Thursday, 2022-08-18

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekkwaiting for others to show14:00
abhishekkupdate, cyril is on leave for 3 weeks (including this)14:00
abhishekkmrjoshi_, there are some comments on your patch, if you have any doubts then get it cleared here14:01
abhishekkpdeore, will be late, lets start 14:02
abhishekk#topic Update14:03
rosmaita(sorry, i am running a video meeting simultaneously)14:03
abhishekkThe PTG will be virtual now14:03
abhishekkWe will follow the same time which we used to follow for previous PTG's14:04
abhishekkthat will be between 1400 UTC to 1700 UTC14:04
abhishekkIf anyone has any concerns related to timings then please let me know14:04
abhishekkmoving forward;14:04
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs updates14:05
abhishekkMilestone 3 two weeks away14:05
abhishekkwe have 2 features in waiting list14:05
abhishekklets discuss this in next topic14:05
abhishekkglance-store final release will be next week14:05
abhishekkWe don't have anything pending for store, so good to tag the final release by next Wednesday14:06
abhishekkI will suggest cores to go through list of patches of glance store and see it there is anything important we can get merged before next week14:07
abhishekkcool, periodic jobs all green except time out for fips related jobs14:07
abhishekkmoving to next topic14:08
abhishekk#topic Pending features14:08
abhishekkStore details API - mrjoshi14:08
abhishekkthere are few suggestions from rosmaita, I think one is related to using actual parameter names 14:09
abhishekkand other one is should we show computed values rather than in Bytes14:09
rosmaitaactually, the patch is showing the computed values in bytes, but the operator can only configure in MB14:10
rosmaitaso i guess the question is what is the primary goal of the discovery response?14:10
* pdeore is back14:10
rosmaitai was thinking it was for an operator to see how the store is configured14:11
rosmaitaok, then we should probably not show the computed values ... or we could show them, but indicated separately somehow14:11
rosmaitathe big problem though is that we already implemented store discovery for rbd store14:12
abhishekkrosmaita, I think if we decides to do it, do it separtely for both the stores14:12
rosmaitaand that currently shows the computed value, not the configured value14:12
abhishekkat this moment I am good with computed values14:14
abhishekkwe can explain about it in release notes 14:14
mrjoshi_I think initially we were going with the computed values only when we had it for the rbd store14:14
abhishekkand if you are going to change it then you need to file a bug fix it for rbd first and then we can merge this patch14:15
abhishekkthat will be small change though14:15
jokke_Will break the API14:16
jokke_To change it for rbd it's published and released already14:17
abhishekkin that case I think its better to explain it in docs and release note14:17
jokke_so better option is to use another key name all together if we want to show it as it's configured rather than how the system sees it14:18
dansmithit will change only in the respect that it will be correct instead of incorrect right?14:18
abhishekkthat will increase the confusion14:18
dansmitha user doesn't know that it's wrong right now and the units are no different once we show the right value yeah?14:18
abhishekkI think its better to show computed value and explain it in reno 14:20
jokke_it's not wrong, the code uses bytes, the config otoh is expecting Mi. So both are correct and it does not have unit with it on the field14:20
dansmithright, we expose bytes, but where they will only ever be a multiple of 1MiB today correct?14:21
dansmiththere's no reasonable client behavior that would be broken by reading a byte value that is not MiB-aligned in the future, that I can think of :)14:21
abhishekkOk, we need an agreement here otherwise this will get dropped from the cycle14:23
jokke_So there is no usecase for that info in the first place. But what will be confusing AF, is that if we change it now, and you look the output from older system showing you bytes (without unit) and new version that shows you integer without units too but the value just happens to be MiB rather than bytes14:24
abhishekkI am still at opinion of implementing it same way as implemented in past14:24
jokke_I'm sure we have something like API ref that explains what the value is and helptext in the config explaining what is expected14:25
abhishekkmrjoshi_, just change the parameter names of swift store at this moment14:25
mrjoshi_abhishekk, ack14:26
abhishekkmoving ahead14:26
abhishekk2nd pending work is Glance download plugin14:26
abhishekkI am afraid both alistarl1 and Pierre-Samuel Le Stang are not around today14:27
abhishekkthe patch is in good shape with few changes, should we go forward and work on that14:27
abhishekkor we should use FFE for the same?14:28
dansmithyeah I was going to ask..seems very close but not sure if they're working on those feedback items or not14:28
abhishekknot sure either, didn't heard from them since last meeting14:29
abhishekkand I also don't want to duplicate the efforts14:29
abhishekkI will wait till Monday to get update from them,else will start working on the patch14:30
abhishekksounds good?14:30
jokke_for the sake of keeping the patch moving, I'd say if there's no response from them by next week, feel free to propose a new rev ... I'm sure they'd appreciate having it in this cycle too14:30
abhishekkmoving forward14:31
abhishekk#topic Glance PTG planning etherpad14:31
abhishekkPTG planning etherpad is up14:31
abhishekkFeel free to add topics which you want to discuss during this PTG14:32
abhishekkalso this will be my last cycle as PTL14:32
abhishekkand hopefully pdeore is up for taking the responsibility 14:32
jokke_PTL is gone, long live PTL!14:32
abhishekkI will help pdeore to organize this PTG14:33
abhishekkthat is all from me14:34
abhishekkany questions, suggestions?14:34
abhishekkJust to inform you, I will be going on leave from 10th of September (just before rc1 week)14:34
abhishekkif everything is alright and we manage to tag Zed release before that then it will be good14:35
abhishekkotherwise I will work part time during rc1 week14:35
jokke_Working holiday? Aren' you getting old for that :P14:36
abhishekk:D if you have my back then I don't need to do that 14:36
abhishekkI think we should wrap up now 14:37
abhishekkthank you all14:37
abhishekkhave a nice weekend ahead14:37
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