Wednesday, 2015-07-15

openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Create Logical Router OVSDB API implementation
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gsagiehumm ovn patches are failing on jenkins12:57
gsagierussellb: i think there is a problem with the ovs lib requierments14:00
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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Change the python-ovs lib requierments
russellbgsagie: yeah i saw the failure, was going to ask in -infra for help14:38
russellblifeless would be best to help if he's around14:38
russellbwant to ask in there?14:39
gsagiei think its related to the pbr14:39
gsagiedo you know why we added the python2.714:40
gsagieto the ovs-python requierment?14:40
gsagieerror in setup command: Invalid environment marker: (python_version=='2.7' # Apache-2.0)14:42
gsagierussellb: i think we need to remove this15:05
gsagiei am not sure why it was added15:05
russellbbecause ovs only works with python 2.715:06
russellbnot python 315:06
russellbour job is installing with a version of (something) that isn't new enough to understand it15:07
russellbi haven't dug into it yet, but that requirement is right at least15:07
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gsagie_russellb: my check which removed the python2.7 pass tests:
russellbneed to figure out what we're doing wrong in our job that breaks that requirement16:40
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gsagie_arosen: RethinkDB looks great :) thanks for sharing17:05
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shettygrussellb: where do you run devstack on networking-ovn these days? fedora?17:42
russellbI run it on Fedora for my own use17:43
russellbit runs on Ubuntu in OpenStack's CI system though17:43
shettygubuntu 14 or ubuntu 12?17:43
russellblatest LTS, 14 i guess?17:44
shettygSo when I run devstack, it get an error : error in setup command: Invalid environment marker: (python_version=='2.7' # Apache-2.0)17:44
shettygIn requirements.txt of networking-ovn17:44
russellbah, yes, our CI is broken on that same error17:44
russellband i haven't had a chance to chase it down yet17:44
russellblocally you can edit requirements.txt in /opt/stack/networking-ovn17:45
russellband remove the "python_version" part of the "ovs" line17:45
russellbbut i'm not sure what the right fix is yet, because that addition is intentional17:45
russellbgsagie: did you ask about this in #openstack-infra by chance?17:45
shettygIf I comment it out, the next error is that when neutron starts it fails with : "no ovs.db" module.17:45
shettygSo which part of devstack actually installs ovs python modules?17:46
russellbyeah you still need a line that says "ovs"17:46
shettygrussellb: A quick question. The python modules for OVS comes from OVS repo itself right? I ask because there was some discussion for forking ovs for python3 support17:47
russellbit's downloaded from PyPI, but it's published to PyPI directly from the repo, there's no fork17:47
russellbif it needs any updates we have to push an update to pypi17:48
russellbotherwiseguy maintains that17:48
* otherwiseguy waves17:48
russellbi'm going to try to figure out what's wrong with requirements.txt now17:49
russellbwell, i think requirements.txt is right, but something in our env isn't17:49
otherwiseguyrussellb: I ran into that because an older version of pbr was being installed somewhere.17:50
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russellbwell then.17:51
otherwiseguyI seem to remember in devstack it being keystonemiddleware being an older version that had a requirement for pbr < something or other, so 0.11 would be installed.17:51
otherwiseguyOne of those things I hacked around in some checkout at some point, thinking it was just a one-off weirdness on my system due to reusing the same devstack vm.17:52
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed openstack/networking-ovn: test: pbr upgrade hack
russellbotherwiseguy: yeah, our CI job is broken on it right now17:52
* russellb shrugs17:52
russellbi'm getting sick and tired of this python junk :-p17:52
otherwiseguyrussellb: looks like global-requirements has pbr>=1.3,<2.0 and we have pbr<2.0,>=0.1117:55
otherwiseguyrussellb: I'm getting tired of all of the non-coding-related things that I have to do to be able to code.17:56
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russellbotherwiseguy: but our requirements.txt update is broken too17:56
russellbotherwiseguy: that fails on the same error17:57
otherwiseguyLike setting up my 3 dell test servers that have no optical drives and seem to almost kind of sometimes work with USB-based installs, and Spacewalk just almost working for doing PXE.17:57
otherwiseguyrussellb: I remember keystonemiddleware on my system basically forcing an uninstall of pbr, and reinstall at 0.11 and doing a forced upgrade of keystonemiddleware fixed it (at least on the ovs-dpdk project).18:03
BhargavI am trying to understand on how containers are deployed using OVN. In the texts, container-managment-system and plugin are talked at same breath. Are they same or independent entity18:03
russellbBhargav: shettyg has done the most work with containers and OVN18:04
shettygbhargav: You want to know container support in OVN on OpenStack or independent of OpenStack?18:04
Bhargavshettyg: Would like to understand WRT Openstack for now18:07
shettygbhargav: To summarize, you can run docker containers in a tenant VM and have it connect to a Neutron network. So effectively you can have VMs, physical machines etc be part of the same logical network18:08
shettygit is such that the VM is untrusted and all the intelligence lies in the hypervisor OVS18:10
