Thursday, 2021-08-05

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elodilleshberaud: sorry, forgot to sign on relmgmt etherpad that Wednesday is(was) PTO for me o:)07:53
hberaudelodilles: np07:53
elodillesbut now I've added that I'll be on PTO next week's 1st half07:55
elodilleshberaud: about ocata-eol patches: I think we can proceed with dragonflow and powervm, yes. my concern is however with packaging-deb, whether it would cause any post job failure, being the project 'retired'.09:47
elodilleshberaud: though if you say that we should try to merge that, then it's OK to me :)09:47
elodilleshberaud: I'm also hesitant about requirements ocata-eol. not sure how it would affect the not-yet-ocata-EOLd repositories (and their future transition to EOL)09:49
hberaudelodilles: no idea (about requirements)10:47
hberaudprometheanfire: o/ ^10:47
hberaudprometheanfire: further details are available here =>
hberaudelodilles: else the rest LGTM10:48
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: [packaging-deb] Transition Ocata to End of Life
elodilleshberaud: i've updated the title (removed the WIP prefix o:))11:05
elodilles(see the above patch ^^^)11:06
opendevreviewmbu proposed openstack/releases master: Push Validation Framework release to 1.3.0
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hberaudelodilles: well, I +2'd the ocata patches ready to go, feel free to +W them15:17
hberaudelodilles: FYI ^ take a look to prometheanfire's list (thanks prometheanfire)15:34
prometheanfiremainly the openstack-zuul-jobs repo15:34
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elodilleshberaud: I'd prefer not to self-approve those o:) but otherwise it's good to go, thanks!17:08
elodillesabout requiremets' ocata-eol: thanks for the list, I'll look into those tomorrow + I have a list with repositories that have open stable/ocata, so I'll propose some other ocata-eol patch as well17:10
hberaudelodilles: ack18:49
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