Wednesday, 2015-03-18

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mesteryttx: Around?14:19
ttxmestery: yes14:19
mesteryttx: Cool! Want to sync quickly now?14:20
mesteryOK, I'll make it fast, promise :)14:20
ttxStill 17 on the docket :/14:20
mesteryYes, let me explain the thinking:14:20
mesteryAll the low priority ones are vendor drivers for LBaaS and FWaaS or plugins14:21
mesteryIf htey don't merge by tonight, they're out14:21
mesterySo ignore those for now.14:21
mesterySTarting at high14:21
mesterysubnet allocation and IPAM ones will get FFEs14:21
mesteryWe're merging their patches, but will need a bit more time14:21
mesterySo those are 314:21
mesteryportsecurity is in the merge queue and will be done soon14:21
mesteryovs_lib is unlikely to make it, we're discussing the testing aspects now, but it's likely out14:22
mesteryl2 agent is also likely not to make it, but has until the end of the day14:22
mesterySo that covers the high14:22
mesteryany questions? :)14:22
ttxno, makes sense. Maybe we could push to "essential" the ones that will get FFEs14:22
ttxfor clarity14:22
mesteryGood idea, I'll do that!14:22
mesteryOK, on to the medium ones14:22
ttxor if you already know they won't make it, you can push them to RC1 directly14:23
mesteryDHCP loadbalancing will make it today, it was respun but it's a single patch, I expect it to hit the merge queue later today14:23
mesteryttx: Even better14:23
mesteryIPV6 router support is also likely to make it, it's a small patch and should go in todya14:23
mesteryHA Router master may get an FFE, the patches are merging but there are quite a few.14:23
mesteryMultiple IPV6 networks is unlikely to make it14:24
mesteryVLAN trunking will make it, only 2 patches left (one is a testing patch)14:24
mesteryconntrack is unlikely to make it14:24
mesterySo, the ones unlikely to make it I'll move out by this afternoon if theiur patches are not in the queue14:24
mesteryWe were busy yesterday and last night merging patches :)14:25
mesteryCrazy week14:25
ttxthx for keeping up with all of this14:25
mesteryHey, it's my job, and luckily I have a great group of people helping out (including you!).14:25
mesterySo, lets touch base tomorrow morning again, I know where to find you14:26
ttxmestery: thx, and talk to you same time tomorrow14:26
ttxdavid-lyle: ping me when around to discuss status14:26
mesteryack, later!14:26
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ttxdavid-lyle, devananda, SlickNik: ping me when you're up and running, to discuss status15:26
devanandattx: o/15:26
ttxlet's see15:27
ttxdown to 515:27
devanandaI adjusted the Prio on those to group them better15:28
ttxtrying to map status to what you told me yesterday15:29
devanandacleaning is a major feature for us, and partially landed already15:29
devanandanot pushing forwad on that will mean disabling (or reverting) a chunk of code15:29
devanandasimilarly, landing it for only one driver is not ideal, which is why ilo cleaning is up there, but at medium15:29
ttxthe two you thought were porbably finished are now marked implemented15:30
ttxand we are left with the final 515:30
devanandawe've already landed in-band discovery and the api changes for it, so again, landing that for a second driver (ilo) is importantish15:30
ttxsounds like FFEs to come15:31
ttxAnything likely to land by Thursday ?15:31
devanandathe two UEFI patches, while nice features, dont affect the project as a whole15:31
devanandaso both Low Pri BP may get bumped -- or may not. they're also lower impact and easier t oreview :-/15:32
ttxideally I would tag before my EOD on Thursday -- noon pacific15:32
ttxthat leaves a bit more time15:32
devanandathe ilo discovery BP is all approved now, just waiting on the gate15:33
devanandaand we're focusing on the cleaning work right now15:33
ttxsounds good15:33
devanandaquestion for you ...15:33
ttxLet's talk again tomorrow when you get up15:33
ttxand see if waiting a couple more hours then is worth it or not15:34
ttxask and you shall get an answer15:35
devanandaif a feature is at risk of being unsupported by another project, pending them landing a fix, and thus not usable in the integrated release, should we just disable it now, or try to fix those bugs during RC period?15:35
openstackLaunchpad bug 1174153 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "data from previous tenants accessible with nova baremetal" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Jim Rollenhagen (jim-rollenhagen)15:35
ttxI'd say the latter. It's kind of why we have the RC period15:36
ttxto slow down and fix integration issues15:36
devanandaso all the cleaning work in ironic is feature work, but the fix in nova is basically just "recognize that ironic is cleaning"15:36
devanandawe had a couple discussions with them yesterday, and it looks like they're willing to accept the fix after k3 ... but there's a risk15:37
devanandaif nova doesn't, ironic will need to essentially disable that feature15:37
devanandaor break all the users15:37
ttxright, sounds like the sort of thing we should use RC1 period for15:37
devanandak k, thanks15:37
ttxto sync our violins15:37
ttxok, talk to you tomorrow15:38
SlickNikttx: o/15:45
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ttxSlickNik: o/15:54
ttxStill 5 up, is the status up to date ?15:54
SlickNikttx: hi15:54
SlickNikttx— one sec15:56
SlickNikttx: back15:57
SlickNikYes, is making it's way through merge as we speak15:57
SlickNik is on it's way to being merged here likely within the next few minutes15:58
SlickNik has been through multiple reviews and is really close as well, probably in the next couple of hours.15:59
ttxwhat about the last 2 ?16:01
SlickNik likely won't make it, and I'll need to move to liberty-116:01
SlickNik's lack of reviews as well is worrying — we're trying to get it working and reviewed today, but it might take longer i.e. closer to all day.16:02
SlickNikIt adds quite a few new tests for the new scenarios, and there are issues with CI timeouts, which we're trying to fix.16:03
ttxOK, we should tag around that time tomorrow16:05
ttxtalk to you then ?16:05
SlickNikYes, that sounds good. Will touch base then.16:06
david-lylettx: here16:19
ttxdavid-lyle: o/16:23
ttx11 still on the docket16:23
ttxdavid-lyle: did you split between FFE candidates, nearly-there and wont-make-it ?16:24
david-lyleI removed all that I don't think will make it16:24
david-lyleI have a few more that aren't super important, but really no reason they shouldn't land16:25
david-lyleand any for FFE are high or above, but not that full list16:25
david-lyle2-3 maybe16:25
david-lyleI will continue to cull during the day as reviews don't happen16:26
ttxok, should we just reconvene around that time tomorrow and defer stuff ?16:26
david-lyleI'm still beating the bushes for reviews16:26
ttxI suspec tseveral are in the merge pipe now16:27
david-lyleI hope so16:27
david-lylewill monitor today and update16:27
ttxok, sounds good.16:28
ttxtalk to you again tomorrow16:28
david-lylettx: ok thanks16:29
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nikhil_kttx: hi, around by any chance?19:41
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