot for stable/pike branch, not master branch :)07:29
jpichNice, ianychoi07:29
eumel8thx robcresswell for the info :)07:29
robcresswellAh great, thanks ianychoi07:29
ianychoieumel8, oh PTG bot is now active!07:30
eumel8ianychoi: you know them? ;)07:30
ianychoirobcresswell, you're welcome :)07:30
eumel8ianychoi: yes, it was announced but I was not able to test it07:30
*** alexchadin has joined #openstack-meeting07:31
ianychoieumel8, I just knew that there is a PTG bot on #openstack-ptg IRC channel but I did not know the existence of such web site. I cannot read all things.. haha:)07:31
eumel8ianychoi: yes, you need +v status in the channel and can talk like #i18n is doing things now on room xxx07:32
ianychoiAha... I see. :)07:32
*** phil_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:33
*** phil_ is now known as preisner07:33
eumel8seems like an ansible project, because all of them have already +v there ;)07:33
ianychoiNext topic?07:35
eumel8okay, I think till next week we have a clearer picture about PTG planning. Please add topics on Etherpad07:35
ianychoieumel8, thanks a lot!07:35
eumel8there is also a link for a team photo session and I wouldn't be alone ;)07:35
eumel8#topic Schedule for Sydney Summit is out07:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Schedule for Sydney Summit is out (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"07:35
eumel8The agenda for the Sydney summit is out07:36
eumel8I would like mention two session that I covered on the list:07:36
eumel8#info Zanata Session:
eumel8The session from the zanata guys would be really nice07:37
ianychoiAlex Eng and Patrick Huang :)07:37
ianychoiUnfortunately, I might be so unable to attend to Sydney Summit07:37
eumel8#info Communiy build (with Ilya as Speaker):
jpichIt looks interesting07:37
jpichianychoi: Oh no :( I hope you can go07:38
eumel8Ilya from the Russian language time has also won a session about community building07:38
jpichNice, too!07:38
eumel8and I think we can support him07:38
ianychoiamotoki should be in Sydney during the next Summit :)07:39
*** fzdarsky_ is now known as fzdarsky07:39
eumel8nice, thx for the link07:39
jpichwoohoo amotoki :)07:40
eumel8ianychoi: I can pick up you in Hong Kong ;)07:40
ianychoieumel8, and I am so sorry for your proposal.. I gave +2 and I should have written my impression..07:40
amotokiit's now ten minutes, so I would like to give shu-mutou full slot time :)07:40
eumel8hi amotoki07:40
-amotoki- just lurks. he is in another F2F meeting07:41
ianychoiamotoki, aha I see :)07:41
eumel8ianychoi: it's already the same mystic about session election07:42
ianychoiIt would be great if some I18n members will help present with Alex and Patrick.07:42
*** amofakhar has quit IRC07:43
ianychoieumel8, unfortunately I am too much familiar with Summit session election..07:43
ianychois/too/not too07:43
eumel8last thing is the project update session. I'm in contact with ianychoi and amotoki but I think we need still volunteers.07:43
eumel8it's to deside till Sep 0507:43
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting07:44
genekeumel8: I can help if I'm able to go to Sydney07:44
ianychoieumel8, hmm, might be I forgot following-up this? genek: Can I ask when your availability would be clearer?07:44
ianychoifor Sydney Summit?07:44
genekIt depends on when the TSP result comes out07:45
eumel8thx, genek. For me it's also not clear if I'm there07:45
eumel8But travel will be cheaper then Denver. That's also interesting.07:45
ianychoigenek, aha... I really hope that your TSP result will be positive.07:45
genekianychoi: It will be out before Sep 807:46
genekianychoi: thanks :)07:46
ianychoiAha thanks :)07:46
jpichGood luck genek :)07:46
eumel8ianychoi: there are some slides as draft on Google Drive07:46
genekjpich: thanks :_07:46
ianychoieumel8, I have not seen them... thank you for information07:47
eumel8to catch all topics what we have done in Pike07:47
eumel8it's in the Boston folder07:47
*** _jbadiapa has joined #openstack-meeting07:47
*** markstur has joined #openstack-meeting07:48
eumel8#topic Open Discussions07:48
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussions (Meeting topic: OpenStack I18n Meeting)"07:48
eumel8okay, last point on the list today07:48
ianychoieumel8, LGTM :) I will more see it!07:48
*** tesseract-RH has joined #openstack-meeting07:49
ianychoiSo from now, log translation removal will be applied to all server project repositories through "Import from Zanata"07:49
ianychoiPrecisely, "Imported Translations from Zanata"07:50
*** tesseract-RH has quit IRC07:50
*** tesseract-RH has joined #openstack-meeting07:50
ianychoiAnd.. I have heard from ujuc - Korean coordinator that user survey translators received a gift from Foundation07:50
genekeumel8 got one too, saw the photo on twitter07:51
genekI'll probably recive mine today, got notification from Fedex this morning :)07:51
ianychoiI will send an e-mail to Foundation for user survey: great appreaciation and which things I18n needs to follow-up for translated survey result and preparing for next user survey translation.07:51
ianychoigenek, great :)07:51
eumel8ianychoi: You have to adjust your followers ;) #link
ianychoicopying with Frank, of course07:52
jpichThat's cool!!07:52
*** markstur has quit IRC07:52
*** tesseract has quit IRC07:52
eumel8genek: yes, it's FedEx07:52
genekianychoi: I was asked by Allison to translate the input, still waiting for more info07:52
eumel8genek: and sorry, it's not a surprise anymore ;)07:52
ianychoieumel8, ack :)07:52
ianychoiNote that in Korea, I do not use Twitter too much..07:53
eumel8ianychoi: but you are there :)07:53
*** zhufl has joined #openstack-meeting07:54
eumel8so, we are good in time. My next meeting is starting in few minutes. Thx for attending and have a nice day/evening!07:55
genekthanks all :)07:56
jpichThanks, you too!07:56
ianychoiThanks all!07:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"07:56
openstackMeeting ended Thu Aug 24 07:56:51 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)07:56
*** X-dark_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:56
openstackMinutes (text):
ianychoiand also eumel8 : Thanks a lot for leading today meeting!07:56
