Thursday, 2015-07-30

openstackgerritEric Brown proposed openstack/bandit: Add a confidence filter
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openstackgerritEric Brown proposed openstack/bandit: Add a confidence filter
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Add stub for Sphinx documentation
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/bandit: Adding a more informative help message for "-l"
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/bandit: Adding documentation for configuration
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Remove unnecessary static auth code
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/bandit: Bug fix for SQL tests
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Davieypants in American doesn't translate the same...... :)17:07
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tmcpeakha, it doesn't?17:07
tmcpeakooooh, I bet I know what it is in UK :P17:07
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elmikothere needs to be an american<->english dictionary ;)17:09
sigmavirus24does jfdi mean what I think it means?17:16
tmcpeakwith a nike swoosh symbol below it17:17
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timkennedyi wonder if that's available as a license plate.17:18
tmcpeakI'm sure it is in North Dakota :P17:18
Davieydg_ / bknudson: We should make better use of paste anyway.. Could help solve the API version stuff aswell17:21
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Davieytmcpeak: Funnily enough, I was running https through stunnel->apache on that site... did a self-audit and found that I was exposing SSLv317:41
Davieytmcpeak: Was surprised to learn it was still in stunnel by default.17:41
tmcpeakDaviey: yeah, that's… not great :)17:41
tmcpeakgood on you for finding it though17:41
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Davieytmcpeak: I was experimenting with multiplexing TLS :443 with HTTP traffic, ssh-over-ssl and ssh-over-ssl-encoded-with-Markov-chains. Fun.17:45
tmcpeakdo you ever sleep bro :P17:45
sigmavirus24tmcpeak: why would Daviey sleep?17:49
tmcpeakgood Q17:49
sigmavirus24sleep is not beneficial to GTD17:49
DavieySleep is for the weak.17:50
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sigmavirus24Sleep is for the people who don't maintain a tonne of things =P18:01
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dg_Daviey you around?18:04
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Davieydg_: *just*18:05
dg_quick one - what roles is anchor expecting to see in keystone?18:06
dg_I have added an anchoruser who is a user in the anchor project18:06
dg_but when I get the json back from the keystone api, it doesnt list any roles, just the name and a few other bits18:07
Davieydg_: That is another part of why it sucks... It correctly retrieves the roles, but is permissive by default.. no?18:07
DavieySo having ANY access on a keystone project gives you ability to create certs18:08
dg_so yeah i was thinking that sucks18:08
dg_on my list of things to fix, but turns out learning keystone was a little more involved than i thought18:08
Davieydg_: but it does parse the groups and pass them up the stack18:09
dg_so the question is what I should have set in keystone to make it work?18:09
Davieydg_: line 83+ lists the two roles by default
Davieydg_: Default keystone should JFDI18:09
Davieydg_: Using devstack branch + that branch should give you a working setup18:10
Davieydg_: I need to go now, but i'll be back in <2 hours if you are still around then18:10
dg_cheers for your help! I'll take another look at my keystone setup18:11
dg_I have to go to the pub in a bit, but might catch you tomorrow18:11
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hyakuheiHey tmcpeak how'd the meeting go?19:02
elmikosicarie: do you want us to push some patches against these bugs in the rst stuff?19:03
elmikohyakuhei: tmcpeak handled it well =)19:03
hyakuheiExcellent, sorry I couldn't make it. Damned customers! It's been a crazy few weeks.19:03
hyakuheiAnyone here have any experience building multi-network heat templates ?19:04
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elmikohehe, those darned customers, always getting the way of fun meetings ;)19:04
hyakuheiI know right!?19:05
hyakuheiI'm building up some sample heat templates for simple secure network deployments, separations, CoreOS clusters etc19:06
tmcpeakhyakuhei: yeah, went well19:07
tmcpeakelmiko: thank you :)19:07
