Friday, 2022-03-25

opendevreviewPranali Deore proposed openstack/releases master: Glance team releases for stable/xena
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elodillesgood morning release managers \o/08:42
elodillesfyi: requirements yoga branch cut is ready for reviews:
elodillesas everything else cut their yoga branch already \o/08:42
elodillesthen devstack and grenade patches can also processed (on top of the requirements patch ^^^)08:43
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Creating stable yoga for requirements
hberaudelodilles: done ^09:10
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elodilleshberaud: \o/09:12
elodillescool, thanks!09:12
elodillesprometheanfire: requirements stable/yoga has been cut, so you can proceed with the announcement of the requirements freeze lift from master!09:14
hberaudelodilles: we still have 2 tempest patches that remain opened
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Create stable/yoga for devstack
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Create stable/yoga for grenade
elodilleshberaud: oh, thanks for the reminder. those have -1s from PTLs as I see09:21
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elodilleswe need to ping them during the day :S09:21
elodillesthey are not here in IRC as I see09:22
elodilles(i need to disappear for some hrs, but will be back during afternoon)09:22
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Final RC patch for neutron
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Final RC patch for magnum
opendevreviewPranali Deore proposed openstack/releases master: Glance team releases for stable/wallaby
opendevreviewMartin Kopec proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-testr 2.1.0
opendevreviewMartin Kopec proposed openstack/releases master: Release hacking 4.1.1
opendevreviewHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Release ironic-tempest-plugin for Yoga
prometheanfirewe're branched, woot :D12:36
prometheanfirewill email about the freeze lift12:36
hberaudelodilles: FYI I updated the ironic-tempest-plugin as all their patches are now merged
hberaudelodilles: I think this deliverable is now ok12:37
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Create stable/yoga for devstack
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Create stable/yoga for grenade
hberaudConcerning monasca-tempest-plugin I poke the team a couple of minutes ago and I'm still waiting for feedbacks12:38
* prometheanfire hopes old python can be dropped in z12:42
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iurygregoryhberaud, +1 13:43
elodilleshberaud: ack 13:58
elodillesprometheanfire: \o/13:58
elodillesreminder: meeting starts in a minute :]13:59
elodilles#startmeeting releaseteam14:01
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elodillesPing list: hberaud ttx armstrong damani14:01
elodilleswe are at line 392 waaaay down14:01
elodillesgood to see so many of you :) let's start with the 1st topic14:05
elodilles#topic Review task completion14:05
elodilles1st task was:14:05
elodilles'Process any remaining stable branching exception.'14:05
hberaudempty list14:06
elodillesthanks hberaud 14:06
elodillesnext task:14:06
elodilles'Process any remaining tempest patches exception.'14:06
elodilleswe have here two tempest plugin still open14:07
hberaudso only monasca remains here...14:07
hberaudthe ironic part only needs another +2 14:07
elodilleshberaud: yes, the other needs a 2nd +2+W only :]14:07
hberaudHowever I didn't get replies from the monasca team...14:07
elodilleshopefully monasca will be PTL-approved soon as well14:07
hberaudAlso I didn't find the patches that they spoke about in their comments14:08
elodillesshould we set a deadline there?14:08
hberaudI'd say yes14:08
ttxhmm how about we approve it now14:09
* ttx checks14:09
hberaudI think we enough waited14:09
elodillesarmstrong: o/14:09
elodillesthe hash is still the tip of the branch14:10
ttxyeah they can do a 2.5.0 at the last minute but we need one now14:10
hberaudso fire14:10
ttxjust approved ironic14:10
ttxand +2ed monasca14:11
elodillesand +2+W'd monasca14:12
elodillesnext task:14:12
elodilles'Notify the documentation (Technical Writing SIG - team that it should be safe to apply their process to create the new release series landing pages for'14:13
elodillesthis was on me14:13
elodillesunfortunately this was an issue last time as well14:13
elodillesas there is no active member of the team anymore14:13
elodillesas I tracked down TC took over the responsibility14:14
fungistephenfin might be willing?14:14
elodilleswhat i found is that these are the patches that we need:
elodillesanyway, i planned to propose these patches for zed today but ran out of time before the meeting :/ sorry :/14:16
elodillesi'll do that after the meeting14:16
elodillesand ping the TC as well14:16
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elodillesfungi: i don't know whether stephenfin is around, besides he said last occasion that he stepped down from documentation SIG14:17
ttxi think it's fine as long as we have them before release day14:17
elodillesttx: ++14:17
fungiyeah, he's still been pitching in here and there, i agree it's a long shot14:18
fungireaching out to the tc about it is definitely the next step anwyay14:18
elodillesanyway, it's on my TODO :)14:18
elodillesfungi: ++14:19
elodillesok, next task then:14:19
elodilles'On the day before the deadline for final release candidates, propose last-minute RCs where needed.'14:20
elodilleshberaud proposed the patches ^^^14:20
ttxsahara is left14:20
opendevreviewMartin Kopec proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-testr 3.0.0
hberaudthose without response should be abandoned14:20
elodillesthen we can abandon14:21
ttxI was actually wondering14:21
ttx02235e6c Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/yoga14:21
ttx9bbf339e Update .gitreview for stable/yoga14:21
ttxThose look like things we kinda need to have14:21
