Wednesday, 2021-07-28

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oneswig_#startmeeting scientific-sig11:00
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oneswig_I have gained an underscore, pending transfer of config to my new laptop...11:00
dh3hi o/ I can only stay ~30 minutes11:01
oneswig_Hi dh3, that's plenty :-)11:02
oneswig_#link Today's agenda
oneswig_#link Etherpad with the stuff in
oneswig_dh3: I think you had some to your name (perhaps on behalf of others)11:04
dh3yes that's right11:04
oneswig_#link the upstream etherpad
verdurinHello. What's the idea - allocating them to the projects in the second etherpad?11:07
oneswig_I think so - and perhaps it's a case of offering all of them and letting the folks upstream make sense of them. What do you think?11:08
dh3If we fill the etherpad we may come across as greedy :) but it would be sad to let ideas/requests slip through the cracks. I just don't know the expected etiquette for the upstream etherpad11:10
oneswig_I think you're right on both counts!  But I don't want the feedback to be lost, so I'm more in favour of over-doing it11:13
oneswig_well it's not a spectator sport, how about if I split the etherpad items, who would be prepared to tackle some?11:14
dh3sure, I can do some later this afternoon. for the ones I don't know the context I will have to just copy/paste11:15
verdurinAt least some of them reinforce existing points e.g. Keystone.11:15
oneswig_verdurin: would you mind adding your points into the upstream etherpad?  The one about the Openstack CLI completeness is particularly good I think.11:21
oneswig_dh3: I have divided, to enable us to conquer :-) 11:26
dh3got it, thanks11:27
oneswig_Thanks verdurin dh311:27
oneswig_I don't think there was more to cover, shall we stop here?11:27
dh3sure, I need to go and hunt lunch11:27
oneswig_Same here!11:28
oneswig_OK - thanks all11:28
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oneswig_until next time11:28
verdurinBye. Tally ho.11:28
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