hyakuheiEventually I want to build one that stands up Snort inline with a nice reporting function too19:07
hyakuheitmcpeak: I can't find the logs for it19:07
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hyakuheiI'm thinking there might be some hiccup in the logging bot.19:09
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tmcpeakoh wait,19:09
tmcpeakwrong one19:09
tmcpeak^ that one19:09
hyakuheiexcellent thanks, when I was looking in the DIR tree it wasn't showing that as up to date. Probably my mistake.19:10
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tmcpeakdg_ is even on the hook for JFDI'ing19:10
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hyakuheilol, looks like a fun meeting :P19:11
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hyakuheiwhat were the zuul issues on Daviey ?19:12
tmcpeakzuul is just broken today19:13
hyakuheiaaah k19:13
hyakuheiLooks like a good change19:13
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sigmavirus24hyakuhei: zuul was (last I checked) 7.5 hours behind because it went down earlier19:37
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sicarieelmiko: ing20:41
sicarieping, even20:41
elmikosicarie: hey20:41
sicarieYeah, I think those changes need to be made, I was going to submit them tonight, but if you have the time to take a crack at a few, that would be awesome20:42
* Daviey checks in20:42
elmikosicarie: i was gonna take a look at the missing case study stuff20:42
Davieyhyakuhei: Yeah, looks like just a stupidly large backlog...  zuul has been up and down like a yoyo this week20:42
sicarieelmiko: awesome, that would be great20:42
elmikosicarie: k, i'll put something up20:43
sicariethanks even!20:43
* sicarie looks for his copy of Touch Typing for Beginners20:43
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Davieywow, looks like the queue is >12 hours20:48
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openstackgerritMichael McCune proposed openstack/security-doc: fix instance management case studies
sicarie>13 now (thanks a LOT elmiko)20:49
elmikonot that it matter, but it passed on my local tox check ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:53
sicarieI wish my local tox checks worked :\20:53
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sigmavirus24sicarie: why don't they?21:17
sigmavirus24or rather, what problems are you seeing with tox?21:18
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elmikosigmavirus24: dont tell me you're core on tox too... ;)21:33
elmikoi had to ask21:35
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sicariesigmavirus24: I did some update and haven't had time to un-bjork them21:49
sigmavirus24did you upgrade python?21:50
sicarieprobably :)21:50
sicarieI don't remember - I was out for a week or so, and am heading out next week, so I haven't had time to sit down and fix it21:50
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elmikoprobably just need a `tox -r` or something21:52
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DavieyAnyone here have a mac they can test a snippet of code for me please?22:22
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austin_laptophi, I wanted to report an issue with bandit, but it seems that issues are disabled on github for this project? where should I report bugs?22:25
austin_laptopbandit fails to parse some source files of ours with python 3.4 (works with 3.3), and throws exceptions when run with a non high (-lll) level22:28
elmikoi think launchpad is where you want to log issues22:28
austin_laptopelmiko, thanks22:29
austin_laptopelmiko, not sure if you're a contributor or not, but that would be helpful to put in the README (or I can send a PR)22:29
elmikogood idea22:30
elmikoand i have not contributed to bandit, although i do use it22:30
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Davieyaustin_laptop: It is indeed Launchpad22:34
Davieyaustin_laptop: FIle bugs here,
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Davieyelmiko: What OS do you use?22:37
elmikofedora mainly, these days. i do have a mac though22:38
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Davieyelmiko: Would you mind runing a snippet of code for me on both OS's? :)22:38
elmikonot at all22:38
DavieyYou'll need to (pip) install appdirs22:39
elmiko(this better not be some sort of complicated rick roll)22:39
austin_laptopDaviey, thanks, already filed two issues :) /