*** blancos has joined #openstack-meeting07:57
*** jpich has left #openstack-meeting07:57
*** X-dark has quit IRC07:57
*** X-dark_ is now known as X-dark07:57
*** lpetrut has quit IRC07:57
*** zhufl1 has joined #openstack-meeting07:58
*** zhufl has quit IRC07:58
*** tovin07_ has joined #openstack-meeting07:59
gmann#startmeeting qa08:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Aug 24 08:00:20 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gmann. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.08:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: qa)"08:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'qa'08:00
*** UdayT has joined #openstack-meeting08:00
gmannwho all are here today?08:00
*** tesseract-RH has quit IRC08:01
*** kiennt has joined #openstack-meeting08:02
*** Masahisa has joined #openstack-meeting08:02
gmannlet's start08:02
gmanntoday agenda ^^08:02
*** tesseract-RH has joined #openstack-meeting08:02
chandankumargmann: andreaf zhufl1 \o/08:02
*** eumel8 has left #openstack-meeting08:03
gmann#topic Previous Meeting Action review08:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Previous Meeting Action review (Meeting topic: qa)"08:03
gmannlong pending AI for me08:03
*** dmacpher has quit IRC08:03
gmann#Action gmann to send ML for upcoming removal of deprecated interfaces and its affect on stable branches08:03
gmanni have not sent mail yet. i will be able to get all data and send by next week08:04
gmann#action gmann to send ML for upcoming removal of deprecated interfaces and its affect on stable branches08:04
gmann#topic PTG08:04
andreafgmann: thanks - that would be really useful08:04
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG (Meeting topic: qa)"08:04
gmannandreaf, yea, did not find time actually. we should remove those long pending things soon08:05
gmann^^ PTG etherpad08:05
chandankumarI will be not able to make it to PTG, for tempest plugin split help, tosky and dmellado will be helping there08:05
andreafchandankumar: sorry you won't be there08:06
gmannchandankumar, yea. visa things are hard.08:06
dmelladoo/ I'll be around, for chandan blame Trump...08:06
* gmann saw afazekas coming. hope to meet him this time :)08:06
gmanndmellado, :) nice08:06
chandankumarforgot about that, also you can pull afazekas in the tempest plugin split also08:07
gmannwe need more proposal ideas as not much as of now08:07
andreafdmellado: yeah great to meet you there08:07
dmelladoI'm also interested on getting feedback on how to handle k8s python client08:07
dmelladoand some mixed-up k8s/openstack testing08:07
dmelladoI'll be putting something there, but for now I'm getting back to my meeting, folks08:08
andreafdmellado: did you propose a session about that?08:08
dmelladogreat seeing you there!!!08:08
dmelladoI did, IIRC08:08
gmanndmellado, that is gone things right we will be using client from k8s side08:08
andreafdmellado: great thanks08:08
andreafdmellado: that would be a very interesting topic, and I would love to see some real life use cases of openstack/k8s cross testing08:09
gmanndmellado, you mean to add in tempest service client?08:09
dmelladoyeah I was thinking about if that'd be useful08:09
dmelladoand also would love feedback about some mixed scenario tests08:09
gmannandreaf, for kuryr testing it will be useful08:09
gmanndmellado, nice08:10
dmelladoandreaf: you can see my kuryr tempest plugin, for example08:10
dmelladoI'll be adding quite some more tests to it08:10
andreafgmann, dmellado: cool I'll look into it08:10
* dmellado gets pulled again, pls ping me later at #openstack-qa if you need me08:10
gmanndmellado, sure thanks08:10
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting08:10
chandankumardmellado: your expertize will help us in adding different ci to any particular tempest plugin for full coverage of a project08:10
* afazekas gmann: me too08:11
gmanni will be setting up the tacker plugin during PTG, as very less testing for tacker in gate mainly scenario things08:11
gmannadd more and more sessions on etherpad08:12
gmannandreaf, any deadline for that as we are just 2 week far from PTG ?08:12
andreafgmann: nice you can track that on the etherpad (the tacker plugin)08:12
gmannandreaf, sure08:12
andreafgmann: just make sure we come prepared for the various sessions08:13
chandankumargmann: andreaf i will create a wiki page today to track all plugin status with their respective08:13
chandankumarand will send a mail to openstack-dev so that people can update it.08:13
gmannandreaf, sure08:13
andreafgmann: I will start this week to formalise a bit more the etherpad and add extra etherpard for each sessions - but everyone can make one for their sessions - start adding more notes for the discussion08:14
chandankumarandreaf: can i also announce also about Walkthrough: migrating a plugin from in-tree to own repo (andreaf) topic through the sam email?08:14
chandankumarso that people can attend it08:14
gmannandreaf, cool08:14
*** lin_yang has quit IRC08:14
*** oanson has joined #openstack-meeting08:15
gmannchandankumar, +1 for wiki on plugin things. it will be useful to track those08:15
andreafchandankumar: link?08:16
chandankumarandreaf: creating right now, will pass you after meeting08:16
*** markvoelker has quit IRC08:16
andreafchandankumar: ok08:16
andreafone last thing on my side08:16
andreafduring PTG we'll have the opportunity to take a team photo again08:17
andreafso it's either Tue or Wed08:17
gmannandreaf, help hours will be fish ball room or traning type or design discussion kind ?08:17
andreafI would say Wed08:17
gmannandreaf, +1, for photo08:18
* gmann i can compare my beard growth from last PTG :)08:18
andreafgmann: that's a good question - I understand they will be design discussion kind - but I need to check with ttx08:18
gmannandreaf, ok08:18
andreafok I'll just book a slot for the photo and put it on the etherpad08:19
gmannanything else on PTG ?08:19
gmann#topic Gate Stability08:19
*** openstack changes topic to "Gate Stability (Meeting topic: qa)"08:19
gmannnot much failure on gate #link
*** toscalix has joined #openstack-meeting08:20
gmannany known issue on gate anyone want to discuss08:20
*** wanghao_ has joined #openstack-meeting08:22
gmann#topic Specs Reviews08:22
*** openstack changes topic to "Specs Reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"08:22
*** bkopilov has joined #openstack-meeting08:22
gmannthis is key work before PTG. start reviewing/ adding spec for your topic going to be discussed in PTG08:22
