Thursday, 2014-09-25

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ttxmikal: around?07:39
ttxmikal: i think you need to remove the unassigned stuff from the RC1 target07:39
ttxbecause i don't see how we can reach RC1 in a reasonable amount of time otherwise07:40
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mikalttx: I've been pinging those11:24
mikalI removed a few today11:24
mikal times out when I try to untarget it11:26
ttxmikal: Launchpad for sure is not getting any better with 0.5 FTE working on it11:26
mikalYeah, but that one is stuck which means we "never" release11:27
ttxmikal: done11:27
ttxmikal: for some reason, if you expand the nova section in the bug and untarget there, it works better11:27
* ttx knows all the tricks11:28
mikalOk, a quick scan through shows two genuinly not assigned11:29
mikalAnd I've pinged both of those11:29
mikalttx: I don't feel well so I am going to wander off now, but I will chase these once again tomorrow11:30
ttxmikal: sure! have a nice evening!11:31
sdaguemy trick on something like is to delete Fix Committed projects11:48
sdagueif you get the project list small enough, you can usually change nova states11:48
sdaguemikal: I can work on fixing that one today11:49
KiallHey ttx - About?12:29
ttxKiall: indeed12:31
ttx#startmeeting incub_sync12:31
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ttx#topic Designate12:32
KiallSo - We talked last week about pushing that last BP out, it's not merged, so we pushed it to Kilo.12:32
ttx2 RC bugs left before we can cut RC112:32
ttxJust let me know when you're done, and we'll tag and open kilo12:32
ttxthen if some new release-critical thing is detected we'll open a RC2 window to fix it12:33
KiallYes, both have reviews up, one has a mistake or two, the other needs review.12:33
KiallSince neither are "it's totally broke" bugs - should we cut an rc1 and expect to do an rc2, or better to wait?12:33
ttxYou seem in good shape12:33
ttxno, we should wait12:33
ttxRCs need to be release candidates12:34
ttxi.e. at that point in time, you're fine with it being released as final12:34
KiallOkay - Hopefully we can get them both merged today. I'll takeover Endre's and get the other cores to re-review both today.12:34
Kiall(Endre is on holidays now..)12:34
ttxyou can discover new things... and respin the RC... but there is no point in doing a RC1 when you already have bugs piled up for a RC212:34
KiallSure, makes sense.12:35
ttxso better wait a few days to be sure, rather than open a RC2 window just after RC1 iscooked12:35
ttxThe rationale is.. people only test RCs if they believe it may be the final12:35
ttxif a RC2 is queued, then they wait12:35
ttxReleasing is a psychology exercise12:35
KiallHah - OK - Makes sense.. I'll ping you once both have landed then?12:36
ttxKiall: yes -- other questions ?12:36
KiallYep - But all can wait till we open kilo ;)12:36
KiallActually.. 112:37
ttxLooking at design summit space -- nothing final, but current estimate:12:37
KiallOo - I didn't know you were involved in that! Then I have questions ;)12:37
ttxYou would get 3 scheduled slots on the Tuesday, then a pod for the rest of the week12:37
ttx(dedicated pod)12:37
KiallOkay - That sounds reasonable, I understand space in Paris is somewhat more limited than usual.12:37
KiallThe scheduled slots, at what point do we finalize the topics etc?12:38
ttx(incubated projects in ATL got about the same fwiw)12:38
ttxKiall: at least one week before summit starts12:38
ttxso people can start organizing and we can check conflicts12:39
ttxIt's the job of the Kilo PTL, but you might be that person12:39
KiallYep - I was expecting it to be less than ATL, since space is tighter and there's more projects!12:39
KiallYep - I've nominated myself, and asked the others to nominate themselves if they wish.12:39
ttxKiall: alright then, talk to you later ?12:39
KiallYep - Enjoy your day :)12:40
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Kiallttx: FYI both patches have 2x +2's .. Waiting on the check queue to +1, then I expect they will be approved shortly after..13:21
ttxSergeyLukjanov, zaneb: ping re: RC1 buglist when you get a chance13:52
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mesteryttx: Any idea on when you plan to cut RC1? Trying to see which bugs have a chance at this point.14:55
ttxWhen you're ready and confident it could make a release candidate14:55
ttxThe goal is to hit that before the end of the month ideally14:56
ttxto leave 2 weeks for further testing14:56
ttxand potential respins14:56
ttxmestery: so as we get closer to the end of the month, we become more picky on what is considered a release blocker14:56
mesteryttx: Ack, I've been pairing things down, I think we're down to 10 bugs in RC1 now, with maybe 3-4 of those in the queue and the rest being respun today14:57
ttxand then we only reopen a new RC window if a bug is serious enough (like: it's a regression)14:57
mesterySo we're close14:57
mesteryGot it14:57
ttxthe goal being, to trick testers into thinking it might well be the final, so they better test it14:58
dolphmttx: have an RC1 countdown chart running?15:08
dolphmttx: did i miss something with glance? no PTL candidacies for kilo + no RC blockers?15:09
