Tuesday, 2022-04-12

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uehaHi tacker team.08:06
uehaIt seems yasufum is joining. Is there any trouble..?08:06
uehaDoes anyone know?08:08
masaki-uenoNow we're checking his status, pls wait a minute....08:09
Ramona-ho-xuHe had a massage in #tacker08:09
uehamasaki-ueno: thank you.08:10
uehaOh, he has quit. It seems network problem?08:12
uehaCan we start this meeting without him?08:16
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takahashi-tscAgree... we can start meeting.08:17
uehaOkay. Let's start08:18
ueha#startmeeting tacker08:18
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uehawe have two topics in etherpad. https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tacker-meeting08:19
ueha1st topic is about spec freeze, but is it better when yasufum is here?08:20
uehahi yasufum, are you okay..?08:21
uehaOr automatic connection?08:22
takahashi-tscI think almost of the members here have agreed with my proposal (spec freeze on end of June). Yes, I'd like to share the conclusion with yasufum.08:23
takahashi-tscSo... yes, does yasufum join now...>08:23
yasufumhi, sorry for the late.08:24
uehagood, we are starting a meeting and now is 1st topic.08:26
ueha> I think almost of the members here have agreed with my proposal (spec freeze on end of June). Yes, I'd like to share the conclusion with yasufum.08:28
uehaIs there any comment?08:28
yasufumsound good08:28
takahashi-tscThanks ueha. Yes, I proposed it at PTG. Basicaly there is no objection. yasufum, what do you think?08:28
takahashi-tscOK, Thanks08:29
uehaThanks, any other comment?08:30
uehagood, the next topic is my topic.08:30
uehaAbout current Zuul UT/FT error occured from April 4.08:31
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uehaThe kubernetes error has been reported on several patches.08:32
uehaThis is because the Kubernetes client has been upgraded (from v22.6.0 to v23.3.0) in openstack/requirements [1].08:32
ueha[1] https://opendev.org/openstack/requirements/commit/ebba5ca1181490597366d79416bc65b49aa4450b08:32
uehaAdded value validation when creating object from v23.3.0, and it failed to validate at object initialization in KubernetesInfraDriver.08:33
uehaWe have been posted the patch to resolve this error.08:34
uehaThere is currently no error and Zuul+1. Please kindly review this patch.08:34
uehaThat's all from my side.08:34
uehaAny comment or question?08:35
yasufumThanks for the fix08:37
yasufumBy the way, can you tell me why this test does not use "node.yaml" actually?08:38
uehaSorry, where are you seeing and commenting?08:40
yasufumThis yaml definition is used to initialize k8s obj at the start of the test, but not used, right?08:40
yasufumMy understanding is incorrect?08:41
uehaI got your point.08:42
uehaI think the current implementation creates an empty Object to populate it before using yaml.08:43
uehaThis implementation is only for V1 API.08:44
uehaValidation failed because an empty string was specified when creating an empty initial object.08:47
yasufumThe empty string was specified while evaluating "must_param", right?08:50
uehaYes, right.08:51
yasufumI think the definition of yaml is overwritten with must_param.08:51
yasufumAnd it's the reason why I'm asking about it.08:52
yasufumIt's tricky a little, so I'd appreciate if you revise such a implementation.08:52
yasufumOr, giving some comment is enough for a quick fix.08:53
yasufumAnyway, it might be better to continue on gerrit.08:53
uehaThis patch changed to an implementation that does not use `must_param`.08:54
uehaSo, If you have any comments after reviewing, please give comments to the patch. thanks!08:55
uehaAny other comment?08:56
ma-ooyamaSorry, I have one comment about previous PTG. Is it OK?08:57
ma-ooyamaIn previous PTG, I said I would share the reason why we are using Tacker as N-Act cluster.08:58
ma-ooyamaI'm now confirming that with our team, and so let me share our opinion in next IRC meeting.08:58
ma-ooyamaIn addition, we are also discussing other topics shared in PTG.08:58
ma-ooyamaI would like to share our opinion about those in next IRC meeting too.08:58
ma-ooyamaThis is just the notification in advance, thank you.08:59
