Saturday, 2021-08-07

thomasb06fungi: hey. when is the next meeting, this Wednesday?12:02
fungithomasb06: next meeting of what? irc meeting schedules are published at but not all of them use this channel12:29
thomasb06fungi: thank you12:36
thomasb06fungi: the ones for the consistent and secure default policies popup team seem to be here at least:
thomasb06the link in the channel header is broken12:42
fungithomasb06: according to it's in here on even (iso week number) thursdays at 18:00 utc12:44
*** ChanServ changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"12:44
fungiand thanks for the heads up about the url in the channel topic, i've just fixed it across our general meeting channels12:45
thomasb06`cal --iso -w` says it's next week12:56
fungithere's also an ical file linked for each meeting which you can import into a calendaring program, if that's easier for you13:41
thomasb06never head of ical files before, but the text editor allows to read it. the dates are in 2020 though, maybe an algo running in the app recomputes the events?14:53
fungiit's the data exchange format originally used by apple's icalendar application, but broadly supported by many calendaring applications these days, if you use one15:19
thomasb06students don't use ical much, sorry. the event shows in google calendar so the dates are fine actually15:31
fungiical files are most often seen as e-mail attachments which your mail client may prompt you to auto-add to your calendar (e.g. with gmail and google calendar), so you've probably used them and just not realized it16:20

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