Friday, 2014-09-26

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ttxmestery: around?14:31
ttxjgriffith: around?14:31
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around?14:32
jgriffithttx: yes14:54
jgriffithsorry, hadn't cleaned my highlights yet this morning ;)14:54
ttxjgriffith: heh14:55
ttxCinder RC1 is blocked on, which is itself blocked on
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ttxYou already +2ed the latter14:55
ttxwould be good to hunt down another cinder-core for the final one14:55
jgriffithttx: will do14:55
ttxoh and14:56
jgriffithyeah.... :)14:56
ttx is the first one of the patchseries14:56
ttxthis one is missing +2s14:56
jgriffithsigh.. honestly these guys are killing me :)14:56
ttxalternatively we could just untarget that bug :)14:56
jgriffithttx: alright, I'll either track em down this AM or boot them14:56
jgriffithttx: yeah, if they don't have reviews by lunch time I'll do that14:57
jgriffithttx: I did want to ask about that "other" one you moved out14:57
ttxjgriffith: if you're still at 0 bugs targeted when I get up on Monday I might just tag RC114:57
jgriffithttx: def14:57
jgriffithWRT Monday14:57
jgriffithI was threatening today to everyone ;)14:57
jgriffithttx: I'll work with Eric on that special item we removed14:58
ttxbah, I'm fine with letting people hunt for regressions over the weekend14:58
jgriffithI'd really like that to land before we cut14:58
jgriffithalright, sounds like a sane plane to me14:58
ttxjgriffith: oh, right14:58
jgriffithalso, I believe that other one I just go ahead and submit/merge the patch no?14:59
jgriffithbeen a while since we've done one of these14:59
ttxmestery: around?15:07
mesteryttx: Here, on a google Hangout15:07
ttxzaneb: around?15:08
ttxmestery: when would you have 5 min for quick status update ?15:08
zanebttx: so far I only managed to add bugs, sorry ;)15:08
zanebtoday is the day for removing bugs15:08
mesteryttx: How about in 40-45 minutes?15:08
ttxzaneb: ah right, was wondering if I got my message across correctly :)15:09
ttxmestery: ok15:09
mesteryttx: thanks for bearing with me :)15:09
zanebttx: wait, you *didn't* want it to curve upwards? ;)15:09
ttxzaneb: it's a burn DOWN not a burn UP15:09
ttxok, let's make those curves go down over the weekend15:10
ttxand talk to you on Monday/Tuesday :)15:10
zanebbut, seriously, I will get on that15:10
zanebI know stevebaker has a bunch of patches ready to merge15:10
zaneband I'm pretty sure we can drop a bunch of lesser bugs15:10
ttxzaneb: note that it's fine if they make it -- I just don't want us to block on them15:11
zanebyep, totally agree15:11
ttxzaneb: anything that accidentally makes it while we wait for the last blockers is obviously fine15:11
zanebttx: so we generally block on all bugs targeted for rc1?15:12
ttxzaneb: that's how we use the milestoen target yes15:12
* zaneb would have assumed it was just the high-priority ones15:12
ttxfor lack of a better tool to communicate that15:12
ttxzaneb: well, the trick is... sometimes a release blocker is not a critical bug15:12
ttxit may just be something you really need to fix pre-release rather than post-release15:13
zanebyes, I saw one of those yesterday15:13
ttxlike a missing file in a tarball, or some doc fix15:13
ttxso a single-dimensional "priority" fails to translate that15:13
zanebor a new API that requires knowledge of the DB schema to use it...15:13
zanebok, thanks, I'll keep that in mind15:14
ttxbasically anything that's hard to backport on stable branches15:14
SergeyLukjanovttx, I'm here15:14
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ohai. So I finally understoof why the graph still showed 8 bugs for Sahara15:14
SergeyLukjanovttx, doc bugs on 2014.2?15:15
ttxthat's because you defined the final release milestone too early, and targeted bugs to it15:15
ttxyeah. So two options here15:15
ttxIf the docs bugs are release blcokers, then we should wait until they are in to cut RC115:15
SergeyLukjanovcould we merge them after the rc1?15:16
SergeyLukjanovjust a docs to dev documentation15:16
ttxIf the docs bugs aren't release blockers, then we should tag them juno-rc-potential and fix them in master, and backport them ONLY if we happen to have another regression to justify a RC215:16
ttxSergeyLukjanov: rc1 is supposedly final15:16
ttxunless we find a regression15:16
ttxor some security bug15:16
ttxSergeyLukjanov: so I guess it boils down to.. how far are they from landing ?15:17
SergeyLukjanovttx, I've been sure that it's ok to merge docs after the rc115:17
SergeyLukjanovttx, let me check if we have critical one15:17
ttxit's fine to consider them release blockers, if they won't block RC1 publication forever15:18
ttxbut they should probably be off the list if they will15:18
SergeyLukjanovttx, heh, we have several doc changes we'd like to merge to be part of Juno release doc :(15:20
SergeyLukjanovttx, in fact all of this bugs are good to be included -
ttxok, you should move them to juno-rc1 then15:22
ttxhow much time do you think they will take15:22
ttx(2014.2 milestone should not be created at this point, I'll remove it)15:22
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SergeyLukjanovok, I'll move them right now and we'll try to fix them asap15:23
SergeyLukjanovI think it could be done till the end of Monday15:24
ttxSergeyLukjanov: sounds good15:24
SergeyLukjanovttx, sorry, bad hotel wifi15:38
SergeyLukjanovttx, I will move doc bugs to rc1 and remove 2014.215:38
ttxSergeyLukjanov: I can do it for you15:38
SergeyLukjanovttx, already done ;)15:39
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mesteryttx: I'm here now, apologies for being late.16:59
mesteryttx: My day has been complicated and it's looking to not getting any easier the rest of the way through :)16:59
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mesteryttx: I am stepping out to grab lunch now, I will be back in 1.5 hours or so, we'll catch each other yet today. ;)17:43
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dhellmannttx: I think I've seen bugs in launchpad associated with master versions of things and with stable versions. I don't know if that was a milestone, or a project, or something else and I can't find an example. I would like to update to reflect the fact that we will make a patch release of oslo.db, and have a fix for kilo. Maybe that's pedantic? If not, can you describe how to do that?20:41
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