Thursday, 2019-08-22

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ianychoiHello, anyone for I18n team meeting?07:03
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efried#startmeeting nova14:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Aug 22 14:00:10 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is efried. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.14:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: nova)"14:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'nova'14:00
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efried#link agenda
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efried#topic Last meeting14:03
efried#link Minutes from last (*2) meeting:
*** openstack changes topic to "Last meeting (Meeting topic: nova)"14:03
efriedLast week it was just me & takashin, and we didn't have anything to discuss, so we didn't bother going through the agenda. Stats below will be for 2 weeks worth of bugs.14:03
efriedanything to bring up from 2 weeks ago?14:04
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mriedemi was younger and happier14:05
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mriedemfull of vim and vigor14:05
efriedthere there14:05
efried#topic Release News14:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Release News (Meeting topic: nova)"14:05
efriedthree weaks to feature freeze14:05
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efriedsean-k-mooney moment there14:06
efried#link Train release schedule
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efriedAs if you didn't know, #action everyone do lots of reviews14:07
aspiersWhat are the chances of SEV landing before the freeze? It's currently 2nd in the runway queue14:07
efriedso I had been tempted to compose a list of blueprints I think are "close" and could just stand a quick final look to be pushed through14:07
efriedbut thought that would potentially subvert the runways process14:07
efriedhow do others feel?14:07
gibiI assume that if something is in the runway queue it is ready so you actualy has a list already14:08
gibiefried: or you want to filter that list down a bit?14:09
efriedright, but there are things that are "really close" that are waaay down in the queue14:09
mriedemthere are at least 3 api changes that are all conflicting for the next microversion,14:09
mriedemso somehow serializing those would be nice, and i think they are all the same owner (brinzhang)14:09
alex_xuyonglihe has one very close14:09
mriedemi think the unshelve + az one is going to be next given it's in a runway right now and it's had active review14:09
mriedemoh right that's 414:09
*** sean-k-mooney has joined #openstack-meeting14:09
*** baojg has quit IRC14:09
yonglihe@alex_xu, thank, i just thing how to attract force.14:10
yonglihething/ think14:10
mriedemefried: really close aka forbidden aggregates?14:10
*** jawad_axd has quit IRC14:10
efriedyeah, that's one that was on top of brain14:10
mriedemsome stuff has been reviewed outside of the runway slot, like pmu, but i had looked for that one as well since i knew the spec was pretty simple14:11
*** janki has quit IRC14:11
efriedyeah, not being in a runway slot doesn't mean it can't be reviewed of course14:11
efriedI think we have several blueprints that are counting on that ^ :P14:11
mriedemi think for the really close stuff,14:11
mriedempeople just need prodding14:11
*** sfernand has joined #openstack-meeting14:11
efried"ad hoc prod" vs "efried writes up something more formal"14:11
mriedemso if for forbidden aggregates that means poking dansmith, i guess poke on14:11
*** lseki has joined #openstack-meeting14:12
*** hemna has quit IRC14:12
mriedemefried: writing something up / etherpad doesn't mean people will look w/o being poked14:12
mriedemfrom experience,14:12
mriedemit's good for project management either way so if it clears your head go nuts14:12
efriedtrue story.14:12
mriedemi did it in the past for my own mental health14:12
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting14:12
efriedpublic shaming can be effective, though14:12
efriedokay, I'll see whether "digital pillory" floats to the top of my to-do list this week.14:14
efried#topic Bugs (stuck/critical)14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Bugs (stuck/critical) (Meeting topic: nova)"14:14
efriedNo Critical bugs14:14
efried#link 69 new untriaged bugs (+2 since the last meeting):
efried#link 3 untagged untriaged bugs (+2 since the last meeting):*&field.status%3Alist=NEW14:14
mriedemi haven't really done anything with this one
openstackLaunchpad bug 1839800 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "instance need to trigger onupdate when nwinfo update" [Undecided,New]14:14
mriedemsince it's kind of opinion,14:14
mriedembut i can see the logic14:14
mriedemin case others care to weigh in14:14
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting14:16
gibifeels similar to this
openstackLaunchpad bug 1704928 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "updated_at field is set on the instance only after it is scheduled" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Balazs Gibizer (balazs-gibizer)14:16
mriedemgibi: that's a deep cut14:16
gibiI know, this is why it is not progressing14:17
sean-k-mooneyim not sure if the updated at field should be updated for this14:18
mriedemyou never replied to my nack :)14:18
mriedemlet's talk on reviews and in bugs or -nova later14:18
gibimriedem: I had no idea what to do with it :)14:18
mriedemgibi: but you have the cape man!14:18
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC14:19
