Friday, 2015-07-31

austin_laptopis it expected that bandit exits status 1 with no issues found?
sigmavirus24austin_laptop: does it report issues without -lll?00:37
sigmavirus24if so, it is probably not altering the exit code depending on what level you're picking00:37
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, yeah, there are a lot of low issues (mostly asserts), but no medium/high00:38
sigmavirus24So yeah, I would file a bug for that00:40
sigmavirus24I'm not *certain* that it's a bug, but it sounds like a bug to me00:40
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, kk, thanks00:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1480014 in Bandit "bandit does not respect -level for exit code" [Undecided,New]00:43
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sigmavirus24thanks austin_laptop00:49
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openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/bandit: Actually default to /etc/ rather than just claim
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sigmavirus24fwiw, I proposed since the gentoo maintainer just put together a package for Bandit01:18
sigmavirus24It appears our requirements don't follow g-r very well so there's ambiguity in some of the package versions (e.g., pbr)01:19
openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Fix Keystone Auth and Tests
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openstackgerritNathaniel Dillon proposed openstack/security-doc: Updating missing link in object storage section
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openstackgerritNathaniel Dillon proposed openstack/security-doc: Adding file permissions section
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openstackgerritNathaniel Dillon proposed openstack/security-doc: Trying to add numbers and orders to commands
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Imported Translations from Transifex
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maikol1hola como esran07:02
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openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed openstack/anchor: Move sample config for tests to one place
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openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed openstack/anchor: Implement new API format
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dg_Daviey you around?10:06
dg_Daviey when you are around - have you tested your patch with an actual keystone service? Im bombing on line 46 here because the json Im getting back from the keystone server does not have any role information10:12
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Davieydg_: hey10:38
Davieydg_: Yes, I tested it with a real keystone service :/10:39
dg_how had you configured the users on the keystone service?10:40
Davieydg_: but it shouldn't crap ut @ 4610:40
DavieyThat only craps out if Auth failed10:40
dg_or if there is no role information10:40
Davieyif req.status_code != 200:10:40
DavieyThe role is used later on10:40
dg_heh more fun than that10:40
Davieydg_: what error code did you get back then?10:41
Daviey'response code'10:41
dg_Im getting a 200 back10:41
dg_line 37 is doing just fine, passes that10:42
Davieyoh sorry, i count good.10:42
dg_gets the username successfully at line 4410:42
Davieydg_: So that is the same reason the old method failed..10:42
dg_because there is no role info?10:43
Davieythe old method would NEVER get a role back as that didn't support it10:43
Davieybut this one does.. i am guessing your token has no role10:43
dg_so my token looks like this:
dg_and yes, it has no role10:43
Davieydg_: So that is a correct failure?10:44
Davieyso life is good?10:44
DavieyThe minimum requirement is that you have /some/ role10:45
dg_kinda - I wanted to check that you had actualyl tested this against a live service, because my service doesnt seem to be giving role info10:45
dg_yeah thats the min requirement at this point10:45
dg_so the question is - why doesnt my keystone user have a role?10:45
Davieyyeah, i had it working.. giving me certs and everyfink10:45
Davieydg_: I used the out of the box demo and admin users that devstack creates10:46
Davieywhich have roles10:46
dg_hmm i havent tried it with demo, because i didnt know the password for that user, but i have exactly the same issue with the admin user10:46
Davieydg_: This is real json that i got back by doing a logging dump in anchor,
dg_ok I'll go ask a keystone guy why my roles arent working10:48
Davieydg_: Ah, if you do --> :~/devstack$ . openrc demo10:48
DavieyD$ env | grep ^OS10:48
Davieydg_: I think you need to create roles for new users first10:48
dg_so if I ask my user what its roles are, i get this:
dg_which leads me to believe that anchoruser has the role 'Member' in the 'admin' project10:49
Davieydg_: does it work if you use the demo or admin user?10:51
dg_not with admin10:52
dg_just trying to find demo password10:52
Davieyi wonder if it is to do with your token scoping ?10:52
Davieydg_: openrc means you don't need the password10:52
Davieyjust source it with $ . openrc demo10:52
dg_yeah ive done that10:52
Davieydg_: I'm going to try and reproduce10:53
dg_ok, do you have vagrant10:54
Davieyi do.. but i'll do it another way10:54
dg_ahh ok, because you can have an exact example of my keystone setup using this:
Davieyi find vagrant really nice... until it goes wrong10:55
dg_(yes I shamelessly stole your local.conf - I owe you a beer)10:55
Davieydg_: Your conf is missing enable anchor?10:56
dg_yeah this is just to get keystone up and running, I wanted to use my local copy of anchor10:57
Davieyoh ok10:57
dg_this way I can nuke either without affecting the other10:57
dg_(and run devstack on my workstation while keeping my anchor dev work on my air)10:57
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Davieydg_: Are you wearing your plaid today?11:18
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dg_i take it that just leaked?11:20
Davieydg_: yeah11:23
dg_awesome video11:25
dg_i tend not to read our internal social media, but im guessing the dress code upset everyone11:25
dg_what user is that for?11:36
dg_Daviey ^^11:38
openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/anchor: [WIP] Initial commit of devstack plugin
Davieydg_: I tried as admin and demo11:40
dg_and you got roles back both times?11:40
dg_what devstack setup is that using?11:42
dg_the anchor integrated into devstack one?11:42
Davieydg_: $ . openrc demo11:46
Daviey$ export $(openstack token issue --format shell --prefix OS_ )11:47
Daviey$ curl -F user='JUNK'     -F secret=$(echo $OS_id | sed -e 's/^"//'  -e 's/"$//') -F encoding=pem     -F 'csr=<'11:47
