Wednesday, 2020-06-03

rouklooks like my issue is with kolla mixing up cell0? not sure.00:05
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openstackgerrithulina proposed openstack/nova master: Nova raise exceptions when extending volume fails
openstackgerrithulina proposed openstack/nova master: Nova raise exceptions when extending volume fails
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openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.PY2 and six.PY3
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.add_metaclass
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.reraise
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.moves
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.iteritems/itervalues/iterkeys
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.byte2int/int2byte
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.binary_type/integer_types/string_types
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.text_type (1/2)
openstackgerritTakashi Natsume proposed openstack/nova master: Remove six.text_type (2/2)
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bauzasgood morning Nova06:09
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alex_xugibi: I and luyao huaqiang test the, it doesn't seems work for us, it is no audio. can we switch to zoom for nova ptg?06:26
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iklacan I attached an SR-IOV port to an existing instance?08:50
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stephenfinikla: no, that is not supported currently08:54
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fricklerlyarwood: not sure if you have seen it, devstack on focal is working fine now with these tests blacklisted
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fricklerlyarwood: incidentally, one of them is also blacklisted on bionic for devstack-ceph-plugin. I'm going to build a ceph-focal job to verify the others, those did work fine in my local setup09:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1876330 in devstack-plugin-ceph "Rescue BFV instances not working with ceph backend, Tempest new test failing" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Lee Yarwood (lyarwood)09:01
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stephenfinfrickler: lyarwood is on PTO for the next month (new baby)09:06
stephenfinjust FYI09:06
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fricklerstephenfin: yeah, I saw that warning, thx. anyone else wanting to debug failing volume detachments on focal? this might be a blocker for migrating the default jobs unless we accept to permanently blacklist those tests09:10
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gibialex_xu: hi! did you tried zoom? does it work for you?09:16
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alex_xugibi: yes, zoom works for us09:41
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gibialex_xu: OK. I will change the etherpads and drop a mail to ML that we switch. I hope zoom works for everyone09:42
alex_xugibi: thanks!09:43
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gibialex_xu: Done10:03
gibialex_xu: liuyulong seemed to participate on the neutron sessions yesterday and I guess he is from PRC too10:05
gibiso if you need to join to other jitsi rooms during the week he might help10:06
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stephenfingmann: Dumb question, but what's the expected behaviour when someone adds e.g. a reader role to a user on a Train-based deployment (i.e. before the policy default refresh)10:15
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stephenfingmann: I would assume it'll be completely ignored and only things like "is this user an admin or owner" would be considered?10:16
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bauzasgibi: alex_xu: sorry, just saw your discussions, you want to move from meetpad to zoom ?10:23
bauzasit's a bit unfortunate :(10:24
bauzasbut okay10:24
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sean-k-mooneyalex_xu: have you tried useing meetpad wtih chrome by the way10:31
sean-k-mooneyit is not too hapy with firefox but chrome works fine for me10:31
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sean-k-mooneyi have used both an while i kind of prefer meetpad i think both work resonably well10:31
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gibibauzas: yeah, the tool is secondary for me the primary goal is to allow everyone to join10:35
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luyaosean-k-mooney:  I used chrome but didn't work for me. :(10:40
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johnthetubaguystephenfin: if you add a reader role, they will have access to start instances12:31
stephenfinIt also seems they also have access to delete other users instances12:32
johnthetubaguythey have full access, as any user would12:32
johnthetubaguythat is the point of the work, to fix that problem12:32
