Tuesday, 2021-08-03

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yasufumhi, tacker team08:01
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:03
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yasufumlet’s start today’s meeting.08:05
yasufumWe have two topics on etherpad.08:05
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:05
yasufumCan we start from w-juso?08:06
yasufum#topic About FT for multi-tenant support08:06
w-jusoI updated FT of notification, at etherpad L21-2708:07
w-jusoPlease check its.08:07
w-jusoI consider how to test of FT with we discuss  previous meeting.08:09
w-jusoThere is no judgment function to send, therefore I think of making a decision on the receiving of notification.08:11
w-jusothen, I have one concern.08:11
w-jusohow to decide that it hasn't received any notification.08:13
w-jusoone way, there is a method of set timestamp08:15
w-jusobut, depending on the performance, misjudgment may occur.08:16
w-jusoI would like your comments on these methods, thank you.08:17
yasufumany comment?08:18
yasufumI’d confirm the meaning of ‘timestamp’ and ‘misjudgement’.08:22
w-jusoThis method, the test succeeds if no Notifications are received.08:24
w-jusotherefore, I think that there is a possibility of success even when the test code is not working.08:25
yasufumAre you talking about misjudgement?08:30
w-jusosorry, yes08:30
w-jusoabout timestamp08:30
w-jusoI understand that reciver server check its own log to confirm that it has received the notification.08:32
w-jusonotificaiton server will check its own log after a certain time, then haven't received any notifications.08:34
w-jusoIn this method, this certain time is timestamp.08:35
w-jusoCurrently, this decision is not implemented.08:35
yasufumI might be feasible, but not sure actually.08:42
yasufumI’m not clear your whole test senario, so I don’t understand it’s best way.08:43
yasufumI appreciate if anyone have a suggestion for w-juso.08:45
yasufumw-juso: Why don’t you add about your test implementation on your spec to get opinion from team?08:51
yasufumIt might be something difficult to give advice only understanding from current spec and notes on etherpad.08:52
yasufumWhat do you think?08:52
w-jusothanks for your suggestion. ok, I'll update the spec and add the information detail.08:54
yasufumIt’s OK to continue this discussion on tacker’s IRC channel or openstack discussion ML or so.08:55
yasufumI’ll respond to you.08:55
w-jusothanks your support.08:56
yasufumIf no more comment, go to the next topic.08:57
yasufumueha: Can you share your topic?08:57
yasufumjust asking to review?08:57
yasufumUmm… he is not here, and an excuse for his absence is noted on etherpad :)09:01
yasufumPlease help reviewing for his patch09:02
yasufumIs there any asking for review?09:03
yasufumor topic or suggestion?09:04
hirofumi-noguchiCan I share just information related to my match?09:05
hirofumi-noguchiToday, we uploaded a patch for v2 LCM API to gerrit as WIP.09:06
hirofumi-noguchiThough the main code has already been developed, details are being created. 09:07
hirofumi-noguchiWe will split the patch into small pieces and updating them as soon as possible.09:07
hirofumi-noguchiPlease wait for reviewing it.09:07
hirofumi-noguchiThank you for your patience.09:07
hirofumi-noguchithat's all from my side.09:08
yasufumI’ll wait for your update. Thanks.09:08
yasufumIt seems done all for today.09:09
yasufumThank you for joining. Bye.09:10
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w-jusothanks, bye09:11
hirofumi-noguchithanks, bye09:12
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oneswig_#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
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oneswig_it worked :-)21:00
martialhello friends21:04
oneswig_Hi martial21:04
oneswig_#chair martial21:04
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: martial oneswig_21:04
oneswig_I was just reading through the pain points etherpad, quite a bit of follow-up from the issues gathered.21:05
oneswig_#link pain points etherpad https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/pain-point-elimination21:05
martialany key revelations?21:07
oneswig_Well, there's a few follow up requests for elaboration/clarification on Nova, Cinder and OSC.  The other services have gone without a response so far21:08
oneswig_I hope the exercise has been useful.  I think the feedback has to help in some ways21:12
martialwell it helped to get this started at least :)21:13
martialOn SC21 I am unclear that there will be a BoF, I do not seem to have received much followup21:14
oneswig_I'm still not sure where we'll be in the UK.  Since we last discussed this, we've gone off on our own unique trajectory - very high case counts, very low deaths.  The case counts aren't going to help with any easing of travel restrictions though.21:16
martialunless I get people talking I will cancel the BoF soon (we have until Friday) ... remote participation works too21:18
martialgotta go in a couple of minutes, sorry21:18
oneswig_No problem.  It's late here, I don't have much more to add.21:18
oneswig_If you don't need confirmation on in-person vs virtual, I'm in.21:19
martiallook at slack, I posted what I need, they say they "prefer" in person but will understand if remote21:20
martialapologies, need to jump21:20
oneswig_OK thanks martial!21:21
oneswig_I'm on vacation next week btw21:21
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