Saturday, 2022-03-26

elodilleshmmm, it seems that 'Yoga final release for cycle-with-rc projects' patch validation is failing due to 'setuptools issue 3197':
elodillesit affects 3 deliverables: ansible-role-atos-hsm ansible-role-thales-hsm sahara-image-elements10:43
elodillesthese are unfortunately quite abandoned deliverables...10:43
elodillesi've proposed workaround for them but the gates have other issue for them:
elodillessummery of 'setuptools issue 3197' is that with setuptools 61.0.0 release (came out during Thursday, and 61.1.0 came out on Friday) setuptools changed its package discovery and now the packages without real python package content fail to build10:46
elodillesso now we have to figure out what to do with these 3 deliverables in Yoga final release10:47
smcginniselodilles: This seems to indicate that changing from `python` to `python -m pip install` gets around it:
*** ianw is now known as ianw_pto20:27
elodillessmcginnis: in validator there is an explicit test that tests whether 'python sdist bdist_wheel' builds the bdist. can we build it with 'python -m pip install' command as well?20:36
elodillessmcginnis: on the other hand i was able to fix the deliverables:
elodillessmcginnis: though i don't know how good it is to re-release these deliverables in the coming days...20:39

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