Thursday, 2018-11-08

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fungigagehugo mentioned in #openstack-security that he's not expecting to be around for the meeting this week15:01
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fungii can meet if people want to, though trying to get ready to leave for berlin and also juggling tc office hours right now15:04
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nickthetaitwait a few mins and see if anyone else shows up15:05
nickthetaiti don't have any news15:05
Luziwell I guess, we will see each other next week, right?15:05
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fungii'll be there at least15:07
nickthetaitwould love to be there, but not this time :'(15:10
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melwitt#startmeeting nova21:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Nov  8 21:00:06 2018 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is melwitt. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'21:00
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melwitthowdy everyone, welcome to the nova meeting21:00
melwittlettuce start21:00
melwitt#topic Release News21:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Release News (Meeting topic: nova)"21:00
melwitt#link Stein release schedule:
melwittthe summit is next week, tue-thu21:01
melwittnext milestone after that s-2 is jan 10 next year, that will also be spec freeze21:01
melwitt#link Stein runway etherpad:
melwittsome runways have not gotten much attention, probably as folks are trying to prepare for summit21:02
melwitt#link runway #1: (bauzas/naichuan) [END: 2018-11-08] starts here
melwitt#link runway #2: (gibi) [END 2018-11-08]
melwittthis one, I'm not sure the status, need to ask gibi ^21:02
melwitt#link runway #3: (yikun) [END 2018-11-09] starts here
melwittthese are all ending soon, so we'll put new blueprints into runways next monday21:03
melwittI was thinking because of summit week, we'll make the end dates 3 weeks from the start instead of 221:03
mriedemi was going to ask about that, and agree21:03
mriedemthe initial allocs ratio ones didn't seem to get any reviews21:03
mriedemor reshape21:03
melwittyeah, I know :(21:03
melwittI'll put those back in the queue21:03
dansmithjust leave them in there for a bonus third week21:04
melwittthe past two weeks have been too hectic I think21:04
melwittyeah, that's another option21:04
mriedemthey probably won't get reviewed next week either21:04
melwittyeah, that was my concern on the bonus week. they'd need a bonus two weeks at least21:05
mriedemthere are 2 single patch bps queued up,21:05
mriedemwhich i don't think should take the full 3 weeks,21:05
dansmithpresumably that applies to anything you put or leave in there21:05
mriedemso i'd just rotate the ones we have after the summit21:05
dansmithhence it not seeming to matter21:05
mriedemsounds like we need a good ol fashioned HACKATHON21:06
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melwittyeah, so I guess let's just rotate in the new ones and put the other two in the queue right behind and that way they all go back into runways in the next few weeks?21:07
melwittok, I guess I'll do that and if someone complains, we can reassess21:08
melwittanything else for release news or runways before we move on?21:08
melwitt#topic Bugs (stuck/critical)21:08
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (stuck/critical) (Meeting topic: nova)"21:08
melwittno critical bugs in the link21:08
melwitt#link 59 new untriaged bugs (up 8 since the last meeting):
melwittfalling behind on triage as summit approaches, not unexpected21:09
melwitt#link 7 untagged untriaged bugs (down 2 since the last meeting):*&field.status%3Alist=NEW21:09
melwittdoing well on bug tagging, thanks to the bug taggers21:09
melwitt#link bug triage how-to:
melwitt#help need help with bug triage21:10
melwittperiodically take a look at tags you know and help triage if you can21:10
melwittGate status21:10
melwitt#link check queue gate status
melwittI don't know of any major issues21:10
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melwitt3rd party CI21:10
melwitt#link 3rd party CI status
melwittanything else for bugs or gate status or third party CI?21:11
melwittok, moving on21:11
melwitt#topic Reminders21:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"21:11
melwitt#link Stein Subteam Patches n Bugs:
melwitt#link Create etherpads for Forum sessions:
melwittI think all our sessions have etherpads by now, I will double check21:12
melwitt#link Add your name to cross-project forum sessions if you can attend:
melwittwe made a list of forum sessions and presentations of interest21:12
melwittplease add your name to any cross project sessions you'll be able to attend21:13
melwittthat way we can ask you what the highlights of the session were21:13
melwittI think that's all I have for reminders. anyone have any other reminders to add?21:14
melwitt#topic Stable branch status21:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Stable branch status (Meeting topic: nova)"21:14
melwitt#link stable/rocky:,n,z21:14
melwitt#link Released rocky 18.0.3 on Nov 5:
melwitt#link stable/queens:,n,z21:14
melwitt#link stable/pike:,n,z21:14
melwittI wanted to ask the group, should we release queens and pike too while we're at it?21:15
