Monday, 2022-05-23

Luzi#startmeeting image_encryption13:00
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Luzi#topic Roll Call13:01
Luzihi ade_lee 13:01
ade_leehey Luzi 13:01
Luziunusual time to see you :D13:01
ade_leeLuzi, Doug is going to be out for the next two weeks - so I'm his proxy13:02
Luzilet's start13:02
Luzi#topic Barbican Consumer API Update13:02
Luzido you have news from the Barbican side?13:02
ade_leeso -- we've made some progress on getting things in13:02
ade_leeon the server side, there are a few patches in progress that have gotten reviewed 13:03
ade_leeso those and a doc patch are all that is needed on the server side at this point.13:04
ade_leeeverything else has merged13:04
ade_leewe expect to get the rest merged within the next week or so.13:05
ade_leeon the client side, doug has been working hard on getting all the gates working for python-barbicanclient13:05
ade_leeand as of now, they're all working all the way back to train13:05
ade_leeI am working on adding what is needed to barbicanclient13:06
ade_leefirst microversions support and then ssecrey consumers13:06
ade_leeI hope to have some good patches together by the start of summit13:06
Luziwow that's awesome - you got a lot done :)13:06
ade_leeso next couple of weeks -- but we'll see .  there's a lot to do13:07
ade_leeand I've got to prep for the summit too13:07
Luziyeah, thank you for working on this :)13:07
Luzii am also preparing for the summit and working on a presentation :D13:07
ade_leenp - it'll be nice to get in13:08
Luzi#topic Image Encryption WIP-Patches / Spec Repropose13:08
Luziso, while i was working on my summit presentation, there is also still the open reproposed spec for cinder13:09
Luziunfortunately i did not manage to have time for the cinder meetings (there are a little bit to late for me)13:10
Luzii will try to ask them to approve it this week13:10
ade_leeyeah - not sure if doug has been attending any of these -- unlikely13:11
Luzii don't think so13:11
ade_leewhen are the cinder meetings>13:12
Luziwednesday 14:00 UTC13:12
ade_leeyeah doug and I are in a meeting from 13:33 to 14:30 at that time13:13
ade_leeI might be able to join for the latter half of the meeting13:14
ade_lee(I have some fips related questions to ask folks in any case)13:14
ade_leeassuming the meeting continues past 14:3013:15
Luzii also made an alarm now :D13:15
Luziif i am still working that time...13:15
Luziwell, that's all from my side so far...13:15
Luzido you have any other topics or questions?13:16
ade_leeLuzi, if not then, I can raise this with a couple of the cinder folks offline too13:16
Luzithat yould be nice ade_lee 13:16
ade_leeok will do.  let me know if you do make the meeting on wed or not13:16
ade_leenothing else from me/doug13:17
Luziyeah, most likely i will not make it :/13:19
Luziokay if that's all...13:20
Luzithank you for joining this meeting and have a nice week13:20
fungithanks Luzi!13:20
ade_leecool - see you next time !13:20
Luzi#endmeeting image_encryption13:20
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