johnthetubaguybut you have to opt into the new behviour12:32
johnthetubaguyadmin_or_owner meant, admin or anyone with any role in a project12:33
stephenfinI was about to ask12:33
stephenfinadmin_or_owner suggested admin or owner of resource (i.e. user that created server)12:33
stephenfinbut that's not the case, fun :)12:34
johnthetubaguyyeah, that is why I was so keen to get this done, the policy checks are basically non-sense by default12:34
johnthetubaguyto be clear, owner is the project12:34
johnthetubaguythe user only owns keypairs12:34
johnthetubaguywe have not changed that at all12:34
johnthetubaguy(there is a way to break your API and make the user sort of own things, but it was a compromise while we don't have hierarchical quotas)12:35
stephenfinOkay, I don't know how I never got that nuance reading the specs12:35
johnthetubaguythat is more the history of the API, project owns things, not users12:35
johnthetubaguy(expect keypairs)12:36
stephenfinso for everything != keypairs, admin_or_owner is really admin_or_project_member?12:36
johnthetubaguyif it worked properly, yes12:36
johnthetubaguyright now its admin_or_anyone_in_the_project12:36
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johnthetubaguyhopefully by V or W we can make it admin_or_project_memeber12:37
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stephenfinsorry, yeah, by project_member I was talking in general, not in terms of keystone roles12:37
johnthetubaguyi.e. the role reader can delete any instance in a project, right now12:37
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stephenfinokay, cool12:37
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: ya that is a bug12:37
stephenfinjohnthetubaguy++ thanks for the clarification. I'll try find somewhere to slot that into the docs12:37
sean-k-mooneyisnt there a patch to fix that12:38
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johnthetubaguysean-k-mooney: which bit? the policy work last cycle was all to try and make this sane... eventually, after a transition period12:38
stephenfinsean-k-mooney: We have proper role-based policy support integrated now, if that's what you mean12:38
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: there is a patch to make ti so that the reader role can not delete instances12:39
stephenfinthe work gmann and others did last cycle12:39
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sean-k-mooneyi was looking at it last week i think it came up downstream and we were debaing if we caould backport it or not12:39
stephenfinsean-k-mooney: we're talking about the same thing here, I suspect12:40
stephenfinsean-k-mooney: read the scrollback12:40
stephenfintl;dr: the reader role is completely ignored until Ussuri and is then opt-in in Ussuri12:40
stephenfinall that matters is whether the user is an admin or a member of the project that the instance is part of12:41
sean-k-mooneybe consulting worte kcs articles of how to hack one in and our customer always mess it up12:41
sean-k-mooneyso it will be nice when we can jsut use the reader role in osp12:41
stephenfinso a user that is a member of project foo will be able to delete any instance in project foo, even if they only have the reader role12:42
sean-k-mooneystephenfin: well that is a bug12:42
sean-k-mooneyif a user is part of a project but only has the reader role they should not be able to delete the instnace12:42
sean-k-mooneyif the have teh member and reader role then the can12:43
sean-k-mooneybut if they only have the reader role they should not be able to do the delete12:43
sean-k-mooneythat was fixed by adding an new policy defintion12:43
sean-k-mooneyfor server delete12:43
sean-k-mooneythis one i think
stephenfinsean-k-mooney: that's my understanding, yes12:44
stephenfinthis was the policy-defaults-refresh blueprint12:44
gibinova session starts in 15 minutes12:45
gibiplease note that we switched back to Zoom12:45
sean-k-mooneystephenfin: this is what fixed it
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sean-k-mooneyit changed form check_str=RULE_AOO, to check_str=base.PROJECT_MEMBER_OR_SYSTEM_ADMIN,12:46
stephenfinwhich was added by bee15b56814673e784ec18a7b92cbf4974fa662812:47
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johnthetubaguystephenfin: sean-k-mooney: that all sounds like what I was meaning12:52
*** lbragstad has joined #openstack-nova12:53
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: we also told our downstream folks that its not backportable so we are good there too :)12:53
*** tetsuro has joined #openstack-nova12:53
johnthetubaguyreader and member should work in ussri I think12:53
johnthetubaguysean-k-mooney: +112:53
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gibiit time13:00
gibiit is time13:00
artomThere's a meeting password?13:00
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bauzasstephenfin: we need you ^13:04