Davieyyes, horrible use of sed i know11:47
Davieythat is using the devstack/anchor integrated one11:47
dg_ok so thats interesting, as far as I can tell, I dont have a OS_id set after running .openrc demo11:49
Davieyi added logger.debug(roles) and returned [u'Member', u'anotherrole']11:50
dg_and as far as I can tell, the only difference that should be between your and my keystone setups is your devstack also includes anchor, and mine doesnt11:50
Davieydg_: sorrt, os_id is set from my export11:50
Daviey11:47 < Daviey> $ export $(openstack token issue --format shell --prefix OS_ )11:50
dg_ahh yeh missed that my bad11:51
Davieythat grabs my token as $OS_id11:51
Davieydg_: You did patch your config.json?11:51
dg_no, do i need to?11:53
dg_wait, you mean in anchor?11:53
dg_irrelevant, atm Im just trying to get data back from keystone with roles in it11:53
dg_once keystone data has roles, anchor will work, but i cant figure out why it doesnt11:54
Davieydg_: oh wait11:55
Davieywhat verb are you using/11:55
dg_umm, whatever the default in the openstack curl examples is,11:57
Davieydg_: You are using the old broken method11:57
Davieycurl -H "X-Auth-Token: $TOKEN" -H "X-Subject-Token: $TOKEN" http://$keystone/v3/auth/tokens11:57
Davieydg_: == the way it ued to be done.. the one that was broken because it didn't return roles :)11:58
DavieyThat was POST, we now use GET12:00
dg_yeah thats it, thanks Dave12:00
dg_which is funny, because I copied and pasted that from the API docs, where it shows roles in the results
Davieypass!  I've got to go.. Speak later o/12:03
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: fix instance management case studies
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/anchor: Updated from global requirements
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sicarieelmiko: ping18:25
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sigmavirus24oh btw18:27
sigmavirus24zuul is back to normal everyone18:27
sigmavirus24we can go back to approving things18:27
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elmikosicarie: hey18:28
elmikosigmavirus24: i wanna chat when you have some time, i'm curious about your thoughts re: keystone v3 compliance18:29
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sigmavirus24elmiko: today is not that day =P18:29
elmikosigmavirus24: ack, i'll mention it again next week18:30
sigmavirus24or shoot me an email18:30
elmikoohh, now there's a novel idea ;)18:30
sigmavirus24I can set a reminder for emails18:30
sigmavirus24So I wont' forget it ideally18:30
sicarieelmiko: will you be able to take the sec-guide meeting for the next 2 weeks?18:31
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sicarieI'm going to be traveling without safe connection18:31
elmikosicarie: sure, i'll be available. do you want to discuss priorities?18:31
elmikoi'm guessing finishing the rst conversion is top18:31
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sicarieYeah, that's really it18:32
sicarieOnce the migration comes through we can start on changes again18:32
elmikook, sure18:32
sicarieThe mid-cycle isn't for another month18:32
elmikostill hoping i can make it18:32
sicarieso we'll have time to plan for that18:32
elmikoand i guess we'll just keep pushing on the fews bugs that remain18:33
elmikoand maybe Daviey's proposal about the side bar18:33
sicarieYep - I hope to be able to be on once or twice, but I'm going to BlackHat/DefCon, so it may not happen securely18:33
elmikoooo, luck-eeee18:34
* elmiko wants to go too18:34
sicarieyeah, it should b efun18:34
sicarieAt the same token, I'm not sure how much more I'm going to get to do on those issues I started yesterday18:34
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sicarieI'm going to try to push stuff over the weekend and get them passing tox18:35
elmikodid you ever get your tox working?18:35
sicarieHaven't had time to look at it :)18:35
sicarieWorking on internal stuff - trying to get that wrapped up before traveling18:35
elmikofor sure18:35
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sicarieand then taking an old laptop i plan on reimaging to vegas, so don't really want to push keys and stuff on there...18:36
elmikoro / mount imo18:36
elmikoand yea, no worries about the doc meetings. we'll keep the ship upright =)18:36
sicarieI keep trying to get a bootable Tails image up, but again, no time to troubleshoot18:36
elmikohave fun at BH/DC18:37
sicariefor sure :)18:37
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elmikoi look forward to some good stories ;)18:37
sicarieyeah, i'm a boring old guy, I have a feeling there won't be many stories18:38
elmikoi know the feeling18:38
sicarieespecially because I don't find Vegas that fun18:38
sicarieit's interesting for about a day, and then it just gets old18:38
elmikoyea, kinda crazy in vegas18:38
elmikosigmavirus24: this is beautiful  /me tips fedora18:40
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elmikoit's really been too long since i've seen some C code, and it's only been like 1.5 years lol18:40
sigmavirus24that's still more recent than when I wrote that code18:41
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sigmavirus24I used to recreationally write C18:50
sigmavirus24That should tell you a lot about my idea of fun18:50
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elmikonice, i approve =)18:50
elmikoalthough in fairness, i use to write assembly for fun (when i was in h.s./college)18:51
miscwell, unless you say "fortran for fun", that's not so unusual18:55
sicarieI wrote a fortran compiler in yacc and bison :(18:56
sicarieoh college, back when I didn't know any better....18:57
elmikomisc: "fortran for fun".... syntax error18:59
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Davieyelmiko: The sidebar release should be imminent.. it is merged, just waiting for a release to be cut19:32
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elmikoDaviey: awesome, we can discuss more on monday19:36
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openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Updating Reference - Identity
openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Updating Reference - Identity
openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/security-doc: Updating Reference - Identity
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openstackgerritJeffrey Olsen proposed openstack/security-doc: Update links that point to other documentation guides
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bandit: Add all available plugins to an example profile
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