yasufumAll topics done for today?09:02
uehaYes, I think so.09:02
yasufumSorry again for the late, and thanks for joining.09:03
ma-ooyamaThanks, bye09:04
uehathanks, bye09:04
takahashi-tscThanks bye!09:04
yu-kinjoThanks, bye09:04
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig21:00
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oneswigI'm lurking owing to troubleshooting some curious RabbitMQ behaviour...21:01
oneswigAnyone about today?21:02
martialhello Scientific SIG friends :)21:04
oneswigGreetings martial, good evening21:06
martialHi Stig :)21:06
martialwhat's new since last week?21:06
oneswigI'm up late working on a curious issue where I can boot VMs attached to some networks, but not others.21:07
oneswigOther than that, not too much.21:07
martialsounds frustrating if anything21:08
oneswigOne of our team hit a strange problem where a server RTC was not synced on reboot, so it boots up with a system clock 5 minutes out.  Why it's not doing the RTC sync, who knows...21:08
oneswigI don't mind a bit of grunty troubleshooting, actually :-) 21:09
oneswigHow about you?21:10
martialawaiting of a couple people to edit the Etherpad or work on their recording before I reach out to the foundation21:10
martialand testing hyprscale.io in a container21:10
oneswigOK, cool.  Did you need anything from me on the etherpad?21:11
martialup to you; I usually share the Etherpad content for them to have "title" "author" and small description (and links) 21:11
oneswigWith hyprscale, does it depend on a broker service run by them?  I couldn't figure out how it can traverse NAT from all endpoints without something like that.21:12
martialaccording to the way it was presented to me, they reach out to a DHT to announce themselves21:13
martialand check for connections this way21:13
martialI am using `--cap-add=NET_ADMIN` but I am not sure that the `peers` see one another21:16
martialmore importantly, so far my `peers` can not ping themselves so something is amiss 21:17
oneswigSounds highly secure :-) 21:18
martialwell they say it themselves: "Hyprspace is still a very new project. Although we've tested the code locally for security, it hasn't been audited by a third party yet. We probably wouldn't trust it yet in high security environments."21:19
oneswigThat may also be true.  I was following the adage that security is the opposite of functionality...21:21
martialit's okay, worth testing further21:22
martialthe only thing being that I would more comfortable with it in a container21:23
oneswigDo you need to use the host network namespace?  I'm guessing so21:24
martialyes I am pretty sure I am missing this21:25
martialre-run with the right options, let's see21:26
martialunable to bootstrap libp2p node21:29
martialstill some stuff to check21:29
martialGoing to commit my current steps and I can look it up later21:30
martiallikely missing passing the tun device or something simple :)21:31
oneswigsounds fiddly, for sure21:32
martialyep that was it21:34
martialnow I can at least ping the localhost21:34
oneswigresult :-) 21:35
oneswigSome small progress over here: while looking for the big problem, a small one is fixed...21:39
martialperfect :)21:39
oneswigI think we missed a deadline for registering a Scientific SIG session for Berlin, hopefully we can still slot something in21:40
martialI did not see any option for it21:40
martialI still would like to do one21:40
martialI have my plane ticket 21:40
martialwe should ask Ildiko 21:41
oneswigI think there was a suggestion we do it via the forum channels - deadline iirc 8th april21:46
martialtotally missed it21:47
martialit is my fault, I did not see it, send me the details, I will follow up 21:47
oneswigThanks martial, much appreciated.  I'll check21:49
martialno problem, we are both going to be there, we should host a session for the SIG21:51
oneswigHopefully Blair will be there too.21:54
martialhopefully, it was unclear last week during the PTG 21:54
oneswigAlso time to think about a dinner out!21:54
oneswigOK, time to close.  Thanks martial, see you next time22:00
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martialThanks Stig, email sent22:01
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