Thursday, 2021-08-05

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekklets wait couple of minutes for others14:01
abhishekkcool, lets start14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
abhishekkM3 4 weeks from now14:02
abhishekkglance_store xena release - 2 weeks from now14:02
abhishekkWe don't have much from store side now14:03
abhishekkPeriodic jobs 2 time outs this week, trying to figure out the problem but don't have much time atm14:03
abhishekk#topic M3 targets14:03
abhishekkPolicy refactoring work14:04
abhishekkFinally things are rolling 14:04
abhishekkthanks to croelandt and lbragstad for helping us to move ahead14:04
abhishekkYou will get total overview of refactoring work from below sheet14:04
abhishekkStill long way to go..14:05
abhishekkAny questions related to policy work?14:05
dansmithyep, but a lot of momentum already I think14:05
abhishekkI take that as know, moving ahead14:06
abhishekkCache API14:06
abhishekkwe have new revision up for glance side work14:06
abhishekkNeed to have close look on this, will do it today after the meeting14:07
abhishekkPending is now client side work14:07
jokke_I have a client patch up as well14:08
abhishekkSo all reviewers spend some time to review14:08
abhishekkThat is still PoC but you can refer it 14:08
jokke_yes, please provide feedback and lets move those on14:09
abhishekkNoted, will look asap14:09
abhishekkMetadef project persona integration14:09
abhishekkI think these are also in good shape14:10
abhishekkMoving to next topic14:10
abhishekk#topic Wallaby backports discussion (croelandt)14:10
abhishekk 14:10
abhishekkcroelandt, stage is yours14:11
abhishekkOk, let me explain this on his behalf14:11
abhishekkno problem, do you want me to continue ?14:12
croelandtso we have those two patches we want to backport 14:12
croelandtthe first one applies almost cleanly, the second one applies cleanly14:12
* abhishekk go ahead14:12
croelandtbut only the second one is suitable for backport, since the first one is a new feature14:12
croelandt*but* if we only apply the second one (a bugfix), then it conflicts like crazy14:12
croelandtand to fix the conflicts I'm gonna have to basically rewrite the first one14:12
croelandtso I'd be tempted to backport both or none of them14:13
croelandterf, Rajat isn't here, he knows more about the patches content than I do :/14:13
jokke_What are we talking about? Any references?14:13
abhishekk#link 14:13
abhishekkthis is 1st one14:13
abhishekkthis is actual bug fix14:13
croelandtyep :)14:13
rosmaitaso why exactly is 782200 a new feature?14:14
abhishekkI think if the bug is important then we can backport supporting patches as well14:14
dansmiththe first one changes our interaction with cinder quite a bit right?14:14
croelandtrosmaita: it uses the new attachment support from Cinder14:15
croelandtwhich is also a required backport in Cinder from what I understand14:15
rosmaita"new" == since Pike or something14:15
abhishekkdansmith, right14:15
dansmithseems a bit risky to me, despite that14:16
rosmaitawe already merged that change to wallaby, and broke grenade14:16
dansmiththe microversion it requires is much newer than pike, if I recall14:16
rosmaita(grenade is fixed now)14:16
rosmaitaastually, that was a different break, forget what i said14:16
jokke_I do agree, it's really not something that aligns with our stable policy for backport14:16
croelandtjokke_: I'm fine with not doing the backport :;)14:17
abhishekkI think I lost the connection14:17
croelandtbut keep in mind that if we want ot backport
jokke_abhishekk: nope, at least tx happens still ;)14:17
croelandtwe basically are going to reimplement half of #78220014:17
dansmithwell, that patch also seems like you could argue it's too chunky for a backport14:18
dansmithif it's something that didn't work before, it's a feature despite having a bug number attached :)14:18
abhishekkcroelandt, I think its better not to backport it upstream14:18
croelandtwe'll tell the distro maintainers to do their own backports then14:18
croelandtwhich is fine since I'm the distro maintainer *cough*14:19
abhishekkanything else you have to add here ?14:19
dansmithfor us downstream, it's fine to take that risk and do the testing to ensure it.. we know what cinder people have, what order they will apply the updates, what their general config can be14:19
dansmithbut upstream it seems too risky, IMHO14:19
jokke_dansmith: I tend to agree, also if we just want to block writing qcow into cinder nfs, I don't see how that is related with the new attachment API. 14:19
dansmithjokke_: agree14:19
croelandtyeah, I'm fine with not backporting upstream14:19
jokke_Maybe if this is important enought to backport it needs independent fix rather than backport 14:20
dansmithor some mitigation thing14:20
croelandtjokke_: yeah, we need to figure out whether we want it fixed in W14:20
abhishekkack, that we can discuss on ML we already have14:20
abhishekkmoving ahead14:21
abhishekk#topic FIPS CI Jobs (alee/dmendiza)14:21
* redrobot is aka dmendiza14:21
jokke_it's kind of one of these things like "It's not gonna work and we can tell the user so early or they can find it out down the line" :P14:21
abhishekkredrobot, go ahead14:21
redrobotYeah, so Ade and I are working on an effort to test all of OpenStack on FIPS-enabled systems14:22
redrobotto that end we've been adding CI jobs to every project to run existing test suites in nodes which have had FIPS turned on14:22
