Friday, 2019-06-21

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mlavalle#startmeeting neutron_drivers14:00
openstackMeeting started Fri Jun 21 14:00:13 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is mlavalle. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: neutron_drivers)"14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'neutron_drivers'14:00
mlavallegood evening / afternoon / morning to everybody14:03
mlavallelet's get going14:03
mlavalle#topic RFEs14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "RFEs (Meeting topic: neutron_drivers)"14:03
mlavalleToday we have 1 RFE to discuss:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1832758 in neutron "[RFE] Allow/deny custom ethertypes in security groups" [Wishlist,New]14:03
slaweqthat is interesting one :)14:04
amotokiI haven't followed comments so far, but as a quick look it looks okay to accept ether types other than IPv4/IPv6.14:06
amotokiovs flow allows us to do it.14:07
slaweqamotoki: yes, but the problem here is that in case of iptables fw driver all such custom ethertypes are allows already14:08
slaweqand there is no way to block them currently14:08
slaweqso we have totally different behaviour depends on what driver is used14:08
haleybyes, with iptables_hybrid we might be able to do it using ebtables, right now it's almost a bug in the iptables_hybrid code imho14:08
amotokislaweq: ah.... the fallback default rule allows all traffic?14:08
slaweqat least IIUC this bug report and what njohnston explained us recently, it is like that14:09
mlavalleso that tells me that we should strive for consistency, right?14:09
slaweqso IMO first question here is:14:09
slaweqwhich behaviour is correct14:10
slaweq1. iptables_hybrid driver which allows custom ethertypes14:10
slaweq2. ovs driver which blocks it14:10
mlavalleanother way to pose the question is:14:10
mlavalledo we believe that there are already users with this use case going on with iptables_hybrid14:11
mlavalleif yes, that kind of tells us that is the right behavior14:11
haleybyes, there are, but it might have been an oversight since we're allowing traffic that wasn't allowed by an SG rule14:12
mlavalleI know14:12
slaweqmlavalle: as njohnston wrote in comment, we had customers using e.g. InfiniBand which require such traffic14:12
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mlavalleI understand that. But if those users are working with those use cases without a problem, why would we rule it out?14:13
mlavallethe way I see it, we should catch up with reality14:14
mlavalleand make it explicit14:14
amotokiI generally agree with mlavalle.14:16
amotokiOne point is how operators can check if such use cases are being used in their deployments.14:16
mlavalleahhh, that's good point14:17
mlavallethe same as us, many of those deployment managers might not even know that this is going on14:17
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haleybwe had no idea, new deployment used ovsfw and boom!14:18
slaweqIMHO current situation is: correct behaviour is in ovs fw but some users are rely on broken iptables_hybrid driver, so do we want to "break" ovs fw driver and allow such traffic there too, or do we want to break some of existing deployments which uses iptables_hybrid driver?14:18
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mlavallebut we wouldn't be breaking any ovs fw driver sitaution14:19
mlavallewe would just open up another possibility to them14:20
mlavallethe converse is not true14:20
haleybi guess i don't think we can change iptables_hybrid without a solution to then allow different ethertypes14:20
mlavallewith iptables_hybrid users, we would be braking scenarios14:20
slaweqmlavalle: exactly14:21
yamamotoslaweq: why do you think ovs-fw behaviour is correct?14:21
amotokiit would be nice if we have a kind of "permissive" mode as selinux does.... but I am not sure it can and is feasible14:21
mlavalleand yes, that is the next question, yamamoto14:21
slaweqyamamoto: because iptables driver now allows traffic which isn't explicity set to be allowed in SG rules14:21
amotokiyamamoto: I agree with slaweq. all traffic which aree not defined in SG rules should be dropped I think.14:21
slaweqbut maybe it's "only" matter of proper documentation where we will say explicity what SG can filter and what not14:22
mlavalleI think it boils down to saying the community clearly what happened14:23
mlavalleallow the new behavior14:23
mlavalleand maybe, as suggested by amotoki's previous comment, provide tools for deployment managers to audit their deployments14:23
mlavalleand add rules in the case of iptables_hybrid14:24
mlavalleto make it explicit14:24
haleybcan probably do that by changing default to DROP instead of ACCEPT, i don't know14:25
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haleybaltough that's at iptables, which isn't in play14:26
haleybi was getting ahead of myself...14:26
mlavallemaybe the way forward is approve the RFE with the comments ^^^^ and ask for a spec where we can sort out the details14:27