gmanndmellado, it will be nice if you can come up with k8s spec. it will be helpful for discussion08:23
dmelladogmann: sure, I'll be writing something as a draft before the PTG08:23
gmanndmellado, thanks.08:24
dmelladoso we could discuss it and start implementation08:24
gmannanything else on spec side ?08:24
*** wanghao has quit IRC08:24
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting08:25
gmann#topic Tempest08:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Tempest (Meeting topic: qa)"08:25
gmannandreaf big patch is merged #link
andreafyeah thanks for that everyone, now let's all go and rebase :(08:26
gmannthis is patrole fix - #link
andreaf#link Patrole fix08:26
gmannandreaf, just fixed the comment08:28
gmanni do not want to remove the check as we can uncomment it with correct function once tempest is released08:28
*** wanghao_ has quit IRC08:29
andreafgmann: we could leave it uncommented - it doesn't harm08:29
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC08:29
*** iyamahat has quit IRC08:29
gmannpatrole take tempest from pip?08:29
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC08:29
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-meeting08:29
gmannit would not fail in patrole ?08:30
*** jprovazn has quit IRC08:31
*** reedip has quit IRC08:31
andreafok I see - then I would just remove it completely - but it's ok as is as well08:31
andreafas is in your patch I mean08:31
gmannblancos, please check this -
gmannnext is - as stable08:33
blancosgmann Will do. Thank you08:33
gmannblancos, thanks08:33
andreafThanks gmann08:33
andreafI just rebased the series after the decorator move08:34
andreafand I keep adding to it08:34
*** rmcall has quit IRC08:34
andreafmostly docstings and unit tests now08:34
gmannandreaf, you did rebase. nice08:34
gmannandreaf, thanks08:35
andreafmy plan it to change as little as possible of the current implementation08:35
*** markstur has joined #openstack-meeting08:35
andreafthere are a few tiny inconsistencies but we can fix them over time08:35
gmannandreaf, ok, you want to declare it stable after PTG or before.08:36
andreaflike if you request admin or alt and they are not available we skip, but if you request credentials by role and they are not available we fail08:36
*** psachin has joined #openstack-meeting08:36
andreafgmann: at this rate I'm doubting before PTG will make it in time - but I'm trying08:36
andreafgmann: one open point is the swift client08:36
gmannandreaf, because i think not much people commenting on etherpad #link
andreafgmann: we cannot declare stable without the swift client I think and we cannot declare stable without clients.py08:37
gmannmay be discussing or going through that in PTG also good to get more feedback and thoughts08:38
andreafgmann: yeah I need to update it with the latest patches - not sure there is much more to be discussed on the etherpad08:38
*** ianychoi_phone has joined #openstack-meeting08:38
gmannandreaf, ah, that is my side things for swift client08:38
gmannandreaf, let's see if i can make those before PTG08:38
andreafgmann: sure sounds like a good plan - I would like to get as further as possible anyways before PTG we can hold off the "declare as stable" patch and do a review at the PTG08:39
gmannandreaf, +108:39
andreafgmann: yeah if you need help with those let us know it doesn't have to be all on your shoulders08:39
andreafbut in general I would like to think that in queens we can focus on something different from making stable interfaces08:40
*** markstur has quit IRC08:40
andreafsure there'll be a few more things here and there but if we cover 90%+ of what plugins use we are in a good position I think08:40
gmannandreaf, sure, i just have some nova PoC patches and this one. i will ask for help if needed or i get delay for those08:41
*** ianychoi_phone has quit IRC08:41
gmannandreaf, yea that will be big relief for us. not fixing plugins all time08:41
gmannnext is Bug Triage.08:42
gmannthis week zhufl1 turn08:43
gmannzhufl1, go ahead08:43
zhufl1I put those may need discussion on bug report08:44
gmannzhufl1, ok08:45
gmannzhufl1, anything interesting bug etc08:45
zhufl1seems not08:45
gmannzhufl1, thanks08:45
gmannnext turn is chandankumar (again :))08:46
gmann#topic Patrole08:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Patrole (Meeting topic: qa)"08:46
gmannblancos, your turn08:47
blancosWe have a few open reviews we wouldn't mind having some extra eyes on08:47
gmanni think we should review this spec before PTG for patrole-08:48
blancosI know Felipe also has some topics he's looking to bring up at the PTG to get feedback on08:48
gmannblancos, nice08:48
*** JudeC has quit IRC08:48
blancosgmann Yes, we're pretty excited about that one :) It'll really help with testing certain APIs08:49
blancos(and I think that's about it for Patrole)08:49
*** epico has quit IRC08:49
gmannblancos, thanks08:50
gmanni will discuss the patrole job on nova in PTG08:50
blancosgmann Okay, thank you08:50
gmannbecause that spec is not reviewed by anyone else08:50
gmannanything else on patrols ?08:51
blancosNo, I think that's it08:51
gmann#topic Critical Reviews08:51
*** openstack changes topic to "Critical Reviews (Meeting topic: qa)"08:51
gmanni think we mostly covered this08:52
gmannbut if anyone else have any more priority reviews08:52
gmannwe have 6 min left let's jump to open08:53
*** alexchadin has quit IRC08:53
gmann#topic Open Discussion08:54
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: qa)"08:54
ildikovI have a quick question08:54
gmannildikov, hi08:54
ildikova few OPNFV folks reached out to me, their test group plans trying to setup resiliency/long duration/robustness/stress tests in OPNFV08:54
*** alexchadin has joined #openstack-meeting08:54
ildikovand they are interested in collaborating with us and learning about what we are doing in this area08:55
gmannildikov, nice.08:55
ildikovso I wanted to ask whether that is in scope in any extent?08:55
*** fzdarsky has joined #openstack-meeting08:55
gmannildikov, anyone from them joining PTG? i know R Mibu not coming08:55
ildikovI will ask, not sure whether anyone from the testing teams is coming08:56
gmannildikov, one of them we are going to discuss about robust testing in PTG08:56
