Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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ttxdhellmann: hi! Anything you think we should communicate during the "horizontal team" section of the cross-project meeting ?14:26
ttxI plan to mention the new release tracking page14:26
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dhellmannttx: I'm going to send email about the library release centralization thing, and it would be good to mention that15:23
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ttxok, will do if you're bot around16:01
dhellmannttx: I started https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Liberty to document a ceilometer issue. I wasn't sure if there was a template, so I used the kilo page17:08
sdagueso, dhellmann are you available to get into -qa? because it's not just ceilometer (that was only the first to get hit)17:32
sdaguethis is actually going to force manual upgrade on a bunch of openstack services17:32
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dimsdhellmann: sounds like you asked for volunteers on the library release management. since i will have to understand all this for oslo, i might as well help :)18:09
dhellmanndims: great, I'll add you to my list of volunteers18:09
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dhellmannttx: if we're going to switch release emails to openstack-announce, can we get things set up so those posts aren't moderated?22:16

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