*** belmoreira has joined #openstack-nova13:04
gmannstephenfin: yeah what johnthetubaguy mentioned. in addition we had few bugs where admin_owner was open to everyone because project_id was not passed as policy target which were fixed in our policy work in ussuri. you might get 404 from DB etc  but not 40313:05
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artomZoom is not cooperating13:08
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*** songwenping__ has joined #openstack-nova13:11
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stephenfinartom: I had to use Chrome13:13
stephenfinFirefox insisted on me installing stuff13:13
*** psachin has quit IRC13:14
artomstephenfin, yeah, I ended up installing the client13:15
artomNeither Chrome nor Firefox were working13:15
artomFWIW, Jitsi was just fine in the browser *ahem AHEM*13:15
liuyulonggibi, alex_xu, meetpad does not work fine if without a proxy. So I setup a socket5 proxy VM from a public cloud in Singapore, it does not work fine either. The voice of the meeting was not very clear.13:15
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-nova13:16
gibiliuyulong: thanks for the info. we switched to zoom13:17
*** kaisers has joined #openstack-nova13:19
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC13:21
stephenfinI assume I'm the only that is seeing a stutter every now and then?13:22
*** Guest27280 has joined #openstack-nova13:22
*** Guest27280 is now known as redrobot13:25
stephenfinartom: I can still hear everyone13:30
stephenfinso just you13:31
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-nova13:31
artomstephenfin, I know13:31
dansmithgibi: I just continue to get a spinning "connecting" trying to join the juno zoom room13:31
dansmithah, here we go.. it's crazy slo13:32
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC13:32
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-nova13:32
gibidansmith: I'm glad you could join13:33
dansmithgibi: well, it is still just "connecting" and I have audio, but no video and no window to mute myself or anything like that13:34
dansmithand I can't quit :)13:34
gibidansmith: strange, the room run well so far13:34
dansmithhow many people are in it?13:34
*** huaqiang has quit IRC13:35
*** huaqiang has joined #openstack-nova13:39
gibidansmith: now you are in!13:40
dansmithgibi: on a different computer :/13:41
*** Liang__ has joined #openstack-nova13:46
*** Liang__ is now known as LiangFang13:47
bauzasgosh, I'm seeing double now13:49
*** xek_ has joined #openstack-nova13:50
kashyapFor me audio is completely lost; /me just joined shortly...13:52
kashyapJoinied via Linux Zoom app.  (Yes, yes, I tried the "Windows solution" - turned it off and turned it back on)13:52
*** xek has quit IRC13:53
kashyapAh, fixed13:53
*** songwenping_ has joined #openstack-nova13:54
kashyapsean-k-mooney: Are we talking about default machine type change?13:56
*** songwenping__ has quit IRC13:57
*** xek_ is now known as xek13:59
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dansmithFor anyone that was suffering the same thing as me,14:08
dansmiththe only way I was able to get zoom to not hang on connect is to start zoom itself, grab the meeting ID out of the link, and join the conference by id instead of the automatic linky thing14:08
dansmithon my other machine just clicking the link works fine, so I dunno if it's a browser thing or a zoom thing or what14:08
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sean-k-mooneydansmith: are you using firefox or chome14:09
sean-k-mooneychrome seam to be working better for people14:09
dansmithchrome (of course) and I've never had this problem with zoom until today14:09
sean-k-mooneythat said i clinked the screen share button just now and it hard locked14:09
*** liuyulong has joined #openstack-nova14:10
sean-k-mooneyis there a way to get the tile view of multiple people by the way14:10
sean-k-mooneyits nice to be able to see people to see queue of if they are trying to speak so i dont speak over people14:10
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-nova14:10
sean-k-mooneyif that is only in the app i might download the flatpack or snap assuming there is one14:12
mordredartom: left a comment on - thanks for working on that!14:12
gibisean-k-mooney: there is gallery view in the app (linux)14:12
*** dklyle has joined #openstack-nova14:12
*** Liang__ has joined #openstack-nova14:13
artommordred, that was super quick, thank you!14:14
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-nova14:15
artommordred, so I'm just starting to audit the pre-2.72 stuff (that's where gtema said you stopped) in sdk and catching it up with WIP patches where I can14:15
mordredartom: cool14:15
sean-k-mooneygibi: yep that is what i was looking for14:16
gibisean-k-mooney: I'm usign the deb package from the zoom webpage14:17
sean-k-mooneyya i might try that just installed the flatpak14:18
sean-k-mooneyif it does not work ill grab the deb14:18
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC14:18
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sean-k-mooneyhehe yes i can definetly typo lots of stuff14:23
