Thursday, 2015-03-19

ttxnikhil_k: around now07:48
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ttxasalkeld: around?08:59
asalkeldttx: hi09:01
ttxasalkeld: hey, so 4 left, of which only convergence-push-data seems really close09:02
asalkeldso: breakpoint we might try FFE09:03
ttxI suspect we'll need FFE or defer for the others09:03
asalkeldnot sure what the proceedure for that is09:03
ttxWe can discuss it here and now09:03
ttxasalkeld: basically FFE is a question with 3 dimensions09:03
asalkeldttx: ok09:03
ttxdepends on how disruptive the change is (and therefore likely to break other teams that try to test k3)09:04
asalkeldnot very09:04
ttxdepends on how much time it will take (and therefore likely to disrupt other teams for a longer time)09:04
asalkeldthere are 3 patches i think - 1 should go in soon09:04
asalkeldone is struggling with tests09:04
ttxand depends on how many there are (since that will distract reviewers from RC bugfixing/testing)09:04
asalkeldand the other is a functional test09:05
ttxBasaiclly, if there is only one, it's a no-brainer09:05
asalkeldzane and shardy and shadower are all helping out09:05
asalkeldso i have good confidence it will be done well09:05
ttxif you add more, you need to make sure (1) they are very close from being finalized and (2) they won't change the world09:05
asalkeldttx: where do i need to "register" them?09:06
ttxThe test can be added without FFE (i.e. consider the spec done and log a RC1 bug to cover for missing test)09:06
asalkeldwill do09:06
ttxJust add them to RC109:06
asalkeldttx: one more question the mistral resoruces09:06
asalkeldthey go into contrib/09:07
asalkeld(not really a part of the realease)09:07
asalkeldcan we merge that when every we want?09:07
asalkeldshould not effect strings09:07
ttxhmm, yeah, taht's probably very low in the second dimension I mentioned above, so ok09:07
ttxI mean first dimension (disruption)09:08
asalkeldso i just target those blueprints to rc109:08
ttxSo to summarize...09:08
ttxconvergence-push-data should merge later today09:08
ttxif you can ghet a second +2 on it09:08
ttxstack-breakpoint will FFE09:09
asalkeldi am hopeful with the breakpoints too09:09
asalkeldttx: what is the deadline for k3?09:09
ttxmistral-resources-for-heat will FFE09:09
asalkeld(actual time )09:09
ttxconvergence-lightweight-stack will defer to Liberty09:09
asalkeldttx: agree - sounds right09:09
ttxdid I get it right ?09:09
ttxasalkeld: the sooner the better -- in all cases before 21:00 utc today09:10
asalkeldok, that's what i needed09:10
ttxhow about I cut it when convergence-push-data is in09:10
asalkeldsure, could do that09:10
ttxand then apply above decisions on the others if they missed it09:10
asalkeldi'll let everyone know09:11
asalkeldre-targetting now09:11
ttxso priority is
ttxyou can keep them in k3 right now, one never knows09:12
ttxbut I'll move them out when I tag if necessary09:12
asalkeldthanks ttx09:13
ttxasalkeld: should be all set by the time you get up tomorrow09:13
asalkeldnice :-)09:14
ttxjust give me some +2s on and I'll do the rest09:14
asalkeldsomeone looking at it now09:15
asalkeldttx: what's the exact date of rc1?09:16
ttxthere is no date09:16
ttxyou ahve a list of bugs09:16
ttxand we tag when you fix them all09:16
ttx(or accept them as known bugs)09:16
asalkeldroughly begining of april?09:17
ttxTo be in good shape, you generally have to hit RC1 2-3 weeks after FF09:17
asalkeldok should be doable09:17
ttxSee for example for how it went in havana09:18
ttx*that graph is the number of bugs targeted to the next RC09:18
ttxYou can see that most projects hit RC1 around the same date09:19
ttx(or week)09:19
asalkeldall the bugs just disapear;)09:19
ttxthen most discovered enough issues to warrant a RC209:19
ttxthen a few RC3s and RC4s as-needed09:19
ttxbugs don't disappear, at one point we just need to accept to live with them09:20
asalkeldthanks that's useful09:20
asalkeldi know, just kidding09:20
ttxso you just remove bugs from the RC-blocking list09:20
ttxor fix them :)09:20
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asalkeldttx: got anything else to cover?09:21
ttxasalkeld: nope09:21
