Wednesday, 2017-08-16

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openstackgerritArmando Migliaccio proposed openstack/releases master: Neutron projects RC2
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ttxdims: finally passed tests, shall we approve it now ?08:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release ironic-python-agent 2.2.0 for Pike
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release networking-baremetal 0.1.0 for Pike
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release virtualbmc 1.2.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release sushy-tools 0.2.0
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dimsttx : since it won't merge until all the dependencies pass, and the first Depends-On is a WIP, will need some more time. I'll work on fixing up the WIP today10:29
dimsttx : smcginnis : o/10:29
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ttxdims: ok10:31
ttxdims: We should still not approve any RC2 until that's done, right10:32
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dtantsurmorning ttx. networking-baremetal for some reason was not published to pypi, figuring out why
dtantsurugh, publish-to-pypi missing
ttxdtantsur: yeah that would explain it10:47
dtantsurso, should I add it, and then release 0.1.1?10:47
ttxIn theory we have a Pike membership freeze too, which means it's too late to add new things to "Pike". I let it pass since it was pretty harmless though10:47
ttxdtantsur: yes, that's the way to fix it10:48
dtantsuryeah, sorry for that. that's a very new thing, it was not clear if it would be ready back then10:48
dtantsurnothing depends on it, we're releasing it as a preview for folks10:48
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dtantsurokay, so I'll add the missing job, merge whatever the release bot proposed, and release again10:49
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dimsttx : i think so11:22
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smcginnisIf we didn't kinda sorta support CD from master, then the grenade at this point wouldn't be as important. :)13:14
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dimssmcginnis : right now the grenade jobs are testing stable/ocata->master, so stable/ocata->stable/pike and stable/pike->master are both not tested13:41
dimswe need ocata->pike working right?13:41
smcginnisdims: Yeah, that one for sure.13:41
smcginnisdims: I haven't looked at the latest logs. How's that going?13:42
dimssince backports are going into stable/pike and rc2 will be from that branch...13:42
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/releases master: Release ironic-inspector 6.0.0 for Pike
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dimssmcginnis : almost there, nailed that multinode job too, trying to figure out how to get the changes in a palatable fashion13:54
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openstackgerritAlex Schultz proposed openstack/releases master: Release puppet-ceph 2.4.0 and create jewel branch
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otherwiseguydims, is it safe to release ovsdbapp-0.5.0 now?
dimsotherwiseguy : how badly do you need it? (we are still working on grenade jobs from ocata->pike and pike->master and requirements is still frozen and we are not yet accepting rc2s for pike)15:13
otherwiseguydims, I can wait a bit, just had someone ask me for fedora rpms which we don't automatically build nightlies of--only releases. He'd probably be ok if I could just give him an estimate when he could have them.15:15
otherwiseguyHe needs an url to pull the RPMS from for his CI.15:15
dimsotherwiseguy : ah cool. i'd say we should be unblocked by early next week, hopefully monday15:15
otherwiseguydims, Ok. I'll let him know. Thanks!15:16
dimsperfect thanks otherwiseguy15:16
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dimssmcginnis : got a few mins to review? please peek
dimsttx : ^^15:46
smcginnisdims: Looking15:47
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mwhahahadhellmann: looks like the independant projects still get stable name validation or did i mess something up?15:54
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AJaegerttx, dims, smcginnis: Just a heads up, translations for pike are done now for dashboard projects and we have first translation imports, see
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AJaegernote that these imports all delete the releasenotes - this is perfectly fine since we only publish releasenotes from master...16:04
smcginnisAJaeger: Great, thanks.16:06
AJaegerso, please take those translations as usual for future RCs16:08
clarkbdims: smcginnis any progress on tracking down that nova issue?16:12
clarkbre grenade failure16:12
smcginnisdims: I believe dims has made progress, but he'll have to give you the full update.16:14
smcginnisclarkb: ^^16:14
smcginnisclarkb: Testing going through check queue right now. I haven't looked at the latest status.16:14
johnsomFYI, I think we are going to do an Octavia RC2.  Since I have not had to do an RC2 before any special hoops to jump through, or just the normal release process / back ports?16:18
smcginnisjohnsom: Normal release process. Just add the new release with the new hash off of stable/pike.16:21
johnsomYep, cool.  Thanks.16:22
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dimsclarkb : got past the problem, double port on nove reschedule seems to be a old problem. the problem why the sub node was rescheduling was because cinder conf had a bad url for glance, so cinder got a 404 and just rescheduled it.16:59
