Monday, 2015-11-16

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openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/releases: Tag oslo.utils 1.4.2
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Allow to unset assignee/milestone for bug with no activity
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dimslifeless : i cannot understand why pyeclib gets dropped off everytime the bot runs -,cm12:00
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dimslifeless : any ideas?12:00
sdaguedims: are there logs for the bot run?12:11
dimssdague ack one sec12:35
dimssdague looks clean
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sdagueI wonder if it's because it can't compile it on that node12:40
sdagueand it's failing out silently12:40
sdagueunfortunately, the actual work the job is doing is all hidden12:40
dimssdague : y possible. i whipped up a vm and tried that, when the compile fails, it does bail out in my vm12:47
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dimssdague : in my local runs, it gets updated to "PyECLib===1.1.1" still looking at it12:52
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gordcdims: you folks planning on moving forward on this:
dimsgordc: "need lifeless to chime in on this."13:49
gordcdims: kk, just asking because the oslo.config constraint is blocking liberty for ceilometer integration tests currently.13:51
dimsgordc : ack. lots of folks waiting on it :(13:51
gordcdims: good to know it's a collective sorrow.lol13:52
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dimsdhellmann : ^^^ can we please unblock liberty requirements bot updates?13:52
gordcdims: unrelated question, but regarding py26 patches, you plan on dropping python2.6 classifier in a separate patch?13:55
dimsgordc : the idea was to drop the classifier after we stop the jobs13:57
dimsgordc right now, the tox.ini changes should still all work with the py26 jobs13:58
gordcdims: kk... /me goes to change score13:58
dimsgordc : we should also think about major version bumps to indicate that we are dropping support (once we stop jobs)13:59
gordcdims: i was just going to send an email about versioning.13:59
sdaguedhellmann: you up and about yet?13:59
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/releases: Release openstack-doc-tools 0.32
dimsgordc ++ we can talk about it on ML14:00
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dimsgordc mostly last week was just getting the message out about shutting down oslo-incubator and dropping py2614:00
sdagueI'm kind of wondering if we can consolidate the reno jobs into the docs jobs on the build side, because there is a phantom ~60 minute cost for spinning up and throwing away a node14:01
bauzasso, I'm trying to figure out where dhellmann addressed that question previosuly14:02
AJaegersdague: we limitted reno jobs already in a good way, so they run only if there is a file changed there.14:02
sdagueAJaeger: oh, ok14:02
AJaegersdague: check zuul/layout.yaml14:02
sdagueyeh, see it now. It's not just files changed there, but that should mostly address my concerns14:03
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AJaegersdague: do you think the file section is too broad?14:04
sdagueno, it's probably what it needs to be14:04
AJaegersdague: good ;)14:04
sdaguebut it's going to trigger this on a bunch more changes than relnotes14:04
sdagueanyway, just thinking about possibilities to have all the docs content built in a dedicated job. Because we've got the apiguide as well in nova14:05
AJaegersdague: and for the apiguide we have proper files section as well I hope...14:06
AJaegersdague: but merging these together would be fine - but needs a complete rework on how we build docs14:07
AJaegersdague: right now we use "python build_sphinx" - and that needs to be changed, since for e.g. nova we need three sphinx invocations.14:07
AJaegerAnd then "tox -e docs" needs to place files correctly for publishing to various directories...14:08
sdagueAJaeger: yeh14:08
sdagueit just does seem that proliferation of targets is going to be worse, because then everyone has to build and manage multiple tox envs14:09
AJaegersdague: If you go for it, I happily assist with reviewing but will not drive this.14:09
sdaguetox is really designed for changing something substantial in the environment, like python interpretter14:09
sdaguenot being a job dispatcher14:09
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dhellmannsdague, AJaeger : just coming online14:09
sdagueyeh, well, I don't have the time this cycle to understand the docs build change enough to address this14:10
dhellmanncombining the docs builds makes some sense. We could add all of the commands directly to the docs env, I guess.14:10
AJaegerdhellmann: but then you need to publish properly as well...14:10
AJaegerdoc/build/html goes to /developer/$repo/ but releasenotes/build/html goes to /releasenotes/$repo14:11
dhellmann AJaeger : true, but maybe we can fix up those builders/publishers to let us combine them14:11
AJaegerand apiguide/build/html goes to for nova.14:11
sdagueit would definitely be super nice if they could all be consolidated14:11
AJaegerdhellmann: yes, that should work...14:11
AJaegersdague: yes, we can consolidate them. Good idea.14:12
dhellmannAJaeger : even if we only combine the check/gate jobs that would save a ton of test resources14:12
AJaegersdague, dhellmann: I know have an idea - will write up an infra spec and tell you about it...14:12
sdagueAJaeger: awesome, thank you14:12
dhellmannAJaeger : cool14:12
dhellmannsdague : thanks for raising this14:13
sdaguedhellmann: no prob, thanks for looking into it so quickly14:13
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AJaegerdhellmann: see - we have draft display for relesenotes now14:14
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AJaegerdims, dhellmann : Could you release openstack-doc-tools today, please? See