asalkeldcool, time for an ale09:21
ttxI'll grab coffee now09:21
ttxjohnthetubaguy: I'll be back in 5min09:22
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johnthetubaguyI am going to head for some coffee too, I will be in a better mood that way09:23
ttxcells-v2-mapping looks complete to me09:30
johnthetubaguySorry, that sounds possible, double checking...09:32
ttxisolate-scheduler-db looks very close09:32
johnthetubaguyI think thats the one patch now09:33
ttxservicegroup-api-is-up-host-topic looks pretty close too09:33
ttxv2-on-v3-api and kilo-objects might squeeze a couple more patches in today too09:34
ttxbut won't "complete"09:34
johnthetubaguyv2 on v3 has a hit list they care about, let me check that09:35
ttxSo in summary... we could tag later today, hopefully when servicegroup-api-is-up-host-topic and isolate-scheduler-db merge their last patches09:35
ttxAt that point v2-on-v3-api and kilo-objects should have a couple merged more as well09:36
johnthetubaguythat sounds like a good plan09:36
ttxFor the others, I think the road goes to FFE or defer09:36
johnthetubaguyI will go try push a few over the line now09:36
johnthetubaguyI think thats fair09:37
johnthetubaguywe should discuss which ones you would want to veto a Feature Freeze on, but we can catch up tomorrow morning on that if you like?09:37
johnthetubaguywell, agree the ones that sounds too scary for a FFE, anyways09:37
ttxthat means the critical list is:
ttxWe can discuss FFEs vs. defer now if you prefer09:38
johnthetubaguyOK, I will go through and make sure we don't need to add to that, but that looks good for now09:39
johnthetubaguyso the aim is to reduce risk, and reduce distractions I guess?09:39
ttxas some of them might just be considered "partial" and completed09:39
ttxI posted the rationale above, 3 dimensions:09:39
ttxdepends on how disruptive the change is (and therefore likely to break other teams that try to test k3)09:39
ttxdepends on how much time it will take (and therefore likely to disrupt other teams for a longer time)09:39
ttxand depends on how many there are (since that will distract reviewers from RC bugfixing/testing)09:40
ttxbasically, if one is obviously open-ended, no point in FFEing it at all09:40
ttxsince it will have no end anyway09:40
ttxso let's see, assuming we wait for servicegroup-api-is-up-host-topic and isolate-scheduler-db to complete (and grant them automatic exceptions if they don't)09:41
johnthetubaguythis is an interesting one, we really want this in, and its blocked waiting for jay to do a review, which he promised yesterday:
ttxisn't that ?09:42
johnthetubaguyyes, sorry, thats the one09:42
ttxok, let's talk v2-on-v3 first09:42
johnthetubaguysure, sorry, lets go in order09:43
ttxcould this one be considered "complete" wherever it stands at tag time ?09:43
johnthetubaguyso some of this is now just clean up, we have the guts of what we need, as I understand it09:43
johnthetubaguythere is a risk around the policy stuff, we don't what the upgrade impact of people using the wrong policy, but we have a lot of that merged now I think09:43
ttxCOuld use RC bugs to cover the cleanup09:43
johnthetubaguyyes, that would track it better09:44
ttxas long as the meat of the feature is in09:44
ttxok, so let's mark "implemented" at tag time09:44
johnthetubaguyyeah, +109:44
johnthetubaguyI think thats a similar state09:45
johnthetubaguyhonestly it not clear where the patches land between those two now09:45
ttxTI think there is some impact on ironic there though09:45
ttxcould be covered by RC bugs for the "needed" stuff09:46
ttxso yeah, similar state09:46
johnthetubaguyOK, true, they snook some stuff into that blueprint09:46
johnthetubaguyhoenstly, the ironic stuff did sound like a bug fix09:46
ttxKilo objects, same09:46
ttxmark complete and cover critical missing parts if any as RC bugs (which they would be)09:47
johnthetubaguyyeah, objects has some risk, so we need to stop moving that target, but the bug like stuff, yes09:47
ttxI think that one would FFE09:48
johnthetubaguythe nice thing… its a parallel path, that is experimental09:48
johnthetubaguyit seems odd to push for it, but we want people to try it out sooner rather than later09:48