ildikovgmann: is it ok, if I add you to the mail thread?08:56
gmannildikov, and stress one  we have in private repo and i can try to add in qa project08:56
gmannildikov, sure08:56
ildikovthat sounds pretty good, the PTG would be a great forum to move discussions forward08:57
andreafildikov: I'm happy to be in the loop as well08:57
gmannildikov, overall we have scope with tempest plugin, if tests not under tempest it can be done with tempest plugin08:57
ildikovandreaf: awesome, thanks08:57
gmannildikov, yea add andreaf also08:57
gmannwe can further discuss the direction08:57
ildikovthat's great, I know it came up earlier, but wasn't sure where things stand at the moment and what our capacity is, etc.08:58
gmannildikov, thanks for information and it one of our agenda of cross community testing08:58
gmannUdayT, HI08:58
ildikovI will add you to the mail thread and ask back about who's coming to the PTG08:58
UdayTI have a question/need for direction ?08:58
gmannildikov, COOL08:58
ildikovgmann: +1 for cross-community testing08:58
gmannUdayT, please go ahead08:58
UdayTWanted to push a commit for a scenario test involving Nova, Glance and  Neutron (with CPU pinning/SRIOV).08:58
gmann1 min left08:59
UdayTI only found this
gmannUdayT, ok08:59
UdayTCan you help me with  some direction please ?08:59
UdayTSpecifically my test is for After reaching max VCPU for a particular host, that we can spin up the same number of new VMs after terminating the same number of ACTIVE VMs on that host.08:59
gmannUdayT, sure, can we discuss on qa channel08:59
gmanntime up let;s move to qa08:59
andreafyeah let09:00
gmannUdayT, ll discuss on qa channel09:00
andreaflet's move the the qa channel09:00
gmannthanks all for joining09:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"09:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu Aug 24 09:00:11 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)09:00
openstackMinutes (text):
*** blancos has quit IRC09:00
UdayTgmann: Thanks09:00
gmannUdayT, can you join #openstack-qa channel09:01
UdayTJoined there09:02
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mriedem#startmeeting nova14:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Aug 24 14:00:19 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mriedem. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'14:00
mriedemalright i'll assume there are others lingering14:01
mriedem#link agenda
mriedem#topic release news14:02
*** openstack changes topic to "release news (Meeting topic: nova)"14:02
mriedem#link Pike release schedule:
mriedem#info August 24 (today) is Pike RC214:02
mriedem#link Pike RC TODO etherpad:
mriedemthere are a few things in there14:02
mriedemdansmith: is one backport14:02
mriedem is another14:02
mriedemthose are the two from yesterday14:02
mriedemstephenfin also backported the nova-manage cell command deprecation patch
mriedemas i said yesterday, i don't feel a need to push this in, but don't care too much either way14:03
dansmithI thought you wanted to wait on that?14:03
dansmithyeah, our rc2 list is pretty long at the moment14:03
*** annp__ has joined #openstack-meeting14:03
* alex_xu waves late14:04
mriedemthe other known one that will be coming is alex_xu's patch for removing allocations on reschedule
dansmithyeah will look at that when we're donehere14:04
mriedemwhich has me going back and forth not on the reschedule part, but the abort part14:04
mriedemalso, ^ doesn't handle the case that we reschedule during migrate/resize, which is a similar bug14:04
mriedemi think that's a fairly easy fix on it's own, which i could push on top of alex's after we're done14:05
cdentIs agreed as rc potential? recently tagged as such14:05
openstackLaunchpad bug 1712816 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "reporting incorrect allocations for "DISK_GB" in case of volume-backed instances" [Undecided,New]14:05
*** abhishekk has joined #openstack-meeting14:05
mriedemi think that's the same person that was asking about
cdentyeah, it links to that14:06
mriedemso, isn't this a latent issue already where we've always incorrectly claimed disk during boot from volume?14:07
mriedemdansmith: ^?14:07
dansmithmriedem: yes it is14:07
mriedemok, then not rc214:07
* cdent removes the tag14:07
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting14:08
mriedemwe could probably also duplicate the bug14:08
* kashyap is lingering around, but forgot to wave hi14:09
mriedemok so we'll sort out alex's fix after the meeting, i'll start on the resize + reschedule fix after the meeting, and then hopefully that's it for rc214:09
mriedem#info Re-propose specs for Queens.14:10
mriedemi know people are already doing this14:10
mriedemoh which reminds me14:10
mriedemmelwitt has a nova-specs patch to add an 'upgrade impact' section to the queens template, which would probably be good to get in early before people start writing new specs for queens
cdentthat’s a good idea14:10
dansmithwe didn't already have that section?14:11
mriedem#link mel's nova-specs queens template upgrade impact section patch
dansmithI could have sworn14:11
mriedemdansmith: nope14:11
edleafeSo no long-suffering pike specs can be approved? Thinking of Jay's:
mriedemdansmith: there are some things interspersed in other sections, as i pointed out in her PS114:11
dansmithhmm okay14:11
mriedemedleafe: yes that's basically docs at this point, i just haven't gotten back to it yet14:11
edleafemriedem: ok, cool14:12
mriedemalright moving on14:12
mriedem#topic bugs14:12
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: nova)"14:12
* edleafe wipes sweat off brow14:12
mriedemnothing marked as critical14:12
mriedem#info 7 new untriaged bugs (up 6 from last week)14:12
mriedemi have been going through these daily looking for rc potential stuff,14:13
mriedemand will say, bug triage is much nicer when there are only <10 to go through14:13
mriedem#info pike-rc-potential bugs:
*** baojg has quit IRC14:14
mriedemthose are the known issues,14:14
mriedemi'll report a new bug for the resize + reschedule bug14:14
mriedemgate status is ok14:14
mriedem3rd party ci - no news14:14
mriedem#topic reminders14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"14:14
mriedem#link Consider signing up for the Queens PTG which is the week of September 11 in Denver, CO, USA:
