Friday, 2014-12-19

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ttxdhellmann: we need to push oslo-incubator kilo-1 tag. I think tooz-adoption can be considered done, and we can tag on HEAD11:06
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nikhil_kttx: hi15:44
nikhil_kttx: thanks for releasing k115:44
ttxnikhil_k: no problem, followed the plan :)15:44
nikhil_kdo you need any post-processing on it ?15:44
ttxnikhil_k: nope15:44
nikhil_kttx: also, do you have a script or something that finds which bugs need to be tagged to k1 ?15:44
ttxnikhil_k: my script should have picked up all FixCommitted bugs in that period and targeted them automatically15:45
ttxso we should be all set15:45
nikhil_kttx: ah ok. thanks!15:45
nikhil_kAppreciate it!15:46
ttxredrobot: still not around,17:05
ttx(sent you an email)17:05
nikhil_kttx: hi17:21
nikhil_kwe've a bit of a issue17:21
nikhil_kwe as in Glance17:22
nikhil_kttx: Please ping me when you're around17:22
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