*** hamalq has joined #openstack-nova14:27
rouksean-k-mooney I narrowed down that metadata issue, it gets fixed when I point nova-api to nova db instead of nova_cell0, it's not selecting the cell for some reason in a single cell deployment (which has 2 now, cause cell0 is mandatory), where does the cell db get selected? Everything else seemed to go to the right place, but block_device_mapping reads are going to a different db than writes.14:29
*** lpetrut has quit IRC14:30
*** hamalq has quit IRC14:31
*** boxiang_ has joined #openstack-nova14:32
sean-k-mooneyok so the block device info is only in the cell db not the api db14:32
*** boxiang has quit IRC14:35
roukSo... What's the fix? Is it broken? Am I using it wrong?14:37
sean-k-mooneysorry im currently in the nova call. but ill try and take a look when its done14:38
roukYeah sure thing, for now I have nova-api configured to use the nova db, instead of nova_cell0, which "fixes" the issue for now. But maybe that breaks other things I'm not aware of. It's just a dev location so I don't mind if I destroy the db.14:39
sean-k-mooneythat will only work for a singel cell deployment14:41
sean-k-mooneyyou can deploy the metadata serivce seperatly and you can deploy a different metata api instance per cell14:41
*** ttsiouts has quit IRC14:43
roukYeah, but in a single cell deployment should it be writing to nova then trying to read the data from nova_cell0? Looks like something has to be wrong.14:46
roukNew data shows up in nova, API tries to read it from nova_cell0 and never sees it.14:47
sean-k-mooneyso the correct work around is to deploy a seperate metadta service and point it to the cell db14:55
sean-k-mooneybut keep the nova-api actully poining only at the api db14:56
sean-k-mooneybut we should look into this and try and fix it so that is not required14:56
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-nova14:57
roukYeah. I'll look into deploying metadata separate, not sure how/if kolla has it supported yet, but I'll figure it out. Anything I can do to help fix the issue upstream?15:00
roukAlso have i screwed my db by pointing directly at the nova db on nova-api and nova-scheduler?15:04
roukAs that current workaround didn't have much thought put into the consequences15:04
*** tetsuro has quit IRC15:05
*** mlavalle has quit IRC15:07
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC15:08
sean-k-mooneyyou likely have not broke them but you should not do that15:16
sean-k-mooneydansmith: ^ the api db should not point directly to the cell db right. it looks like the block device mapping are only in the cell db so they are missing form the metadata responce15:16
sean-k-mooneypointing nova-api at the cell db instead of cell0 seams to fix it but obvioly not the right thing to do15:17
sean-k-mooneythe workaround im suggesting is deploy a seperate metadta api and have it point to the cell db for now15:17
sean-k-mooneyrouk: i think we are just not correctly downcalling form the api to the cell db to get this info15:18
*** mlavalle has joined #openstack-nova15:20
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bauzasbeer'o time16:24
*** hamalq_ has joined #openstack-nova16:26
rouksean-k-mooney: seems like kolla doesnt have any tooling for deploying per-cell metadata yet, is there some documentation on whats actually needed to do it? any docs i can find from nova are super vague on how per-cell meta works.16:27
*** hamalq has quit IRC16:28
roukseems like the easiest fix would be to keep api connected to the cell's db until its fixed, unless theres some implementation docs i can use to add per-cell meta to kolla.16:34
*** sapd1 has quit IRC16:36
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lbragstadgmann johnthetubaguy i see the policy stuff made it on the retrospective17:14
johnthetubaguylbragstad: yeah, just saying it was good it landed17:14
lbragstadgmann johnthetubaguy i tried joining, but i was a late17:14
*** huaqiang has quit IRC17:14
lbragstadis there anything that we can take out of that discussion?17:14
gmannlbragstad: few things we discussed during oslo-nova session on Monday17:19
gmannon json format stuff17:19
gmannlbragstad: L80 -
*** ravsingh has quit IRC17:20
gmannespecially how to migrate json format to yaml in smooth way17:21
lbragstadgmann ah - yeah17:21
sean-k-mooneyrouk: well you only have one cell so i would leave the main api pointing to the api db/cell 0 and have the seperate metadata service point to the singel cell17:27
sean-k-mooneykolla does support a spereate metadtaa api i belive so that should be doable. i think17:28
roukyeah, but i dont know how to set up a separate metadata service, docs arent really specific on what to do, and id have to understand the process before i can add it to kolla.17:28
rouki dont see any tasks for it in kolla17:28
sean-k-mooneyya just looked too it looks like they dont support it17:31
roukyeah, so im debating between adding support for it, which... theres little docs other than spec drawing for me to implement it, or just leaving nova-api on wrong db till i need multi-cell or the nova bug is fixed17:32
