Monday, 2021-08-02

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:09
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:09
Luzisorry, i'm late - i had a meeting until now13:09
Luzihi fungi13:09
fungino worries, this meeting rarely takes the entire timeslot anyway13:09
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:10
fungino idea if the other regulars are around, i've noticed european summer vacations seem to have lots of folks away from their keyboards13:10
Luziredrobot are you available?13:10
Luziyes there are many people having vacation :D13:10
Luzihe doesn't seem to be around13:12
Luzibut he mentioned in the last barbican meeting, that he is back on the microversion topic13:13
Luziso there may be a slow progress :)13:13
Luzi#topic Image Encryption spec-lite13:14
LuziI finally have time looking into it and rewriting it. I don't know whether this will be fast enough for xena, but i still want to have it ready so i can go on with the patches13:15
Luziand well thats it for this week13:16
Luzido you have anything fungi ?13:16
fungilooks like cinder and manila spec freezes were a month ago... i don't see any other projects with their spec freeze dates included on the schedule13:16
fungi#link Xena Release Schedule13:16
LuziI already looked into it13:17
fungifeature freeze is the end of this month though for most projects13:17
fungiso i imagine that's effectively spec freeze for many of them13:18
Luziand as I am not sure whether the secret consumer API will be available for the next cycle or not - I just want to have the spec-lite in case we still need to wait in yoga :/13:18
fungii didn't have anything, but glad to hear there's some hope of progress on multiple fronts. thanks!13:18
Luzithank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week13:19
fungithanks Luzi! have a great week13:19
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:19
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