redrobot^^ is the one for glance14:22
abhishekkCan we do it early in next cycle?14:22
redrobotUp to you :)  Obviously we'd rather do it sooner rather than later.14:23
abhishekkFrankly speaking we are just 4 weeks away from 3rd and final milestone and I am not eager to increase gate timeline14:23
abhishekkWe can start step by step rather adding bunch of jobs at a time14:23
rosmaitamaybe make it a periodic job14:23
jokke_I think there was patch proposed by Ade already that was green, so it's not like we're gonna need tons of work in Glance side to make it work. I think Brian had some concerns about it 'though14:24
redrobotIt's the same patch I linked14:24
abhishekkjokke_, in latest patch I think Ade has added 4 to 5 jobs14:24
redrobotYeah, I think the initial revisions were not running enough of the test suite to find failures.14:25
abhishekk#link 14:25
rosmaitamy concern was that it added code so you could run mysql/postgres in fips mode, but since we weren't actually using either of those, was hard to see that it worked14:25
jokke_But looking the job list we have in the gate, I'd tend to lean towards periodic job too rather than gating job. At least we keep eye on them weekly so it wouldn't be something that gets ignored for years there14:25
redrobotyeah, we had to patch mysql/postgres because there's a test script in your repo that installs it and sets up tables and what not.14:25
rosmaitayeah, it would unblock ade and redrobot from finishing, and hten we could make it a regular job later14:26
abhishekkto start with periodic job sounds better idea14:26
* redrobot needs to freshen up on periodic jobs14:26
redrobotYeah, that sounds like a good start for us14:26
jokke_I'm kind of leaning towards Does it ever need to be regular gating job14:26
dansmithperiodic seems fine to me for this14:27
redrobotjokke_ we would prefer that, yes.  It would be better to prevent regressions on every patch once we get it working14:27
redrobotto be clear, we would prefer a gating job rather than a periodic14:27
redrobotbut we're OK with starting with a periodic job until it is passing consistenly14:27
jokke_redrobot: I do undertand the concern, the reality just is, our gate job list is hot mess already consuming incredible amounts of resources14:27
abhishekkright and at this moment I don't want to increase that time line14:28
redrobotunderstood.  I'll discuss with Ade, but we'll plan for periodic jobs for now for sure14:28
dansmithcould we make one of our regular jobs fipsified once we get it all fixed?14:28
dansmithmeaning, is there any harm to other stuff we need to do?14:28
jokke_Obviously if it looks like we're breaking it in weekly basis it would make sense to be gating job, but if it keeps going green month after month in periodic jobs, do we really need that resource hog there14:29
dansmithif not, once we get it ready, we can just convert one of our special jobs like the cinder multistore one or something to use fips14:29
rosmaitadansmith: that sounds like a good idea, kill 2 birds with one stone14:29
abhishekkI think we can, but early in next cycle ?14:29
redrobotdansmith yeah, interesting idea.  In theory once we iron out any FIPS issues we find it should be pretty much the same tests.14:29
rosmaitaabhishekk: ++14:29
dansmithfor sure, after it's stable and after we're through any deadlines14:29
dansmithredrobot: cool, then let's aim for periodic now, and integrated later14:30
jokke_dansmith: that would make much more sense14:30
abhishekkworks for me14:30
redrobotsounds good, y'all, thanks14:30
abhishekkredrobot, let me know if you need any help in periodic jobs14:30
redrobotabhishekk will do, thanks!14:30
abhishekkmoving to Open discussion14:31
rosmaitaredrobot: you may want to make it also experimental so you can run it on demand14:31
rosmaitaat least while you are developing it14:31
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:31
abhishekkShould we have additional weekly sync up for policy refactoring ???14:32
jokke_low potential for merge conflicts and quick reviews, thanks! ^^14:32
abhishekkI think we are getting close to 3rd milestone and we should sync to discuss blocker, progress once in a week >14:33
abhishekkI will try to get lbragstad's time for the same14:33
jokke_#link quick bugfix for glance_store too before we hit final release deadline14:34
dansmithabhishekk: I guess it feels like we have good momentum right now, and not many blockers14:34
dansmithso I don't feel like we _need_ the sync up, but if you do, then I'm happy to participate14:34
abhishekkdansmith, may be we should revisit this next week14:34
abhishekkack, thank you14:35
dansmithsounds good14:35
jokke_#link rosmaita smcginnis stable could do with some love too14:35
abhishekkcool, that's it from me today14:36
jokke_#link abhishekk rosmaita smcginnis another backport14:36
abhishekkjokke_, ack14:36
abhishekkIf nothing else then we can wrap up and utilize remaining time in reviews :D14:37
pdeore#link pending for reviews since quite a long time :)14:37
jokke_Also as the glance_store release deadline is the first one we're going to hit, would be great to make sure we get everything in soon what we want in there14:38
abhishekkI take that as no14:38
jokke_just my 2 cents in your local currency14:39
abhishekkjokke_, ack, thank you14:39
abhishekkThank you all, have a nice weekend 14:39
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