Friday, 2020-03-20

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jferrieuHi everyone, CloudKitty's PTL here, I am new to the job and I would need recommendations09:59
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ttxjferrieu: hi!10:28
jferrieuttx: hi, I am attempting to backport some fixes in emergency for the rocky-em release, what is the best way to achieve that ? cherry-picking each fix commit ?10:31
ttxyes... let me find some doc10:31
ttxgit cherry-pick -x is the simplest10:33
jferrieuthanks a lot :)10:35
ttxno problem! Let me know if you need help10:35
ttxsmcginnis: looks like none of the threads re karbor/freezer are needed, we all got PTL feedback on them10:41
ttxsmcginnis: check-release-approval fix up at
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release karbor ussuri deliverables
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release keystonemiddleware 6.0.1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release python-keystoneclient 3.19.1 for stable/stein
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AJaegerrelease team, please no further approvals - gerrit is going down in a few minutes...13:52
AJaegerargh, misread Zuul queue - there's nothing in flight ;) Great!13:58
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smcginnisThanks for those update elod!15:21
elodsmcginnis: I think there is not so much to add there, maybe this will be enough :)15:24
smcginnisThat second paragraph should help a lot.15:25
elodat least there is an example15:25
smcginnisBut I think the process also calls for the team to first announce it to the ML and give some time for someone else to step up to maintain it before going to the step of creating the -eol tag.15:25
elodam I right with the deletion and the zuul?15:26
smcginnisWe might want to call that out here. Not to duplicate the stable documentation, but just to make sure it's clear.15:26
smcginniselod: Which part?15:26
elodthat after the patch gets merged it will be deleted automatically; and zuul jobs won't run anymore15:26
smcginnisSome of this could probably just be added to and the next section.15:27
elodsmcginnis: OK, I'll add the ML thing too now15:27
smcginniselod: I'm actually not sure. I think additional work needs to be done after the -eol patch to delete the branch and turn off the periodic jobs.15:28
AJaegerelod: I commented on the Zuul question, all fine.15:28
AJaegerthere's no branch anymore, so nothing gets triggered ;)15:28
elodAJaeger: great! thx!15:29
AJaegerIf you have a *job* defined *outside* of that branch that is only running on that branch: Please delete it, we don't want orphans.15:29
AJaegeroutside of the branch = in another repository15:30
AJaegerThat's spring cleaning ;)15:30
elodhope that won't cause any problem :)15:30
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AJaegerIt shouldn't cause problems  - still, I like the removal to happen so that we can remove old cruft15:33
elodok, I'll add that somehow, too15:33
elodto the new section15:33
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openstackgerritJustin Ferrieu proposed openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty deliverables for stable/rocky
smcginnisThanks jferrieu!15:59
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openstackgerritJustin Ferrieu proposed openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty deliverables for stable/rocky
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openstackgerritJustin Ferrieu proposed openstack/releases master: [cloudkitty] Transition Rocky to EM
elodthanks for the reviews smcginnis , AJaeger . Here is how it looks now:
smcginniselod: Thanks, looks pretty good.16:24
elodsmcginnis: :) about ML I fear that whenever such mails arrive, then some will say "yeah we don't need pike, queens, rocky, etc." even for branches with working CI and somewhat active stable maintainers. For example if the branches would remain in EM, patches could arrive and would be even merged.16:39
elodof course, there are the other end, when someone says why don't we keep it in EM ;)16:40
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elodbut if CI at least working more or less, that won't cause any harm...16:40
elodanyway, we will see :)16:40
elodnevertheless, I'll look for some 'unmaintained' projects/repos (at least those, whose periodic jobs are failing) and ping their team or send mail to ML in the coming days16:43
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty deliverables for stable/rocky
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smcginniselod: Yeah, I agree.16:59
smcginnisThe idea was to give someone else, or even an entirely different team, an opportunity to step up and maintain and EM branch.16:59
smcginnisBut seems like there will always be someone that says they want it to stick around. The tricky part will be seeing if they actually put in the effort to keep things going.17:00
smcginnisWhen we tried extending the stable policy duration in the past, there were always volunteers to keep things going, but usually things broke within a few months (or weeks) and no one would do anything about it.17:00
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elodthat's true. however it depends what it means to maintain an EM branch. for example if CI keeps working, only minor fixes needed and that is done by the ones, who want to keep EM branches open, then I would say it's not a big burden (especially as there are not so much stable backports on old branches, in general)17:05
elodif those fixes don't arrive, then well, it's time to EM17:06
elodat least that's my opinion17:06
elodby the way, were there such cases when someone said "let's keep it open" (behond me :)) ?17:08
elod(s/time to EM/time to EOL/)17:10
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smcginniselod: I seem to recall one case, but I'm not sure what happened with that.17:55
elodmaybe that was me, too :)18:00
smcginnisHaha, maybe.18:03
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: [cloudkitty] Transition Rocky to EM
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openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/releases master: oslo.policy 3.0.2
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: oslo.policy 3.0.2
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