Thursday, 2015-06-18

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ttxdhellmann: about -- which dep does it raise the minimum version of ?06:42
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Add
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: let the caller specify the project owner
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: use announce list instead of dev list
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Add
openstackgerritThierry Carrez proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Add script
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dimsttx: does this mox3 into governance need more rollcall votes?
ttxdims: no I can approve it now10:33
dimsthanks ttx10:34
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dhellmannttx: doesn't have a "send me a password" link. Is that on another page?13:15
mesteryGood morning ttx and dhellmann! I see you've figured out the versioning changes, how do I fix some of the networking-foo repos (e.g. like this one)
mesteryI have to tag them with a pre version, right?13:16
dhellmannttx: regarding 173972, the older version of the patch raised mins but this one doesn't. Still, to land it we'll have to do something special because it doesn't match the global requirements. I proposed that we turn off the requirements check job for that repo, since I think we did that for another project's stable branch13:16
ttxdhellmann: hmm, I'm a bit lost, can't remember how I got mine13:16
dhellmannttx: afaik, there's only one password per list13:16
ttxdhellmann: ok, let me retrieve that from password cache13:17
dhellmannmestery: ah, I thought those repos were libs, so I didn't update them. What are they?13:17
ttxmailman is the only thing I ever store passwords in my browser for13:17
mesterydhellmann: Yes, they are libs, but some of them (odl and ofagent for sure) have already released to pypi as 2015.x versions13:18
dhellmannoh, that's going to make the requirements management interesting13:18
mesteryYeah :(13:18
mesteryWell, we released those to test out the release process and match the old versioning during Kilo :)13:19
dhellmannmestery: one way we can handle it is releasing the new version then capping requirements < 200013:19
dhellmannlifeless may have another idea for us -- I don't know if pip supports epochs13:19
mesterySo we'd release the new 1.0.0 version for both?13:19
mesteryOK, so as you see, those patches are failing now13:20
dhellmannmestery: yeah, that part's easy to fix with a tag, which I can do later today13:21
dhellmanntoday is my commute day, so after breakfast I'm going to disappear for a while13:21
dhellmannopenstack atl meets tonight13:21
mesteryNo worries, I'll get patches up for the other repos that have this problem and make them the same topic13:22
mesteryThanks dhellmann!13:22
dhellmannmestery: I see a bunch of networking-* repos, should I do them all?13:22
dhellmannoh, heh, scrollback -- sounds like we're on the same page13:23
mesterydhellmann: I think only a few have release to pypi, so only those are the ones to worry about (I think), right?13:23
mesterydhellmann: Those are the ones, thanks for hte help!13:33
mesterySome of them had versions of 0.1, which I left alone, is that ok?13:33
mesteryAll the ones there I moved to 1.0.013:33
dhellmannmestery: are those libs going to be released independently, or on milestones?13:39
mesterydhellmann: Indepdently13:39
mesterySimilar to other clients and libs13:39
dhellmannok, in that case I think what we want to do is remove the version setting from the cfg file and just use tags13:39
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mesterydhellmann: You mean for the ones with versions of 0.1?13:44
mesteryor all of them?13:44
Kiallttx: Q - If projects e.g. ironic now do 2x major releases within a dev cycle, what happens with stable branches? e.g. Dev cycle == Liberty, but Ironic releases v2.0.0, 2.0.1, and 3.0.0 during the cycle.. stable/liberty doesn't really fit anymore?  Q arises due to how we track upstream code internally.. :)13:50
ttxKiall: we would cut stable branch from the last release in the dev cycle13:53
ttxbasaiclly there is still a common dev cycle13:53
ttxthey may do intermediary releases but those wouldn't get a stable branch13:54
ttx"major" or not major13:54
