Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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openstackgerritDoug Chivers proposed openstack/security-doc: OSSN for gethostbyname glibc vuln.
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openstackgerritDoug Chivers proposed openstack/security-doc: OSSN for gethostbyname glibc vuln.
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openstackgerritDoug Chivers proposed openstack/security-doc: OSSN for gethostbyname glibc vuln.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Clarified timeline in Vulnerability Management Triage section
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Change link reference from icehouse to juno
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: OSSN for gethostbyname glibc vuln.
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openstackgerritHareesh Puthalath proposed openstack/security-doc: Add intro and reference to the Alice and Bob case study
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Rephrase intro to Hypervisor Selection section
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Fix sentence fragment
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elmikodang these spammers...20:59
tmcpeakelmiko: who now?21:00
tmcpeakbdpayne: ^21:01
tmcpeakoh yeah, I got him21:01
elmikolike, as soon as i joined i got a private msg21:01
tmcpeakyeah, I also got one for typing in the channel21:01
elmikoheh lol21:01
elmikobdpayne: we doing a meeting today?21:02
tmcpeaksame MO as jursey, I wonder if it's the same IP21:02
tmcpeakbpdyane: time to dust off your beating stick21:02
elmikoi checked out that link they keep sending, but didn't see anything too weird21:02
* bdpayne gets on that21:02
tmcpeakelmiko: you clicked it? gutsy21:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o bdpayne21:03
elmikotmcpeak: nah, wget21:03
bdpaynewell, elmiko is owned21:03
elmikoi did load it on a vm, it was some weirdo fish tank video21:03
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tmcpeakaren't they always?21:04
bdpayneweee, this is fun21:04
tmcpeakoh, it's a different IP too21:04
tmcpeakstill got "jursey" in his name21:04
*** bdpayne sets mode: +b *!*@
*** huerte was kicked by bdpayne (for spamming via PM)21:05
* elmiko waves21:06
*** sicarie has joined #openstack-security21:06
bdpaynealrighty then21:06
bdpaynehey there elmiko and sicarie21:06
bdpaynelet me pull up our bugs webpage, one sec21:06
bdpaynehere we go
bdpayneone more sec while I get organized21:07
elmikono prob21:07
bdpayneok, I think this is the next one
bdpayneon a side note, lots of contribution activity over the past week, which is great21:09
elmikochap43? this must be old21:10
sicarieYep, it's the old location, but the content itself just seemed more 'user-guide' material to me21:10
sicarieI should probably let this go for the moment, I haven't done anything on it in 2 weeks21:10
* elmiko looking at the content21:10
elmikothat does seem a little out of scope for the security stuff21:11
sicarieAnd it's only a small subset of filters too21:11
bdpayneyeah, agreed21:11
bdpayneI think this ticket is good where it sits21:12
bdpayneany discussion?21:12
elmikowell, i could see this being incomplete given the recommendations21:13
elmikowe're basically asking for more from the nova folks21:13
elmikoi dunno, i guess the bug itself isn't incomplete.. tough call21:13
bdpayneI think I'd look for something between (1) and (2) here21:14
bdpaynelist the filters that have a security impact21:14
bdpayneand provide some discussion around best practices / recommendations for those21:14
elmikothat makes sense21:15
sicarieThe reason I didn't want to do #1 is if the list of filters grows21:15
sicariebut it does make sense21:15
sicarieand I suppose that's work you really only have to do once21:15
bdpayneok, I'll comment on this ticket21:15
sicarieI really like this one, but I wonder if it might encourage more effort if each # was a ticket?21:17
bdpayneif anything, perhaps this should be broken out into separate bugs21:17
elmikoyea, seems like a big bug21:17
bdpayneheh, yeah21:17
bdpaynecould one of you take an action item to break this up after this meeting?21:18
bdpaynethanks sicarie21:18
elmiko+1 for this one21:19
sicarieI think you created this one last week?21:19
bdpaynehrm, I feel like there was another bug related to this21:19
bdpayneb/c this was filed last summer21:20
sicarieI think it may have been this
bdpayneso let's close that one as a dup of the first?21:21
bdpayneI don't see a dup option, made a comment and chose won't fix21:22
bdpayneI think this one looks good as it21:23
bdpayne*as is21:23
elmikomark as duplicate is on the right hand side near the top21:23
sicarie+1, I have seen a few chapters without21:24
bdpayneah cool, dup properly marked now21:25
bdpayneok, moving forward21:25
bdpayneactually, we did this one last week21:25
elmikoyea, i'm making good progress. should have a first review up soon(TM).21:26
bdpayneI'm actually not sure about this one21:27
elmikoyea, the intro para isn't that bad imo21:27
bdpaynethe ask feels pretty similar to what is there today21:27
bdpayneok, so I'll comment and close21:28
bdpayneahh, at first I was reading this thinking that it looked like a code change21:30
bdpayneand it is21:30
bdpayneso this makes sense21:30
sicarieYeah, it looks like a good thing ot have and an even better feature to have documented21:30
bdpayneperhaps a higher priority would be useful?21:30
elmikonot sure i understand this one, are they talking about audit_ids in the links of the guide?21:31
bdpaynethis is a new keystone feature21:31
elmikoahh ok21:31
sicarieelmiko: my interpretation was the documentation of a new feature21:31
bdpaynethat they want documented21:31
elmikocool, yea i'd go medium or even high21:32
sicarie+1 to medium for m21:32
elmikoi'm good with that21:32
bdpayneok, bumped to medium21:32
bdpayneok that's all for today... we will pick up with next week21:33
elmikosounds good, thanks =)21:33
bdpaynethanks guys!21:33
sicarieSounds good - thanks!21:34
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elmikowould it be more appropriate to refer to the policy.json files as RBAC or ACL?22:32
elmiko(i'm thinking RBAC makes more sense)22:33
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bdpayneelmiko yes, I'd agree that RBAC makes more sense23:19
elmikobdpayne: thanks23:21
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