Wednesday, 2019-10-16

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AJaegerwhat time is the release announcement today? I want to update docs.o.o in time for it09:37
fricklerAJaeger: IIRC fungi mentioned 15:00 yesterday09:57
AJaegerfrickler: 15:00 CEST - or UTC?09:59
fungibut starting in a couple hours at 1200z10:04
AJaegerwill ensure that docs.o.o gets updated before that (if I don't screw up)10:05
smcginnisAJaeger: Thanks! Yes, planning on approving the final tagging patch at 1200, hoping everything is through and ready for announcement at 1500.11:02
AJaegersmcginnis: so, would it be ok to merge already a change to update docs.o.o to have train as released? Or want to wait?11:20
smcginnisAJaeger: I think it's probably safe to update it now.11:30
smcginnisAJaeger: That just defaults the base redirect to and gets rid of the "in development" banner, right?11:31
AJaegersmcginnis: and updates links on /train/ to go to PROJECT/train and not /PROJECT/latest11:32
AJaegerChange is
AJaegerand no other core is around, so will need to self-approve ;(11:33
fungiif you wanted to wait to approve it until all the tags are enqueued then that would probably be most accurate, but i doubt the timing on this is critical11:33
AJaegerno, not critical. Let me do it now so that we can see that all is up...11:34
AJaegerhelps us catch ugly nits like "September 2019" for Train release (just fixed ;)11:35
smcginnisAhead of our time. :)11:36
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AJaegerneeds 15 mins building, and then over 30 mins to upload...11:39
ttxOur fearless leader is already up11:49
smcginnisUp and caffienated.11:49
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smcginnisGotta make sure the train is rolling -
smcginnisThen maybe this is a fitting next one -
smcginnisIt's almost time -
* fungi is still around if needed12:00
fungijust catching up on other work12:01
smcginnisfungi: Thanks!12:01
smcginnisttx: We ready to go?12:01
fungithere's a surprising amount of zuul activity for this time of day12:02
smcginnisHuh, yeah. Not what I would expect at this hour.12:02
fungiquiet, but not as quiet as i expected12:03
smcginnisNot terrible though.12:03
ttxsmcginnis: go go go12:03
fungigo freedom train go!12:03
smcginnisttx: You want to have the honors?12:03
ttxsmcginnis: please do! I +2d it12:03
smcginnisBombs away.12:04
AJaeger is updated...12:13
smcginnisThat's a repeat! :)12:16
smcginnisvalidate is in the m's.12:18
smcginnisOh, I had wanted to make sure we merged that timeout extension patch first. Did we?12:20
smcginnisttx: Think we should quick try to get this through?
fungid'oh, indeed i missed the start of the playlist12:21
smcginnisI guess it's too late.12:21
smcginnisfungi: I thought that would be an appropriate start. ;)12:21
fungiyeah, the timeout change would only take effect for new builds12:22
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smcginnisWas thinking it could land before the other one was done, but then remembered that's not how it would work.12:22
fungiright, post would probably take precedence12:24
smcginnisIn the s's now.12:24
smcginnisApproaching the terminal.12:27
smcginnisCollecting logs.12:28
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Train final releases for cycle-with-rc projects
smcginnisNow let's hope for no boom.12:29
fungiyeah, here's where all the fun happens12:29
toskyChoo-choo, choo-choo12:30
smcginnisI think I'm running out of train songs.12:32
fungitags are going up!12:33
ttxThere are bands called train too12:33
smcginnisLooks like it's moving through fairly quickly, so hopefully no timeout issues.12:33
smcginnisI did one Train song.12:33
smcginnisBut I suppose that opens up the whole set.12:33
ttxThis one has been on my playlist lopping for the last week12:35
smcginnisIn the m's.12:36
AJaegernow o12:39
AJaeger47 and counting...12:39
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AJaeger77 releases?12:43
smcginnisNow hopefully none of the individual release jobs fail, but that's a little easier. Usually.12:44
smcginnisGuess I'll abandon that tag-releases timeout patch. Doesn't look like we really need that.12:45
fungiwell, it has timed out at rc1 due to all the change creation for new stable branches12:46
smcginnisOh, good point.12:46
fungijust not at final release because pushing the tags isn't so time-consuming12:46
AJaegersmcginnis: so, let's merge it ;)12:47