openstackLaunchpad bug 1479996 in Bandit "bandit fails to run with medium severity under python 3.4" [Undecided,New]22:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1479997 in Bandit "syntax error while parsing AST from file (python 3.4)" [Undecided,New]22:40
Davieyaustin_laptop: sweet!  Thanks.  Out of interest where did you hear of bandit?22:40
Davieyelmiko: I dropped the ball there.. I reckon i could gave pulled out some random bits of a path and generated a rickroll url22:41
austin_laptopDaviey, internal security team asked me (release engineering) to try it on some of our python projects22:41
austin_laptopI'd have to ask my contact where he heard of it though22:41
Davieyaustin_laptop: Not urgent.. Just curious how it is getting exposure.22:42
elmikoDaviey: k, i'm all setup22:42
austin_laptopDaviey, gotcha22:42
elmikooop sorry, didn't see the gist22:43
elmikoDaviey: on fedora,22:45
elmiko$ python daviey-test.py22:45
elmiko['./bandit.yaml', '/home/mike/.config/bandit/bandit.yaml', '/etc/bandit/bandit.yaml', '/usr/local/etc/bandit/bandit.yaml']22:45
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Davieyok, great.. same as Ubuntu22:46
DavieyIs your mac handy?22:46
austin_laptopDaviey, not sure if you can commit, but
elmikoDaviey: on mac,22:48
elmiko$ python daviey-test.py22:48
elmiko['./bandit.yaml', '/Users/mike/Library/Application Support/bandit/bandit.yaml', '/Library/Application Support/bandit/bandit.yaml']22:48
elmikoalso, that print is not py3 compliant... ಠ_ಠ22:48
Davieyaustin_laptop: We actually use gerrit to handle pull requests, the github mirror is read only.22:48
Davieyelmiko: Pah!22:48
Davieyelmiko: Dumb question, but on Mac is ~ == /Users/mike/ ?22:49
elmikothe max is just happy to have some action lol22:49
austin_laptopDaviey, so where should I send the patch? I don't see anything about that in the README either..22:50
Davieyaustin_laptop: Yeah, we should really make the README more useful!22:50
elmikoaustin_laptop: you probably want to start by reading the openstack gerrit workflow22:50
elmikoall projects in openstack follow that generla pattern for submissions22:51
Davieyelmiko: Are we allowed to 'sponsor' pull requests?22:51
elmikolike, from github?22:52
DavieyI mean, if someone wants to do a drive-by submission.. can we push up a gerrit?22:52
Davieyyeah, so pull the branch from github and 'git review' it22:52
elmikoyou could cherry-pick their commit off git and push it yourself22:52
elmikoyea, that's fine afaik22:52
austin_laptopelmiko, thanks for the link, but that's a lot of work for a 3 line patch (I don't see myself sending many patches upstream)22:52
Davieyright, but is it allowed by OpenStack Contributor Agreement BS?22:52
elmikogood question22:52
austin_laptopespecially since I'd have to sign a CLA/etc.22:52
Davieyaustin_laptop: Hold that thought!22:52
* austin_laptop holding22:53
sigmavirus24austin_laptop: if you're using bandit on a project using python 3.4 then run bandit under python3.422:53
elmikoi mean, as long as austin_laptop is giving specific permission and no rights attached, i don't see why not, but inal22:53
sigmavirus24my guess is that if you're installing bandit for python 2.7 and that's why you're having issues22:54
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, I made a gentoo ebuild, with support for 2.7 and 3.422:56
austin_laptopthough regarding the ast issue, you're right, the two projects I tested are 2.7 only22:57
austin_laptopthat doesn't explain the exception thrown with -ll -n3 though (while -lll -n3 works)23:01
austin_laptopelmiko, it would be trivial to reword the patch if you're worried about infringement. I don't really care if my name is on it, I just want to prevent confusion for others about where to report issues23:03
*** tkelsey has joined #openstack-security23:05
elmikoaustin_laptop: i'm just guessing that's what Daviey was referring to when he mentioned CLA/etc.23:06
elmikoaustin_laptop: i think the best course foward, if you don't want post a patch in gerrit is to create a bug in launchpad and attach your patch there as a diff or something23:07
Davieyaustin_laptop: Okay, i'll just re-implement it...  I was just talking to the infra' people, and they seem to think i need to talk to lawyers.23:07
*** tmcpeak1 has quit IRC23:08
sigmavirus24Daviey: don't you have lawyers on autodial?23:08
austin_laptopDaviey, thanks23:08
Davieysigmavirus24: In dayjob(s), sadly i do.23:08
elmikonight gang23:09