Kiallttx: Okay, makes sense. But- some major releases may end up never seeing a stable branch then?  e.g. 2.0.0 comes out, master lands new features for 3.0.0, but Liberty hasn't ended - and a 2.0.1 is needed for $reason?13:55
ttxusers of intermediary releases are on their own wrt stable backports13:57
ttxit's the tradeoff there. You get bleeding edge but you're a bit on your own13:57
ttxIf you don't like that, stick with end-of-cycle releases13:57
ttxyou should always be able to jump from last stable to current stable13:58
KiallOkay - Perfect :) Nah, It's just that we use the dev cycle names for some things internally, and things could have been in need of rework :)13:58
ttxsice that's the only thing grebade tests13:58
ttxIf you stay on 6-month things do not really change basically13:58
ttxyou just get interdiary tags and ignore them13:59
ttxif you deploy those tags though, yes, you need extra care13:59
KiallPerfect! Thanks, nice and clear.14:00
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dhellmannmestery: eventually all of them, but we can do that as we tag the next releases17:15
mesterydhellmann: OK, cool.17:19
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pabelangerttx, dhellmann any low hanging fruit you need help with?18:06
dhellmannpabelanger: we're working on the project guide today in #openstack-sprint18:22
pabelangerdhellmann, thanks, checking it out now18:26
lifelesspbr doesn't support epochs yet18:51
lifelessIIRC PEP-440 does specify them18:51
lifelessreading backlog now18:51
lifelessyou can delete things from pypi, you just can't reuse18:52
lifelessso you could rewind - but there will be a set of folk who don't see the rewind (because they are using the -f form of wheel cache for instance)18:53
lifelessto get them to see it is either manual, or set a max bound lower than the old versions18:53
lifelesse.g. odl <201518:53
dhellmannlifeless: yeah, I think we'll probably want to go with a cap, I was thinking <2000 for things using liberty releases19:34
dhellmannhmm, mestery, I started tagging those networking-* repos but thinking about it again I think we want to just remove the version number there and go with tags20:14
dhellmannwhich may mean waiting until those teams are actually ready for a release20:14
mesterydhellmann: Ack, that makes sense! So, do nothing for now, but before a release circle back and take care of it?20:15
dhellmannmestery: yeah. and I guess you have a free 1.0.0a0 release of networking-odl :-/20:19
dhellmannmestery: I'll update the patches to remove the setting, and then WIP them for now20:19
mesterydhellmann: Thanks Doug! Appreciate all your help and guidance here.20:19
dhellmannmestery: I'm going to remove your signed-off-by since I'm substantially changing the commits, ok?20:22
mesterydhellmann: Ack, no worries there.20:22
dhellmannmestery: ugh, I don't have wip permission on that repo?20:23
dhellmannmestery: maybe it'd be better for you to do these, since I'm not core or the original author20:24
mesterydhellmann: OK, I'll do them all :)20:24
* mestery looks20:24
dhellmannmestery: sorry, thought this would be simple20:24
mesterydhellmann: Give me a few minutes, finishing something I was in the middle of right now20:24
mesteryno worries20:24
mesteryWe'll get it all done ;)20:24
dhellmannmestery: sounds good, no rush20:24
mesterydhellmann: I think I got them all, even the ones which had versions like 0.1. I marked them all WIP for now.20:35
dhellmannmestery: looking20:41
dhellmannmestery: LGTM20:41
mesterydhellmann: Some of them pass due to the projects having an existing 0.1 version, can we just merge those ones which remove that version and move to tags?20:42
dhellmannmestery: I didn't know what octavia or dragonflow were20:43
dhellmannI should probably get their ACLs updated20:43
mesterydhellmann: Ack!20:43
dhellmannmestery: yeah, that should be safe20:43
mesterydhellmann: Is this one ok to merge? ofagent had a 2015.2 version prior to this:
mesteryjenkins passes, but I suspect this is an example of one we want to WIP until we release a new ofagent20:44
dhellmannmestery: yeah, let's hold off on that one20:45
mesterydhellmann: The octavia patch merged already:
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dhellmannmestery: we can live with it22:57
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