smcginnisI guess it makes sense. Could I get some other +1s on there if it looks good to you -
ttxso far so good!12:48
AJaegersmcginnis: sure12:50
AJaegeryes, looks good for today12:50
smcginnisttx: Looks like just a handful that haven't completed their release-openstack-python jobs. I think the next task can be run once those go through.12:53
smcginnisI'm going to step away for just a bit for a quick breakfast.12:54
ttxok, on it12:54
ttxhmm actually the release page is not updated yet so there is nothing to check12:55
smcginnisAh, publish-tox-docs-static is still going too.12:56
ttxneed publish-docs-static to complete12:56
smcginnisLooks like it's getting close.12:56
ttxwatching it12:56
smcginnisWish we could speed up the docs generation, but with all that we do with plugin there, probably not possible.12:57
smcginnisAnd only takes long when you are watching it. :)12:57
smcginnisOK, back soon.12:57
AJaegerrelease queue is empty13:03
ttxmissing releases test in progress13:11
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ttx4 errors found13:34
ttxmissing tarball signature
ttxmissing python 2 wheel
ttxmissing python 2/3 wheel
ttxpuppet-mistral dist with version 15.4.0 not uploaded to PyPI13:35
smcginnisHmm, I think that was something fungi was able to rectify in the past?13:36
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fungihow old are those?13:37
fungi2019-09-26 for monasca-kibana-plugin-1.5.0.tar.gz13:38
* ttx checks13:38
ttxThe page is so long that it breaks the W3C link checker, so I don't have the extra test results13:39
fungi2019-10-04 for puppet_mistral-15.4.0.tar.gz (is that even a python project?)13:39
ttxfungi: probably not13:39
smcginnisI don't think so.13:39
fungiyeah, i think the three puppet-mistral ones are false positives13:39
fungithere won't be wheels or a pypi project for a puppet module13:40
smcginnisAnd it's cycle-trailing.13:40
smcginnisI wonder why it's thinking they are in the first place.13:40
ttxnone of those are blocking release imho13:40
fungimonasca-kibana-plugin may also not use our normal release jobs, i have a feeling that's javascript13:40
ttxit did generate .asc in some distant past thuogh13:42
ttxbut has not in last two years13:42
ttxprobably something we can fix off-release13:43
ttxI'll write those down for post-release-week verification13:43
fungiso i guess that means this looks like it was an error-free release?13:43
fungiat least no jobs broke anyway13:43
smcginnisttx: Want to send this through now -
smcginnisI'll queue up the release announcement.13:45
fungithe full churn took 1.5 hours from go13:45
funginot bad13:45
smcginnisNot bad at all. Good sign it's gone well.13:45
* smcginnis knocks on wood13:45
smcginnisThen less critical, but will need through. We've already had a couple queued up on that.13:46
fungiho hum, another boring on-time release of... how many projects?13:46
smcginnisI think AJaeger counted 77 cycle-with-rc ones?13:47
AJaegeryes, saw 77 in the release queue as maximum - and I think none was through before the last one went in...13:49
AJaegerfungi: so, 77 packages13:49
smcginnisNot bad at all.13:49
fungiholy smokes batman, that's a lot of releases13:49
ttxWill be tight to hit 14utc. Go faster docs job13:56
ttxsmcginnis: ready to send the announce?13:57
smcginnisJust waiting to press Y.13:57
ttx+ the openstack-discuss one?13:57
ttxI'm standing by to moderate it through in case of need13:57
smcginnisopenstack-announce first, then I'll follow up right away with the openstack-discuss one.13:58
ttxwriting output...13:58
smcginnisDocs job is writing output. Almost there.13:58
smcginnisHmm, wonder if we should add PDF creation.13:59
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Mark Train as released
ttxnow why isn't the site updated14:01
ttxgo publish-tox-docs-static go14:01
smcginnisI think that one just builds it? Need the publish-tox-docs-static in release-post.14:01
AJaegerttx, we update site only every 5 minutes...14:02
AJaegerwait - docs-static should be immediate14:02
AJaegerdocs.o.o is every 5 mins14:02
ttxyes, just hasn't run yet14:02
smcginnisCome on zuul, we're on a deadline here. :)14:03
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fungioh, one more for the playlist:
smcginnisHow didn't I think of Love & Rockets!14:11
fungiyou're falling down on the job, clearly ;)14:12
ttxgood reminder that it takes around 20min to go through that last patch14:16