dhellmannAJaeger : I like the draft display, it should make it easier for contributors to understand what their reno file is going to end up looking like14:16
AJaegersdague, dhellmann: The draft display is a challenge for a combined job: WE would need an "index.html" page for it to jump between those two. Right now it works nicely since each document has its own job...14:17
AJaegerdhellmann: yep, stevemar_ proposed that yesterday, I implemented, and infra was ultra-fast approving without any push ;)14:17
dhellmannAJaeger : cool, can you dig up the patch so I can understand what was needed?14:19
AJaegerdhellmann: Ib542084a275a5bfe82c48517d48372fec6411e16 - and then Id17911beede59d0c4d363a0a6515a4014acc88df14:20
AJaegermy first merged patch was broken14:20
dhellmannAJaeger : ok, thanks14:21
odyssey4meI was thinking that a time-saving feature addition to reno would be to allow the release note to be based on a commit message's content.14:25
dhellmannodyssey4me : you can't edit a commit message after it has merged14:25
dhellmannodyssey4me : also, the commit message and release note typically have different audiences, and different levels of detail14:26
dhellmannat least, they should14:26
odyssey4medhellmann I mean the other way around. eg: once a commit has merged, or once you've done an initial commit, then run reno new --commit <sha> --type upgrade sug-goes-here14:26
odyssey4methen it puts together a starting yaml file with the commit contents, which you can edit before doing a new commit (or commit amending)14:27
AJaegerodyssey4me: if you think it's something that would help you, please send patches for reno.14:28
AJaegerodyssey4me: I agree with dhellmann that I expect that the audiences are so different that you better start from scratch or copy and paste only very little content.14:28
dhellmannodyssey4me : that's an interesting approach, but how often do you think it would be used? like I said, different audiences imply different content. I'd be interested in learning more about some examples of where it would save time, though.14:28
odyssey4meAJaeger sure, for now I'm just curious about whether anyone else thinks it may be useful14:28
AJaegerodyssey4me: It might be too early for that - too few users of reno.14:29
odyssey4mewell, before I found out about reno I was thinking that our commit messages should be published as release notes with a little tooling to exclude a list of commits... then reno came along, which I think is better14:30
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odyssey4mefor now it's just a thought - let me spend some time working with it more before really deciding whether it's worth persuing14:32
dhellmannodyssey4me : I had some ideas at one point to teach reno to scan commit messages for things like bug ids, but lifeless pointed out that most bug fixes don't warrant a release note so it's really easier to add them after the fact, even if it means a second commit14:32
odyssey4medhellmann yeah, I was kind thinking that perhaps some sort of tag in a commit message and a well known structure in the commit message could automatically generate a release note - perhaps even using a git hook (like git-review does) of some sort14:34
odyssey4methat only saves people from having to use reno, but then with all the structure requirements they may as welll use reno, right :p14:35
dhellmannodyssey4me : right, with the structure requirements and the mutability requirements, we can't do too much based solely on the commit message14:36
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dimsdhellmann : oslo releases for this week is ready when you get a chance please, no rush -
dhellmanndims : ack15:03
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dhellmanndims : do you want to weigh in on this liberty oslo.log release?
dimsdhellmann : so i wanted to ask you here.. we just approved u-c update to oslo.log in that bot proposed review to 1.13.0 -,cm15:20
dimsdhellmann : so do we still need a oslo.log release15:20
dimsmriedem ^^15:20
dimsmriedem dhellmann given that we don't have a cap in liberty15:20
sdaguedhellmann: just wanted to say, reno is really neat. Thanks for making that.15:22
dhellmanndims : I assume we plan to release stable libs and adjust the constraints, right?15:22
dimsdhellmann you mean the release-constraints.txt file?15:23
dhellmannsdague : thanks, the requirements came from discussions with ttx and lifeless; lots of good ideas15:23
mriedemdims: dhellmann: so we could drop since u-c is already using 1.13.0 in stable/liberty15:23
dhellmanndims : I mean upper-constraints15:23
mriedem was to get a stable/liberty backport out15:23
dhellmanndims : unless we're already past that one15:23
dimsdhellmann upper-constraints is now 1.13.015:23
mriedembut it was cherry picked from which is now in 1.12.015:24
dhellmanndims , mriedem: the reason we release from stable libs is to let distros update their packages15:24
mriedemso stable/liberty could use that, so i guess i'll abandon all changes15:24
dimsmriedem i am ok with cherry-pick to stable/liberty. was just not sure about making a release15:24
mriedemdims: the cherry pick in oslo.log is already done15:24
mriedemthe releases change was to release that as 1.11.1, but if stable/liberty u-c is at 1.13.0, i don't think we need it,15:25
mriedemsince stable/liberty can be using effectively master oslo.log15:25
dimsmriedem right15:25
mriedemso i'll abandon15:25
dimsmriedem : need to wait for to merge15:25
mriedemmeh, i just abandoned15:27
mriedemi can restore later if needed15:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release openstack-doc-tools 0.32
AJaegerdhellmann: thanks for the release of openstack-doc-tools!15:33
dhellmannAJaeger : np15:33
dhellmannAJaeger : regarding your question about voting on, I agree, we should flip that switch as soon as we can15:44
AJaegerdhellmann: send a patch and I'll +2 ;)15:44
dhellmannAJaeger : sounds good15:45
AJaegerbetter that way than you doing the +1 ;)15:45
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dhellmannAJaeger : is this all we need?