ttxdolphm: the team around it wasn't very active in Juno. So it's not very surprising they are not broken hopelessly at this point15:10
ttxwe still hope to find candidates before the end of the day though :)15:11
zanebttx: o/15:12
ttxzaneb: hey! Feel like the curve of RC issues is not going in the right direction those last days for Heat:
ttxit might be time to split between real release blcokers and nice-to-haves-that-could -be-fixed-post-release15:13
zanebyep, that is my task for today15:13
zanebthat and triaging the 'new' bugs to make sure none of those are actually release blockers15:14
ttxright, ok15:15
ttxi want that curve oriented in a way that makes it look like it may hit the floor before the end of the month15:15
ttxhint: it never really does :)15:15
ttxAlthough I guess Cinder's curve is a good approximation15:16
ttxmost of the others have a week or two of "RC1 what?", then a surge as bugs get triaged... then a few steep drops when I ping people about keeping only blockers15:17
ttxthen they brutally hit the floor one or two days after the symbolic deadline I set15:17
ttxdavid-lyle: got a minute?15:23
ttxdavid-lyle: same remark, horizon RC bugs not going in the right direction over the last day(s)15:23
ttxare they all release blockers?15:24
ttxor could you further split blockers from nice-to-haves ?15:24
david-lyleseveral last minute previously untargeted Sahara issues cause the bump in our curve15:24
ttxoh, right15:25
ttxI guess you can hit RC1 slightly later than the others though15:25
ttxlike before the end of next week15:25
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around?15:25
david-lyleyes, I hope so. A few of the in progress are +A and making there way through the gate now15:26
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup15:26
SergeyLukjanovttx, for sahara is up to date15:26
ttxSergeyLukjanov: same remark, a bit concerned that your RC bug curve is generally not oriented in the right direction15:26
ttxoh. 0 ?15:26
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup15:26
ttxsome would say that's cheating now15:27
ttxSergeyLukjanov: how about we let it bake for one day and cut tomorrow when you get up ?15:27
ttxI'll run a few checks15:27
SergeyLukjanovttx, +115:27
SergeyLukjanovttx, we're testing it now too15:27
SergeyLukjanovttx, all other open issues are all about docs15:28
ttxalright, good15:29
SergeyLukjanovdavid-lyle, thanks for accepting our last minute patches, and sorry about this...15:30
david-lyleSergeyLukjanov: no worries, if we have them on our radar sooner in the future, there should be less scrambling15:31
david-lylebut we'll get them in15:31
ttxSergeyLukjanov: I cut horizon some slack precisely due to that15:31
ttxthey are often hit by last-minute things in upstream projects15:31
ttxso the are naturally "ready" a bit later15:32
ttxjraim: around?15:32
jraimttx: yes15:32
ttx#topic Barbican15:32
ttxstill seem like a lot to do before you can do a RC115:33
ttxAre those 2 features still in progress ?15:34
jraimredrobot is working on it. we only have a little bit left from what I understand15:34
redrobothi ttx and jraim!  Yes, I just bumped one of the BPs to Kilo-1.  The other one is just waiting on a single patch, so we should have that merged in the next day or two.15:34
ttxOK, then the goal is to come up with a list of release blockers15:34
redrobotafter that we'll be in bugfix mode.  Not sure if we'll want an RC1 now, and then an RC2 with bugfixes.15:34
ttxand keep non-release blockers out of the list, so that we know when we can tag a RC115:34
ttxno, ideally RCs need to truly be potential release candidates15:35
ttxso better wait15:35
ttxno big deal if you miss the "end of month" target I set for intgrated release15:35
ttxso yes, get those features out of the picture so that you can concentrate on identifying release blockers and getting them fixed15:36
ttxthen when you believe you have a winer, we tag it RC1, which should result in added scrutiny from external testers15:36
ttxand potentially regressions being found15:37
ttxwhich would then warrant a RC respin15:37
ttxjraim, redrobot: makes sense ?15:37
redrobotttx yes, got it.  Once we're comfortable with RC1, should I just ping you directly?15:37
ttx(the perk being when we tag RC1 we also unfreeze master)15:37
ttxredrobot: yeah15:38
redrobotok, will do.15:38
ttxjraim, redrobot: questions ?15:38
redrobotI'm good. How about you jraim?15:38
jraimsorry - drive by meeting. Getting caught up15:39
jraimthis makes sense to me15:39
ttxok then! talk to you guys later15:40
ttxflaper87: arond?15:41
ttxaround, even?15:41
flaper87ttx: o/15:41
ttx#topic Zaqar15:41
ttx4 RC bugs left15:41
ttxwhich all seem RC to me15:41
flaper87zaqar is in a pretty bad shape now, there are some bugs that I'd like to get in but our gate is blocked15:41
ttxso nothing to add really15:41
flaper87patches for those bugs are up for review15:42
flaper87we're waiting for the patch that fixes our gate to land15:42
flaper87to get this done15:42
ttxping me when you get closer to rc1 and I'll run the scripts for you15:43
ttxflaper87: questions?15:43
flaper87ttx: nope, all clear15:43
ttxflaper87: alright, thx15:46
ttxdevananda: ready when you are15:46
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