Monday, 2021-09-20

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Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:00
Luzihi fungi13:00
Luzilets wait a few minutes if others want to join13:01
Luzihi redrobot 13:02
Luzilets start13:02
Luzihi rosmaita 13:03
Luziat first i want to apologize, i got ill and couldn't make it to two or three meetings :/ and last week the whole region got a short blackout, because of a small balloon13:05
Luziat least the last one is hilarious :D13:05
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:06
rosmaitaa small balloon took out the power grid?13:06
redrobotHoping to re-start work on Consumers API this week13:07
redrobotwell, Microversions first, then Consumers13:07
redrobotBarbican master is tracking Yoga now13:07
Luzigood to know, thank you redrobot 13:07
redrobotand I was able to fix the Cinder+Barbican+Hashicorp Vault issues fro Xena RC113:07
rosmaitaredrobot: ++13:07
Luziok next topic13:09
Luzi#topic Image Encryption WIP-Patches13:09
Luzior better 13:09
Luzi#topic Image Encryption spec-lite13:10
Luzii worked in all comments from jokke_ and addressed the concerns from dan, before i got ill - so a few weeks ago13:11
Luzii think it is still useful to have this spec-lite to start early working on the image encryption13:12
rosmaitai agree13:13
Luzirosmaita, i think i should check with the glance team again - so i will try to attend the thursday meeting13:14
Luziokay that was it from my side13:15
Luzido you have anything you would like to talk about13:16
rosmaitai think it's good to keep the strategy independent of redrobot's work in barbican, will help light a fire under the cinder team's butt to review the os-brick changes13:16
rosmaitaotherwise, we have the excuse of waiting for the barbican stuff to be done13:16
Luzi#topic Open Discussion13:18
Luzido you have any other topics you would like to talk about?13:18
rosmaitaLuzi: you might want to think about outlining the new strategy at the PTG for cinder13:18
Luzigood idea13:19
rosmaitaunless the times are bad for you13:19
rosmaitaand even so, we could set up a short out-of-band video meeting13:19
rosmaitai think it would be good for the team to hear from you, instead of hearing third-hand from me13:20
Luzii added the topic on the etherpad13:21
Luziare there any other topics?13:24
Luziokay so no other topics13:25
Luzithank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week13:25
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:26
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