Thursday, 2015-06-04

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ttxjohnthetubaguy: an alternative could be to not tag any milestone with a version. And use a name instead ("liberty-1" to mark the passage of time. Wouldn't trigger a tarball generation or upload06:59
ttxBenefits include not singling out that commit as special /and/ not using beta terminology for milestones07:00
ttxDrawbacks include not exercisig the release machinery from time to time, which makes spotting issues in tarball generation harder07:00
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johnthetubaguyttx: hmm, yeah, I think the tarball still has value, but its an interesting twist11:16
ttxdhellmann: you might want to take a quick look at (implements 1.1.2 from
dhellmannttx: looking14:25
dhellmannttx: lgtm, I like the simplification14:29
ttxdhellmann: yep, a good transitional step14:36
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