ttxThat one looks a bit far away still09:48
johnthetubaguyI think we pushed that one out of juno, sigh, but yes, its just not had the attention it needs09:49
ttxit's unlikely that an extra week would change that09:49
ttxhmm, could be considered complete09:50
johnthetubaguythat one is actually just a load of bugs at this point09:50
ttxyeah, mark compleet and file RC1 bugs09:50
johnthetubaguyyeah, I will sort that in the next hour or so09:50
ttxhmm.. lots of patches09:51
ttxhow much of a leg does it stand on if we defer the rest ?09:52
johnthetubaguyyes, I hope we actually have the meat of this merged already, but I need to double check that today09:52
ttxI guess if those are simple patches we could FFE it09:52
johnthetubaguythis we might FFE, because of the upgrade impact of not merging09:52
ttxoh right, that would be the 4th dimension... how broken the release is without the rest of the patches09:52
johnthetubaguythis isn't really a blueprint as such, its tidy up tracking09:53
ttxThat one could be granted FFE on the grounds it touches only tests, but then it's never finished and generates review distraction09:54
johnthetubaguyI know the team wanted this one, because of backporting patches09:54
johnthetubaguythey have all the patches up, apparently, just no one has got that far down the list I guess09:54
johnthetubaguydistraction is a big worry though09:54
ttxespecially if we pile up RC1 bugs to tidy the "mark complete" features09:54
johnthetubaguyyes, true09:55
johnthetubaguyI think I lean towards a no on that09:55
ttxyeah. If they can come down to a clear list of when that would be finished... we might reconsider09:55
johnthetubaguyseems like a good plan09:55
ttxok, I think we have a plan. Now let's get as many of those in thye critical path merged in the next hours09:56
ttxcritical path being now: servicegroup-api-is-up-host-topic, isolate-scheduler-db, online-schema-changes and v3-api-policy09:57
ttxwhich would all be granted FFE if they miss the window09:57
ttxjohnthetubaguy: I'd like to tag while you're still around (so that we can FFE/defer/mark-complete together), some early in your afternoon if that sounds good09:58
johnthetubaguyah, understood, +109:58
johnthetubaguyI can pop on later if needed, but lets try avoid that09:59
ttxyeah, same here09:59
ttxI mean, if there are some in the merge pipe, I can wait for those but we defer/FFE early09:59
ttxSergeyLukjanov: around ?10:02
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup10:02
SergeyLukjanovttx, good morning10:02
ttxhow are we doing10:03
ttxanything in the merge pipe we should wait on ?10:03
SergeyLukjanovttx, now writing up the summary, few CRs are in gate atm, several FFEs needed10:03
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup10:03
ttxare the 3 patches in the pipe the 3 we are waiting on ?10:04
SergeyLukjanovttx, let me write it up and I'll return back in 3 mins with a list10:04
ttxI can track them and ping you when they are landed10:04
SergeyLukjanovttx, so, we're waiting only for two CRs10:12
SergeyLukjanovttx, both of them are in the gate10:13
ttxsounds good to me10:13
ttxThose 3 FFEs are likely to be complete by end of next week, right ?10:14
ttxLet's cut when those 2 patches merge.10:15
ttxI'll track them and ping you when ready10:15
ttx(or the other way around)10:15
SergeyLukjanovttx, okay, thx10:15
SergeyLukjanovttx, re FFEs - I think all of them will be completed by Mon-Tue10:16
SergeyLukjanovttx, I've opened to ensure FFE procedure and there is no more FFE request emails10:16
ttxbreaking for lunch11:03
SergeyLukjanovttx, one saahra CR is already merged and another should be in 7 mins11:08
johnthetubaguyttx: found another nova patch I would like in before we release:
johnthetubaguyttx: we are pushing on getting the devstack dependency ready12:51
ttxjohnthetubaguy: if it's part of v3-api-policy it would get the FFE we decided... Any reason why we'd want it in k3 ?13:00
ttxSergeyLukjanov: shara looks ready, I can defer/FFE/tag if you confirm13:01
johnthetubaguyttx: it makes v2.1 policy testable in the same way we will release it, I think we could probably punt the rest till liberty, but I could be wrong13:01
