Friday, 2015-05-29

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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add
shettygHas anyone thought about OVN + OpenStack + Kubernetes integration? I have spent some time and have some very basic ideas which adds services + pods (bot no load-balancer) and if anyone else is working on it, I am happy to bounce ideas.19:56
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add license header to
rustlebeeshettyg: i have thought about it from a high level, in that it's something I definitely think we should do :-)19:57
rustlebeebut haven't spent any time on it19:57
shettygrustlebee: I am building my thinking on top of the the design doc here:
rustlebeeok, great20:01
shettygSo I am mostly thinking around Kubernetes master spawning containers in other VMs (and not hypervisors)20:01
rustlebeei think that's a super common use case20:01
rustlebeeI got asked if were looking at adding support for this stuff in Kubernetes last week20:02
rustlebeeOpenStack Magnum project people very interested20:02
rustlebeei was thinking it pretty much means having Kubernetes optionally use the Neutron API to set up its networks20:02
shettygYeah. I hear about Magnum project. But I don't really know what their thought process is.20:02
shettygYes, I am also thinking arounf Kubernetes using Neutron networks.20:03
rustlebeein short, think an openstack API wrapper to deploy kubernetes for you20:03
* rustlebee shrugs20:03
rustlebeenot fully convinced ... unclear if hype is because of real value, or just "OMG containers"20:04
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shettygI see. Looks like we are a little divergent here. I was thinking of starting with a bunch of VMs spawned by Nova (using Neutron-OVN). The tenant installs Kubernetes cluster on that VM. It can spawn pods. But IP addresses is provided by Neutron network. The advantage it provides is that security policy can applied by Neutron in the hypervisor.20:06
shettygThe disadvantage is that we no longer use Kubernetes' load balancer20:06
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add
rustlebeeload balancer probably pretty important20:08
rustlebeebut sounds like a good place to start20:08
rustlebeeto start proving how this stuff can work20:08
rustlebeei think the performacne benefits of this integrated networking stack will convince people it's worthwhile20:09
rustlebeewould be cool to show some performance numbers sometime20:09
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add
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