mriedem#link Pike PTG topics etherpad:
mriedem^ is still unordered14:15
mriedemi won't be going into that until after pike rc2 is done14:15
mriedem#info Be a star and consider the Pike project update interview at the PTG:
mriedem#topic stable branch status14:16
*** openstack changes topic to "stable branch status (Meeting topic: nova)"14:16
mriedem#link stable/ocata:,n,z14:16
*** abhishekk has left #openstack-meeting14:16
mriedem#info Ocata 15.0.7 released on 8/2214:16
mriedemthanks to all that helped push through the ocata reviews14:16
mriedem#link stable/newton:,n,z14:16
mriedem#info Newton 14.0.8 release request:
mriedemditto for newton14:16
mriedem#topic subteam highlights14:17
*** openstack changes topic to "subteam highlights (Meeting topic: nova)"14:17
mriedemthere was no cells v2 meeting this week, we'll have one next week to talk about PTG stuff14:17
mriedemedleafe: scheduler highlights?14:17
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting14:17
edleafeand thought it should be approved soon.14:17
edleafe#link Allocation spec
edleafeThe patches for returning alternates and allocations are up for review.14:17
edleafe#link Add alternates and allocation, series starting with
edleafeThe way this complex set of data works is troubling, so I wrote up a post to start some discussion on improving things:14:17
edleafe#link Scheduler data issues
edleafeDiscussed the need for refactoring the placement code, as it's a lot of stuff crammed into a couple of Nova modules. Only real solution is making placement a separate repo so we can break up the monolithic modules.14:18
edleafeDoh! Can't copy/paste14:18
edleafeFirst line should have been:14:18
edleafeDiscussed Jay's spec for returning allocation requests to the scheduler , and thought it should be approved soon.14:18
edleafeok, now I'm done14:18
*** annp has joined #openstack-meeting14:18
*** annp__ has quit IRC14:19
mriedemand dansmith seems to have started on making the migration record the allocation consumer during moves14:19
mriedemalex_xu: api meeting highlights?14:20
alex_xuwe go through the queens release work items14:20
*** makowals has quit IRC14:20
alex_xugmann fill the no-more-extension-in-queens stuff in the ptg etherpad, and going to prepare some sample patch14:20
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting14:21
alex_xualso discussion if there is a way to run the sample tests/unittests on the latest microversion and without create another huge numbers work items which may across multiple releases14:21
alex_xuthat is all we have14:21
*** marst has joined #openstack-meeting14:22
mriedemi thought you guys all loved multi-release mega efforts :)14:22
mriedemthat's basically all we do in nova now14:22
mriedemthere was no notification meeting this week14:22
alex_xuheh :)14:22
mriedemand the nova/cinder meeting is today14:22
mriedemfrom what i gathered before vacation,14:23
mriedemcinder is going to need another microversoin for a new api that nova needs to call when we finish an attachment on the host14:23
mriedemand on detach from the host14:23
*** baojg has quit IRC14:23
mriedembut i'm fuzzy on details14:24
mriedem#topic stuck reviews14:24
*** openstack changes topic to "stuck reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"14:24
*** cloudrancher has quit IRC14:24
mriedemthere was nothing on the agenda14:24
mriedemdoes anyone need to mention something here?14:24
smcginnismriedem: Cinder API microversion 3.44 - fyi.14:24
mriedemsmcginnis: already landed?14:24
mriedemnvm we can talk after the meeting14:25
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting14:25
mriedem#topic open discussion14:25
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"14:25
smcginnismriedem: Yes, but only in Queens unfortunately.14:25
mriedemthere is nothing on the agenda for open discussion, so feel free to discuss openly if you want14:25
mriedemok i guess that's it, thanks everyone14:26
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"14:26
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asettle#startmeeting docteam16:01
asettle#startmeeting docteam16:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Aug 24 16:01:38 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is asettle. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'docteam'16:01
openstackasettle: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.  Use #endmeeting first.16:01
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_pewp_jungleboyj ( ・ω・)ノ16:02
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC16:02
asettlePhew, was having a slight delay there16:02
asettleHey everyone :)16:02
pkovar/me is here16:02
*** markstur has quit IRC16:02
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting16:02
eumel8hi alex16:02
*** jbadiapa has quit IRC16:02
*** tesseract has quit IRC16:03
asettleAgenda )16:03
asettle:) *16:03
asettleSmall agenda, but like last week, no doubt we'll debate the worldddd :p16:03
asettleWill wait until 5 past as always16:03
jungleboyj:-)  Short meetings!?!  Impossible!16:04
asettleWe used to manage like, 20 minutes!16:04
asettleCrazy times :p16:04
*** janki has quit IRC16:04
asettleOkay, let's go16:05
asettle#topic Action items from the last meeting16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Action items from the last meeting (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:05
asettleNo items again! Hooray!16:05
asettle#topic Queens PTL!16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Queens PTL! (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:05
*** abalutoiu has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
asettleCongratulations and welcome to Petr! ( pkovar )16:06
pkovarthanks, asettle16:06
asettleWant to just give us a litle bit about yourself for those you don't previously konw you? :)16:06
pkovarand thank you for your support, everybody16:06
asettle(where you work, etc)16:06
ianychoiCongrats, pkovar!16:06
*** links has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
eumel8pkovar: congrats, again :)16:06
pkovarso i started contributing to openstack and rdo around mitaka16:07
pkovarwas mostly involved in linux desktop communities before that16:07
jungleboyjpkovar:  Congrats!16:07
pkovari write docs, and am a translator too, actually :)16:07
pkovarhappy to work with all of you16:08