johnthetubaguybut lets see how it goes I guess13:01
ttxjohnthetubaguy: ack13:02
ttxSergeyLukjanov: you there ,13:39
SergeyLukjanovttx, yeah13:42
ttxSergeyLukjanov: ready to go ?13:42
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup!13:42
SergeyLukjanovttx, about FFE, how it'll be done this time? previously it was by emails and now it's not very clear for me honestly13:43
ttxSergeyLukjanov: however you want13:44
ttxarguably you already have plenty enough13:44
ttxSergeyLukjanov: should I move specs out of k3 or are you doing it ?13:45
ttx(to kilo-rc1 and liberty-1)13:45
ttxbah, I'll do it13:47
SergeyLukjanovttx, oh, thx, sorry, I've been doing coffee ;)13:49
SergeyLukjanovttx, re spec files, I'll move 'em13:50
ttxSergeyLukjanov: tag in progress13:52
SergeyLukjanovttx, great!13:52
SergeyLukjanovttx, re FFEs, do you need to do anything else or they are approved?13:53
ttxthe ones you requested ? Approved13:54
SergeyLukjanovttx, yup, thx, just to clarify :)13:54
ttxSergeyLukjanov: done14:01
SergeyLukjanovttx, yay! thank you!14:02
morganfainbergttx: keystone should be good to tag.14:04
morganfainbergttx: there is a test-adding patch in gate, but it can land post k314:04
ttxmorganfainberg: looking14:04
ttxdeferring the last two bugs to rc114:05
ttxmorganfainberg: ok, tag on its way14:06
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*** dhellmann has joined #openstack-relmgr-office14:19
ttxmorganfainberg: done14:27
mesteryttx: Ready to chat when you are.14:28
ttxmestery: I am here14:28
mesteryttx: Neutron K3 is looking good.14:28
mesteryWe have one patch in the merge queue, and one in the check queue which will then hit the merge queue14:28
mesteryLP is all cleaned up14:28
mesteryPlease tkae a look14:28
ttxlinks to the patches ? I'll star them14:28
* mestery goes and grabs them14:29
mesteryFirst one:
ttxthat way I can tag when they hit the ground14:29
mesterySecond one:
ttxor recheck them if needed14:29
mesteryAlthough that one failed py27 again, need to sync on it14:29
ttxok, waiting on those two14:30
mesteryI'm working with the patch owner on now to understand the py27 failrue14:30
mesteryttx: Thanks! If we can't figure out the issue iwth the second one, I'll move it to RC1, I'll let you know in the next hour14:30
ttxwill tag later, once they are in14:30
mesterysweet! Thanks ttx!14:30
ttxnikhil_k: ping me when around14:31
ttxsame for david-lyle14:33
david-lylettx: doing final k-3 cleanup14:34
ttxok, standing by14:34
david-lyleok ready14:36
david-lyleone in the gate and a few RC-1s that are very close and high priority14:36
ttxSo.. pending on ?14:37
david-lyleyes, not a good start on the check job though :(14:38
ttxShould I move all the other bugs to rc1?14:38
david-lyledoesn't look related to the change14:38
david-lyleI'll cull some off that list14:38
ttxok, moving now14:38
ttxyou can cull once they are moved to rc114:39
ttxok moved14:39
ttxlet's babysit that last one through gate and tag14:40
david-lyleok, sounds good14:40
nikhil_kttx: hi14:51
nikhil_k(just done with weekly meeting)14:52
ttxnikhil_k: are the 3 Bps still on the k3 page the ones we want to FFE ?14:52
nikhil_kttx: yeah14:52
nikhil_kttx: I just announced in the meeting for getting one of them reviewed today14:53
nikhil_kttx: It's in really good share and I wanted to be extra sure before merging.14:53
ttxnikhil_k: any reason to wait ?14:53
nikhil_kttx: this one
ttxany particular patch I should wait on ?14:54
nikhil_kactually, there are two and
nikhil_kthe second one being more important14:55
nikhil_kttx: I think we'd be done in next 4 hours or so. Any chance you would be available then?14:56
ttxjust get them reviewed so that they enter queue early14:56
nikhil_kttx: sounds good.14:57
nikhil_kttx: A question14:57
nikhil_kThe documentation freeze happens today14:57
nikhil_kso, would that be applicable for the FFEs14:57
ttxthat means that patches should stop changing strings14:58
ttxif really needed, raise a thread on -dev so that docs /translators know14:58
* ttx needs to run an errand, back in 60/80min14:58
nikhil_kttx: sure. thanks14:58
ttxLet's block on those last two reviews for glance k314:58