mlavallebut I don't see us dodging this one14:27
amotokiThe RFE is about ovs-fw. one idea is to keep the current behavior of iptables-based impl and to add non-IP ethertype to ovs-fw. It would break nothing.14:28
mlavallethat's true14:28
amotokiwe can accept non-IP ethertype if ovs-fw is used.14:28
amotokithe API extension would help us14:29
mlavalleand document exactly what happened, so community is aware14:29
yamamotoi wonder how other impls do14:29
haleybthat get's back to the question of should we be doing that?  it seems like a security issue since user didn't authorize it14:29
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slaweqmaybe we can align ovs-fw with iptables for now, so allow this non-IP ethertypes and update docs and later as second step add possibility to enable/disable such traffic - this second step would be treated as RFE14:30
amotokihow about making it explicitly? for example, we can insert a SG rule to allow non-IP ethertype traffic14:31
haleybthat would let you audit it i'd assume, seeing byte/packet counts on a flow rule14:32
slaweqamotoki: but this may be tricky to implement in case of iptables_driver, no?14:32
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amotokislaweq: perhaps what we need to do is to keep ovs-fw compatible with iptable-hybrid w/ some audit way14:33
mlavalleit should be made explicit in both cases14:33
mlavallewith rules14:34
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slaweqamotoki: I agree, that would be good solution14:35
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yamamotodo we want to make some research about other SG impls?  i can look at midonet if desirable14:38
mlavalleamotoki: what exactly is meant by "keep ovs-fw compatible?14:39
mlavalledoes it mean just opening up those ethertypes by default?14:39
amotokimlavalle: what I think is to allow non-IP traffic by default.14:39
amotokimlavalle: yes14:40
mlavallewithout explicit rules?14:40
amotokiI think "explicit (SG) rules" is optional.  operators can check such traffic is sent from ovs flow stats (though we need to check it is feasible)14:41
slaweqamotoki: or maybe add new config option to allow operator to explicity say: "on this node, non-IP traffic should be allowed with ovs-fw driver"14:41
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amotokislaweq: yes, that's another good option14:42
mlavalleanother alternative is to enforce it / make it explicit at the upgrade moment:14:43
mlavalle1) iptables-hybrid continues as is14:43
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mlavalle2) when user upgrades to ovs-fw, he / she needs to create rules to allow other ether types14:44
mlavallethis way, over time, we nudge the community to make this bahvior explicit14:44
mlavalleand we provide tools for the upgrade14:45
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yamamotomlavalle: does it mean "an SG implementation can choose either behaviors"?14:47
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mlavalleyamamoto: it means that when you upgrade to ovs-fw you have make your choice to allow other ether types explicit with rules in your security groups14:48
mlavallethis way, as the community adopts ovs-fw, we gradually line up the actual behavior with what is expressed in the security groups14:50
amotokiI think yamamoto's question is about third-party SG implementation. do they need to change the behavior on non-IP ether traffic at some time? or do they choose a behavior?14:50
mlavallefor that part of the proble, I think we need to understand what the current posture is, as suggested by yamamoto himself14:51
mlavallewhat doesn midonet do now?14:52
mlavallemaybe some investigation is needed to answer this14:52
yamamotomlavalle: dunno. i need to investigate14:52
mlavallewhat doesn ovn do, haleyb?14:53
haleybmlavalle: since it uses the ovsfw I'm assuming it drops the traffic, but i have not tested14:53
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mlavalleI think boden can help us with the nsx plugin14:54
yamamotohaleyb: doesn't it use ovn acls?14:54
haleybyamamoto: i can ask, just not something i've looked at yet14:55
mlavalleok, it seems that we need to take a pause on this one and revisit it next week14:56
mlavalleI'll try to find out what's the situation with networking-odl14:56
mlavalledoes that sound sensible?14:56
amotoki+1. it would be nice if we can cover vmware-nsx as well.14:57
yamamotoalthough i'm not sure i have time to look at midonet in a week.14:58
mlavalleamotoki: yes, I'll ask boden for help with that14:58
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mlavalleok guys, have a great weekend14:59
mlavallethanks for attending14:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"14:59
openstackMeeting ended Fri Jun 21 14:59:22 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:59
openstackMinutes (text):
amotokithanks all14:59
slaweqthanks o/14:59
yamamotogood night15:00
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