Thursday, 2014-12-18

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ttxasalkeld: o/07:54
ttxasalkeld: hi! let's quickly sync on status of heat k107:54
ttxunless things are in the pipe I think we'll tag without them07:55
asalkeldi need to ditch one bug07:55
asalkeldbut two are good, just needing approval07:55
asalkeldok ttx - that's fine07:55
ttx should gate07:56
asalkeldyeah that one would be nice to have07:56
ttxoh, long gate07:57
ttxso I can wait for that one07:57
ttxand tag when zuul is done with it (pass or not pass)07:57
ttx will probably be too late07:57
ttx(not in pipe)07:58
asalkeldttx that's fine07:58
ttxok let's defer it to k2 then07:58
ttxalright, we have a plan now. Will tag while you enjoy your evening and/or sleep07:59
asalkeldthanks ttx07:59
asalkeldyou too07:59
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ttxasalkeld_: readded since patch was approved.08:29
ttxlet's try to include it if everything goes well08:29
asalkeld_ok ttx08:50
asalkeld_ttx, do we need another sync up? or are we good?08:51
ttxasalkeld_: no we are good08:51
asalkeld_thanks, i'll go chill out then08:52
ttxyep, enjoy!08:52
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ttxdevananda: done10:31
ttxeglynn: I think ceilometer gate will be blocked until we get the pbr fix for into a pbr release10:32
ttxwill make gate-ceilometer-python33 fail every time I think10:32
eglynnyeap, we're just discussing that over of #os-ceilo10:33
ttxchecking who has pbr-release powerz10:33
eglynnquick fix to Sphinx from py33 requirements ...
eglynnquick fix to *remove Sphinx from py33 requirements10:34
ttxeglynn: maybe rebase the other one on top of this one so that it gets tested10:34
eglynnttx: yep, will do now10:35
ttxand can be enqueued in gate10:35
ttxeglynn: great10:35
Kiallttx: about?12:00
KiallGuess not, I'll likely miss our scheduled 1:1 slot today - 5 meetings all scheduled at that exact time. Trying to reorganize things ;)12:04
Kiall75d859faad4441c95ee08e2c904bb75b8d3cceab is the Designate kilo-1 SHA1, and the kilo-1 milestone in Launchpad is all marked as Implemented/Fix Committed ...12:04
ttxKiall: o/12:31
ttxOK, I can tag now12:31
ttxand we can skip the 1:1sync12:31
Kiallttx: excellent :) I'm just wading through bugs looking for anything that should be in k1 - Think I got all the last straggelers..12:32
ttxtagging even12:32
KiallLooks to have worked a charm..
Kiallttx: actually, Q for you.. You might know..
ttxdone @
KiallDo we care about interim tarball version #'s meeting PEP440?12:38
ttxKiall: ...maybe ? The milestone version is 2015.1.0b1 so that we avoid the issue12:38
KiallYea, all the tagged version meet it - but DevStack on Fedora (I think fedora) doesn't seem to like non tagged stuff having "odd" numbers.. Anyway, I'll leave it for the PBR folks ;)12:39
ttxTagging heat13:47
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mesteryttx: neutron (all 4 branches) are ready for tagging14:18
mesteryttx: I expect a few issues will be found for packaging due to the services split but we'll get that sorted immediatly and addressed in Kilo-2.14:18
ttxsure, that's why we do those milestone releases anyway14:19
ttxmestery: ok, let's try this14:19
mesteryttx: Ready and waiting for the fallout.14:20
* mestery straps on his helmet14:20
ttxhmm, I'll probably have to switch off automatic drive14:21
ttxLet's do neutron first14:21
ttxtag is on14:22
* ttx tags manually the other repos14:23
ttxlet's see what happens when I tag neutron-fwaas14:30
mesteryttx: Anxiously waiting to hear the results myself ;)14:32
ttxtarball job triggered14:32
ttxwe have fwaas, lbaas and vpnaas, right ?14:35
ttxmestery ^14:35
mesteryttx: Correct14:35
mesteryThose are the three14:35
ttxok, tagging the other 214:36
ttxmestery: tarball produced, could you sanity-check it:
mesteryttx: Looking ...14:38
mesteryttx: At first glance, it looks ok. I'll play around with deploying the tarballs as well a bit.14:40
mesteryttx: I know ihar was going to help with that from a packaging perspective as well.14:40
mesteryttx: Already found one simple issue: Needed to update the file :)14:47
ttxSee result at
ttxmestery: does that look good ? ^14:52
mesteryttx: Looking14:54
mesteryttx: That looks pretty solid, I'll see about testing this out today and we'll sort through whatever issues we find. Thank you for the release!14:54
ttxdhellmann: hi! Should we push the oslo-incubator k1 tag ?14:56
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ttxdhellmann: I think can be marked done14:58
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ttxjohnthetubaguy: hi! How are we doing ? Last two changes are not gating yet... should we wait for them ?15:19
ttxflaper87: available now if you want to discuss zaqar kilo-115:22
