Thursday, 2015-05-28

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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Enable exception throwin when OVSDB transaction fails
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Enable exception raising when OVSDB transaction fails
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: Enable exception raising when OVSDB transaction fails
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: enable q-meta
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russellbovn meeting now in #openvswitch17:01
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russellbso, if anyone is around ... i'm comparing a devstack run with OVN vs. reference implementation18:30
russellbdevstack sets up 2 networks (public and private) and i boot VMs with a NIC attached to private18:30
russellbdevstack creates a route into the private network18:31
russellbon the OVN devstack, I can connect to those VMs connected to 'private'18:31
russellbon the reference impl devstack, I can't18:31
russellbwhat's the expected behavior here?18:31
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gsagie_Hi Russell, i deployed just as i left the office a 2 node ovn/openstack setup and launched two VM's one at each node (in the same network), i noticed that my VM's weren't getting IP's (everything else looked ok looking at the OVN DB)18:51
gsagie_have any idea? i had to leave so couldn't stay to debug it, but was wondering you might have a solution because i only get back to it on sunday18:52
russellbgsagie_: hello18:53
russellbgsagie_: no, i'm not sure what's wrong.  that scenario has been working for me.  the VMs get their addresses via DHCP18:53
gsagie_strange, guess will debug on sunday18:53
russellbyeah, don't really have any ideas off hand18:54
russellbgsagie_: i'm having devstack fun, too ...
russellbgsagie_: posted a question in here before you joined18:55
gsagie_what do you mean ? you mean external gateway connectivity?18:56
russellbwell, in my reference impl devstack, i can't ping the VM18:57
russellbso just starting there18:57
russellbbut i'm not sure if i'm supposed to be able to18:57
gsagie_how could you ping it? i think you need to attach a floating IP18:57
russellbworks with OVN, that's why i'm asking :)18:58
russellbbut it seemed like devstack might be trying to put in a hack to make it work without a floating IP18:58
russellb10.0.0.0   UG    0      0        0 br-ex18:58
russellbit creates that route18:58
russellbwhich is why just pinging the VM's address on private works with the OVN setup AFAICT18:59
gsagie_humm i will have to look at it, maybe thats related to security groups18:59
russellbok no problem19:00
russellbhope you enjoy your weekend!19:00
gsagie_i remember from the top of my head that i wasn't able to do what you describe, but i never really checked that with OVN19:01
gsagie_thanks, enjoy it too tomorrow ;)19:02
russellbwere you creating floating IPs when testing OVN?19:04
russellbi haven't tried that yet19:04
gsagie_i will do it on sunday after getting the DHCP thing sorted hopefully19:04
russellbi've decided networking is basically magic19:04
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: enable q-meta
gsagie_but good magic :) btw some of our problems could be that we are using the DVR L319:06
gsagie_where in our case we really need the "legacy"19:06
gsagie_if you look at OVNL3RouterPlugin19:08
russellbOVNL3RouterPlugin isn't actually configured to be used though19:08
russellbjust a stub for implementation later when OVN supports L319:09
gsagie_ahh ok, i thought i saw somewhere that we replace it but could be wrong19:09
russellbnot yet ... that i know of :)19:09
russellbwe've said several times that it was the intention to replace it eventually19:10
russellbso that probably confuses things19:10
gsagie_yeah my bad, we replace the L3 service plugin in another project i am working on19:13
gsagie_i will try to check SNAT/DNAT on sunday, i suspect we might see things to fix there, will keep you updated19:14
gsagie_Did justin or ben said anything about starting the L3 design ?19:15
russellbjust that there's been good progress on hardware gateway support19:21
russellbbut we need to figure out how we map that into neutron19:22
russellbi'm trying to figure out tempest now to see if i can get something that works19:22
gsagie_cool, good luck with that, will talk with you next week19:23
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