Bhargavshettg: You are referring to 2 things here 1) a VM could be part of tenant and have containers running over it 2) Have VM's and physical in the same network and create tenants with containers ?18:11
shettygBhargav: 1 is true18:11
Bhargavshettyg: Ok. Let us consider case 1.18:12
shettygFor 2, I meant to say that a tenant can have physical machines and VMs and containers running inside a VM be all part of a logical network18:12
Bhargavshettyg: oh, got the 2nd part too.18:13
openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Skip provider network tempest api tests for now
shettygSo with OVN each container interface gets an IP address in a neutron network18:13
Bhargavshettyg: will the ip address be in the same network on which VM is running or is it completely different subnet (kind of private) ?18:14
shettygBhargav: A different network. VMs network is usually part of a mgmt network which the container schedulers will use to spawn and monitor containers18:15
shettygBut a container can be in the same network of a differnent VM where you have your stateful services running18:16
Bhargavshettyg: okay. let us assume the case you are talking about where a container is talking to a VM running stateful service. In this case both containers and the VM are in the same network.18:24
Bhargavassume that stateful service VM is running on a different host (different hypervisor)18:25
shettygit will work18:25
Bhargavin the hypervisor on which VM + Container is running, there are 2 OVS. One is inside the VM and other is on the hypervisor18:25
Bhargavso when container sends out a packet, it sends to with "no tag" and the immediate OVS slaps a tag. This packet having a tag is goes to outside OVS which strips the tag and sends over whatever overlay is18:27
otherwiseguyrussellb: at least in runnig tox -r -epep8, removing the " # Apache-2.0)" from the python_version== line in requirements.txt fixes it.18:30
otherwiseguyApparently the environment marker parsing code doesn't handle comments.18:31
* otherwiseguy tries a devstack install18:32
russellbotherwiseguy: oh interesting18:33
otherwiseguyrussellb: devstack install successful with that change.
russellbotherwiseguy: want to check global-requirements and see if ovs is the only entry with env marker + license comment ?18:40
Bhargavshettyg: on the reverse side, the hypervisor OVS takes of adding the tag18:40
russellbotherwiseguy: if that fixes it, i'd be happy to merge that fix into networking-ovn directly for now18:41
shettygBhargav: yes18:41
russellbotherwiseguy: and want to propose that to networking-ovn and see what happens?18:41
Bhargavshettyg: what is point of this tag ?. Seems like there is some kind of understanding between upper-OVS vs lower-OVS18:41
otherwiseguylooks like ovs, pyngus, and requests-kerberos have comments.18:41
Bhargavshettyg: Also this tag is oblivious to openstack ?18:42
otherwiseguymost do not18:42
otherwiseguyrussellb: sure, I'll check out the existing review and update it.18:42
russellbcool thanks18:43
openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
russellbmaybe all of those are busted *shrug*18:44
russellbotherwiseguy: if that works you get a cookie18:45
otherwiseguyrussellb: ooh, cookie!18:45
shettygBhargav: The tag is semi-visibile to OpenStack. i..e when a neutron port is created, we give the tag to it as an additional option18:45
otherwiseguyrussellb: it's about time I got back to doing at least something remotely ovn-related.18:45
otherwiseguyI've really been fighting my test lab lately. :/18:45
shettygBhargav: the only use of tag is to distinguish multiple container interfaces inside a VM18:46
* otherwiseguy hates physical servers18:46
russellbotherwiseguy: yeah quit trying to actually use stuff18:46
otherwiseguyrussellb: the real world is icky18:46
Bhargavshettyg: if have 2 containers on same VM's, assume that they will have different IP address (in same or different subnet). Will not ip address help ?18:47
Bhargavto distinguish ?18:47
shettyg2 containers can have the same IP address (if they belong to different logical switches)18:48
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Bhargavshettyg: i am not getting this different logical switches. Can you elaborate more ?18:51
shettygBhargav: So OVN is a network virtualization solution. It is also multi-tenant support capable. What this means is that 2 networks can have overlapping IP addresses (it does not matter if they belong to the same tenant or different tenants19:07
shettygSo mac address and IP address cannot be used to distinguish tenants and networks19:08
Bhargavaha okay. So, the lower-OVS takes care of isolation thro' NVO mechanism such as VxLAN/Geneve etc. To isolate between in the upper-OVS, VLAN is used.19:09
Bhargavthanks much. I get it now.19:13
openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Convert plugin away from ML2
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
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shettygbhargav; np. I am sure you will have more questions once you think it through :)19:55
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russellbotherwiseguy: you got stepped on ... might be easiest to push it up as a different change-id19:58
otherwiseguyIt was almost done!19:59
openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
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Bhargavshettyg: You are spot on :-). I have already asked quite a bit, so keeping off for sometime now20:23
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otherwiseguyrussellb: gate-install-dsvm-networking-ovn: SUCCESS21:34
* otherwiseguy requests aforementioned cookie21:34
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shettygIf I have to disable nova with disable_service in local.conf, what is the keyword for that?23:26

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