*** tkelsey has quit IRC23:09
sigmavirus24austin_laptop: so I don't understand. You made bandit work on Python 3.3 and to check a Python 2.7 only project (ostensibly containing Python 2.7 only code) ...23:09
*** voodookid has quit IRC23:09
sigmavirus24bandit's classifiers explicitly say it is only intended to be run on Python 2.7 and whichever version you install it under should be the same as the project you're intending to run it against23:10
sigmavirus24Python 2.7 only project => Install bandit on 2.7 and run it against the project23:10
* sigmavirus24 thought that was at least in the README23:10
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, that is; though I'm not sure how gentoo's python_compat stuff works, e.g., how to force the non-default python to be used23:12
sigmavirus24Oh gentoo uses 3.x by default?23:12
sigmavirus24A) That's awesome23:12
sigmavirus24B) Virtual Environments are your friend23:12
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, well, our internal systems do. Not sure about gentoo upstream23:14
sigmavirus24One sec, my coworker maintains the openstack packages for Gentoo. I'm going to ping him in here to see if he can help out23:14
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, thanks23:14
sigmavirus24It's well past our quitting time though so he might not be around for the night23:14
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openstackgerritDave Walker proposed openstack/bandit: Actually default to /etc/ rather than just claim
austin_laptopno worries; I'll probably idle here for a while23:15
Davieysigmavirus24: I'd really like your review on that ^^, i'm not quite sure i like the unit tests TBH.23:16
austin_laptopalternatively, if bandit had a way to specify the python binary to use, that may also provide a workaround23:17
sigmavirus24austin_laptop: that's not how bandit is designed to work23:18
Davieyaustin_laptop: /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/local/bandit -c foo.yaml ?23:18
sigmavirus24Daviey: that won't work if bandit is installed into python3.4's site-packages directory23:18
DavieyOh true23:18
sigmavirus24It sounds like bandit is installed on Python 3.x for austin_laptop and they need it to be installed on Python 2.723:18
sigmavirus24austin_laptop: I have no clue how gentoo works but I'm assuming you have python2.7 installed. You could use virtualenv and do `virtualenv -p python2.7 bandit-env; source bandit-env/bin/activate; pip install bandit; bandit -c config.yaml -r project`23:19
sigmavirus24That sidesteps emerge and all that other noise until you have time to figure that out. You can then get bandit running at least23:20
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, thanks for the suggestion; Daviey's suggestion also works23:20
sigmavirus24... that's very ... interesting23:20
austin_laptopfor reference, installed files:
sigmavirus24Works fo rme23:21
austin_laptop for getting the right python version, at least..23:22
sigmavirus24so Daviey I haven't looked at the tests yet, but I'm wondering if you had trouble mocking out the functions from app_dirs23:22
Davieysigmavirus24: Sort of... I'd really have liked a built in appdirs mock.. but rather than do that.. I'm using the same logic to generate the paths in the test, then mocking os.path.isfile() to selectively lie about the presence.23:23
DavieySo on a Mac, the test data differs from Linux.23:23
sigmavirus24Daviey: that output could be so much better. We could group those files by directory to make it easier to read23:24
DavieyIt is kinda testing that 0==0 and 1==1, but meh23:24
sigmavirus24Daviey: that's how I feel about most mocked tests23:25
sigmavirus24Daviey: you should watch my talk from PyCon because I talk about that =P23:26
Davieylinky for the lazy?23:26
sigmavirus24Daviey: I'm going to eat dinner quickly and then I'll finish looking at your patch23:26
sigmavirus24one sec23:26
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-security23:26
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, while poking around, I noticed that there are two binaries installed: /usr/lib/python-exec/python3.4/bandit and /usr/lib/python-exec/python2.7/bandit, calling those with the full path gets the right python version23:31
austin_laptopsigmavirus24, I found the gentoo way: EPYTHON=python2.7 bandit ... or EPYTHON=python3.4 bandit ...23:44
*** viraptor has joined #openstack-security23:50
openstackgerritStanislaw Pitucha proposed openstack/anchor: Simplify the tests
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