elodillesand after the final release, a stable release can be made if necessary14:21
ttxbut I'm surprised they did not make it to rc114:21
hberaudttx: why we need them?14:22
elodillesttx: .gitreview and TOX_CONSTRAINTS are generated after the stable/yoga cut,14:22
hberaudI think those  can be ignored14:22
elodilleswhich is usually together with RC114:22
hberaudI selected sahara because a fix was landed 14:22
ttxha right14:22
ttxok then abandon agree14:22
hberaudbut I ingored all the other deliverables with just this kind of patch14:22
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release ironic-tempest-plugin for Yoga
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release monasca-tempest-plugin for Yoga
elodillesI remember that some projects had problems when these patches were not released, but to tell the truth these are the patches that quite many projects don't release at all after their final release is out14:24
hberaudyes this can raise issue on the long time14:24
elodillesso as hberaud says: we have multiple deliverables that have only this changes after RC1 and usually there weren't RC2 for them in the past14:25
elodillesafaik :]14:25
elodillesanyway, for now I think it's OK to abandon it14:25
elodillesand sahara can decide to do stable release after March 30th14:25
elodillesi've abandoned it14:27
elodillesso this task is also done \o/14:27
elodillesthe next tasks are the countdown email review and...14:28
elodilles... After the email is sent, use propose-final-releases to tag the existing most recent release candidates as the final release for projects using the cycle-with-rc model14:28
elodillesso I'll do that after the meeting :)14:28
ttxyeah those are Friday tasks :)14:29
elodillesany comment questions for the completed tasks? 14:29
elodillesttx: exactly :]14:29
elodillesif no, then let's continue with the next topic:14:30
elodilles#topic Assign R+0 week tasks14:30
ttxI'd say it's an "all" task list14:30
elodillesthis is an exciting one :)14:30
ttxwith elodilles in the driver seat14:30
ttxI just separated review guidelines from tasks14:30
elodillesttx: ack14:30
elodillesyepp, please stick to the guidlines for the next week :)14:31
ttxhberaud: you won;t be around right14:31
hberaudgood question14:31
hberaudI'm not yet fully sure14:31
ttxOK I'll be around in support14:31
hberaudI prefered to say that I'll be away14:31
hberaudbut maybe I'll be there too14:32
hberaudI'll confirm monday14:32
ttxMight have a few hour-long breaks as I navigate other things, but fully available in the morning14:32
elodilleshberaud: ack14:32
fungii plan to be on hand for the release activities in case anything infrastructure-related comes up, though i have an appointment to get to afterward and will likely disappear around 15:30 utc14:32
ttxfungi: how early can we start?14:32
elodillesfungi: thanks in advance14:33
elodillesthe critical is I'd say Wednesday and release timing :)14:33
fungii can start as early as folks want14:33
ttxTrying to remember when the approval button needs to be pressed, IIRC it was around 12UTC14:34
ttxor 11:30UTC14:34
fungii'll be awake by then for sure14:34
ttxso that it's fully done long before 15UTC14:34
elodillesyeah, everything should be started well before 15UTC as I remember14:35
ttxOK let's plan to all be around at 1130UTC for the go/nogo14:35
ttxelodilles: that's 13:30 CEST with the time change next week14:35
fungisounds good to me14:36
elodillesttx: yes-yes, DST is in the way as well :)14:36
elodillesI'll be around all day so that shouldn't be a problem :)14:37
elodilleshberaud: if you have any interesting thing in your mind that is good to remember regarding the release then please ping me with it :)14:37
ttxJust confirmed that 15UTC is good14:38
elodillesttx: ack, thanks!14:38
hberaudnormally every useful info are in our process14:38
elodilleshberaud: that's true :)14:38
elodillesgood, so everything is agreed then14:40
elodillesanything else to mention?14:40
elodillesthen let's move on to the next topic14:41
elodilles#topic Review countdown email contents14:41
elodillesplease review ^^^^14:41
elodillesin the template there was 'we would appreciate having an ack from each team before we14:42
elodillesapprove it on the 16th'14:42
elodillesi guess that should be 30th14:42
elodillesor maybe 29th?14:42
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ttxwe approve it on the 30th14:43
elodillesok, then it's good as it is \o/14:43
ttxall good14:45
ttxDid a few changes14:45
ttx(like new URL for PTGbot)14:45
elodillesttx: saw that, thanks!14:45
elodillesthen last topic:14:46
elodilles#topic Open Discussion14:46
ttxI was wondering if we needed a meeting next week14:46
ttxWe could do the release postmortem at PTG14:46
ttxand not sure we need to prep for PTG that much14:46
elodillesttx: sounds good to me14:47
elodillesbtw, PTG etherpad is there:14:47
ttxCool will copy topics over14:47
elodillesI only added the template yet14:47
elodillesttx: cool, thanks!14:47
elodillesi saw that you started to collect things in the tracking page14:47
elodillesfeel free to add there topics if you have one14:49
elodillesanything else that we forgot?14:49
elodillesor any other topic? :)14:50
ttxnothing here14:51
fungii got nuthin'14:52
elodillesprometheanfire: thanks for the requirements freeze lift mail!14:52
elodillesgood. if nothing left for today, then let's close the meeting!14:53
elodillesthanks everyone for the help & participation!14:53
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Mar 25 14:54:05 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:54
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
hberaudthanks elodilles 14:54
ttxthanks elodilles !14:54
elodillesthanks too! o/14:54
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opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Yoga final releases for cycle-with-rc projects
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Mark Yoga as released

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