smcginnisUpdated -
ttxsmcginnis: go fir the email14:17
smcginnisYour message to openstack-announce awaits moderator approval14:18
ttxIt's on the archive now14:20
ttxYou can send to -discuss14:20
ttxand tweet (I'll retweet you)14:20
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/releases master: Add Ussuri deliverable files
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/releases master: python-novaclient: release ussuri 16.0.0
ttxsmcginnis: tweet before I do :P14:24
ttxwoohoo! release complete14:26
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ttx#success The train has arrived!14:28
openstackstatusttx: Added success to Success page (
ttx#success OpenStack release automation worked perfectly14:29
openstackstatusttx: Added success to Success page (
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toskyshouldn't it be retwitted by the official openstack account?14:35
ttxworking on it14:37
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/releases master: Be explicit about python3 executable
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ttxsmcginnis: could we approve the process update patches? Would like to review R+0 and it would be simpler with everything in15:25
ttx and
ttxis there anything in the R+0 that you would change? (from
ttxI don't think we did anything extra15:30
smcginnisNo, you picked up the proposal of final RC releases. That was really the only change from the past that I did.15:33
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Update process for R-3, R-2 and R-1 weeks
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Update release process for R-1 and R+0
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ttxsmcginnis: you should probably chime in on the Ironic train release thread16:21
* ttx is calling it a day16:21
smcginnisThanks ttx. Have a good one.16:22
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-traits 1.0.0
corvushi release folks -- it looks like the major release activity is complete (congrats!)... we may have a need to do a full zuul restart -- would that be okay?  any particular good/bad time to do it?16:48
smcginniscorvus: This seems like a good time. I see some patches out there, but we hope to keep release activity pretty low for the rest of the week.16:49
corvussmcginnis: great -- if we do, i think it will be at least an hour or 2 from now... i'll check back when we're closer to ready16:50
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smcginnisThanks corvus16:52
efriedsmcginnis: (os-traits 1.0.0) has PTL ack, feel free to send it any time, kthx :*16:54
efriedand btw, great work on the release process!16:54
smcginnisefried: Thanks! I'll take a look and push that through before any restarts.16:56
smcginnisCongrats on a 1.0 release!16:56
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-traits 1.0.0
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/reno master: Handle Windows compatibility
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corvussmcginnis: okay, i think we're ready for a zuul restart now... how's it look to you?19:41
smcginnisWe should be good to go.19:41
corvussmcginnis: cool, then i'll let you know when we're done19:42
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corvussmcginnis: all done, thanks!20:02
smcginnisThanks corvus. Any significant changes we should be aware of?20:03
corvussmcginnis: nope, just a bugfix to deal with some changes stuck in queues20:03
corvus(we could have manually removed them, but they would have ended right back there, so a restart seemed prudent if release scheduling permitted, which it did!)20:04
smcginnisGreat, significant fix, but not significant behavior change.20:04
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prometheanfiresmcginnis: let me know if there's a reqs thing this week, I don't need to be live or anything, just want to be in the loop20:46
smcginnisprometheanfire: I don't think so.20:50
smcginnisprometheanfire: Train is out, and we are on to normal development with Ussuri at this point. Nothing really specific to requirements I guess.20:51
openstackgerritGoutham Pacha Ravi proposed openstack/releases master: Bug-fix releases for manila-ui
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openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed openstack/releases master: Release ovsdbapp 0.18.0
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