ttxor we can do the regular time (one hour from now)15:22
flaper87ttx: yes15:22
flaper87lets do it now15:22
ttxok, let's do it15:22
ttxI see two changes left15:22
flaper87yeah, they're blocked on the py33 issue15:23
flaper87we're landing a workaround now to get those 2 in15:23
flaper87once they land, we'll be good to cut the release15:23
johnthetubaguyttx: yeah, I suspect we shouldn't wait for those any more :(15:23
ttxflaper87: what's the review link for the workaround ?15:23
ttxI can tag once those 3 are in15:23
ttxjohnthetubaguy: if you defer them, I'll tag15:24
flaper87I think ceilo did something similar15:24
ttxthis setuptools update really ruined the k1 party :)15:24
johnthetubaguyttx: looking15:24
flaper87Hopefully we'll sort all that today15:25
flaper87as soon as this patch lands15:25
flaper87I'll be pinging you with a sha later today (or likely tomorrow morning)15:25
ttxflaper87: I can also tag once those 3 land, as long as shows all green15:26
ttxwithout formally waiting for your SHA. Your call.15:26
flaper87ttx: sounds good15:26
flaper87feel free to do that, the k-1 info in LP is updated15:26
ttxflaper87: wanted to quickly talk about zaqar stable branches15:26
flaper87ttx: shoot15:26
ttxwith the move to project-specific teams, we ahve a few corner cases15:27
ttxproposal is to give stable approval rights for zaqar stable/* to some zaqar-core or zaqar-milestone group15:27
ttxand for the time being not assert stable-maint-core control over that group15:27
ttxa bit like how the other incubated projects are doing it15:28
ttxthen we can discuss if adding more projects to the stable-maint-core realm makes or doesn't make sense15:28
ttxflaper87: what would be your pick ? zaqar-core ?15:29
ttxor zaqar-milestone ?15:29
flaper87As of now, I'd go with zaqar-core15:29
flaper87It's easier to maintain and our team is not really big15:29
ttxright, I just want to quickly unblock it (currently not sure who can approve there15:30
ttxwill post a review for that15:30
flaper87ttx: awesome, thank you :)15:31
ttxeglynn: ceilometer looks good to go. There is one change in zuul pipe about to merge, I can cut after that15:35
eglynnttx: please do so! :)15:36
ttxwill tag even if it fails15:36
ttxeglynn: ok, tag on its way15:48
eglynnttx: thank you sir!15:48
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ttxredrobot: around ?16:05
ttxdavid-lyle: o/16:05
david-lylettx: o/16:06
ttxdavid-lyle: not sure we should wait for heat-topology-display-improvement16:06
eglynnttx: excellent :)16:06
david-lylettx: no no need to do that16:06
ttxdavid-lyle: ok, move it to k2, I'll move all bugs16:07
david-lyleok, and the SHA on master is fine for K-116:07
ttxack, will tag just after16:07
david-lyleheat-topology-display-improvement moved16:08
ttxok, tagging16:09
ttxbswartz: o/16:10
bswartzttx: I'm here16:11
ttxanything you want to wait on before we tag ?16:11
ttxor should we just move all incomplete things to k2 and tag now ?16:11
bswartzthis is in the gate16:11
bswartzit should finish in like 1-2 minutes16:12
ttxbswartz: anything else ?16:12
bswartzno that's the last one16:12
bswartzeverything else needs to slip to k-216:12
ttxok, I can tag when that is in. Culds you move all unfinished stuff to k2 ?16:13
ttxWill merging result in completing gateway-mediated-with-ganesha ?16:13
bswartzactually that's a good question16:14
bswartzit looks like csaba has multiple changes attached to the BP16:14
ttxreview says "partially"16:14
bswartzonly the first one is ready16:14
ttxso blueprint should probably slip too16:14
bswartzokay I'll retarget that BP as well16:14
bswartzLP is cleaned up16:15
bswartzthat job is stuck in the gate now16:15
ttxOK, will tag as soon as 124635 makes it16:15
bswartzdo you know what's going on with gate-manila-devstack-dsvm-neutron?16:16
bswartzit was almost done and now it says "queued"16:16
ttxprobably requires a type of test node that is a bit starving16:16
ttxoh. ah16:16
ttxthen no, no idea :)16:16
bswartzbut the job was running16:16
bswartzcan jobs get killed and thrown back on the queue?16:16
ttxyou can ask on -infra16:16
bswartzI'll keep an eye on it and ping you when it merges16:17
bswartzor if you want to watch it yourself you can tag when the commit goes in16:17
bswartznow it's running again...16:17
ttxyep, will keep eye on it16:17
bswartzmust have been killed and restarted16:17
bswartzanything else for today?16:18
ttxbswartz: nope. Will ping you if scripts fail16:18
ttxotherwise, have a good holiday season16:18
bswartzI'll be online16:18
bswartzthanks, you too!16:18
ttxno 1:1 sync nex week, nor the next16:18
bswartzoh good point16:18
bswartzso Jan 8, 2015 then16:18
ttxnext one January 816:18
ttxredrobot: around?16:18
bswartzokay see you then16:18
ttxjohnthetubaguy: so.. anything I should wait for ?16:19