pkovarat the ptg and elsewhere16:08
asettleThat'd be great :) looking forward to syncing up at the PTG16:08
*** abalutoiu_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:08
*** kbyrne has quit IRC16:09
*** kbyrne has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
asettleSorry guys, I'm juggling two separate meetings16:10
asettleAlso congrats to Frank, who is the new i18n PTL16:11
asettleI don't have Frank's IRC name?16:11
eumel8I'm here :)16:11
pkovarasettle: feel free to #chair me16:11
*** abalutoiu has quit IRC16:12
*** reedip_ has quit IRC16:12
asettleOh there you are eumel816:12
asettle#chair pkovar16:12
openstackCurrent chairs: asettle pkovar16:12
*** coolsvap has quit IRC16:13
asettlePlease go ahead pkovar :) sorry16:13
pkovarno worries16:13
eumel8thanks for the congratulation, asettle, and hopefully we will have a good work with both teams at the PTG and during the next cycle.16:13
asettleLooking forward to it :) it's always great to be working with you guys. It went really well in Atlanta!16:13
eumel8looking forward too :)16:14
pkovarokay to move on to Doc migration ?16:14
ianychoiI cannot go to Denver, but really hope that we will have a good discussion :)16:14
jungleboyjianychoi:  Bummer.16:14
asettle#topic Doc migration16:15
*** openstack changes topic to "Doc migration (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:15
eumel8ianychoi: depends on your timezone but Google Hangout is proposed and also IRC, of course.16:15
asettlepkovar: go ahead16:15
ianychoieumel8, sure - definitely :)16:15
pkovarOnly 3 pages of reviews! :D16:16
pkovaralmost done with
pkovarnext is
pkovarAny updates from dhellmann? Ajaeger?16:16
dhellmannnothing new from  me16:17
pkovarah, Ajaeger isn't here16:17
pkovarso, we have a doc migration session scheduled for Wednesday morning at the ptg16:17
dhellmannwe did have a question earlier about whether teams should backport doc migration changes if they didn't get them in before their branch, and the answer is yes in case that comes up again16:18
jungleboyjDoh, that will be opposite Cinder sessions.  :-(16:18
*** jbadiapa has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
jungleboyjdhellmann:  ++16:18
pkovarjungleboyj: we can book afternoon slots too, if there is intersted16:19
pkovarwhat do you think?16:19
jungleboyjpkovar:  Sure, that could be good.16:19
pkovarinterest, rather16:19
dhellmannI wonder if next time around we should use mon/tue for "helping" sessions and a day or two later in the week for team planning sessions16:19
dhellmannto avoid that overlap16:20
pkovarokay, if there are no objections, i will book the same room for afternoon, too16:20
pkovardhellmann: would teams interested in docs be less busy on mon & tue?16:21
asettleSounds good :)16:21
dhellmannpkovar : yes, mon/tue are the "cross-project" team days, so teams like cinder won't meet on those days and their team could drop in to a docs room if they needed to16:22
jungleboyjdhellmann:  ++16:22
jungleboyjDocs is kind of cross-project16:22
dhellmannotoh, if we leave the docs team planning to wed then anyone who is on the docs team and another team would have a conflict there16:22
dhellmannso I guess it depends on how many people like that we have16:22
dhellmannwe have plenty of time to figure that out before the next ptg in february16:23
pkovarmakes sense16:24
pkovarColorado Ballroom C booked for wed afternoon16:24
dhellmanndepending on how this one goes, that would be feedback to give to the organizers in denver, too16:25
asettleGreat :) thanks pkovar16:25
dhellmannI updated the etherpad16:26
*** sekelso has joined #openstack-meeting16:26
*** sekelso has quit IRC16:26
pkovarnext #topic?16:27
*** sekelso has joined #openstack-meeting16:27
asettlepkovar: please :)16:27
pkovar#topic Docs release16:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Docs release (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:27
pkovarPretty much nearly ready to go! Andreas and Alex approved the release patch16:27
pkovarAll that is required is to ensure that relevant docs are published16:27
pkovar dhellmann is updating the docs for this.16:27
dhellmannI have a patch for that up now:16:27
asettledhellmann: you're a star16:28
dhellmannI could use more feedback about what people need help with16:28
dhellmannI'll be putting together a brief overview of the new template stuff for the ptg, too16:29
pkovar/me will have a look16:29
asettledhellmann: that'd be a good idea.16:29
asettledhellmann: I do wonder if we need to have a lunch 'n' learn at the PTG on how docs now work16:29
asettleHelpful for us too16:29
jungleboyjasettle: ++16:29
asettleThat would help you gain some feedback16:30
dhellmannyeah, my idea was to start an etherpad with some "how do I ..." sections and then go over those, with other folks taking notes as we went so we can turn those into docs if we have missing info16:30
asettledhellmann: I like!16:30
dhellmannthere's a bunch of info dump on but it's not very process-oriented16:30
diablo_rojo_phonasettle good idea!16:31
asettleUh oh, if diablo_rojo_phon has found out, it's going to happen now :p16:31
ianychoiHi diablo_rojo_phon !16:32
diablo_rojo_phonHello ianychoi :)16:32
jungleboyjdhellmann:  I keep getting questions on content that can be auto generated.  Any education there would be greatly apprecaited.16:32
dhellmannjungleboyj : ok, I'll make a note of that16:32
jungleboyjdhellmann:  Thank you.16:33
*** unicell has quit IRC16:34
*** dewanee has joined #openstack-meeting16:34
pkovarany other Q's on docs publishing?16:34
asettleNot from my side :)16:35
dhellmannthere's my notes so far16:35
dhellmannfeel free to add things to that list16:35
jungleboyjpkovar:  I do have a question about what is happening with the release being cut.16:35
jungleboyjA couple of them actually.16:35
pkovarshoot but i think dhellmann knows more :)16:36
jungleboyjWell, yeah, for both of you.  :-)16:36
jungleboyjSo, it looks like the external docs site right now is going to point to pike.16:36
dhellmann"external docs site"?16:37
jungleboyjSo, for any changes that go into master we will need to backport them to pike, correct?16:37
*** links has quit IRC16:38
jungleboyjIf it is important.16:38
dhellmannI'm not sure what you mean by "external docs site"?16:38
pkovarme neither, actually16:38
jungleboyjdhellmann:  Sorry.