ttxthe other two BPs would get FFE, right ?14:58
mesteryttx: Neutron Kilo-3 is locked and loaded and ready for a tag:
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bswartzttx: no meeting today?16:10
ttxbswartz: well, we do k3, and you're already done :)16:11
bswartzanything you wanted to mention about RC1?16:12
bswartzwe aim for 2-3 weeks from now right?16:12
ttxbswartz: not really... you should add RC-blocking bugs to the milestone16:12
ttxyeah, 2 weeks is the rigth target16:12
ttxcan be earlier... we tag RC1 when the bug list is empty16:12
bswartzthat was my only question16:12
bswartzI would love for it to be earlier16:13
ttxmestery: ok, tagging16:13
mesteryttx: Thanks!16:14
mesteryttx: Going afk for a bit, I'll be back in 30 minutes or so.16:17
KiallHey ttx16:30
KiallDesignate k3 tag should be eaa914489d3cb93e42ae0d98682953a5700b9a69 - Currently checking bugs etc for things not marked k3 that should be..16:31
ttxKiall: hey16:31
KiallHey :)16:32
ttxIf it's ready you should clean up
ttxmoving stuff to -rc1 or liberty-116:32
KiallYep, cleaning up as we speak :)16:32
ttxok, ping me when done16:32
ttxredrobot: around?16:35
redrobotttx o/16:35
ttxredrobot: how close are you from the tag ?16:36
ttxLooks ready if I'm to trust your milestone page16:36
redrobotttx I cleaned up the milestone page to be able to tag now.  Unfortunately a few BPs slipped past the deadline.16:36
redrobotttx they're all in review, so I expect them to land in the next few days. :-\16:36
ttxthat's fine16:37
ttxok, will tag when I'm done with neutron& friends16:37
redrobotttx thanks!  much appreciated.16:37
ttxSlickNik: around?16:37
ttxredrobot: hah, just read your email16:38
redrobotttx yeah, I wasn't sure if we had a 1:1 today :)16:38
SlickNikttx: here16:39
ttxSlickNik: anything in the pipe I should wait for ? Or should we FFe/defer now ?16:40
SlickNikThere's one patch in the pipeline.16:40
SlickNikcorresponding to
ttxack, I can tag when that is in16:42
SlickNikLooking to FFE
ttxif that's the only one you can target it to rc1 now16:43
SlickNikTHere's also
ttxif it's likely to land in the comin week, +116:44
SlickNikBut I'm inclined to move that to Liberty — not many reviews on that one at all16:45
SlickNikI'll keep an eye out on it.16:45
ttxyeah, that was my impression too16:45
ttxalso a large feature, likely to disrupt testing if it lands late16:45
SlickNikWill reevaluate early next week and make a final call on that.16:45
ttxin the mean time move both to rc116:46
SlickNikSounds good, doing that now16:46
Kiallttx: Okay, good to go :)16:46
ttxnikhil_k: we need another +2 on your blocking patches16:47
ttxnikhil_k: otherwise they will miss the window16:47
SlickNikttx: done16:48
SlickNikttx: We also got another FFE request on the mailing list:
SlickNikttx: It's currently marked for liberty, but it looks like the code is ready (from the emailO16:49
SlickNikHasn't had many reviews though.16:49
ttxyeah, probably bad idea to add in the pipe right now16:50
ttxflaper87: around?16:51
SlickNikttx: It's a bit of an isolated change — adding a new experimental datastore, so I will talk with Miriam (the author) to see if she can get more reviews on it.16:52
SlickNikUnless that changes over the next couple of days, I'm incline to leave it for Liberty and not FFE it.16:52
ttxok, we can rediscuss it on Tuesday16:53
SlickNikttx: okay, sounds good. Thanks!16:54
ttxredrobot: barbican done16:57
ttxmestery: neutron done16:57
redrobotttx thanks!16:58
ttxjohnthetubaguy: a bit confused with the state of your last patch16:59
ttxseems to be nowhere in zuul17:00
johnthetubaguyttx: its actually waiting on this one, sorry: using depends on17:00
ttxI'll ask on infra17:00
ttxjohnthetubaguy: should we get people to +2 it ?17:01
ttxbecause otherwise it will miss the window17:01
johnthetubaguyyes, I got agreement to give it an exception if we need to17:02
ttxKiall: designate done17:02
Kiallttx: excellent :)17:02
ttxjohnthetubaguy: either we get +2s on it now, or we FFE it and tag just now17:02
johnthetubaguysdague: what do you think about
mesteryttx: Thanks!17:05
nikhil_kttx: I've got +2s on all the patches, going to +A them now17:14
