Thursday, 2015-07-16

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements
shettygapparently because there is a 'n-' in ovn-northd , devstack assumes that nova is enabled.04:25
openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Create Logical Router OVSDB API implementation
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Skip provider network tempest api tests for now
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gsagieanyone here?06:39
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gsagiehi arosen10:51
* russellb is here now12:28
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Create Logical Router OVSDB API implementation
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arosenGah I keep missing gsagie18:18
russellbarosen: west coast and Israel don't have a ton of TZ overlap I guess :)18:25
russellbUS west coast that is18:26
russellbarosen: i just got the OVN side of provider networks ready to test :)18:26
arosennice :)18:27
arosenjust fixing up that patch set. Sorry that took so long.18:27
russellbno problem!  huge patch (huge in terms of networking-ovn)18:27
russellbwe might need a FAQ doc entry somewhere for "why not ML2?"18:28
russellbbecause i expect that over and over and over again18:28
arosenrussellb:  yea, i was hoping not to really open that can of beans again but I'm sure it will be opened several times more.18:29
russellbwell no argument from me18:29
arosenI can work on a  FAQ for why not ML2 though.18:29
russellbi just want to be able to respojnd with a link and not have to have the conversation every time18:29
arosenmakes sense, good idea.18:29
russellbi usually say "i don't know, these guys say ML2 sucks, so whatever, fine with me"18:31
shettygTrying to test docker18:33
shettygin underlay mode. But devstack runs : openstack role list --os-url= --os-identity-api-version=3 --group c4e429314a754d5d88e75dbe806bcce7 --project 1bb8540952b54ea5b72903e5e0c4360f -c ID -f value18:33
shettygSo the '-f value' is wrong because it is invalid.18:33
shettygHave any of you seen something like this?18:33
russellbi haven't seen that :-/18:40
shettygDo you guys install devstack on a VM? I am trying to figure out the correct workflow18:42
shettygLooks like it is best to always start from scratch18:42
shettygThe only pain point of installing it on a VM for me is that there seems to be a problem using kvm. And VMs on top of it slow18:43
shettyg(i.e. without using kvm and using qemu emulator instead)18:43
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arosenshettyg:  I don't use a vm though you have to be careful not to message up your env18:52
arosenshettyg: I still use the python-neutronclient. I haven't switched over to the openstackclient.18:53
gsagiearosen: you can assign bugs on me to align the unit tests and handle the security groups part18:53
gsagiewill work on that after your patch merges18:53
arosenHey gsagie sorry I've been missing your messages.18:53
gsagiearosen: np18:53
arosengsagie: awesome sounds good!18:53
arosenthat would be great18:53
openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Convert plugin away from ML2
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Add new docs link to README.
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*** russellb changes topic to " -=- OVN meeting Thursdays 1715 UTC #openvswitch"19:14
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mesteryarosen: Nice work on the core plugin, happy to see that land ... so says the guy who originally proposed it that way :D19:22
mesteryarosen: Seriously, thanks for doing that!19:22
russellbmestery: heh you sound bitter19:23
russellbit *was* less code to get to a working start :)19:23
mesteryrussellb: Nope, not at all19:23
mesteryJust happy to see someone just get it done :)19:24
* russellb nods19:24
mesteryI was surprised at the fight by that a few months back to be honest19:24
* mestery shrugges19:24
russellbi didn't mean to fight19:24
russellbi honestly don't care, i just want to understand19:24
russellbbecause from a more general project perspective, i think it's far from obvious what people should be trying to do19:24
russellband i think there's a lot of tip toeing around19:25
russellband if ml2 just sucks, people should say that more clearly19:25
russellbmost of the "fight" i think was people who are just confused and thought everyone was supposed to be using ml219:26
russellbanyway, my perspective at least19:26
mesteryI think fight was too strong a word19:27
mesteryI always appreciate your feedback russellb :)19:27
mesteryIt was the folks not involved who were shocked at picking a core plugin vs. ml2 that was surprising19:27
* mestery shrugges again19:27
russellbright that's what i'm saying, everyone assumes ml2 is the thing everyone should be writing against19:33
russellbso they're all like "WOAH WAIT i'm using ML2, i thought i was supposed to, did something change?"19:34
mesteryAh, got it! I missed that point being too deep into things :)19:36
mesteryGood perspective russellb!19:36
russellbsoooo close to working provider networks on the ovn side ...19:41
arosenmestery:  if you want you could write the "OVN why ML2 FAQ" entry in the ovn docs section :)19:45
mesteryarosen: good idea19:45
arosenit was russells idea, i was just punting it to you since you wanted ml2 first :P19:46
russellbmestery: i want a link for when people ask :)19:50
russellbbtw all ... networking-ovn docs moved to from readthedocs.org19:51
russellbnot sure where all we put that old url19:51
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russellbprogress on ovn provider network support:
russellbsalv-orlando: fyi ^ since we exchanged several mails about that22:09
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salv-orlandorussellb: seen that. I will look at it in the morning22:18
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