* gibi needs to think about who to pass that cape14:19
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting14:19
efriedmoving on...14:20
efried#topic Gate status14:20
efried#link check queue gate status
efried#link 3rd party CI status (seems to be back in action)
*** openstack changes topic to "Gate status (Meeting topic: nova)"14:20
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting14:20
efriedseeing a lot of that innodb thing lately :(14:20
efriedalso grenade things have seemed quite brittle for the past week or two.14:20
mriedemyeah, that's one a single provider so i'm not sure what's up with that14:20
mriedemgrenade as in ssh fails?14:20
mriedemon the old side?14:21
mriedemif so, there is a devstack patch to stein for that14:21
efriedI'm not sure, I haven't dug into a lot of them14:21
sean-k-mooneymriedem: the patch to enable memcache?14:21
efriedAfter you mentioned a bug number a few days ago, I started trying to find that same issue in the subsequent failures, but either it was something different or I was looking in the wrong place.14:21
efriedso I basically gave up.14:21
efriedand just started blind rechecking.14:22
efriedmriedem: does that need a devstack core or a stable core?14:22
mriedemdevstack core14:22
efriedor is devstack-stable its own thing?14:22
mriedemso gmann14:22
mriedemdevstack is special, there is no stable team14:22
efriedI knew there was something unusual there14:23
efriedCould frickler approve it?14:24
mriedemoh i'm sure, or ianw14:24
mriedemi pinged gmann in -qa14:24
mriedemor clarkb14:24
mriedemor sdague!14:25
efriedI was about to say, let's resurrect that guy ^14:25
efriedAs for the innodb thing, that's on limestone-regionone? Who owns that?14:26
mriedemmoving on?14:26
mriedemyou'd have to ask in -infra14:26
mriedemi forget the name14:26
efriedokay, pinging in -infra14:26
efriedmoving on.14:26
efried#topic Reminders14:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Reminders (Meeting topic: nova)"14:27
dansmithwear your seatbelts, kids14:27
mriedemmy car dings if i don't so i do14:27
efried#action kids to wear seatbelts14:27
efried#topic Stable branch status14:27
efried#link stable/stein:
efried#link stable/rocky:
efried#link stable/queens:
mriedembig gubment safety standards14:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Stable branch status (Meeting topic: nova)"14:27
efriedmriedem: stable nooz?14:28
mriedemstable reviews are piling up again,14:28
* alex_xu can keep the body float on the seat14:28
mriedemwe have a regression on stable that needs reviews, sec14:28
mriedemlyarwood must be on vacation?14:29
sean-k-mooneyhe is back14:29
mriedemmaybe dansmith can hit those stein ones14:29
dansmithmy dance card is getting pretty full today14:29
dansmithbut remind me14:29
sean-k-mooneymriedem: did TheJulia comment on if the backport fixed there issue14:30
mriedemsean-k-mooney: haven't heard14:30
TheJuliamriedem: zuul won't let us trigger the job, just says merge error14:30
TheJuliaso... *shrug*14:30
mriedemTheJulia: link me the ironic patch in -nova14:31
efriedanything else stable?14:31
efried#topic Sub/related team Highlights14:32
efriedPlacement (cdent)14:32
efried#link latest pupdate
*** gagehugo has joined #openstack-meeting14:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Sub/related team Highlights (Meeting topic: nova)"14:32
efriedcdent is on vacation this week14:32
efriedConsumer Types: "nice to have" but not critical for Train.14:32
efriedsame_subtree discoveries - docs needed14:32
efriedosc-placement needs attention14:32
*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting14:32
mriedemtetsuro and i have been reviewing mel's osc-placement series14:32
mriedemfor the aggregate inventory thing14:32
mriedemshould land soon14:32
efriedAPI (gmann)14:33
efriedThis week updates:
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting14:33
efriedcomments, questions, concerns?14:34
efried#topic Stuck Reviews14:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Stuck Reviews (Meeting topic: nova)"14:34
*** rossella_s has quit IRC14:34
efried#topic Review status page14:35
efriedCount: 459 (+2); Top score: 1415 (+42)14:35
efried#help Pick a patch near the top, shepherd it to closure14:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Review status page (Meeting topic: nova)"14:35
efried#topic Open discussion14:35
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: nova)"14:35
efriedone item on the agenda14:35
efried#link generic resource management for VPMEM, VGPU, and beyond
efriedalex_xu: care to take the mic?14:36
mriedemi'll say i know i haven't replied yet, still need to digest that14:36
dansmithand I'm recusing myself14:36
alex_xuyea, I summary the xml way and db way's pros/cons for the resource claim14:36
sean-k-mooneymost of my comment in the mail about future use. but i like the direction14:37
alex_xuhere is the new plan
efried- generic `resources` object stored on the Instance and (old/new) on MigrationContext14:38
efried- virt driver update_provider_tree responsible for populating it if/as necessary14:38
efried- RT uses it (without introspecting the hyp-specific bits) to claim individual resources on the platform.14:38
alex_xuefried: thanks14:38
mriedemsounds like ERT14:38
mriedemamiright folks14:38
efriedI don't know what that is14:39
dansmiththe  previous dumpster fire14:39
alex_xualso like pcimanager, but without host side persistent14:39
mriedemjson blob for out of tree hp public cloud things pre-placement14:39
mriedemthat killed about 3 years of effort14:39
dansmithand squashed many souls14:39
