Monday, 2015-06-08

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morganfainbergttx: o/ (just waving)09:15
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mesterydhellmann: Are you the right person to contact to create a feature branch for me in the openstack/neutron repository? Or is that still ttx?13:45
ttxmestery: he should be able to do it13:55
dims_mestery: dhellmann is probably off today from what i remember13:55
ttxmestery: he is not around today13:55
ttxmestery: anything I can help you with ?13:56
mesteryttx: The QoS work in Neutron is going to want a feature branch so they can iterate quickly before merging back.13:56
mesteryttx: Can you assist with creating said feature branch?13:56
ttxmestery: I can13:56
ttxgive me name and SHA (or HEAD)13:57
mesteryttx: Excellent! Can you call it either neutron-qos or just qos?13:57
mesteryI think HEAD is just fine13:57
ttxfeature/qos would be the name of the branch13:57
ttxok, incoming13:57
ttxmestery: that's over openstack/neutron right13:58
mesteryttx: yes, openstack/neutron13:58
mesterythank you!13:59
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