clarkbdims: does it work now then?16:59
dimsclarkb : here's the old nova bug -
openstackLaunchpad bug 1639230 in nova (Ubuntu Xenial) "duplicate for #1609526 reschedule fails with ip already allocated error" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Felipe Reyes (freyes)16:59
dimsone sec17:00
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dimsclarkb : i had to force the WSGI_MODE to mod_wsgi when running subnode's so it would use the correct GLANCE_URL (see
dimsclarkb : see the hack i needed line 263/264 in
dimsclarkb : there's no good way for grenade to set the configuration options in the subnode17:03
clarkbdims: ya but the default should be that iirc17:03
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clarkbdims: mtreinish has been working on the glance wsgi things, he may be able to provide more info on that17:04
dimsack thanks clarkb17:04
mtreinishclarkb: well the complication with glance is there are a config options in nova and cinder which they use instead of the catalog17:08
mtreinishsry, config options for the endpoint17:08
mtreinishso if we're running a compute on the subnode we have to make sure that's set correctly17:09
mtreinishotherwise it won't know how to talk to the glance endpoint17:09
clarkbright but isn't that independent of wsgi?17:09
clarkbI'm confused why nova compute running on subnode's glance target is affected by the wsgi flag17:10
mtreinishit is, except the endpoint is directly coupled to the deploy mechanism. It's /image on port 80 vs port whatever for glance with eventlet17:10
mtreinishbut it should handle that fine, we set the endpoint to a var and that gets used17:11
mtreinishbut I haven't really tested it with multinode outside of the gate, so we might have missed something17:11
clarkbmtreinish: dims does that mean that WSGI_MODE is set to uwsgi on the main node but no the subnode?17:13
clarkbis that becuse devstack still defaults to not uwsgi and we override it on the priamry to uwsgi?17:13
clarkbif so probably the fix is to just flip the default in devstack17:13
dimsclarkb : i had to force WSGI_MODE on both17:13
dimsmtreinish : see my reviews please -
dimsmtreinish : with those changes, we can get ocata->pike and pike->master grenade working on both single and multinode17:14
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dimsthanks mtreinish17:17
clarkbright so I'm confused by telling nova to not use mod_wsgi affects the url it uses to talk to glance. Shouldn't those be independent?17:18
clarkbwhat matter si if glance is using mod_wsgi or not17:18
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mtreinishclarkb: it technically is independent, but devstack couples all the deploy as wsgi together in a single variable17:19
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dimsmtreinish has a TODO right there in that switch :)
mtreinishbecause we really didn't want to support the case where nova is wsgi and cinder isn't17:19
clarkbI see so its a devstack behavior that is being annoying17:19
dimsyep clarkb17:19
clarkbmtreinish: but isn't that what we are doing?17:19
mtreinishclarkb: across a node boundary17:20
clarkbright but both node should have the same base localrc17:20
* clarkb looks17:20
mtreinishdims: yeah, the deploy as eventlet case is deprecated and will be removed17:20
mtreinishbut we might have to push it back because the chunked support isn't quite there yet17:21
dimsmtreinish : y, just want to get rc2 unblocked at the moment17:21
dimsmtreinish : looks like you have grenade karma too :)17:22
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clarkbok confirmed that subnode local.conf doesn't get wsgi mode set to mod_wsgi17:28
clarkbthe primary node does17:28
clarkbguessing that was missed when devstack-gate was updated to set that17:28
clarkbdims: mtreinish so probably the best fix is to normalize that in devstack-gate if we are already carrying the config there (or we can push down in grenade if there is no way for it to work otherwise)17:29
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dimsclarkb : am open to anything... now that we know what changes we need17:32
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clarkbdims: looking at devstack-gate we don't actually set it there etiher so maybe its in the job config?17:34
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dimsclarkb : y job config is good17:37
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lbragstadquick release question for folks here20:25
lbragstadkeystone has an rc1 and we released it, but we need to cut an rc2 after a couple more patches land20:25
lbragstadcurrently - we have patches proposed against master and stable/pike branches20:26
lbragstadI assume the presence of a stable/pike branch implies that master is open for queens development and anything we want to include in rc1 must be backported and merged to stable/pike20:26
smcginnislbragstad: Things should follow the normal stable policy and be merged into master first.20:27
smcginnislbragstad: Then backported to stable/pike to be included in the next RC.20:27
lbragstadsmcginnis: ack - that makes sense and that's what we've been doing20:27
lbragstadso the rc2 hash for keystone should come from HEAD of stable/pike20:27
smcginnislbragstad: Yep, you've got it. ;)20:27
lbragstadawesome thanks for the info smcginnis20:28
smcginnislbragstad: Any time.20:28
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