Thursday, 2021-10-14

abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekkwaiting for others to join 14:00
* abhishekk lets wait couple of minutes for others14:01
abhishekksmall agenda today, so we can finish it quickly14:01
*** pdeore|afk is now known as pdeore14:01
abhishekkcool, lets start14:01
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:01
abhishekkEnd of Xena development cycle for us14:02
abhishekkWe achieved what we have planned, special mention to croelandt for helping us in reviews14:02
abhishekkand to pdeore for putting efforts in metadef RBAC and tempest-plugin tests for the same14:03
abhishekkthank you everyone for your efforts14:03
dansmith...and pdeore for patience with our reviews :)14:04
abhishekkmoving ahead14:04
abhishekkPeriodic jobs, 2/3 timeouts today, but other than that it was green for entire week14:05
abhishekkI will have a look at them later today14:05
abhishekk#topic Yoga PTG14:05
abhishekkPTG is next week14:05
abhishekkwe have sessions scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday14:05
abhishekkMonday and Friday are free at the moment14:06
abhishekkdansmith, I have added Quota usage topic at the moment on Monday14:06
abhishekksorry, Tuesday14:06
dansmithI saw, thanks14:06
abhishekkPlease let me know if it is convenient for you or need to reschedule some other day14:07
abhishekkAs suggested by rosmaita, Thursday 1500 To 16:30 UTC is booked for glance-cinder session14:07
dansmithlooks like it should be okay if nova rbac topic ends on time14:08
abhishekkfingers crossed :D14:08
abhishekk#topic Vacation plan(s)14:08
abhishekkabhishekk from 25th October to 12 th November14:09
abhishekkI will be going on leave immediately after PTG14:09
dansmithalso me from 25 Oct to the 29th, but maybe back a little early, not sure14:09
abhishekkSo If we are going to conduct our weekly meeting, I need volunteer to chair the meeting14:10
abhishekkdansmith, ack14:10
jokke_well I think it's safe to cancel at least the week co 25th14:10
dansmithfor sure14:11
abhishekkSo if anyone volunteers to chair the meeting on 04th and 11th November ?14:12
jokke_I can keep eye on the agenda 14:12
dansmithcan we just skip those  too unless some external party puts something on the agenda?14:13
abhishekkcool, if nothing on agenda then send the message on ML about cancellation ?14:13
jokke_So if you send a mail of definitely canceling the 28th of Oct and tentative cancel of 4th and 11th with the note that we'll have meeting on those weeks without you only if there is something in the agenda by Tue EOB14:13
abhishekkSounds good14:14
abhishekkI will send it early next week14:14
jokke_So if someone has urgent things to bring up, I'll kick off the meeting if there's agenda14:14
abhishekkThat's it from me for today14:15
abhishekklets move to open discussion14:16
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:16
abhishekkanyone ?14:16
afaranhayea, me o/14:16
afaranhaI found an issue when running the CI jobs on Centos, it's lacking qemu-img package.14:16
abhishekkafaranha, ack, I guess croelandt asked for reporting a bug14:16
abhishekkthank you for reporting it14:16
afaranhaI had some review before, but I created the bug report to have the logs there as reference14:17
abhishekkwill have a look later today14:17
afaranhaabhishekk++ thanks :)14:17
abhishekkafaranha, so is this related to FIPS ?14:18
jokke_afaranha: I assume this is issue quite far back on stable releases with new centos? Not just Master/Xena?14:18
afaranhaabhishekk, it was seen because of FIPS, but the issue is even with fips disabled14:18
afaranhajokke_, I'm not sure yet when the issue started happening, I can take a look, on previous centos version14:19
abhishekkafaranha, ack14:20
pdeoreReview reminder again for remaining metadef RBAC tempest tests ... :) 14:20
jokke_afaranha: np, do you happen to know if they changed the package name which ships qemu-img or has it been the same for long time?14:20
afaranhajokke_,  I have no idea, I'd need to look on that14:21
abhishekkafaranha, are there any other interesting findings with fips for glance ?14:21
afaranhaabhishekk, not really, so far we didn't see any issue fips related on glance14:21
jokke_my point is, well I targeted the bug at least down to Victoria, but if the package name is the same and recent centos just doesn't install it by default we could backport it just in case as it is dependency for sure14:21
afaranhathe main patch is this one
afaranhait's only reporting this qemu-img issue now14:22
abhishekkcool, may be we can sync sometime later to have more discussion about it14:22
jokke_it's no harm to have it in bindep I think 14:22
afaranhajokke_, I'll check on that. I can et back to you tomorrow14:22
jokke_afaranha: awesome sauce 14:23
abhishekkafaranha, thank you14:23
afaranhathank you for taking a look at it :)14:23
abhishekkanything else guys ?14:23
jokke_Nothing from me, have been spending pretty much all my time fighting with the lab deployment ofr couple of weeks14:24
dansmithnothing from me14:24
abhishekkjokke_, ack14:25
abhishekkLets wrap up for today14:25
abhishekkthank you all14:25
abhishekksee you all in PTG (virtually)14:25
abhishekkhave a nice weekend14:25
*** bsanjeewa[m] is now known as bsanjeewa14:25
abhishekkpdeore, ack for reviews, will try to have a look today 14:26
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pdeoreabhishekk, Thanks!!14:26
afaranhathank you all o/14:26
*** pdeore is now known as pdeore|afk14:27

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