Wednesday, 2021-07-28

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opendevreviewZhouHeng proposed openstack/neutron master: "default_availability_zones" need to be considered when validate az
bcafarellajoskatona: ralonsoh: stable/ussuri started failing 100% on functional jobs (timeouts everywhere) does this ring a bell?08:01
bcafarelit seems strange train is passing (aka something backported there but not in ussuri)?08:01
ralonsohbcafarel, let me check08:01
bcafarelralonsoh++ thanks08:02
lajoskatonabcafarel: thanks for headsup08:06
opendevreviewBodo Petermann proposed openstack/neutron-vpnaas master: VPNaaS support for OVN
stephenfinCan someone help me understand how the pecan view object...thing is built for the '/networks' API? I'm trying to figure out what APIs *do not* support pagination but getting exactly nowhere /o\09:28
ralonsohstephenfin, give me one min09:40
stephenfinralonsoh: Aye, I have that linked. The issue is that not all APIs support it09:47
ralonsohyou need the extension, that is optional (by default is enabled)09:48
ralonsohyes but I doesn't matter: 09:48
ralonsoh"If a particular plug-in does not support pagination operations, and pagination is enabled, the Networking API v2.0 will emulate the pagination behavior so that users can expect the same behavior regardless of the particular plug-in running in the background."09:48
stephenfinso I'll always have it09:50
stephenfinwhat about for resources that don't have an ID column?09:50
ralonsohwhich ones?09:50
stephenfinthis is the change; looking to see what ones I skipped
stephenfin(FYI it's broken because openstacksdk doesn't currently allow you to request a specific page - it automatically fetches *all* pages)09:51
ralonsohstephenfin, but what specific resource are you talking about?09:53
ralonsohwithout ID09:54
stephenfinsorry, I'm looking to find it again. I didn't right it down /o\ :)09:54
stephenfinYeah, that's one. Thanks09:56
ralonsohstephenfin, and what's the problem there? this is not a resource itself but an DB view09:57
ralonsohlet me use the terminology 09:57
stephenfinwell all pagination in neutron is marker-based09:57
stephenfinso I need a marker09:58
stephenfinI assume that's an ID for most other resources, but if I don't have an ID what do I use09:58
stephenfinAlso, am I misunderstanding things or is pagination is not allowed for the '/rbac-policies' endpoint?
ralonsohstephenfin, about the rbac policies, it doesn't make sense. Those are DB registers09:59
ralonsohwe can change that09:59
ralonsohabout the ip availability... I don't know09:59
ralonsohlet me check the query done09:59
stephenfinthe 'create_resource' call in neutron.api.v2.base also defaults to allow_pagination=False10:00
stephenfinso I was trying to figure out how that (or something else) was called to create e.g. the '/networks' API10:00
stephenfinso I could work backwards10:00
ralonsohstephenfin, all resources are created using neutron.api.v2.base.create_resource10:02
stephenfinand the 'Controller._get_pagination_helper' method in the same module only enables the emulated pagination if 'allow_pagination' was set to True, otherwise you get the NoPaginationHelper10:02
stephenfinso does that mean the majority are created with no pagination support, except where they override this?10:03
ralonsohstephenfin, looks like (I never saw that)10:03
stephenfinTo further confuse things, I see 'build_resource_info' in 'neutron.api.v2.resource_helper' calls 'create_resource' with 'allow_pagination=True' but again, I'm not sure if that's used for the '/networks' API or not10:04
stephenfinralonsoh: You can probably see why I'm so confused :-D10:04
ralonsohI know10:04
ralonsohstephenfin, for ip availability I think we need (1) change the controller and allow pagination and (2) change the primary key, if possible10:22
ralonsohlet me check that10:22
ralonsohI'm playing with this right now10:22
ralonsohstephenfin, ok, I know how to make it "paginable": change the API in neutron-lib, adding an API extension to make the network_id as primary_key10:32
ralonsohand then modify the create_resource of Network_ip_availability, adding allow_pagination=True10:32
ralonsohcan you give me a bug ID? to document that 10:33
ralonsohand push the patches10:33
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: [OVN][Placement] Drive binding by placement allocation
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: [OVN][Placement] Add a SB Chassis event to track changes in BW config
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: Remove "_get_network_lock_id" compatibility method
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: Add "network_id" to "_after_router_interface_deleted" payload
stephenfinralonsoh: will do11:51
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lajoskatonaralonsoh, obondarev: Hi, could You please check again this bgpvpn patch: , not sure if we need a new ps12:57
ralonsohah this one12:57
ralonsohlajoskatona, I'm really not sure about
ralonsohin any case, that won't affect the result12:59
ralonsohlajoskatona, done13:00
lajoskatonaralonsoh: thanks13:07
obondarevlajoskatona: approved13:10
opendevreviewMaxim Korezkij proposed openstack/neutron-vpnaas master: Added strongswan supported diffie-helllman-groups
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mjwalesHi, we have a Victoria deployment where VMs are getting an I/O timeout when contacting the metadata server. The network the VMs are deployed to is a HA network but the metadata proxy is only running on the primary node. Is this correct or should the metadata proxy be running across all the HA nodes?13:31
fungii know slaweq is on vacation, anybody happen to know if mlavalle is around this week?14:15
ralonsohyes he is around, he'll chair the drivers meeting14:15
fungithanks, hadn't seen him in irc since the weekend so thought maybe he was otherwise occupied14:16
fungiwill try reaching out by e-mail instead14:16
fungihaleyb: amotoki: are you still active in ? just trying to figure out who to engage on some private security bugs14:18
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/neutron master: Sanitize MAC addresses
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: [OVN][Placement] Add support for minimum bandwidth QoS rules
opendevreviewRodolfo Alonso proposed openstack/neutron master: [OVN][Placement] Drive binding by placement allocation
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opendevreviewsean mooney proposed openstack/os-vif stable/wallaby: add configurable per port bridges
opendevreviewTerry Wilson proposed openstack/networking-ovn stable/train: Create neutron_pg_drop Port Group on init

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