Tuesday, 2021-07-27

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yasufumhi tacker team08:04
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:04
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yasufumCan we start the topic from w-juso, didn’t complete discussion last week.08:06
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:07
w-jusosorry, I have no update. I will update next meeting.08:07
yasufumno problem08:07
yasufumSo, go to the next one.08:09
yasufumit’s mine08:09
yasufum#topic Migrate cirros to 0.5.208:09
yasufumwe have been using a bit old version of cirros.08:10
yasufumAlso we have not had a problem until now, it isn’t good to continue to use such a old image for long time in general.08:12
yasufumIn addition, cirros has been updated for several fixes from 0.4.0. Some projects, such as neutron did catch up for the fix as listed on etherpad.08:14
yasufumI think we don’t need to catch up every updates of cirros actually, but it is a good time to update it before busy time, I mean the end of xena release.08:15
yasufumI already uploaded a change, so please review and give +1 or +2 if you agree.08:16
yasufum#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/79878108:16
yasufumAny comment or feedback here?08:17
masaki-uenoI'd like to confirm changelog of cirros image, 08:17
masaki-uenoWhere can I find changelog of cirros 0.5.2? I could only find changelog of 0.4.0....08:18
yasufumDo you mean this one?08:19
yasufum#link https://github.com/cirros-dev/cirros/blob/master/ChangeLog08:19
yasufumIt looks not maintained well.08:20
masaki-uenoAh, I found release note of cirros 0.5.0, and I think 0.5.2 makes minor changes from that version.08:21
masaki-ueno#link https://github.com/cirros-dev/cirros/releases08:21
yasufumYes, and I think you can find release notes in commit messages.08:22
masaki-uenoThanks. I'll chack it later.08:22
takahashi-tscAnyway, I think the latest 0.5.2 is good. Current devstack's default image also seems cirros-
yasufumI have one more thing to be shared about cirros.08:24
yasufumIn my environment, I fail to instantiate via horizon using cirros
yasufumAlthough it’s succeeded with
yasufumFor 0.4.0, booting the image is terminated because I don’t know why.08:26
yasufumDo you have anyone the same situation?08:26
uehaI haven't used horizon recently, so it hasn't happened.. Is there no problem from the CLI?08:28
yasufumYes. I’ve confirmed it can be done via CLI.08:28
yasufumonly happened via horizon.08:29
yasufumAnyway, we don’t need to care if 0.4.0 is dropped.08:32
yasufumOK. It seems enough comments for the topic.08:33
yasufumDone all topic on etherpad.08:34
yasufumIs there any other topic?08:35
uehaAbout your patch about cirros image migration, thanks for your rework to my comment.08:35
uehaThere seems to be a part that is not fixed and there are additional comments, so I will comment later. thanks.08:35
yasufumOK, thanks08:36
yasufumAh… asking survey from h_asahina have few answers. Please check it and vote.08:38
yasufuma_asahina: I’d ask you to share the result and your decision.08:39
h_asahinaThank you for the reminder.08:40
yasufumyou’re welcome08:41
yasufummanpreet: Thanks for your recent update for adding tests to tacker-horizen.08:42
yasufum#link: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker-horizon/+/79095808:42
yasufumas you suggested in the previous vPTG.08:42
manpreetkyasufum: Welcome, would try to push tacker-horizon integration framework in Xena cycle.08:43
yasufumIt depends on the other patch as you pointed out for zuul gate.08:44
yasufum#link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tacker/+/79401408:44
manpreetkyes basically ovn changes are breaking gate jobs.08:44
yasufumSo, please everyone for reviewing and move to be merged!08:45
manpreetkyasufum: thanks for addressing :)08:47
yasufumIf you have any other comment, or asking to review, I would like to close this meeting.08:47
manpreetkNothing from my side. Thanks08:48
uehaJust status report.08:48
uehaI have posted a test patch to use the master branch of kuryr-Kubernetes in zuul, but it doesn't work well.08:48
uehaI will do my best to fix it during the Xena cycle. I will report if there is any progress.08:49
uehaThat's all from my side, thanks.08:49
yasufumThank you for sharing.08:51
yasufumOK, it seems enough for today. Wrap up the meeting.08:53
yasufumThanks, bye.08:54
manpreetkthanks, bye08:54
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uehaThank you, bye08:54
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