* AJaeger checks15:47
AJaegerdhellmann: add it to the gate of the template as well15:47
openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/releases: python-ceilometerclient 2.1.0
dhellmannAJaeger : updated15:48
AJaegerdhellmann: +215:49
dhellmannAJaeger : ty15:52
jrolldhellmann: I notice glance has reno in master and reno[sphinx] in stable/liberty, is that intentional or is one wrong?16:17
jroll(in test-requirements.txt)16:17
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dhellmannjroll : we'd like to have reno[sphinx] everywhere, but there was an issue with the requirements checking job that dims is working on fixing so for some projects only "reno" was working in master16:22
jrolldhellmann: got it, thanks16:22
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cp16netdims: i saw that you mentioned the bot updated the upper-contraints file before my patch landed. dhellmann said this patch needed to be linked to the client release patch. I'm wondering if its nessesary to make this patch if the bot comes along and does it for us.18:35
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dhellmanncp16net : normally the bot won't do that because you'd have submitted the constraints change before we cut the release19:01
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cp16netok just checking thanks19:03
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dhellmanncp16net : np, we're still finding edge cases in the processes, so thanks for raising this19:28
dhellmanngordc : should be for 2.0.1 instead of 2.1.0? I don't see any new features there, just the bug fix.19:31
gordcdhellmann: 2.0.1 works. just have a habit of making minor version changes. will post update.19:34
dhellmanngordc : sounds good, thanks19:34
openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/releases: python-ceilometerclient 2.1.0
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dhellmanndims : until we get to a critical point in the schedule, requirements changes to projects we manage (i.e., can be approved by a single reviewer. We still need 2 reviews for new requirements and changes to things we use but don't release ourself.19:43
dhellmannbknudson_ : do we still need this block on keystonemiddleware and keystoneclient?
dimsdhellmann thanks! yes, that sounds like the right thing to do.19:44
bknudson_dhellmann: yes, on liberty19:44
bknudson_although maybe not... I don't quite get if we're using g-r on liberty or if it's u-c that matters.19:45
dhellmanndims : yeah, we were doing that until right before the release last cycle19:45
dhellmannbknudson_ : a little of both; I'll approve it19:46
dhellmannbknudson_ : we still don't have constraints in the unit test jobs19:46
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dhellmanngordc : I added you to a pymongo requirements change review
gordcdhellmann: kk. will take a look.20:00
openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/releases: python-ceilometerclient 2.0.1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Oslo releases for week of Nov 16, 2015
openstackgerritdevdatta-kulkarni proposed openstack/releases: solum and python-solumclient release
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stevemar_dhellmann: o/20:58
dhellmannstevemar_ : o/20:58
stevemar_dhellmann: i would like to propose a new zaqarclient release, it contains a fix that makes it usable (it had an entrypoint conflict with osc :( )20:58
stevemar_dhellmann: so, my question20:58
stevemar_I would also like this backported to liberty, since i think it's there too :(20:59
stevemar_my question is, if i need to backport it... do number this new release as 0.3.0, and the liberty release as 0.2.1?
stevemar_it's still in the 0 major version, so i'm a bit confused about semver naming21:00
dhellmannstevemar_ : yes, because we passed the release boundary the minor version needs to be updated21:00
stevemar_dhellmann: alrighty21:01
stevemar_dhellmann: thank you as always, sir21:02
dhellmannstevemar_ : np, thanks for checking21:02
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: zaqarclient 0.3.0
stevemar_mriedem: ^21:27
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: zaqarclient 0.3.0
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: zaqarclient 0.3.0
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stevemar_dhellmann: uh oh, docs fail on releases?
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