Tuesday, 2021-09-21

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yasufumhi team08:00
yasufum#startmeeting tacker08:03
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yasufumThere is only one topic on etherpad.08:04
yasufumI would like to start from it if you have no other topic.08:05
yasufumAs you may know, some patches could be merged for RC1 although we’d made huge efforts.08:06
yasufumSo, I’ll propose RC2 release for the remained patches to be merged in stable/xena which was released in the end of last week.08:07
yasufumPlease let me know if you have any comment or opposition.08:08
ueha+1, I think many of the main patches are not in RC1 and need to be included in RC2.08:09
yasufumI’ve made notes for sharing current our status on etherpad, although some of them are old.08:10
yasufum#link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:10
uehaThanks yasufum. The conflict was caused by a lack of picking patch, and I told yasufum about it.08:11
yasufumFor my mistake, there are some merge conflicts happened, but have fixed them. So, please wait for a while.08:12
uehaThank you! :)08:13
takahashi-tsc? Is gerrit down now...?08:13
takahashi-tscSorry, now I can access08:14
takahashi-tscCurrent status is all merge conflicts will be resolved? or are there any remained issues?08:16
yasufumstill remained.08:16
yasufumand it might be done all today.08:16
takahashi-tscSure, thanks!08:17
yasufumAny other comment?08:19
uehaHave it already be configured for running FT on the stable/xena branch?08:20
uehaWill the setting be configured today?08:21
yasufumIf no more topics, close this meeting.08:21
yasufumoops, sorry08:21
yasufumI don’t know about it actually.08:22
yasufumI would like to check it after update the patches.08:22
uehaI got it, thank you.08:23
uehaI will put CR+2 after I confirmed that you have fixed conflict and running FT and Zuul+1.08:24
uehathat's all from myside. thanks.08:25
yasufumseems done all for today.08:28
yasufumwrap up this meeting08:28
yasufumThanks for joining, Bye!08:28
uehathanks, bye!08:28
takahashi-tscthanks, bye08:28
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