johnthetubaguyttx: sadly we just found one we need to wait for16:19
johnthetubaguyttx: it should be going into the gate soon though, its approved now16:20
ttxjohnthetubaguy: no problem, let me knwo which and I'll track it16:20
johnthetubaguyttx: I think thats the only critical bug in kilo-1 now16:20
ttxok, good16:21
ttxwill tag once that makes it and the zuul pipe is clear16:21
ttxif you find another pblocker, add it to the kilo-1 page16:21
johnthetubaguyttx: thank you, hopefully thats all now16:21
ttxjohnthetubaguy: thank you!16:21
ttxdhellmann: around?16:22
ttxnikhil_k: around?16:23
nikhil_kttx: o/16:24
ttxnikhil_k: so.. what should we wait on ?16:24
ttx should be fixed in master16:24
nikhil_kyes ttx16:25
ttxupdating bug status16:25
nikhil_kthe only major patch that am waiting on is16:25
ttxwhich review is that ?16:26
nikhil_kwe can ignore if it does not get reviews16:26
nikhil_kconf review link :
ttxok removed bug 1400366 from k1 blockers16:26
nikhil_kttx: had a minor nit which I asked to fix a few mins back.16:26
ttxnikhil_k: any chance you can get 141917 reviewed in the coming hours ?16:27
ttxwhat about ?16:27
ttxsame review for both ?16:27
ttxyes, looks like it16:28
nikhil_kttx: yeah, it (bug) was converted into a spec for bookkeeping16:28
ttxok, will keep an eye on that review and tag if it makes it16:28
nikhil_kttx: will approve that review once jenkins passes on it16:28
ttxalright, sounds like a plan16:29
nikhil_kwe may have limited core availability from US timezone16:29
ttxnikhil_k: worst case I can tag early tomorrow morning16:29
ttxnikhil_k: is it fine to bump it to k2 if it's still not in by tomorrow morning ?16:29
ttx(Europe) ?16:29
nikhil_kttx: that would be great. However, we'd be fine tonight :)16:29
nikhil_kttx: surely, the intent is to get it in k1 as far as possible16:30
david-lylettx: excellent, thank you16:40
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bswartz2ttx: 124635 merged16:54
ttxbswartz: ok, tagging now16:54
ttxall set!17:01
bswartz2ttx: thanks17:01
bswartz2I'm on my phone so I can't check it right now17:02
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bswartzwow nice!17:07
bswartzthe tarball is linked right there on LP17:07
ttxflaper87: looks like zaqar is all set, will tag now17:12
flaper87ttx: yes it is17:12
ttxdevananda: around?17:13
devanandattx: hi!17:16
ttxdevananda: hi! I tagged kilo-1 earlier, had another question about stable branches17:17
ttxdevananda: who would you like to be approving changes to ironic stable/* branches at this point ?17:17
ttxdevananda: ironic-core ?17:17
devanandagood question. we haven't discussed this much yet, since it was just opened up ?last week?17:18
ttxironic-milestone ? ironic-release ?17:18
devanandaprobably milestone or release, not core17:18
devanandait has been adam_g and myself. I wouldn't mind adding one or two to that, but not all of -core17:18
ttxsince this is not directly handled by stable-maint-core yet17:19
ttxdevananda: maybe add adam to,members17:20
ttxand use ironic-milestone for ir17:20
devanandasounds good17:21
ttxok, will propose change to match that17:21
ttxon your side, just add adam to ironic-milestone17:21
ttxcool, thx17:23
ttxALl I had17:23
devanandattx: re-skimming the stable maint ML thread, should we be creating ironic-stable-maint gerrit group for this?17:40
devanandattx: I beleive we should, given that every other integrated project has such now, rather than overloading the milestone group's meaning17:46
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johnthetubaguyttx: I think we are good for nova now, the bug merged19:00
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ttxdevananda: every other integrated prject has one because it has a stable branch from a supported release. Kilo will be your first one19:39
ttxzz_johnthetubagu: ok, tagging19:40
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devanandattx: with stable maintenance being spread out now, I'm not sure how that precedent applies19:47
devanandattx: but in any case, if creating that group when kilo is released is your preference, I'm fine proceeding with that19:48
ttxdevananda: more likely I expect the stable team to decide to include more projects (or rather, certify that the stable branch policy is followed on more projects) than the integrated release19:49
ttxwith the whole structure reform19:49
ttxso yes, this is likely to change, this is just reflecting current state19:50
ttx(which was, stable branches are created and maintained by stable team after the first integrated release of a project)19:50
ttx(projects that create them before then are on their own)19:50
ttxobviously this old rule won't stay in the new world order.19:51
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