jungleboyjI am talking about that.16:38
*** bobmel has quit IRC16:39
jungleboyjSo, the main question is if something is backported to pike will it automatically get rebuild and show up under that site?16:39
dhellmannyes, right now pike is set as the most current release16:39
ianychoiI have a simple question: when openstack-manuals repo would have stable/pike branch? Around R+0 or around during PTG?16:39
dhellmannthere is a queens page, and the links there point to the "latest" URLs (docs.o.o/project/latest/16:39
dhellmannyes, the docs for each branch of your project should be built separately16:39
dhellmannso if you want something to show up in your pike docs, backport it to the stable/pike branch16:40
dhellmannthat's part of why we wanted the migration done before branches were cut, to avoid having to backport lots of changes16:40
jungleboyjdhellmann:  Ok.  That was what I thought.16:40
dhellmanndoc changes should not trigger a new release candidate, fwiw16:40
jungleboyjdhellmann:  Ok, that is good to know.16:40
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting16:41
jungleboyjdhellmann:  Thank you.16:41
dhellmannianychoi : I don't think we will be branching the openstack-manuals repo any more. None of the remaining content is version-specific.16:42
ianychoidhellmann, oh really - I got it and agree that version-specific documents are migrated. Thanks!16:44
pkovarianychoi: have a look at -- it contains the version-specific stuff for each release16:44
pkovarqueens included16:44
ianychoipkovar, thanks for the link - I meant branches in
pkovarianychoi: yeah, i too think we dont need them16:45
eumel8dhellmann: that sounds good. simplify the things16:45
dhellmanneumel8 : exactly16:45
ianychoipkovar, agreed :)16:45
pkovarokay to move to next #topic?16:46
ianychoiYep.. eumel8: then I think I18n team needs to figure out the demands for translation for version specific documents16:46
*** toscalix has quit IRC16:46
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:47
pkovarsounds like ptg material?16:47
*** yamamoto has quit IRC16:47
eumel8ianychoi: thx, note for our next meeting :)16:47
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting16:47
pkovar#topic PTG16:47
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG (Meeting topic: docteam)"16:47
pkovar Planning etherpad:
pkovarPetr will continue planning the PTG.16:47
ianychoieumel8, my pleasure :)16:47
pkovareumel8: you wanted to discuss i18n-docs topics for the ptg?16:48
pkovarfeel free to update
pkovarwe have a link to there too16:49
eumel8our agenda is almost empty16:49
eumel8some topics from amotoki there16:49
*** Swami has quit IRC16:49
eumel8but I think we're doing PTG together like the last one on Atlanta16:49
eumel8unfortunatelly I wasn't there16:50
pkovarthat's my understanding too :)16:50
pkovarme neither, eumel8 :)16:50
asettleSo, last time we managed the two intertwined16:51
*** psachin has joined #openstack-meeting16:51
eumel8I think we will have some discussions with the doc migration and how infect this the I18n16:51
asettleLet me find the previous etherpad so you both can get an idea of what ianychoi and I did16:51
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting16:51
ianychoiAlthough I18n team have not discussed yet for PTG topics too much, I think there would be so many topics to be discussed - for example, 1) translation support after doc-migration 2) PDF generation for translated documents 3) adding translation document generation support to openstackdocstheme16:51
asettleWe managed the topics together, so that there was times that ianychoi and I collaborated, and others were separate.16:52
asettlepkovar and eumel8 - might work to merge those etherpads :)16:52
pkovareumel8: okay with merging?16:52
eumel8thx asettle. I think we review the last PTG and catching the lost topics16:53
asettleGood thoughts :)16:53
eumel8pkovar: I think so16:53
ianychoiI18n Contributor guide now has a language tab: [ English | 日本語 | Indonesia | Deutsch | Türkçe (Türkiye) | 한국어 (대한민국) ]16:53
asettleIt's entirely up to you both. I think at the time ianychoi and i were just figuring it out16:53
*** ekcs has joined #openstack-meeting16:53
dhellmannianychoi : nice! is that a feature of the theme, or did you do that by hand in the rst?16:53
ianychoidhellmann, currently, adding some scripts on i18n repo, and amotoki (also me) would like to incorporate it into openstackdocstheme :)16:55
eumel8pkovar: I like the agenda from the last PTG. We should do the same for Denver.16:55
pkovareumel8: fine with me16:55
dhellmannianychoi : I like the idea of adding it to the theme.16:55
asettleeumel8: pkovar - I scheduled everything for 40 minute increments, which worked super well because people came in on the actual time slots16:56
asettleNaturally you'll change things as you get closer to the date ;)16:56
ianychoidhellmann, thank u :)16:56
pkovaryeah, i was thinking what's the preference here, everybody?16:56
pkovarpre-scheduled, i guess?16:56
eumel8asettle: hopefully ;)16:56
dhellmannscheduling makes sense for topics where we expect people to need to come and go, but part of the point of having the ptg time be unstructured is to let teams spend as much time as they need on a given topic16:57
pkovar3 more mins16:57
dhellmannsome topics may only take a few minutes, but some may take more than 4016:57
dhellmannthe project doc translation may be a long conversation, for example16:57
asettledhellmann: the structure was fluid. But it was designed so everyone got their say. I did have a lot of feedback that the schedule worked.16:58
pkovardhellmann: makes a lot of sense, that's my experience from other community events, actually16:58
asettleIt's entirely up to you guys :)16:58
ianychoiIt completely depends.. but it would be so nice to have both structured & unstructured things..16:58
dhellmannasettle : sure, I just didn't want us to fall into a trap of cutting off discussion because of a schedule16:58
eumel8dhellmann: that's true, but we should have a minimal agenda16:58
*** JudeC has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
dhellmannan agenda definitely makes sense16:58
asettleOh no dhellmann would never do that.16:58
ianychoiOn February, asettle and me sometimes changed schedule with flexibility :)16:59
asettleIt was just so people arrived in the room when we would, in theoery, start chatting16:59
pkovarlet's continue the discussion later and in the next meeting?16:59
eumel8thx to all16:59
rluethiPike release is next Wednesday. I'd be interested to learn about plans for teesting. FWIW, I have a patch for an automated Pike training-labs based on the current state of the "install-guide".16:59
pkovarthat would be Sept 7?16:59
*** martinkopec has quit IRC17:00
dhellmannrluethi : we're about out of time; maybe we can discuss that in #openstack-docs?17:00