*** tesseract has quit IRC17:32
sean-k-mooneyrouk: so currently you are just chainging [database]/connection17:32
sean-k-mooneyto point to your nova db which is cell 117:32
sean-k-mooneyand ytou are not changin [api_database]/connection17:33
sean-k-mooneyim not sure if that would implcitly be harmful17:33
sean-k-mooneyrouk: the schelder shoudl not need to be modifed by the way17:34
sean-k-mooneyit would only be nova-api17:34
roukyeah, i need to revert that change, kolla puts them onto the same config, i need to make my change more specific and split it up a bit17:34
sean-k-mooneyya that is simple to do with kolla17:35
roukyeah, just going to do a nova-api.conf override17:35
sean-k-mooneyi really like there config override system17:36
sean-k-mooneyyou know htat you can use jinja varables in your config overrides too17:36
sean-k-mooneyso you can put connection = mysql+pymysql://{{ nova_cell0_database_user }}:{{ nova_cell0_database_password }}@{{ nova_cell0_database_address }}/{{ nova_cell0_database_name }}17:37
sean-k-mooneymax_pool_size = 5017:37
sean-k-mooneyin your config17:38
sean-k-mooneyand just change teh {{nova_cell0_database_name}} bit17:38
roukyep, already got the template change written when i overrode the .j2 file originally, just copying my change into nova-api instead17:38
sean-k-mooneyrouk: sure just making sure you know the {{}} syntax works most people dont realise that the overrides are processed as jinja templates too17:39
rouki hope i dont have to write nova-api-metadata myself for victoria or something, since yeah, ill probably need per-cell metadata soon, one site will be extending past 100 hypervisors eventually. metadata will probably be fiiiine till 200 hypervisors before i start having perf issues.17:41
roukhow bad will the fix be on the nova side to fix single metadata?17:42
sean-k-mooneyrouk: you can run multiple instance of thte metadta service today with kolla17:42
sean-k-mooneyso you should be fine well beyond 200 instance provided you configure memcache to cache between the differen metadata services17:43
roukyeah, i have a bunch, its just going to suck when theyre spread over geographic locations, or large networks. im talking 200+ hypervisors, 100-200 instances each17:43
roukright now im at 80something hypervisors.17:43
sean-k-mooneyrouk: but regarding the fix sinc e i have not looked at why we are not geting the info form the cell db im not sure but i suspect it should not be supper invaisve to fix17:43
roukshould i open a bug for tracking?17:44
sean-k-mooneyyes definetly17:44
roukalright, ill have that up once i have my kolla change deployed and verify my users are happy.17:46
*** belmoreira has quit IRC17:59
*** josephillips has joined #openstack-nova18:08
openstackLaunchpad bug 1881944 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "nova-api returns empty block-device-mapping in metadata queries" [Undecided,New]18:08
josephillipssomeone with idea of how to solve this The instance sync for host 'Computenode' did not match. Re-created its InstanceList.18:08
josephillipshappend eventualy18:08
josephillipsi had a issue with placement api that is already resolved18:10
josephillipsbut this is the one error left on scheduler18:10
*** derekh has quit IRC18:19
artommordred, hey, the functional tests in sdk - they hit a real devstack-deployed cloud in some of the zuul jobs in CI, right?18:20
artomOr am I completely misunderstanding the code?18:20
mordredartom: yup, that's right18:32
artommordred, cool, thanks. That was one of the points that came out of the discussion on the nova room this morning - how to test the SDK in CI18:33
artomGood to know there's a framework already in place18:33
artomThough I think no multinode testing, right? So live migration for instance isn't tested18:33
mordredartom: all of the openstacksdk-functional-* jobs (and everything in openstack/tests/functional run against devstack18:33
mordredartom: that's right - but I imagine if there is a multi-node devstack job that sets up multinode it would not be hard to add one18:34
artommordred, yeah, working on that now.18:34
artom(If it seems disorganized, that's because it is)18:34
mordredyou're describing my life :)18:34
artom(Expect a flurry of WIP patches as I organise my thoughts by working trough them)18:34
mordredartom: looking forward to them18:35
artommordred, awesome, thanks18:35
mordredartom: fwiw - we *always* run nova tests no matter what the devstack config is but we have a bunch of different devstack configs - so with neutron advanced services, with magnum, with senlin, with masakari etc18:35
artomI gotta take the kiddos to the park first though :P18:36
mordredbut none of those configs don't have nova18:36
artommordred, that sounds reasonnable18:36
dansmithartom: mordred: sounds like that's what we're looking for, and important to note that (apparently) sdk functional is more like nova integrated18:39