ttxnikhil_k: cool17:14
ttxjohnthetubaguy: how about I come back in a few hours and if the patch is not there, I can FFE v3-api-policy and tag17:20
ttxthat way you don't need to be around17:20
nikhil_kttx:  (just fyi) these are reviews waiting for gate: , ,
ttxnikhil_k: awesome17:22
ttxback in two hours17:27
sdaguejohnthetubaguy: yeh, I'm jut double checking with dtroyer on that one now17:28
sdagueif I don't hear back shortly, I'll just kick it through17:28
*** mestery_ has joined #openstack-relmgr-office17:31
*** mestery has quit IRC17:33
sdaguejohnthetubaguy: ok, it's in the gate now17:33
*** mestery_ is now known as mestery17:39
david-lylettx: last bp merged for horizon, tag at will17:59
johnthetubaguysdague: thank you18:06
johnthetubaguyttx: looks like 160068 is in the merge queue now, but if it drops out, then its probably time to just cut, as you said18:08
sdaguejohnthetubaguy: 160068 is going to merge, but the nova patch seems to be failing unit tests18:13
johnthetubaguysdague: maybe its the race we have in the gate, arse18:13
johnthetubaguyoh, is see now18:13
sdagueno, it's bugs18:14
sdagueI'm going to fix18:14
johnthetubaguyappreciated though, but it might be too later for kilo-3, but assume you have an exception in terms of approving it, given the discussion at the nova-meeting18:15
johnthetubaguysdague: thanks for pushing on this, as always!18:15
sdagueyeh, it looks like possible merge conflict on policy names18:15
sdagueit's 3 strings that need updating18:15
sdagueno prob18:15
*** johnthetubaguy is now known as zz_johnthetubagu18:19
sdaguezz_johnthetubagu: we've reapproved the patch18:42
sdaguebut that's probably still 3 - 4 hrs from merge if we're lucky18:42
nikhil_kttx: all the reviews we were waiting for have been merged.18:59
nikhil_kttx: any objections for cutting a glance_store and python-glanceclient release at this point in the cycle19:00
ttxnikhil_k: maybe wait until all k3 is done, so tag tomorrow?19:04
ttxdon't want to take the chance to break gate today :)19:05
nikhil_kttx: sure thing19:05
ttxtagging horizon19:05
nikhil_kttx: tomorrow is friday though :)19:05
nikhil_k(no worries in any case)19:05
ttxnikhil_k: you could tag today after I'm done :)19:05
nikhil_kttx: sounds good :)19:06
ttxdavid-lyle: horizon done19:19
ttxtagging glance19:19
david-lylettx: thanks!19:19
ttxSlickNik: some issues on your trove paches in the merge pipe19:24
ttxnikhil_k: glance tagged19:26
ttxI'll be back in an hour19:26
SlickNikttx: looking into it.19:27
nikhil_kttx: thanks!19:46
nikhil_kwill release the lib and client later today (if things generally look ok)19:46
ttxdevananda: looks like ironic is a go20:27
ttxdevananda: marked and done, tagging now20:42
openstackLaunchpad bug 1174153 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "data from previous tenants accessible with nova baremetal" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Jim Rollenhagen (jim-rollenhagen)20:42
ttxIf I shouldn't have, please revert20:42
ttxSlickNik: failed20:47
SlickNikttx: I saw :( Looks like a flaky assert in the system caused it. I've pushed out a change to remove the assert for now.
ttxI rechecked 15648620:49
ttxSlickNik: it's unlikely to pass in the next hours though. So we can either wait until my tomorrow morning to tag, or FFE it20:51
ttxLoks like I'll have to wait on some Cinder stuff anyway20:51
ttxdevananda: ironic done20:52
SlickNikttx: Let's wait until your tomorrow morning to tag it in that case. If it doesn't make it through this run, we can FFE it.20:54
SlickNikttx: I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.20:54
ttxSlickNik: ok, please babysit it all day :)20:54
SlickNikI will :)20:55
ttxback in 50min to catch that last nova change21:05
*** bswartz has quit IRC21:10
devanandattx: \o/21:31
*** asalkeld has joined #openstack-relmgr-office21:34
ttxasalkeld: around?21:54
ttxOK, looks like I'll have to tag Nova, Cinder and Trove after my sleep, early tomorrow morning21:55
asalkeld(sorry was making breaky)22:12
*** SlickNik has left #openstack-relmgr-office23:30
*** SlickNik has joined #openstack-relmgr-office23:30

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