mriedemphil day hasn't been seen since14:39
sean-k-mooneyERT (extensible resouce tracker)14:40
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC14:40
alex_xuoh, at least, we aren't going to make any extension14:40
sean-k-mooneyalex_xu: right your proposal does not leave the RT/virt driver14:40
mriedemi thought we've wanted to move away from the pci manager for placement but in the case of vgpu and vpmem we're just using placement inventory to tell us how many of a device we have on a host, but not which devices are allocated, which is what pci manager does for pci devices (inventory and allocation tracking)14:41
efriedright, this would (eventually) allow us to do away with the PCI manager14:42
efriedeffectively, move the "select which device" logic into the virt driver and get rid of the rest14:42
efriedscratch that, "select which device" still in RT.14:42
efriedso yeah, get rid of PCI manager.14:42
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting14:42
sean-k-mooneyyes. but there are other gaps to fill first before we can14:43
mriedemi know i mentioned to alex_xu that i thought it could be possible to get the vpmem allocation info from the hypervisor and only use persistence with the migration context during a move operation (resize) to ease that issue with same host resize, but i still need to read through the ML thread14:43
sean-k-mooneye.g. moding pci device in placment. and passing allocation candiates to the weighers14:43
*** hemna has joined #openstack-meeting14:43
sean-k-mooneythis is a step on that path14:43
*** jhesketh has quit IRC14:44
efriedsean-k-mooney: yes. It provides a clean divide at the virt driver boundary, which IMO is the biggest architectural hurdle we were going to need to overcome.14:44
mriedemanyway, not going to solve this here14:44
alex_xuyea, I think the goal is total different14:44
alex_xuERT has plugin for RT, and plugin for host manager, that is extension for the whole nova-scheduler14:44
alex_xuthat isn't what we want14:44
alex_xuwe want something to manage the resource assignment of compute node. since placement only know how many resource we have, but don't know which resource can be assigned14:44
alex_xuoops, my network slow, just bump a lot of messages...14:45
efriedFair enough. Sounds like dansmith is abstaining, so I think basically we're asking for mriedem's buy-in on this direction.14:45
mriedemalex_xu: to be clear, my ERT comment was mostly about storing generic json blobs for resource tracking purposes14:45
mriedemnot that anyone is proposing plugins14:45
*** jhesketh has joined #openstack-meeting14:45
mriedemwhat if i defer to dansmith? then we hit an infinite loop?14:46
alex_xumriedem: that json-blob is version object dump, so under the version control, and only read/write by virt driver.14:46
mriedemalex_xu: for now, until someone wants to add a weigher14:46
mriedembut i digress14:46
sean-k-mooneywe can continue on ml i think14:47
efriedalex_xu: Did you say code was forthcoming soon?14:47
sean-k-mooneybut i think plamcnet aware (allocation candiate aware) weigher would mitigate the need to look at the json blob14:47
alex_xuyes, luyao already verfied the code, and she is working on unittest, and refine the code. I think we can bring the code up in two or three days14:48
efriedmriedem: would that help ^ or is it really just a matter of carving out time to read the ML?14:48
alex_xumost of code she already have, since our initial proposal is about the db14:48
mriedemreading wip code isn't going to help me, i'll procrastinate more on that14:48
mriedemi just need to read the ML14:49
efriedOkay, /me adds to pester list14:49
mriedemi also know that CI will never happen for any of this14:49
mriedemso i'm on the fence about just saying, "do whatever you want, it won't be tested anyway"14:49
efriedYou mean CI jobs with real vpmems behind them?14:49
mriedemi.e. if anyone ever uses it and it doesn't work, i guess we hope they report it and someone fixes it14:50
mriedemefried: yes14:50
alex_xuwe promised to have ci for vpmem, and rui is working on it14:50
mriedemeven a periodic job14:50
alex_xuand good progress14:50
efriedthat's good to hear14:50
efriedokay, let's move on.14:50
efriedany other open topics?14:51
mriedemthere is an open question about a regression in stein for ironic rebalance,14:51
mriedemand lost allocations,14:51
mriedemso i need to find someone to test and verify that, but it's probably better to just ask on the ML14:51
mriedemdtantsur might be able to do it14:51
mriedemso action for me to ask about testing that on the ML14:52
mriedemno idea if ironic has a CI job that does a rebalance with an allocated node,14:52
mriedemif so we could just check there14:52
efriedThanks all.14:54
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gagehugo#startmeeting security15:00
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gagehugo#link agenda15:01
*** rubasov has quit IRC15:01
* fungi is partly around15:01
gagehugoour agenda is pretty light atm15:02
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*** bswartz has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
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gagehugo#topic open discussion15:05
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: security)"15:05
gagehugofungi: do you have anything new?15:05
fungii don't think so, no15:07
fungimy past couple weeks have been focused on other things15:07
gagehugook, there hasn't been any new public things either as of yet afaik15:08
*** lbragstad has quit IRC15:10
gagehugothanks for coming15:11
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