melwittI can check if there are a lot of fixes since last release. I expect there will be21:15
mriedemhaven't looked,21:16
mriedemrocky was the big one b/c of several upgrade-related issues/regressions21:16
mriedemso queens/pike is less critical right now21:16
mriedemi'd say,21:17
mriedemwe do a stable review push after the summit and try to do a release around dec21:17
melwittI like that idea21:17
*** mriedem has left #openstack-meeting21:18
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting21:18
melwittanything else for stable branch status?21:18
melwitt#topic Subteam Highlights21:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Subteam Highlights (Meeting topic: nova)"21:18
melwittscheduler, efried?21:18
efriedI had DST fail, cdent covered.21:19
efriedTwo main topics seem to have been 1) performance improvements, reduction in placement calls; 2) alembic.21:19
melwittyeah, there's an ML thread on that:
melwitt(for meeting minute readers)21:20
melwittthread on the perf issue21:21
efriedThe PoC patch has been supplanted by some real code, series starting at bottom two of which have merged.21:21
efriedI'm still working through tests for some of the rest. But if you look at the placement logs after the "Reduce calls from _ensure" patch, you can see it go from ~650K to ~500K21:22
efriedwhich is pretty much what we were going for.21:22
efriedWe don't really have a CI job that'll test it in steady state, because our CI jobs do stuff.21:22
efriedI'll ask CERN to have a look at that hopefully.21:23
melwittyeah, good idea21:23
melwittefried: anything else?21:25
melwittok, thanks21:25
melwittno notes on the agenda for the api subteam21:25
*** rbudden has quit IRC21:25
melwitt#topic Stuck Reviews21:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Stuck Reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"21:25
melwittno items in the agenda. anyone have something for stuck reviews in the room?21:26
melwittI assume that's no as usual21:26
melwitt#topic Open discussion21:26
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"21:26
melwitttwo items from me21:26
melwitt(melwitt): Nova meeting scheduled for 2018-11-22 at 2100 UTC falls on US holiday of Thanksgiving. Question: should we cancel this one since it's during the US time zone and we're unlikely to find anyone to run it?21:26
melwittany objections from anyone?21:27
melwittotherwise I'll send a note to the ML that we won't have meeting next week or week after21:27
melwittnext, just a FYI that I'll be on PTO the 2 weeks following summit while I'm in europe21:28
melwittok, next item on the agenda21:28
melwitt(sean-k-mooney): sriov live migration blueprint and spec ready for review
melwittheads up that sean has updated the spec to address feedback and is ready for more reviews21:29
melwittone more item in the agenda21:29
melwitt(jackding): Blueprint for review (do we need a spec?): Flavor extra spec and image properties validation
mriedemthat's an api change, so yeah i think it warrants a spec to at least list the things that will be validated and how21:30
mriedemsince i doubt we're going to cover everything out there21:30
jackdingdo we need a spec for this one? no API changes but have user interaction if validation fails21:30
mriedemit's not a microversion,21:30
mriedembut it's definitely a change in the api21:30
melwittL923 from ptg discussions, for those needing a memory refresh
melwittso, is this turning a ERROR instance situation into a synchronous user error from the api? if so, I didn't think that would be considered an api change but more akin to changing a 500 to a non-50021:32
jackdingyes I think so21:33
mriedemhow/where this fits into things in the api, which extra specs / image properties are validated and which aren't, what to do with out of tree stuff, etc, i think is enough content to warrant a spec21:33
melwittthat's fair21:33
edleafeI think definitely a spec. With more information, we can figure out if it needs a microversion21:34
melwittI was hyperfocused on the "api change" characterization21:34
mriedemagree with ed,21:34
mriedemi just don't want to have jackding write a big code series and we get halfway and say, "whoa wtf"21:34
edleafeThe 500 exception is because no client should ever have code to handle a 50021:34
mriedemthe user doesn't get a 500 today, but yeah - they get a 202 and then an instance in ERROR state later21:35
melwittwell, what I meant by that is, if we're changing behavior from an instance falling into ERROR state and replacing it with a fail fast api error to the user, that's not microversion-worthy21:35
melwittbut I'm not a api expert21:35
melwitteither way, I agree the amount of content needed to capture the change warrants the spec. and agree I want to catch potential issues early in the spec before jackding does and does a lot of work21:36
jackdingI agree to have a spec to have this discussion going21:36
melwitt*goes and does21:36
melwittok, cool jackding. you can ping us when you've uploaded the spec21:37
jackdingok thanks21:37
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melwittanyone have anything else for open discussion before we wrap up?21:38
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melwittok, I guess that's it. happy travels to those going to the summit next week, and seeya there21:38
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