asettleYep, scoot on over :)17:00
dhellmannsorry, #openstack-doc17:00
asettleThanks for hosting pkovar !17:00
rluethidhellmann: when?17:00
pkovar rluethi lets move there17:00
ianychoiThanks pkovar !17:00
dhellmannrluethi : now, we just need to clear this channel for other meetings17:00
ianychoiand also asettle !17:00
pkovar #endmeeting17:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"17:00
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jungleboyjThanks everyone!17:01
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armaxknock knock22:01
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kevinbenton#startmeeting neutron_drivers22:02
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kevinbenton#topic announcements22:03
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: neutron_drivers)"22:03
kevinbentonRC2 just released today22:03
*** TLAXKIT has quit IRC22:03
kevinbentonarmax: can you give us a snapshot of where we are with releases of everything else?22:03
armaxkevinbenton: everything else being?22:04
kevinbentonis there anything we need to keep an eye on for the subprojects? IIRC we will need an RC3 for the DVR bug22:04
*** ihrachys_ has joined #openstack-meeting22:04
kevinbentonin neutron itself22:04
kevinbentonarmax: everything else = rest of stadium22:04
mlavalleI thing we will22:04
armaxwe have another week to cut other RCs if necessary22:04
armaxkevinbenton: did you keep track of the FFEs you granted?22:04
armaxtechnically speaking we probably only have one or two days left knowing the usual state of the gate during crunch time22:05
armaxthe bug itself can always be backported later22:05
mlavallewe discussed the DVR bug earlier today during the L3 meeting22:06
armaxat this point we can only consider RC blocking issues to cut an RC322:06
armaxbut I can’t see any so far22:06
*** ihrachys has quit IRC22:06
*** ihrachys_ is now known as ihrachys22:07
armaxihrachys: welcome!22:07
mlavalleso you say better concentrate of back porting later?22:07
armaxmlavalle: yes22:07
kevinbentonthe security group logging didn't make the FFE22:08
mlavallecool. I'll communicate that to the team22:08
armaxonly fixes to catastrophic issues would be granted an RC exception by the release team at this point22:08
kevinbentonarmax: i think the DVR bug is catostrophic22:08
kevinbentondoesn't it break all multi-node with HA?22:08
kevinbentonmlavalle: ^^22:08
armaxdo we have a fix?22:08
mlavallewe have a proposed fix22:08
armaxkevinbenton: it’s not catastrophic22:08
armaxit’s bad22:08
armaxbut it’s not such that we release crap22:09
armaxare we sure that that fix doesn’t create N other bugs?22:09
kevinbentoni don't understand, i don't think we can release if HA + DVR is broken22:10
*** esberglu has quit IRC22:10
armaxno point in arguing if the patch is ready to land, we have today and tomorrow to cut an RC3 for neutron22:10
armaxbut we should hurry22:11
armaxthe last comment from swami doesn’t exude confidence22:11
openstackLaunchpad bug 1712412 in neutron "DVR external port setup fails with KeyError: 'host'" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)22:11
armaxdid I drop?22:14
kevinbentonarmax: no22:14
kevinbentonarmax: i was just looking at the patch and bug22:14
kevinbentoni need to get some more details from Swami but this looks okay22:14
armaxwho else besides you can vet this patch? Brian seems out22:14
kevinbentoni'll catch brian in the morning22:15
kevinbentonihrachys: he's not on PTO anymore is it?22:15
armaxwhat about
kevinbentonis he*?22:15
openstackLaunchpad bug 1712728 in neutron "DVR: get_router_cidrs in dvr_edge_router not returning the centralized_floating_ip cidr" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)22:15
ihrachysI think he still is22:15
mlavallehe is22:15
armaxthis is another issue stemming from the same aftermath?22:15
ihrachysMonday he is back22:15
kevinbentonarmax: this is a bug with new functionality22:16
kevinbentonarmax: so i would be okay with back-porting later22:16
kevinbentoncentralized floating IPs with DVR is the new feature22:16
armaxboth patches mention centralized floating IPs so it’s not clear22:17
kevinbentonarmax: the first patch we discussed is for a bug having side effects on old code paths22:17
armaxkevinbenton: I’d say we have 24 hours from now to put another release patch to release a neutron RC322:18
kevinbentonarmax: this other bug appears to just be leaving central floating IPs behind22:18
armaxafter that dims at al are gonna yell at us22:18
kevinbentonarmax: which is bad, but the only time for central floating IPs is if they are using the new feature22:18
kevinbentonmlavalle: would you be comfortable reviewing the fix as well once we get some more details from swami?22:19
mlavallekevinbenton: yes22:19
kevinbentonmlavalle: ok, hopefully we can get that today, i see he just uploaded another patch so he might be around22:20
armaxkevinbenton: OK, I’ll keep an eye on it, and I’ll file a WIP patch to the releases repo to alert the release team22:21
kevinbentonok, anything else to discuss?22:23
kevinbentoni think next week we can resume normal drivers meetings to figure out what Queens is going to look like22:23
mlavallenot from me. let's focus on this22:23
kevinbentonamotoki is away anyway22:24
kevinbentonihrachys: any concerns from you/22:24
* dims peeks22:24
kevinbentondims: looks like we will have an RC3 for one bug fix22:24
dimsy kevinbenton . no worries22:25
armaxdims: we only summoned you to ask for forgiveness22:25
kevinbentondims: patch is up but we need a little time to review it22:25
kevinbentondims: hopefully in gate tomorrow at latest22:25
armaxdims: is taht right that tomorrow is the last useful day to get an RC?22:25
dimsarmax : i'd say take your time, but let's checkpoint tomorrow evening22:26
kevinbentondims: ack, thanks22:26
mlavalledims: that sounds better22:26
mlavalledims: thanks22:26
dimskevinbenton : will need input from smcginnis and dhellmann too, we can do that tomorrow22:27
dimsarmax : kevinbenton : which review should i watch?22:27
dimsthanks kevinbenton22:28
kevinbentonok, thanks everyone22:29
armaxshort meeting?22:29
kevinbentonarmax: yep22:29
armaxOK then22:29
kevinbentonarmax: unless you want to talk about anything else22:29
kevinbentoni just dont' want to review any new feature related things this week22:29
armaxkevinbenton: you don’t want me to22:29
kevinbentonarmax: if it's release/pike focused, that's fine22:30
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting22:30
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openstackMeeting ended Thu Aug 24 22:31:48 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)22:31
openstackMinutes (text):
ihrachysgl with dvr fix22:31
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