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mordreddansmith: english is hard18:51
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alex_xusean-k-mooney: gibi sorry, just saw yulong's message, I tried chrome, but I think it is network issue. With intel proxy doesn't work, without proxy even can't open the page. but anyway we already switch to zoom :)19:23
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CeeMacI'm trying to confirm some details on what exactly 'active' means in context to (I believe) how nova-usage reports cpu-hours, gb-hours etc to horizon for Admin | Overview | Usage Summary. My original understanding was that 'Active' equated to time instances spent in 'running' state it appears that may not be the case. Is anyone able to confirm as what documentation I could find wasn't clear.21:42
CeeMacWhen looking at usage over a period e.g for the previous month.21:43
*** mriedem has left #openstack-nova21:49
CeeMacDigging in to the api it looks like  'active' may relate to 'server_usages.state' but I can't find a list of alternative values to give that context. For example is an instance 'active' when it is shutdown, does it need to be shelved or deleted to change from 'active' state and not accumulate usage values?21:57
sean-k-mooneyartom: if you need a multi node devstack just change the nodepool nodeset22:15
sean-k-mooneythe devstack ansiable playbooks support muiltnode so it shoudl be easy to make the jobs multinode22:16
sean-k-mooneyCeeMac: i think that is correct for CPUs but i think Ram and disk might be different22:18
sean-k-mooneyshelving is intented to be the way for tenant to consume less resouces when a vm is not activly needed22:19
sean-k-mooneyin a public cloud when an instnace is shelved you are normally only changed for the disk usage in glance and not the cpu/ram/devices consumed by the flavor22:19
sean-k-mooneysince shut down vms still consume the cpu/ram/disk from a billing/usage point of view its more or less the same as if its running22:20
*** spatel has joined #openstack-nova22:35
CeeMacThanks sean-k-mooney, I've just found a list of states in the api-ref parameters file. Just need to work out where the logic is queried so I can validate which of the states are 'counted', but in the interim I'll look into shelving options and document that up for our users.22:40
*** spatel has quit IRC22:40
CeeMacI guess while the instance is 'there' its effectively holding a reservation against the CPU and ram resources? Hence its metered for prospective billing/accounting purposes.22:42
melwittCeeMac: afaict, the state is not considered, it's only the launched_at/terminated_at so shelving would be the way to stop/resume usage22:48
melwittand you are correct, while the instance exists it is holding a reservation against resources. even when it's shut down22:52
melwittthe shelve API was added to provide an easier way to remove/restore an instance from holding resources22:53
CeeMacThanks melwitt that seems to confirm it. OK, shelving it is then!22:53
CeeMacI like to try and understand the logic behind things when/where I can :)22:54
melwitt+1 :)22:55
CeeMacOh, I remember reading about this a while back actually. Do you happen to recall the setting for how long an instance can remain shelved before it gets offloaded / deleted and what the default is?23:00
melwittdefault is 0 for immediate offload23:02
josephillipsmelwitt:  taking the oportunity about shelved offload23:02
josephillipsis posible configure if a image is shelved move the storage backend too?23:03
melwittnot completely sure I understand the question but if you shelved a volume backed instance it will snapshot the volume as well23:06
josephillipsbut will keep on the same backend23:06
josephillipsexample if i shelved a image23:06
josephillipsa vm sorry23:06
josephillipsis a waste of resource keep on SSD23:06
josephillipsi prefer move the volumes to a HDD backend23:07
josephillipsthis is posible?23:07
melwittoh, I see. I'm afraid I don't know if there's a way to do that23:08
CeeMacSo once the instance is offloaded there is another timer before it is completely deleted? Or it will stay shelved indefinitely?23:09
*** factor has joined #openstack-nova23:09
CeeMacI seem to recall seeing a reference to that but can't find it now23:09
melwittjosephillips: I'm thinking I wonder if you could do like a volume migrate via the cinder API to accomplish that, after it's been shelved23:09
josephillipsyeah is possible doing via cinder manually23:10
josephillipsthe idea is doing automatically23:10
josephillipsvia horizon23:10
melwittoh, ok, yeah sorry. it would "seem" that could be a relatively easy thing to add to osc/horizon as kind of a batch operation23:11
melwittCeeMac: I think it stays shelved indefinitely23:12
*** rcernin has joined #openstack-nova23:14
CeeMacGreat, thanks. I'll experiment some tomorrow. Sleep now :)23:14
CeeMacThanks again for the help/info23:15
melwittnp, gnight o/23:15
*** spatel has joined #openstack-nova23:18
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