Monday, 2021-06-28

Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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fungicouldn't remember whether you were still off for midsummer13:02
Luzihi everyone13:02
Luzilets start13:03
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:03
Luziare there any  updates from barbican?13:03
redrobotSame as usual.  😕13:03
Luziokay thank you13:03
Luzi#topic Image Encryption spec-lite13:03
Haunted330FYI, most US people will be off next Monday, so you may experience unusually low attendance that day.13:03
Luzii was at the glance meeting last thursday13:03
Luziwe had a discussion with dan, jokke_, rosmaita and abhishekk13:04
Luzito sum it up: dan wanted an intend for the API which would declare using secret consumers as optional or mandatory... but we compromised on having the Image encryption as experimental first.13:06
LuziI will write that into the spec-lite as soon as i have time13:07
Luzicurrently there is much to do at my workplace :D13:07
rosmaitai got pulled away during that meeting ... did you get all the info you needed about revising the spec-lite?13:07
Luzirosmaita, yeah jokke_ commented on the spec-lite so I think i have everything i need to know13:08
Luziso is there anyone available next week?13:10
fungii'll be around13:10
fungibut don't feel compelled to hold a meeting on my account13:11
rosmaitasame here13:11
Luziokay, then lets skip the meeting next week and have the next on july 1213:11
fungisounds good13:12
Luzido you have any other topics you want to talk about?13:12
funginot i13:12
rosmaitame neither13:12
Luziokay, thank you all for joining and have a great week13:12
fungithanks Luzi!13:12
rosmaitayou too13:12
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:12
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