Friday, 2021-08-06

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opendevreviewMichal Nasiadka proposed openstack/releases master: [kolla] Transition Queens to End of Life
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [ironic] Propose to switch the release model
hberaud#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
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hberaudPing list: elod armstrong14:00
hberaudWe're way down on line 257 now. 14:00
hberaudPing list: elodilles armstrong14:01
hberaudWill just wait a couple minutes for folks.14:02
elodillesactually the ping list works for me with elod as well ;)14:02
hberaudah then sorry I was thinking it was non up to date14:02
elodilleswell, it's more clear like this, so no problem :D14:03
hberaudAs we started this cycle on freenode and we initialized the ping list at this moment14:03
hberaudOk let's go14:03
hberaudReview task completion14:04
hberaud#topic Review task completion14:04
hberaud1) Generate a list of intermediary-released service deliverables that have not done a release in this cycle yet. 14:04
hberaudAnd the countdown email will highlight the remaning patches14:05
hberaudelodilles: at least the heat patch can be merged, it just need a final +W14:05
elodillesjust reviewed, sorry, +W'd14:06
hberaudThank you14:06
hberaudAnd that's all for the the weekly tasks14:06
hberaud#topic Assign R-8 tasks14:06
hberaudI'll take all of them14:06
hberaudThey are all minor tasks14:07
hberaud#topic Review countdown email contents14:07
elodillesshould the heat-agent one deleted now that it is being merged?14:09
elodillesyes, looks OK :)14:12
hberaud#topic Open Discussion14:13
hberaudAnything that you want to bring today?14:14
elodillesnoting really14:14
elodillesmaybe that I'll be on PTO Mon-Wed next week14:14
elodillesas I wrote before14:14
hberaudThanks for the heads up14:14
hberaudI seen it on our meeting agenda14:15
hberaudI'll be on PTO next friday and AFK14:15
elodillesso I guess the meeting will be cancelled, right?14:15
hberaudand apparently ttx too, so I think that the next meeting will be cancelled14:16
hberaudI assigned the R-7 tasks to myself14:17
elodillesI can take at least the devstack-gate feature list one14:17
hberaudYes if you want14:17
elodillesif you are not insisting on doing it by yourself :)14:17
hberaudnope :)14:18
hberaudI put your name on the line14:18
hberaudand I'll surely ping you at some point during the week to double check the weekly email content14:18
hberaudsurely around Thursday14:18
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [heat] Propose to switch the release model
elodillesok, cool, I'll try to do my best with the mail content review :)14:18
hberaudThank you14:19
hberaudThen I think that we are done14:19
fungithanks hberaud!14:19
hberaudfungi: o/14:19
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Aug  6 14:20:00 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:20
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
hberaudThank you everyone14:20
elodillesthanks hberaud o/14:20
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gmannelodilles: i replied to d-g patch, we have really deprecated it in Xena and if still any dependency then we will ask them (project or 3rd party) to move to devstack based jobs
gmannhope it make sense ?14:56
elodillesgmann: oh, cool, thanks for the info, i missed it on the ML and maybe misinterpreted the etherpad :)15:05
elodillesgmann: then I'll abandon the patch15:05
gmannelodilles: thanks. +115:05
gmannelodilles: hberaud to check the murano project status. I am not seeing patches merging there and tried to reachout to PTL also via email but no response. how about release? is anyone from murano team doing that?15:15
gmannlast merged patch was 4 month ago for Xena testing update so basically no code change in Xena cycle
toskyelodilles: the etherpad is correct15:18
toskyelodilles: the fact there is just one job without patch seems to hint murano-dashboard is abandoned - I'm sure I've pinged the then-PTL15:18
gmanntosky: yeah murano is not active, I also pinged for community goal and no response. ^^15:19
gmannlet's see if any release happening for them and I will discuss it in TC meeting accordingly 15:20
elodillesgmann: I've quickly checked and the last releases were all releases without PTL/release liaison approved releases, so I think the project is pretty inactive15:23
elodillesso I guess it should be transitioned to 'retired'15:24
gmannelodilles: ok, thanks for check. yeah, I have added it in TC meeting agenda next Thursday and will update you accordingly before you guys spend time on releases15:25
gmannif no one comes up then we should decide the retirement before rc release15:25
elodillestosky: oh, cool, I thought that the open cinder + murano items mean that the devstack-gate update is still needed, I've missed the mail about devstack-gate deprecation15:26
elodillesgmann: sound good, thanks in advance!15:26
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Remove devstack-gate feature list related task
opendevreviewGhanshyam proposed openstack/releases master: [cinder-tempest-plugin] Tag train-last
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hberaudgmann: If I remember correctly the situation with murano is the same on our side than yours17:39
gmannhberaud: ok. what is best possible deadline we should decide(on retirement or not) in TC so that you guys do not spend time on their release things?17:41
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