Tuesday, 2015-07-14

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gsagie_arosen: ping12:06
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gsagie_salv-orlando : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/198983/ , i addressed your comments ;)12:11
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gsagie_thanks :)12:30
gsagie_salv-orlando: since you are probably the only one awake, don't you think we need tenant awareness in OVN? (as in the objects tenant to be reflected somehow in the schema)12:49
salv-orlandogsagie_: and once we have that too why don't we get rid of neutron altogether and just integrate nova with OVN?12:50
gsagie_salv-orlando: so i take it, its a bo12:51
salv-orlandogsagie_: I think tagging resources with tenant ids might be useful for debugging purposes but I don't think OVN should have awareness of the concept of the tenant concept12:51
salv-orlandoI mean would OVN ever need to call into keystone?12:51
salv-orlandoor is there any other thing it might use the tenant id for?12:52
gsagie_Why Neutron needs the tenant id ?12:52
gsagie_only for NB API12:54
gsagie_? i am just wondering if there is any object that might need to be aware of this, for example shared networks, but i only asked you because i am not sure/familiar enough12:55
gsagie_And i am not sure how the containers integration is going to be, but there is a chance it will need to call Keystone there12:57
salv-orlandoI know very little about container integration, but if I were to design that in OVN I would avoid keystone calls... if nothing else because of keeping OVN and OpenStack as loosely coupled as possible. Neutron uses the tenant ID exclusively for authN/authZ13:01
salv-orlandoand there's a funny thing about tenant ids13:01
salv-orlandoif you are an admin you can create stuff for tenants that do not exist13:01
russellbagree that OVN shouldn't care about tenants13:01
salv-orlandothis has never been considered a bug, and probably it isn't. But the gist is that neutron does not really validate the tenant id13:01
russellbthat's neutron's domain13:02
salv-orlandogsagie_: see? I'm not the only one awake. if's 9AM now on the eastern coast?13:03
salv-orlandosorry that was not a question. it's definetely 9.03 AM13:03
gsagie_ok, just checking :)13:05
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gsagie_arosen: can i provide you with any help regarding the conversation from ML2 to plugin task? i can continue tomorrow if you need any assistance18:42
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Convert plugin away from ML2  https://review.openstack.org/19532619:14
gsagie_arosen: do you somewhere in the patch needs to automatically set the port status to up? (we do it in the ML2)19:21
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